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RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

not a power boost but banks has come out with a throttle assist that helps cure the 'sponge' response on new vehicles. my v10 has a lot of dead pedal and I have sent for more info. I wrote motor home to see if they had ever tested and they claimed to know nothing about the issue. 1 Guy called and asked for more info as he has the same issue. so its not that you need a power asssit you just need to be able to control what you got when you need it. There are several others who have come up with something so give the banks site a visit.
Hank85713 07/28/20 08:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Realistic Price for Class C

it will really depend on the location. You planning to buy locally? Prices are all over the board for same units, just have to research and be willing to travel to purchase. You looking for new/used again it will depend on what you want/expect. There are a couple of rv trader mags available you need to check them out. Look at craigslist in several states if looking for used. Right now out here some are trying to intimate their stuff is pure gold and I am referring to some 20+ YO units. Saw a 2003 ad for $30K the other day! Have fun researching, we did not buy one for over $100k AND found same one 1 year old 4000 miles for about 30-35K less. So dont be in a rush.
Hank85713 07/26/20 11:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV carport/shelter

You will need a minimum of 12ft sides and if you will have a door you will need to probably go to 14 ft. We just had a 40x50 shed built 14ft eaves, so we can have a 13 ft roll up door. There are many variable in having what you want built, local codes are the biggest factor. I had built a temp tin shelter and had 10ft eaves and it was very close on getting TT in as I had to remove center poles and then reinstall after siting. Out here there are many carport types 8-10 wide with about 12-15ft eaves. These are standard 8ft eaves which have extensions to raise them. Had one at a place I worked for outside maintenance activities, see them around the area for rv storage. Check with your search engine for metal buildings storage in your area to get an idea. My c is about 12 ft high went with higher door in case we ever decide to up grade (doubtful). example this is pic of double, rvs can be simple single but you get idea.
Hank85713 07/12/20 11:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: brake buddy

thanks for the replies, got an email from the manuf and the receiver is not a needed item. They did verify it is a pendulum system.
Hank85713 07/01/20 03:36pm Dinghy Towing
brake buddy

anyone using one of these? Just had 1 given to me but is missing the 2d alert for the tow vehicle. Is it REALLY needed or just a nice to have peace of mind thing? I do not have one for my installed one for my normal towed vehicle either but it is not a brake buddy either. Watched you tube videos but all they showed was that it is just a check to show everything is working. How does it work? is it a pendulum system in the unit? do the alert senders/receiver need to replaced as a set or can they be replaced individually? Thanks
Hank85713 06/30/20 05:31pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 2008 F250 Manual Extending Mirrors

be careful with usind wd 40 aws it attacks some plastics. I would say to use a silicon spray instead.
Hank85713 06/04/20 03:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine heat

how tall is the passenger? My wife is about 5 ft tall and said it gets hot. Did find the dog house was not reinstalled right, fixed it and was some help. Since she is short she uses a foot stool to keep feet up and off floor. says it really helps. Can get for $5 at some dollar stores or cw sells for about $20! Talked with another guy and he said he added the insulation, more external muffler exhaust shields etc and still has issues. Said he added some flex tube from the AC to direct air to floor area. you might want to give it a try.
Hank85713 06/01/20 10:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best brand for resale?

yes condition is the most important. Brands vary in quality even among the units produced. Winnebago has a "NAME" but I am not necessarily impressed with the unit we have. So if going to buy to resell in 1-2 years I would go with an older unti that can be had fairly cheap, put a few dollars in it such as tires tuneup etc and then use and then sell. Lots of rv's out there even late 90's can be found in good condition at reasonable prices (class A's), mid 2000 class C's are also available cheaply in a lot of cases and if it is still in good condition you can sell with little to no loss as long as it doesnt need lot $$ to get it to where it wanted for your comfort and convenience. We pait $70+K for a 1year old low mileage unit which new was in the 6 figure range, they are still selling (asking $50-60K) for same rv/type. So age will be a factor but overall condition is what you need to be concerned with. There is an article on fax travel news that many are buying rv's due to covid! In a year or 2 the market will probably be flooded with USED low mileage/usage rv's IMO so return on investments will probably take a big hit as in what you stated to begin with.
Hank85713 05/27/20 10:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Helping In-laws -First RV Advice

it really will depend on the length they think they need IMO. We know folks who bought a new 24 ft and sold it within 6months and bought something bigger. Also what type of towed vehicle will they want? Even a 24 ft is a pia to drive in traffic in towns although many claim its not (?) but finding parking spaces etc needs to be a concern for them. Do they need an actual class C or will a B+ be more to their needs. No big overhead sail over the cab to add to wind resistance. There are just too many variables in a question like this. Check craigs list for available units, also go beyond the local area which might require a short trip to view and check out. Wife Loved the Jayco units we looked at but we ended up with a winnebago instead. Storage in/outside is a big concern to also contemplate. Yes a rental may show what they want/like and maybe at around $500 for a weekend not a bad expense to help decide. Here are a couple of class c/B+ found on local craigslist:
Hank85713 05/16/20 11:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Heading back to our favorite RV site...

Angel Fire is great, it has the 1st Official Viet Nam memorial in the US, dedicated by a minister to his son and several others who were killed on the same day. The problem is that the speculators were trying to over commercialize the area so really dont know how that worked out, There is a lake there also I think its a NM park not sure. At the other end of the road by I25 is the NRA's site with the boy scouts national camp (philmont)site in between. There is a good example of optical illusions as the roadside stream appears to be flowing uphill in several places! Have been thru the area several times and enjoyed it greatly. There are also some nice places to visit in the general area.
Hank85713 05/15/20 10:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tracker value

got to remember folks have gold everything while you dont. We looked at used and bought a new hyundai for just a little more when we got the mh. Got the base plates installed at camp world, the guy selling the rv gave all the towing stuff with it. Actually most of it can be found cheap on craigslist, so its just the base plates and install that hurts but still less than $1000. The hyundais and kias tow well as they have good wheel base and overall stance. 150hp with direct injection good mileage too. he can drive a standard right?
Hank85713 05/14/20 04:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Folding mattresses

try putting one of the memory foam pieces on it. Theyill raise the bet a couple of inches but are not as expensive as getting a special made mattress.
Hank85713 05/09/20 09:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Should I get the extended service plan

its a **** shoot. We bought a 1 year old winnebago aspect with 4000 miles on it. I did buy the extended warranty stuff from camp world and 2 years later had a fuel pump go out and they paid almost all except for $700 worth. They did the tow, the roadside call etc. So it really is your call. check with camp world on their extended service plan 1st to compare. it also covers tires?? I really dont know. Like most I dont buy these things but worked out I guess in long run.
Hank85713 04/22/20 05:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sixt: A Middle Ground Tow Rental

if just needing to use a vehicle and can rent cheap maybe buy a tow dolly instead (1 time cost) and use a rental if they will allow it to be dollied. or if commied to jeep as stated buy a used one and can sell if needed with the rv.
Hank85713 04/15/20 10:26am Dinghy Towing
RE: advice on which towable vehicle

northshore, as noted earlier 2wd vs 4x is strictly up to you. 4x is more complex and just adds more potential problems. As I said look at the 2 sites I mentioned. Several times I have read about the 4x systems having issues, just dont really remember all. Since both are OBD2 a scan gauge could be a good investment to have and take on a test drive. It will point out issues and codes that maybe laying dorment in the system. Also 4x get a lesser bit of milage than the 2wd. Mine weighs close to 4000lbs so that could be a factor for you. I saw an ad from a salvage yard in yuma or kalif area that had used tow parts and they were cheap, particularly the base plates. just need to do a search for used parts. Check craigs list in your area and then move out to close by states. I wish we had a explorer sport with the 4 doors but last I looked they were way over priced and none had the manual trans and I think the auto's required some sort of thing from the dealer? Anyhow if you get either one like I said do a good test drive with a scan gauge (autozone/campworld etc). Then plan to do a complete service to inculde all fluids ignition parts etc. But like I said smaller amounts are still better than the cost of a new vehicle in the long run.
Hank85713 04/11/20 03:27pm Dinghy Towing
RE: advice on which towable vehicle

I have a 94 ranger with the 4.0 2wd 5speed trans. Although not the same as what you are looking at I am in the process of making it a towed vehicle for us. The grandkids want to go fishing etc so my plan is to add a ladder rack to carry the 12ft alum boat I have. Park the rv and use the ranger. OBTW it has over 300000 miles and is in great shape. Generally my daily driver so yes they are pretty bullet proof. You did not indicate the engines but some of the OHC engines had some issues with them. Other than that I havent heard of many problems. Go here: for all the ranger info you might need. The Ranger station is also a good source. I have paid less than $6K over the years on other than standard maint on it. Just had all suspension bushings R&Rd ($1500) but it was worth it since everything was original. Road master sells the tow kits but if you do an internet search they can be found pretty cheap, I got mine from a guy here for postage payment. A brake kit will run a bit but again they can be found on Craig list etc for much less than new. So even if it takes a little bit to get into shape, sure beats the $3o-40K a new vehicle costs and still require the tow accessories.
Hank85713 04/11/20 11:16am Dinghy Towing
RE: Looking to purchase used class c rv - first time buyer

The important thing is to find something that makes you feel comfortable and meets your needs. You said used so that opens many windows and allows for some options new may not give you based on financial situations. A towed vehicle and set up is something to consider in your planning, yes/no. A class A will give you more under storage but also can complicate due to the 'I have room' syndrome. Plus driving a bus I do not consider it to be fun, as I do drive a bus for work. We have 28ft B+. It is small enough to get into places yet big enough for 2 to stay in for a while while traveling. Know a guy who went out and bought NEW 24ft class c, traded it in within 6 mo for a used class A. Said it was too confining and required more (although light effort to set up/use), they got tired of having to roll the bed up/out after or before use. Small bathroom and very limited storage inside and out. Also depends on family size. Standard C has the bed/sail over the cab can be used for storage is the one point that makes it nice, but the sail effect when driving is the downer to me. So need to let folks know more about who you are and really what your expectations are other than going to alaska and highways to tn. boon docker, what your plan to do.
Hank85713 04/10/20 10:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: blind spot camera

Depth perception has nothing to do with it. Idiot drivers who sit in the blind spot or tailgate are the issues and believe me there are many of them. I have commercial license so I see it everyday. You pass someone and they stay just off you bumper to keep you from coming over so yes a blind spot is needed, if not needed why are they hot sellers on NEW VEHICLES (and advertised as a SAFETY item)? Go to and look for the pcam-bs1 for how it looks It shows it cost a little over $100 there. I had upgraded radio speakers also installed so it cost me $250 for everything. Rrnie, I can send you an installed pic but need you to pm me with a good email address. I had it installed on a 2012 Winnebago Aspect, a B+.
Hank85713 04/10/20 09:40am Class C Motorhomes
blind spot camera

Got one installed today and it is integrated into the radio/stereo along with the back up camera. It is an Echomaster pro with 80 deg field of view and adjustable camera. Installed it under the mirror much like the newer ones found in the new mirrors. Seems like it will work well. The shop said they can get a wireless so I can get it installed on the rear for better observation of clearances from vehicles when trying to move back over to the lane. Current built in does not offer view past the towed vehicle so lane change clearance is iffy . It will also integrate with the radio system or I can install a small monitor for it. Added upgraded door speakers and they are sounding so much better than the oem stuff. Maybe get the rear camera in week or so?
Hank85713 04/09/20 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Social distancing

Arizona State Parks and Trails remains committed to providing safe outdoor recreation spaces for visitors to the parks. Over the past several days, we've made changes to our operations to address COVID-19 and the health and wellness of our staff, volunteers and visitors. Arizona State Parks and trails follows the guidance of the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At this time, all events and group gatherings in the parks have been cancelled through May 8. Our historic parks are closed to the public, as are gift shops and visitor centers. Our trails and campgrounds are open. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the parks, trails, and campgrounds are being used safely to allow people to enjoy the mental and physical benefits these spaces provide. Please follow the personal guidelines set by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the CDC: • Stay home if you are sick. • Wash your hands frequently. When soap and a sink are not available, please use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. • Prepare for limited access to buildings and group areas. • Avoid gatherings of 10 people or more. For RV travelers: • Clean surfaces inside your RV daily, including steering wheel, doorknobs, light switches, handles, and dash controls. • Wash, don't shake, dirty laundry. • Wash your hands often with soap and water. • Bring your own cleaning supplies. For hikers: • Stay home if you are sick. • Wash your hands before you go and carry hand sanitizer. • Maintain a six-foot distance from other people while on the trail. If the trail is too crowded, try a different location. • Bring your own water and don't share water bottles. • Pack out your own trash to protect park employees and other hikers. • Don't take unnecessary risks. Emergency responders may be limited.
Hank85713 03/25/20 09:48am Class C Motorhomes
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