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RE: From South to North, best route thru Pheonix

10, 17 is likely the "best". 10, 202, 101, 10 is a longer alternative and 101 construction is a non issue. Like everything it's traffic, time and accident dependent. If they are concerned about the 10 to the 17, there is no way they will want to deal with the East valley 101 construction. You have lane reduction, lane closures, multiple narrow jogs and rough pavement. The 10 to 17 is just traffic while the 101 through the East valley can be a mess at times. I do agree there is no rational reason to take the 10 into the West valley to connect with the 101 on that end just to get back to the 17. That's almost 20 miles of completely unnecessary driving not to mention the construction on 10 near 59th avenue for the new 202 Phoenix by-pass and connection ramps.
ItsyRV 11/12/19 05:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: Passports

If a US Citizen, you do not need a Passport to enter the US. The Passport will speed things up, but if you have no Passport (expired or none), you will eventually be let in. It can take hours to be processed and released so make sure you have lots of reading material until they finally verify your identity.
ItsyRV 11/12/19 03:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: From South to North, best route thru Pheonix

The 101 in the east valley has several construction spots so it's actually worst than the 10 & 17 right now. Even the 51 interchange with the 101 is bogged down at times. Problem with the 101 is once past the 202, your only alternative if anything happens is the streets to the 17 anyways. My money is on the most direct route. Take the 10 to the 17 and just get it over with. I can't understand the fear so many have with the 10 or the 17, it's an interstate. If it's scary, travel after 9 pm and before 5 am when you have the roads mostly to yourself. The bulk of the traffic will be staying on the 10 heading to LA. There is nothing wrong with the 10 from Casa Grande to the 17 interchange and the 17 is one long straight road right out of Phoenix. Now, if you plan on traveling during the weekday, avoid 5am to 10am and again from 3pm to 9pm. If you travel between 10am to 3 pm (plenty of time to traverse all of the metro area), it's smooth sailing. Otherwise, check traffic conditions right before you leave and take the route with the fewest construction delays, the least accidents or where the traffic helicopter guy is reporting a major backup due to some slow RV in the left lane holding up traffic.
ItsyRV 11/12/19 02:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: RV Lot Insurance Ideas

To itsyrv: no one else’s belongings will be stored there. Poorly worded sentence. I didn’t think a standard homeowner’s policy would be used to cover this type of situation which is what I think scared off the SF agent. I'm still trying to figure out the arrangement. Is the property just going to be used for storing the RV when not in use? or Is the property going to have a residential unit added for you to live in when not using the RV? or Are you planning on living in the RV at the property when not traveling? The first should be no issue for an insurance company, but the other two could present problems if not presented correctly to the agent.
ItsyRV 11/08/19 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Sticker shock

Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I thought the hourly labor rate was based on a combined cost of service, not what the mechanic gets paid. Since they are not billing based on the time the service adviser spent, the time the parts dept spent pulling the parts, the time the cashiers spent, the cost of the service bay rental, the cost of the electricity to run the compressor and lights, the"free" car wash, the paper mats and plastic seat covers, etc., etc., etc., they use a generic labor rate which was designed to be all inclusive. It's the "shop supplies" charges that is the real profit center as those generic items were already calculated in the generic labor rate.
ItsyRV 11/08/19 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Lot Insurance Ideas

Not sure if you plan to convert part of the barn for residential use or if you're saying you plan on living in the RV when not traveling. Also what is this part about other people's belongings will be left?
ItsyRV 11/07/19 10:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

Providing the ground is suitable, if you can support the king pin, rent a couple of machine skates (maybe $30 for 4 hours) and put them under the front jacks on top of plywood. You support the king pin, raise the jacks, place the skates, lower the jack stands on the skates, raise the jack stands and remove the king pin support. You will have to decide if trying something that cost money without much danger is worth it over trying something that if it fails, will cost you a whole lot more money.
ItsyRV 11/07/19 10:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full-time in the Arizona heat

A lot of these hot weather recommendations include putting something in the roof vents. Why is this necessary if you have vent covers over the vents? Vent covers prevent the sun from heating the vents themselves and also provide a layer of air insulation between the vent cover and the vent. Our vents do not introduce heat into the interior of the coach in hot weather, but they do have vent covers permanently mounted on the roof over them to keep the sun, rain, snow, sleet, and hail off the vents. I wouldn't have an RV without vent covers over it's vents. Our vent covers allow the vents themselves to be completely open for ventilation in any kind of weather conditions. You need to define "hot weather". In AJ this year, On June 9th it hit over 100 degrees and stayed that way until almost September 15th. I belive there was only about 5 days when the daytime temperatures fell to under 100 (98 to be precise). You also had stretches of 110 weather. Nighttime lows hit about 80 degrees. Heat transfer from vents will happen under those extreme conditions unless additional insulting measures are taken. An occasional 95 degree warm day isn't going to matter much but when it starts hitting 105 and stays there, vent covers will start transferring heat and no roof mounted plastic cover is going to keep it out. We adapt by insulating the opening or paying for electricity.
ItsyRV 11/06/19 03:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

I am looking for something that would be in a covered plate to protect it from road water / elements.. That was an example of the various configurations of standard communications/media plates. Any standard exterior RV electrical outlet cover sold in every RV, boat, home improvement or online will cover the plate and make it weather tight.
ItsyRV 11/06/19 03:16pm Technology Corner
RE: HDMI outlet.. Ideas??

Most HDMI outlets are just an outlet or a single port for mounting on a plate. What you can do is just make your own connection junction with whatever you like in it (HDMI, coax, USB etc.) and use a standard RV weatherproof cover and plate. Here's a picture of what one could look like; just imagine a standard cover like over your ac outlet.$product-main$ Note: this is a premade stock outlet from CDW, there are many more with different configurations.
ItsyRV 11/06/19 12:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Truck bed liner on roof

Some one has mentioned to me use of the truck bed liner on the roof. Is that a good idea? What are possible problems? You can use it but unless you have a metal roof, you'll need some type of compatible primer/bonder on the wood or fiberglass otherwise it will separate and ultimately fail. You can't apply it over a membrane roof as it will fail. The biggest problem is weight and adhesion.
ItsyRV 11/05/19 11:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Full-time in the Arizona heat

Apache Junction Humm, Apache Junction in the summer. I would recommend that indoor RV and Boat storage place near US60 and Idaho for the RV and for you, maybe the Gold Canyon Resort and Spa. It's going to be a bit lonely as some of those RV places shut down in the summer and those that are open are like ghost towns after 6 am when the sun comes up. The best advice is make sure your RV is well protected from heat transfer. If you don't have them, get those reflective sun shields for all the windows and for any roof vents. Also make sure the RV property has the ability to provide the power you will need for A/C during the peak periods. With so few paying guest, limiting electrical usage may be their way of breaking even.
ItsyRV 11/05/19 11:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: Full-time in the Arizona heat

Has anyone stay full-time in an RV park in Arizona during the heat of the summer if so what did you do to stay comfortable? Can you be a bit more specific as to where in AZ you're looking? You could see temperature differences of 40 to 50 degrees depending on where in the state you are. Trying to cope with 120 degrees is not he same as if the highs are 85 degrees. Location???
ItsyRV 11/05/19 08:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: RV lots in Phoenix area?? Casa Grande , AZ That's just another of the same old - same old mobile/RV parks. I got he impression the poster doesn't want that but looking for a more "private land" type of situation. In that regard, it's near impossible to find land that would be zoned to allow just an RV to be used for more than a few days. Even Maricopa County's far flung areas technically prohibit RV only private lots that are not inside an RV or mobile home park. People in far away areas do use their private land for RV only, but if someone complains, the county will order you to stop.
ItsyRV 11/04/19 12:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV lots in Phoenix area??

Due to zoning and land use restrictions, you will not find any land where you can put just an RV (or 2) to live in for longer than 72 hours in any of the incorporated municipalities around Phoenix. You will be limited to only mobile or recreational vehicle parks. These parks can be nothing but lots for that purpose or with full amenities, but they will be zoned specifically for and only for mobile homes, park models or recreational vehicles. Even looking in the county areas, they also have similar restrictions the closer you get to developed areas; often with a zoning permit that can be changed if needed. You can be in the country for years with just your RV on your own lot and suddenly a 1,000 town-home development breaks ground and the county tells you you can n longer keep just an RV on your lot. To do what you want, you have to give yourself some space between the major metro areas of Tucson or Phoenix. The further you are from those metro urban centers, the less people care what you have on your land.
ItsyRV 11/03/19 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement forward Dome Vent Cover for my Minnie?

ROOF VENT LID – 15? X 15? 055281-01-000 (1)055218-01-000 (2) PRICE: $85.00 PART #: 055218-01-000 This is a Winnebago made roof vent lid. Winnebago Ind made their own roof vents throughout the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. This is the only vent lid that will fit it. Easy way to know if this is the correct lid for you is, the old lid will have 051384-01 embossed on the inside of the lid. If you would like to make 100% sure this is correct for your application, please call us at 800-933-7742 with your Serial # or VIN #. You can either call us to order or click the Order Now button. That part is for complete vent number 090393-01-Y12. That is not the vent the OP has on their RV.
ItsyRV 10/30/19 08:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 28 Foot / Chevy Chassis, Looking to upgrade suspension...

Also, don't overlook the sway bar bushings. They don't last forever and they do wear out. I know people who spent good money on a new sway bar when all that was needed was a set of inexpensive new bushings.
ItsyRV 10/29/19 09:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement forward Dome Vent Cover for my Minnie?

That's a standard Elixir roof vent cover available just about everywhere. Any Winnebago dealer will have them as well as most larger RV stores. To help you, the part number you provided is for the complete Winnebago vent unit (cover, frame, cranks, screens, etc.) installed in your RV. The actual Winnebago part number for just the cover is 064470-01-700 Cover-Vent-non-powered. The actual Elixir model of that vent is V971201 which is what most non-Winnebago dealers and retailers will use to order a vent cover. You also need to take into consideration that beyond just the cover, the entire frame and connecting rods and supports could have been damage. Replacing them part by part will cost you way more than what a brand new vent with installation will cost.
ItsyRV 10/29/19 09:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Night stops with RV

There use to be a popular RV overnight stop at Mesa Riverview in Mesa AZ due to having a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Bass Pro Shop and other locations that were RV friendly. However, this year it all ended with no overnight RV parking allowed. Although city ordinance has prohibited it for years, the center is huge and on the fringes so having RVs never got in anyones way.... well until the inconsiderate started turning the place into their own free multi day stay with awnings, rugs, chairs and firepits in the parking lot. I'm not talking homeless, I'm talking those who used it for free planned camping. not an overnight stay.
ItsyRV 10/27/19 12:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running generator on a hill

Where is the pickup located in the tank? If it's towards the front, nose up would further reduce the level at the pickup resulting in premature sucking of air. So, you need to know where the pickup is coming from and use that as you guide. But as others mentioned, how will the angle effect your oil?
ItsyRV 10/27/19 12:06pm Class C Motorhomes
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