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RE: Goodyear G614 ,and Endurance Tires

If your asking about the ST235/85-16 E at 80 psi max pressure..... then no. Drop by or 1-800 any Goodyear tire dealer and ask your question. Their the ones that covers your new tires warranty.
JIMNLIN 08/09/20 07:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires

F load range = 95 psi G load range = 110 psi. Most likely your wheels are 110 psi rated and can use the 110 psi if needed. Best to find out sure don't want to over pressure a wheel. I've seen load F tires on my equipment trailers go to 104-106 psi at interstate speeds and carrying a load. The Endurance has been out for over 3 years now and so far there has been very few complaints in tread separation. If it matters they have only 8/32nds of tread depth which means 1/4" of usable tread depth. Its a poly carcass tire and good for maybe 18k-22k miles before time for replacement. Now if your the type of rv trailer owner who expects 40k-60k miles in a 7-8 year period then the commercial grade all steel ply carcass Sailun S637 ST235/80-16 G at 4080 lbs capacity is at the top in this class tire. Check out prices on the internet for each and figure how often you will need replacements.
JIMNLIN 08/09/20 06:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about tires

I heard something that you need D or E rated tires if you are going to tow. But it looks like my tires can handle 2535 lbs each, so shouldnt i be fine? Pump those rear tires to their max sidewall pressures which can be 44 psi or even 51 psi on some P tires. Sway issues can start with using the door sticker 35 psi. The sidewalls are to soft for towing/hauling a load duties. I pull a 10k trailers with the wifes 1500 chevy rolling on P265/70-17" tires. Their max is 44 psi. I don't mess with the front tires psi as their load never changes. Years back or passenger tires pressure was limited at 32 psi. Radial tires came out with 35 psi....and now were up to 44-51 psi for a much stiffer sidewall. I'm not a fan of a LT D or E tire on a 1/2 ton truck. BTDT and always came back to a P tire.
JIMNLIN 08/09/20 06:49am Towing
RE: Is there a weight limit on cabover bed?

'm just worried about the extra weight of the mattress when bouncing down the highway at 70 mph, wondering if that's an issue? The overhead lifts like a airfoil at 70 mph as my silly brother in law found out. He just bought a brand new (late '70s) 10'6" 3300 lb dry weight TC and didn't use any type of attachment to the truck. I told him it needs tie downs of some type but didn't want to take the time. He would do it when he got home from his vacation trip. Long story short he made the evening news that day as his never used TC lifted out of the bed at 60 mph into a 25-28 mph head wind. The TC landed on its back end then did end over ends scattering itself over a couple of hundred feet down the expressway. I'm sure the overhead on all TC's have a weight designed limit but only the TC mfg can tell you what their numbers are. Its not a not a generic number .
JIMNLIN 08/09/20 06:23am Truck Campers
RE: tire changing jack

I still use my old 1978 Truckers special 12t hyd bottle jack. It has a 10" X 10" base made for side of the road use. Long jack handle easily slides the jack under the axle tube next to the U bolts. It came with a adapter that cradles the axle tube. Its jacked 1750 lb on up to 11000 lb axles on loaded trailers. I just had it repacked for the 3rd time since '78. As one poster say just jack one end of the axle just enough to get the spare back on. That way I'm not lifting the whole side of the trailer. What ever method you use do a dry run at home especially with those drive on blocks. Lots of members over the years found out they didn't work with their trailers suspension.
JIMNLIN 08/08/20 06:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lance 830 with Ram 3500 Mega Cab

The Truck I'm looking at is a 2020 Big Horn 3500 6.7 HO cummins Mega Cab 4x4 SRW. GVWR should be 12,300. Payload should be around 4K lbs. A 4k payload will have to go on both axles as its a GVWR based payload. The 3500 SRW Ram has a 7000 rawr. These trucks are heavy and rear axle may weigh 3400-3500 lbs which leaves around 3500-3600 lbs in the bed. This means a upgrade in wheels or tires or rear suspension as they all need to meet or exceed the load you place in the bed from a TC. Measurements are so close and you have the TC I would drop by a Ram dealer and take some actual measurements. Someone may have the same combo so stay tuned.
JIMNLIN 08/07/20 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Need tire and wheel help

As one poster says look on the back side of the wheel for a decal or stamp and also some wheel ratings are in the valley which means the tire has to be taken off the rim. If your OEM tires are a 15" ST E then you may have a 5 or 6 lug hubs. F load range should be at 95 psi. You may have to go with a 16" rated at 110 psi which usually are 8 lug wheels.....which requires 8 lug hubs. The best upgrade from 15" load E ST tire on 5200 lb axles is going to a 16" LT E at 3042 lbs or 2680 lbs capacity in either the Bridgestone R-250 or the higher price Michelin XPS RIBS. Both are a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire. Both have been recommended by their mfg for commercial trailer or rv trailer use.
JIMNLIN 08/07/20 11:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

I've witnessed it lifting. Yep actually curling up on the edges and then highway speeds make the curl catch wind and gradually pull loose enough exposing the damaged area underneath. It leaked. The plastic tape shrinks and curls then wind and suns heat does the rest.It turns to something I won't use. Were seeing more and more issues around the net with the tape as more folks are using it on their rvs.... even if it was applied properly. Properly or improperly installed Its still a good idea to seal the edges with Dicor or any good sealant made for rv roof application.
JIMNLIN 08/06/20 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weight Calculations

LOL..those dimensions won't do any good simply because A 38' triaxle has no center point as in a teeter totter. From the farthest fore and aft spring hangers can be 8-9' apart. I've made my point to the OP .... I'm done.
JIMNLIN 08/06/20 01:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Calculations

Gooseneck & 5th Wheel trailers have a different geometry from bumper pulls as they are shooting for 20-50% of the weight on the hitch Looks like your experience with owning and pulling rv and working non rv trailers has been different than mine. Before making claims about my trailers suspensions you need to do some home work prior on what trailers I have and see the different suspension setups out here on non rv trailers. Their not all the same. My 38' GN triaxle stock trailer and other flatdecks suspensions are set up no different than big 5th wheel/toy haulers for 15-25 percent hitch weights. Even my 18' and 22' bumper pull car haulers suspensions are set up as a TT with 10-15 percent hitch weight. I bought them this way so they can be pulled with a heavy duty 3/4 ton truck. Your point of non rv trailer suspension set ups has been made before but in the real world not all are as you claim. Sure we have various types of non rv trailers that their suspensions are set farther aft which....but not all are as such. That 200+ lb was a measured weight number on the hitch from the 2200 lb bull. All my trailers are pulled level. A teeter totter principle of a center balance point is a poor example of how suspension work on trailers especially with multi axles. Point is adding 300 lbs on the back of the tandem axle trailers rear bumper won't make the hitch weight lessor the same amount.
JIMNLIN 08/06/20 06:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight Calculations

I've loaded several hundred GN/pintle hitch flatdeck and stock trailers and was always surprised how small the percentage was of adding a load on the azz end of the trailer and changes hitch weight. First off the center of the axles doesn't work like a teeter totter #1 because one end sits on the trucks hitch. #2 can be distance behind the last axle spring hanger and #3 is the distance from the hitch to the first axle spring hanger. Without seeing the trailer I wouldn't guess a weight. Loading a 21000 lb 38' GN tri axle stock trailer with young stuff....cows...and big mature bulls is a guessing game. I know adding the 2200 lb bull in the last stall didn't change the weight on the ball by a quarter of a inch = approx 200+ lbs. Adding 300 lbs on the rear bumper of a small TT IMO can make a ill handling combo.
JIMNLIN 08/05/20 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram Short Bed best slideer hitch

What is the trailer GVWR. Length and brand doesn't tell us much. IMO PullRite Superglide is at the top of the heap in auto sliders. I have a '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins short bed and use a old 16K Reese manual slider since the truck was new. My trailer is a old '97 model 32' long with flat square front corner profile. My hitch is set up zero over the trucks rear axle so I get the full 11" of travel aft with the hitch. I don't need it around fuel stops. However when I pull into the camp ground and come to the first stop I flip the slide lever handle. The pin slides 11" behind the truck rear axle which creates less steering input while backing.
JIMNLIN 08/05/20 07:03am Towing
RE: The Way “All” 5th Wheels Frames Should Be Built

Looks like a good heavy built frame for that 43' unit. I liked his point of their not using axles that have to much capacity for the job.
JIMNLIN 08/02/20 06:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just about dropped it!

good catch. Just one of the many reasons a trailer can land on the bed rails. Some want to think the locked jaw is/was forced open by the pin but that rarely happens . Your scenario can happen at a rest area or just about anywhere that your parked. Morons/jerks can open the jaws and watch the fun or just to make a sick point. Make that check you did another check item before drive away.
JIMNLIN 08/02/20 06:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shifting An Automatic when towing.

depends on the brand of the vehicle.....and which tranny. A heavier tranny in 3/4 ton diesel trucks and up work pretty good in auto mode. Smaller vehicle like my wifes '16 1500 chevy 5.3 6 speed auto tranny I can do a hell of a better job of up and down shifting/down hill braking than the computer.
JIMNLIN 08/01/20 06:39am Towing
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

Thanks everyone! Regarding eternabond it's easy to get mixed reviews. Lots of online reviews of people having water work it's way under and it turns into a mess. My old camper we used it and it started looking ragged around the edges. Not saying it does not work, I just figured I would stay with the standard sealant unless needed. That said, it is tempting to just cover the front and rear seam with eternabond. I just hate seeing some of the pictures of moisture underneath the tape. Anyway, thanks for the feedback so far! Roof care seems to have a lot of opinions. Only consistent opinion is it needs to be taken care of. Yeah those issues plus resale value and messing up any new trailer roof warranty as some have found out. The wife and I looked at a three year old King of the Road 5th wheel trailer. Just what we wanted in a floor plan and had been used 5-6 times. Years back I had a part time mobilehome/rv repair business specializing in exterior/frame repair. So the first place I started looking was the roof. I climbed the rear ladder and good lord great strips of band aids laying everywhere covering up all the screw heads on every fixture/jacks on the roof. I didn't want the extra maintenance down the road. WE looked else where.
JIMNLIN 08/01/20 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: sneak peek

I see the tire placard doesn't mess around with a minimum or low tire pressures and say 125 psi. Some trailer mfg has a clue about best tire pressures for tires on a trailer. Triaxle with 8k axles= 24000 lb braking performance....oh yeah your gonna like the braking. Great looking unit d'hunter
JIMNLIN 08/01/20 06:12am Travel Trailers
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

Lots of new folks to the trailering world and yes this is a classic example of too much truck for the job. In the past we've had members who pulled a small lightweight TT and had cracked or bent the front A frame. I find it odd how some like too call others names simply because of a picture like this one....or someone was towing a trailer differently than they would.
JIMNLIN 07/31/20 08:39am Towing
RE: What is your long term Dicor plan?

You can overdo adding sealant on sealant. After a period of time you have made small dams that retains water. Thats not good. My '97 32' 5th wheel trailer still has the OEM sealant in most places. I check the sealants in the spring just before first trip...then when the trailers put up for the winter. I have no idea what sealant brand the factory uses in '97 but whats left is still pliable. I look for cracked sealant and just fill it with Dicor. The only places that the OEM sealant started lifting was around the useless ski lite and the front cap/roof joint. I pulled all that would come off and added Dicor to those spots with it in mind not to create a pond. The unit has never leaked. I've washed the roof twice in all those years. Both times was due to tree sap.
JIMNLIN 07/31/20 08:20am General RVing Issues
RE: "Old Tires"

Hell on my old wood hauler trailer that ran from the house to the woods 3 mile down the county road lasted 17 years proving.......nothing. One problem is some of us go my miles of service and others by years of service. Some may put 10k+ miles a year on the trailers tires and others maybe 1500-1800 miles a year. Some may make short trips to their favorite camp grounds vs those who run 300-400 miles a day for several days to get at their spots. Some may have a lightweight trailer while others may have a heavier weight trailer. Some folks are good at making a morning psi check and thump the tires at each fuel stop each day while others maybe at the start of a trip. One thing we do know is what will happen with a 10 year old tire on a trailer then make a couple of 600 mile a day run at interstate speeds. Better have a good spare and a quick way to change a shredded tire.
JIMNLIN 07/30/20 06:50am General RVing Issues
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