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RE: Different kind of Jack-knife

Todays brakes are larger diameter requiring larger diameter wheels. I think 17" is the smallest diameter wheel that will work on 1/2 ton...3/4 ton trucks.
JIMNLIN 10/30/19 11:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: True Truck Payload

Per my knowledge all states and provinces allow registering trucks at higher GVWR and since vehicle weight doesn't change, that come to higher payload. My state is one that doesn't use any type of weight numbers to register our non commercial trucks. Just the vehicles axle/tire load ratings are used in determining a over load condition not any type of weight number. Fords F350 srw is a classic example how silly the yellow payload stickers are. F350 srw has 13 different gvwr ranging from 10000 lb up to 11500 lbs. We can get a F350 srw in the same configuration with a 11500 gvwr or a 10000 gvwr. Both are identical from the ground on up.... the only difference is the gvwr number and the payload sticker. More input on the subject.....This paste and copy from a automotive engineer ; ***I'm a retired auto engineer and Marketing has a big impact on GVWR. As a engineer, it was our job to make sure the frame, brakes and powertrain components were designed well above the GVWR ratings that Marketing wanted, so we would design in a safety factor for each component. You don't really think we would build a truck and then test it to determine what the surprise GVWR number should be! Axle ratings are also well above the GVWR rating and in commercial vehicles, axle ratings are the pay load determining factor and even they have a big safety factor designed into them. It would be unusual for a lawyer to accept a overweight case unless it was grossly over the safety factor weight and even then a vehicle manufacture would not share that info because it is not a hard fast number that will break if one more pound is added. There are many videos of million pound plus loads being moved by trucks across country. It's all about the axles.***
JIMNLIN 10/28/19 10:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Nascar Follies

Well....... at least the restarts had some good racing moments. 19 car was the car to beat but all some could do was just stay in sight. Joey vs Denny would have been a good match up but cooler heads prevailed. Typical short track maneuvers.
JIMNLIN 10/28/19 10:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Newbie towing question

I put a brand new set of General Grabber ATX tires on the rear for traction if I ever encounter mud etc. This can lead to handling issues when empty and especially with a trailer in tow or just carrying a heavy load in the bed. Your OEM front tires may be a all season type tread which are great for handling issues vs a ATX with large lugs and large voids. They simply won't track the front tires like OEM. Weight in the bed plus a trailer pushing the back of the truck around in hard side winds/curvy roads....... New tires can have tread roll (sway) before their broke in.... To much or to little pressure can lead to tread roll..... Once the tires are broke in I would play around with front and rear tire pressures. If that doesn't help the issues then I would put the OEM tires back on the rear. On every truck I have/had I buy a pair of wheels and have MT type tires mounted. That way I can get around in muddy worksites or out in my muddy/deep snow pastures or just to get out to a state highway (7 miles) during big s=now events.
JIMNLIN 10/28/19 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Which WDH?

I pull a 10000 gvwr car hauler with a 6880 lb tractor/cab/7' mower with a 1500 chevy. I thank Barney (moderator) for talking me into getting a WD hitch even tho I hadn't been using one. One of his recommendations was a Husky Centerline TS with 1200 lb bars (32218 hitch). clicky link The trailer now tracks the 1500 truck like my heavier GN and 5th wheel trailers behind my 3/4 and one ton trucks when doing a sharp maneuver out on the highway.
JIMNLIN 10/28/19 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: How many of you winter camp? Suggestions for winter camping?

Sounds like a good plan. WE made one winter in a 30' 5er with a 13" slide. This trailer had two grey and one black water tanks. I also had a heat blanket attached to their bottoms and then had the tanks encapsulated with expanding foam. The trailer was a typical summer 3 season camper with R7 floors/sidewalls and roof. I made inside storm windows from 1/8" Lexan and being set up permanent I used mobile home skirting. I also wrapped the fresh water hose with a thermostat controlled heat tape and usual recommended insulation that goes along with it. We had no freezing issues down to zero temps and 40 mph winds. Biggest problem was interior sweating especially inside closets. We tried more windows and vents/etc but all that did was make a cold still wet, drafty camper with the heat going full time. We didn't git rid of moisture issue till we bought two dehumidifiers. If we had top use a RV in the winter again its going to be one with a full time (real) 4 season package.
JIMNLIN 10/28/19 09:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Buckling bronco!

Tandem axle trailers the same size of a single axle trailer will be a much smoother ride when the numbers are dialed in. Made a living pulling both (enclosed trailers). Never again. Without knowing any of your tow vehicles GAWRs and GVWR/vehicle type and not showing any actual scaled axle loads from the tow vehicle and trailer axle loads.... all we can do is guess. Guessing leads to speculations and far out there opinions that won't help you with your issues. Get some scaled weight numbers/measurements before and after. Then work with those numbers.
JIMNLIN 10/28/19 08:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Amazing

JIMNLIN 10/27/19 06:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: 5th wheel hitches

Curt seems to be the choice for heavy trailers on haulers websites although they use the big non slider. Use more than one rv website for more input. That way you don't get stuck with whats just popular at that time. I never worry what non users say about any product brand I'm interested in especially on a rv website where endless arguments about truck brands/hitch brands/trailer brands/diesel vs gas/Ford vs Ram vs GM trucks blab blah blather/etc go on for pages.
JIMNLIN 10/27/19 06:22pm Towing
RE: Colorado by drone

WOW...stunning. Not only beautiful scenery and camera work but great music too match it.
JIMNLIN 10/27/19 05:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Oops, Dodge just threw you under the bus...

LD and HD have been used for marketing for years describing various 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks. I had a '90 model 2500 LD chevy 7200 gvwr 350 engine 4L60 tranny 4.10 gears 2wd long bed 9.5" rear axle. This truck towed doubles (26' trailer and 18' bazz boat at 10700k gcw) for over 8 years. I ran it for 235k miles and gave it to my 16 year old youngest grandson. He ran it up to 252k miles and sold it to another teen in his town. The old truck is still seen and last report had 312k miles. Ford has their F150HD 7850-8200 gvwr with 13 different gvwr and 5 different rawr packages. And lets not forget what a... LDT.... (covers 1/2 to 3/4 ton and one ton srw/drw) MDT.... HDT.... is considered. Over on Dodge/Ram spec website LD has been in use for several years. OP is a bit late his findings.
JIMNLIN 10/25/19 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: traveling on the Talimena Scenic Byway

I've pulled there different 5th wheel trailer over Talimena Drive. Its a narrow twisting small state highway thats better suited for the tow vehicle. Several pull outs along the route made for motor cycles/cars/vans/pickup trucks/etc. I would recommend dropping the trailers off at a campground and then make the drive in the tow vehicle.
JIMNLIN 10/25/19 05:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

1/2 ton and 7500# yea it will the low country. If you intend to do any kind of mts you will need a 3/4. You wanna be comfortable or on the edge of your seat all the time. Do you want to pass a very slow moving semi or play follow the leader? The choice is yours. The 1/2 ton GM with the 420hp/460 torque....or Fords F150 3.5 Ecoboost engine at 395 hp and 470 torque will pull that 6k-7k TT up the mountain just as fast or as easy with no more stress than some heavier 3/4 ton with a smallblock v8 gas engine with less hp/torque. Now a 3/4 ton with the diesel will run up the mountain easier. GMs NHT package 6.2 engine 8-10 speed tranny or Fords F150HDPP 8-10 speed tranny will not have any issues handling a 7500 gross weight TT.
JIMNLIN 10/23/19 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel hitches

We traded up to an F350 6.7L diesel dually and the ride is so much better, it pulls wonderfully and I'm not as worried about being able to get the trailer up some of our mountains around home. :h The F250/F350 SRW and DRW has the same 6.7 engine and tranny so it will pull the same trailer up the mountain easier than the heavier F350 drw truck. The problem is the F250 small 6200 rawr. Now if the truck has the camper pack or heavy service pack then it has the same suspension as the F350 srw truck. I don't have a Anderson but they are very popular with those that use them. I'm looking at the same style PullRite SuperLite hitch. I pull GN trailers also. clicky link
JIMNLIN 10/23/19 06:20am Towing
RE: tires/snow rating / not worry? / chains are solution?

I'm about to custom order a 2020 F350 4 x 4 and according to Ford the tires included are: LT275/70Rx18E BSW A/T. These are to get the E load rating on the tires needed to get 11,500 GVWR. JFI.. a side note here.... tires are fitted to the vehicles axle ratings per fed regs ...not the vehicles GVWR. A F350 srw may have a 6000 FAWR and a 7230 RAWR = 13230 lbs. Now the vehicle mfg chooses a tires capacity to equal or exceed that number like the size you mention. This gives the truck a 14500 lb combined tire load rating which covers your trucks 11500 GVWR nicely with plenty of reserve capacity for carrying max axle loads. The wifes 1500 chevy 4wd has P265/70-17 all season tread which carry a M+S rating.
JIMNLIN 10/23/19 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Supposed to get our first great grand today!

Good luck Dave. Hope all goes well for mom and the new grandson. We had a bunch of grand daughters and now they have given us 5 great grand sons.... so far. One has my name. Maybe the new GGson will come with a name like "Dave".
JIMNLIN 10/22/19 08:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Trouble with California

Yeah I have...several times when I was on the road. I don't have any thing to hide so they get to look wherever they want. They have their look and I'm on my way. Your pulling the same trick as sovereign citizens thugs do when their asked to comply.
JIMNLIN 10/21/19 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oops, Dodge just threw you under the bus...

very simply put, 1/2 ton = city truck grocery getter In MY opinion, that statement is so wrong... The new age 1/2 ton trucks are more capable of working than ever before.. My " company " truck is a 2019 F-150 platinum and its awesome to drive.... I do not need it to tow, but it is properly equipped to tow a very decent size TT... LOL...yeah over on haulers forums one ton DRW trucks are called grocery getters by the same types. Besides 1/2 ton trucks are very popular out here in farm and ranch country doing work duties. Like one of my neighbors down the road who has a F150 7550 gvwr with 4550 rawr 3.5 EB engine and pulls a 10k 18' enclosed trailer to work every day to the big city 55 miles away. He has a seamless gutter mobile service business. I look at comments like that as either ignorant of a trucks actual mechanical capabilities or just stirring the pot.
JIMNLIN 10/21/19 11:55am General RVing Issues
RE: 2020 GM/Chevy gas 6.6L max towing test

At the end of the test they were going 2600 RPM at 25 mph. Truck wouldn't downshift. I wonder what would have been different if they put it in manual. To be honest I never put mine in manual, but I have not towed the IKE. I use manual mode in a auto tranny for that type towing. I made a living for over 11 straight years with manual transmission LDTs so I know better than the ECM which gear to select and at what point a gear shift is or isn't needed. Of course these test are better suited to for those that don't want to do the thinking/shifting for which gear is needed at that moment. Results would be different up and down hill using manual mode by a experienced operator........or a smarter engine/tranny operating ECM.
JIMNLIN 10/21/19 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Oops, Dodge just threw you under the bus...

This is one reason why I never understood all the hate on this site for the Tundra. Sure, it didn’t have the highest payloads of 1/2 ton trucks but it was always more than the Ram, yet no one complained about the Ram. Hate ?? I've been a member since '03 and have never saw all this hate you refer to. Now what I did see and still see is some Tundra owners bilge about the Tundra being equivalent to a 3/4 ton truck which it isn't. It is a good stout 1/2 ton truck with small 4xxx lb rawr which carries the load in the bed like rv folks do. More experienced truck owners pointed out the differences. The Ram 1500 LD has been on Rams Body Builder website for several years so nothing new there. Low payloads come from low GVWRs but isn't indictive of the trucks actual/legal/safe load carrying capacities. We can go through any LDT makers weight specs and find a certain configured truck with a low payload number....or a high payload number. What payload one sees on a certain brand dealer lot isn't indicative of all trucks of the same brand.
JIMNLIN 10/21/19 07:44am General RVing Issues
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