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RE: TorkLift Glow Step Resolution Install

"IF" I were to buy any aftermarket step it would be the Glow step!!! They contacted me and asked if I would test them. I was contacted also when these first came out...I wish I had taken their offer... but my trailer was new and didn't feel the need at the time. What do I have to do to get contacted? I would happily try them out...:B Not sure other than they follow forums and such. They contacted me and I did take advantage of their generous offer. They truly are a great company that builds great equipment. Dan
Hammerboy 05/18/20 01:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TorkLift Glow Step Resolution Install

We have them as well, love them. Solid steps that don't store inside. Dan
Hammerboy 05/15/20 01:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1/2 ton sticker shock

I doubt there is a 1/2 ton Chevy out there that would cost $70k after incentives or rebates. If someone did pay that kind of money they have no negotiating skills. Dan
Hammerboy 05/05/20 06:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Michigan state parks extend closures

Some of the top lawyers in the state have pointed to the flaw in her logic, and as a constitutional issue, her authority expired on 4/30. Legislature is preparing lawsuits to bring her in check. WRT to the virus, according to the official state records, ALL OTHER FORMS OF DEATH have substantially decreased. Even the official state records, as ridiculous as those are, don't even come close to matching the published CV death rates. There is no way that cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc, which are steady year in and year out have dropped up to 50% of prior levels this year. I don't buy the data as presented. I agree. It has been reported on the news of people dying from it as well as my brother in law knows of someone who has passed and did not have COVID. They are reporting some deaths as COVID deaths even when they haven't had it or verified it. Attorneys are involved from what I hear of the person my BIL knows i'm told. Dan
Hammerboy 05/01/20 07:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Michigan state parks extend closures

They extended state park camping closures until at least June 21 Sorry folks I know some of you will disagree and say that this good to shut everything down but this is getting ridicules. Might as well close them forever as something else might come along. You can easily social distance and not come in contact with anybody or park staff. Just dont get it. Close the restrooms and nature centers if you must but camping too? I feel 100 times more in danger at a Walmart than at a campground. I honestly don't get the logic they have for what can be open and what cannot around here. Dan
Hammerboy 04/29/20 07:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

And this is why I don't live in a association based development. DanYes that is fine. Lots of people are tired of the junk and poorly maintained houses of a development with no enforceable rules and would not live in a place without an association. To each their own. Just read the rules and be perfectly willing to follow them and even embrace them. Or embrace freedom for better or worse. I too would not want to live around everybody's junk either, fortunately we live in a nicer development where people for the most part take some pride in ownership. You can live in nice developments without having to live with a HOA. Lots of HOA's are great but we all hear about the ones that are dictatorships that often make the news. Dan
Hammerboy 04/18/20 07:06am General RVing Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

You signed the HOA agreement. You live by it's rules. While I normally would agree with this statement this is a time to bend the rules, there are a lot of exceptions out there being made right now because of the virus and this should be no different. Dan
Hammerboy 04/17/20 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

And this is why I don't live in a association based development. Dan
Hammerboy 04/17/20 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Fireplace removal and repurposing space

I never realized how much we use our fireplace until we had one. Our fireplace is pretty shallow as in maybe 8 inches without much space behind it. So for us it wouldn't be worth removing it even if we wanted to. Dan
Hammerboy 04/08/20 05:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: West Michigan to Fort Wilderness review

I live on the south side of Nashville and have driven that route with both a TT and a MH many times. It’s an easy route and nearly all 4 lane divided. Plenty of services along the route and some good campgrounds along 231 between Montgomery and Dothan if you need one. I can get to central Florida about an hour quicker going through Atlanta IF the traffic cooperates. But the Alabama route is usually less stressful IMO. Thanks Dave, this is what I was thinking and hoping for in this route. Dan
Hammerboy 04/05/20 06:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Laundromats are closed!!

Yea, I don't understand the whole essential business rational. Unfortunately a lot of businesses are trying their best to declare themselves as essential - some of them are quite a stretch too. If we want to nip this thing we need to get serious about it and close a lot more businesses. I can work on a job site in construction literally by myself but I cannot. But yet drive through windows and take outs are deemed essential - learn to cook or pack a lunch, the person in the drive through window sees hundreds of people a day by the looks of it. The big box home improvement chains I believe are abusing it as well, 95% of what is being sold isn't essential either. I feel bad for the smaller businesses that are forced to close such as greenhouses while big boxes are making a killing. We have a big box home improvement chain that has been contacted by the states attorney general twice in regards to louring people in with sales ads as well as price gouging - I have since taken my business elsewhere. Sorry if I took that one a little of topic. Dan
Hammerboy 04/05/20 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: West Michigan to Fort Wilderness review

Surprised they are taking you down I-65 all the way. I would cut over to I-75 around Lexington. Atlanta is not as bad as people say. Drive straight through. If you want to avoid traffic plan on hitting downtown before 6AM or after 8AM. This basic route is the way my wife's Aunt and Uncle take when they winter in Florida, I'll have to ask them as well next time I see them. I've driven through Atlanta many times but if I can find an alternate I'd rather not go through Atlanta with the fifth wheel. It's only about an hour longer and a change of scenery is welcome. I just don't know the finer details of this route or what road conditions are. Just looking for some tips from those who know these roads better or perhaps another route that avoids Atlanta. Dan
Hammerboy 04/03/20 06:40pm Roads and Routes
West Michigan to Fort Wilderness review

Although our reservations at the Fort isn't until next February, with all this free time on my hands it is nice to be able to take our minds off things and do a little planning. This is the type of stuff I really enjoy, planning routes and stops along the way. We have driven by car to Disney many times and have always driven through downtown Atlanta. This Google map link below shows the basic route I am thinking going thru Alabama thus avoiding Atlanta altogether. If anybody wants they can drag the route around a bit as I don't know the local conditions of roads as many of you may. I know once I get near Disney there is a quicker way but we wanted to be able to drive under the Disney Welcome sign (yes we are Disney nerds.) Once I get the basic route figured out then I can have fun with identify all the gas, overnight, rest stops etc. Google Map Route Thanks in advance Dan
Hammerboy 04/03/20 08:20am Roads and Routes
RE: Virginia - Stay At Home till June 10th

Not to be political but I think it's fishy that their ban is until the Republican primary on June 9. At least that is the news I caught on the subject. Dan
Hammerboy 04/01/20 01:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip Planning by mile

I use Google maps as well. It seems like the best all around package. Gives traffic, satellite views, street views, easy to drag a point to the amount of miles you want, etc. And just generally very easy to use. The only useful thing it doesn't have is height or length option. I do wish though I could create a map where I choose my route on my desktop and send it to my phone it would work without having to add way points to force it to work on the phone version. Hope that on made sense. One little surprise I found using Google maps is we have reservations next winter for Fort Wilderness for a couple weeks and sure enough they have Street View of all the loops! How cool is that:C Dan
Hammerboy 04/01/20 01:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Sierra 2500 fifth wheel hitch - factory prep vs aftermarket

People used rail mounted 5th wheel hitches for many years. If you put a lot of things in and out of your bed you might want to put some plywood down to make things level with the rails. I wouldn't let this be a deciding factor. So people used a horse and buggy for even longer, so what? The grand dad did it scheme doesn't mean it's better. Funny analogy. It all depends on what truck you find, how you intend to use it etc. I purchased a new 2019 at the end of last year and on my list of wants the pucks were on the bottom. For me the rails don't bother me at all and I am in construction field. I don't ever shovel dirt, mulch, out of my truck or fork in big heavy object either as I have trailers that work better for that anyway. If I did happen haul dirt (I can think of once in ten years) or something simply throw down a sheet of plywood and a tarp. The rails in my truck actually are kind of handy as they act as a stop for the few toolboxes that I do carry in the back of the truck. The other upside was I could keep my B&W Patriot hitch that I had in my last truck without the use of an adapter. Pucks are greats (although I wish they could standardize across all brands) if you want a flat bed but not everybody cares or needs a flat bed. Dan
Hammerboy 03/28/20 06:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

When I bought my current truck I was trying to decide what to do for a hitch. At the end of the day I went back to the rails as I didn't have the puck option on my truck plus I really liked my Patriot hitch. I am in the camp of it doesn't bother me in the least having rails in my truck in fact for how I use it it's actually quite handy. It make a great stop for my various toolboxes that often ride back there and keeps them from sliding forward. As far as shoveling stuff or trying slide heavy objects in that is a non issue as I have various trailers that work better for that anyway. Dan
Hammerboy 03/26/20 06:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch lift

For those who aren't as handy they to make one for a reasonable cost Hitch lift Dan
Hammerboy 03/22/20 06:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

Not to make light of the corona virus as I am sure more will die from it but.....this is for the United States in 2017 Number of deaths for leading causes of death: Heart disease: 647,457 Cancer: 599,108 Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383 Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404 Diabetes: 83,564 Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672 Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633 Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173 coronavirus: 298 so far So...try to stay away from crowds....but don,t panic...imo None of those have the ability to tank the economy like Covid-19 already has....none of those stand to tax the health care system to the max and overwhelm things to the point where health care professional will have to make a decision on who lives and who dies . People may not only loose their lives but the economic impact will also lose people their jobs, homes, savings, retirement savings, cars, trucks, rv' name it. Seems many folks are just too narrow minded and selfish to take it serious enough...........let's see you post again in 3 to 6 months and see if you've changed your attitude and perspective on things. Nothing wrong with trying to calm people down a bit from the hysteria going on. Yes it serious and I am taking precautions but I am not living in fear. Dan
Hammerboy 03/21/20 03:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Senior Citizens Speak Up

Good grief, if you can afford an RV, you can afford a private RV park rate. That's not true at all. How do you know all they could afford is a $5,000 used trailer? Just because you own an RV doesn't mean you are made of money. Dan
Hammerboy 03/19/20 05:28pm General RVing Issues
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