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RE: Modern Food?

Unless you pay high dollars for a meal, everything just comes off the same Sysco truck everywhere you go. Even at high end restaurants much of the food comes from the same purveyors. It is just the way the chefs prepare it. We don't eat out much because of this. We have few favorites. None of them are chains. Many are mom and pop Mexican/Southwestern. One of our favorite places is Southern Vittles in Lake City Colorado. Home style comfort food. This summer the local campground owner told us about a place in Dubois, WY that was over the top including homemade pies. Tell me about this spot in Dubois :)
JAC1982 10/17/19 03:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modern Food?

"These days, even fast food can get near the $10/meal mark." Near $10? I wish. Yes, Mc Barfs and BK have a few "meals" under $10, but anything fancy there and it's over 10. Subway, Jimmy Johns, Potbellys, 5 guys, smash burger, Taco Time etc, any "better" fast food place is like $12-15. Is what it is I suppose and the cost is somewhat dependent on the cost of living. I'm talking Seattle area mostly, but some outlying areas have figured out how to charge too. Agree, under $10 a plate is not going to be worth writing home about. Barely make a turd with it! Yes I'm guessing it's a bit more in Seattle area :) I was thinking places like Chipotle, Jimmy John's or Chik Fil A. And Taco Time is well worth the money, wish we had them here but they're always our first stop whenever we are somewhere that has one.
JAC1982 10/15/19 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

I did not read every post here, so this may have been covered, but at least here in CO, and surrounding states, the fire bans aren't put in place by the campgrounds themselves. It's an area wide thing. This time of year is the worst because usually there hasn't been a lot of precipitation, but vegetation is drying out, lots of dry leaves etc. Many of the larger forest fires here in recent years were man-caused... campfires not put out properly, or people firing tracer rounds during a no-burn day. Just a few wayward coals or sparks can cause millions of dollars in damage. So, yeah, sorry you can't have your campfire, but would you rather not have a place to visit because it all burned down due to a wildfire?
JAC1982 10/15/19 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modern Food?

Those darn kids. I'm 37 so I probably qualify. Trust me, we young people like good food too. But unfortunately, a lot of people aren't willing to pay what it costs to get good food, and food costs are higher than they used to be, so restaurants have to find ways to cut costs... that usually includes buying lesser quality meat and doing exactly what you describe, or buying pre-made frozen stuff since it's hard to keep staff around to cook food. Just watch the show Restaurant Impossible on Food Network and you'll see this happen over and over again. Also, I'm a pretty good cook, so why would I go out to eat to get something like roast beef? I can make a good roast beef at home pretty easily. When I go out to eat, I want to eat something I either can't make at home, or would be a big pain to make at home (like good BBQ). I've found that we can't eat out for a good quality meal for less than $50 including drinks anymore. Often it's closer to $75. So many people still expect a good meal for $10/plate or less. These days, even fast food can get near the $10/meal mark.
JAC1982 10/15/19 09:32am General RVing Issues
RE: What do you want in a campground?

Primary need/want in a campground: The ability to get our 38' toyhauler with longbed dually in and out without having to do crazy maneuvering. Also as much as I like nice trees, keep them trimmed so people with tall rigs can get in/out without scratching anything, including where they have to swing in/out to park. Secondary wants: Quiet. Electric hookups are nice but not necessary. Decent amount of space between spots.
JAC1982 10/02/19 02:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: High Winds on I-80 in WY

I-80 is why we stopped going to visit my husband's family in Rock Springs at Christmas. Too many trips messed up by high winds, road closures, etc. Even in the summer it can be pretty brutal when pulling a trailer. Some of the many reasons that we are the lowest population state. Many of us are hoping for a few record setting’s getting far too crowded here. memtb I'm sorry to tell you, we may be "invading" sooner than later too :) We own some land just outside of Pinedale and plan to start building a home there soon. I'd live there full time if I could guarantee good internet service so both of us could still work our current jobs. I don't mind the bad weather as long as I'm not traveling in it :)
JAC1982 10/02/19 11:34am Roads and Routes
RE: Printer

I used to like to print out our campsite reservations because often, there's no phone service to pull up the email with the confirmation number etc. But our last trip it dawned on me that I could take a screen shot with my phone of the reservation confirmation email, so it would save it on my phone that way and wouldn't require any kind of internet or phone service to view it. If I'm on a computer, I often use a Print to PDF program so it saves whatever I wanted to print as a PDF, which I can then email to myself, or save as a copy on my phone or laptop. If you email it to yourself or save on a thumb drive, then it makes it easier to print when you actually get to a printer.
JAC1982 10/01/19 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: High Winds on I-80 in WY

I-80 is why we stopped going to visit my husband's family in Rock Springs at Christmas. Too many trips messed up by high winds, road closures, etc. Even in the summer it can be pretty brutal when pulling a trailer.
JAC1982 10/01/19 12:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Vail lake Koa

You had me at "Thrifty's Ice Cream". I dream of that stuff since I grew up on it in Central CA. I spy my favorite Rainbow Sherbet.
JAC1982 09/17/19 10:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Out of the blue....

This is great!
JAC1982 09/13/19 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Will This Be a Bad Move for a New RVer?

I think it's easier to back up our 38' 5th wheel than it is our 14' bumper pull utility trailer LOL. New trucks have so many features that can help you like cameras and stuff, and you can even install cameras on the trailer itself to hook up inside your truck. As someone mentioned, the main issue with your plan is making sure there's somewhere to park something that big at your shows. Like, are any of the shows in a city? Finding a place to park in a city would be awful. But if they're out in more country/rural settings you're probably fine. As for the Highlander, I've never heard of that brand but it doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I might try to find an RV show so you can walk around and look at lots of models. Or even just a large RV sales lot. You may find you don't need one as big as you think you do, and you'll also get a feel for different floor plans. If you're going to be on the road a lot, I would suggest a floor plan where you can access the bathroom without bringing the slides out. Our current rig doesn't have that ability and it's annoying :)
JAC1982 09/13/19 10:01am Beginning RVing
RE: Terrible Trucks

I never buy new. You can save almost half by buying 3-5 years old. You do have to look harder for a well taken care of vehicle but it can be done. You can also score really good deals on new ones and well. When I purchased my last one I got it for over 20% off msrp so I drove off the lot for virtually the same as 1-2 year old used trucks that I seen on local lots. Sometimes it pays to buy new plus I like to know the history of the truck too. Plus I get a full warranty. Dan Yup, we bought our 2017 F-350 new at the end of the model year and got a killer deal on it. Our trade was a 2015 F350, and they gave us more than we owed on that one. Our neighbor, 6 months later, bought a used one, same model year as ours, same dealership, with 10,000 miles on it, for more than we paid for our new one. Only difference was ours is the King Ranch Trim and his is the Platinum trim. Before our new RAM we bought a used 2015 F-150 last year. It was super clean, looked great, and only had 35,000 miles on it (but was still close to 40k). But it had a lot of problems despite it looking good. At one point it was at the shop for nearly a month because they couldn't figure out an electrical problem and they had to replace the entire computer on it. After all that is when we traded it in and bought the RAM. Sucks because we paid to get new tires on the F-150, and added a bed cover. I don't think we'll buy a used truck again.
JAC1982 09/10/19 09:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Terrible Trucks

And sure, we would have even more disposable income if we didn't have all the payments on the vehicles and camper, but what would we spend it on? I guess we could put more in retirement, but again, we are trying to enjoy life now, responsibly, instead of not living for the next 30 years. IMHO a very wise decision. My husband's father died at the age of 52. My mom died at the age of 55. I could go on and on but you get my point. Living in the here and now vs. "tomorrow" is very important. And before you Negative Nellie's get on here and say "what if you live until 90?" please note the one key word JAC1982 used: RESPONSIBLY. Yup, my dad died when he was 52. His dad died when he was around that age too. He and my mom had always talked about getting an RV and traveling the country after they retired, but he never made it to retirement. So I know all too well how life can be very short. And yes, responsibly is the key word. If you're 35 and make 50k a year, it's probably not a great idea to buy a 70k truck and a 50k camper. But for us, it works.
JAC1982 09/09/19 04:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Terrible Trucks

We are those "young people" you are probably referring to. Mid-30s. 3 newer vehicles, nice 5th wheel toyhauler, RZR (own that free and clear), and we also go to about 25 NHL games a year and a handful of music concerts/festivals and other pro sporting events. How do we do it? Well yes, we have some debt. But my husband is in IT consulting, I work in software. We have a really good combined income. We also have no kids and no plans to have any, just dogs. We have no consumer debt other than the vehicles and camper, and I have a student loan, my husband's is paid off. We save for retirement and our home is worth $300k more than we paid for it a little over 4 years ago. We bought it only using his income because we weren't married yet. We also own land in WY that we are planning on building a small house on in the next few years and my husband owns land in AZ with his dad, so if things went to hell, we could sell our house and have somewhere to go that's free and clear. But, our reality is, my husband has an auto-immune disease. He very well may not live to a very old age, so we decide to do some living now instead of saving saving saving so we can maybe do it in retirement in 30 years. Things we don't do that a lot of people in our age range do: Go to Starbucks every day. Eat out for multiple meals. I cook 6-7 nights a week and eat leftovers for lunches. We don't buy expensive clothing. We don't take many expensive vacations that don't involve our camper. Most travel we do outside of camping is to go to weddings and even then we use airline miles and stay in AirBnBs to save money. And sure, we would have even more disposable income if we didn't have all the payments on the vehicles and camper, but what would we spend it on? I guess we could put more in retirement, but again, we are trying to enjoy life now, responsibly, instead of not living for the next 30 years.
JAC1982 09/09/19 01:38pm Beginning RVing
RE: Toy hauler for kayaks and bicycles

We don't actually take our RZR on a lot of our trips. The garage area is nice for all our other junk though (junk depends on what trip we are on, sometimes it's a bunch of coolers, sometimes inner tubes/kayak, etc), and our dogs stay in it when they are with us since it's easier to clean than the rest of the camper. They like hanging out on the patio since they can be outside without being tied up. Our old hauler only had a 9' garage, it would be perfect for someone who just wanted to haul bikes and smaller stuff.
JAC1982 09/09/19 12:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: I didn't buy an RV

The idea of living on a boat makes me want to throw up. Literally, I get pretty bad motion sickness, especially on boats. And it's funny, we camp to get away from people LOL! So we're probably the "aloof" ones you complain about.
JAC1982 08/30/19 12:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Navigating Boise ID

I didn't find the interstates in Boise to be too interstatey at all really, unless it's right at 5:00 but even then it was pretty easy to get through it. Nothing like most metro area interstates are everywhere else.
JAC1982 08/29/19 01:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Smaller motels

Usually TripAdvisor shows photos of the hotels/motels. It's pretty easy to tell which are the little ones. I'd be careful in some spots though... often the open hallway Motels are pretty seedy. Another time TripAdvisor will come in handy.
JAC1982 08/29/19 01:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Prepping for sale

Unless it's some absolute horrendous stuff left behind (ie: you come across as a hoarder or something weird)'s not going to hurt the sale. Worst case they will throw stuff away. On the other hand, it may encourage me to pick yours over a similar at similar price, but I'm not likely going to pay any extra for it. This is my opinion too. And, if the buyer doesn't want the stuff and refuses to buy it with the stuff still there, box it up that minute and take it to a nearby donation site. If it's absolutely junk, throw it away. Even poor people don't deserve broken/dirty things. You may even be able to post it on the local Craigslist "free" section or on Facebook marketplace (if you're on Facebook) and someone will come get it.
JAC1982 08/27/19 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Where do you search for parks?

I just use Google Maps and look at the area I want to stay in. Sometimes I'll put in "Campground" so they all pop up. Then I go through them and read reviews and look at Visitor Photos.
JAC1982 08/27/19 09:48am General RVing Issues
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