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RE: Front AC not working?

It was clean under the cover what I found is it cools just fine but the duct work is not designed very well almost all the air is pushed to the rear of the coach. If you close off the ducts under the AC unit and force the air through the ducts most of the air goes to the rear of the coach leaving the front portion with that huge window very hot. I am going to design a new vent cover that I can direct more air forward. I machine plastic for a living so I will just make a nice new vent cover for the inside that has some vents to push air forward.
Gundog 06/16/19 08:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front AC not working?

I have been playing around with it and it does seem to put out cold air just not very much, it doesn't seem to make any difference on fan speed the amount of air does not change. I have taken the top off of it and looked for any blockage it all seems clear and it is not as dirty as I would have thought. It may be a fan relay or the fan motor is tired. I am letting it run again to make sure the coil is getting cold.
Gundog 06/16/19 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front AC not working?

Is this a single unit basement A/C ? This could be a ductwork flap problem Or A #2 compressor problem You need some one to look at Model# and Mfg brand info, will get you more answers and probably better This is a double roof type system I believe they are Coleman but I need to pull the cover off and check.
Gundog 06/16/19 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front AC not working?

I found this on youtube I am going to do some checking.
Gundog 06/16/19 09:52am Class A Motorhomes
Front AC not working?

My 34' 2005 coach has 2 zones for the AC the front does not seem to be blowing cold air. The rear AC unit zone 2 is very cold. Couple that with the dash air not blowing very cold air and the front of the coach is pretty hot you could hang meat in the bedroom in the back. I figure I probably need a new unit but was wondering if there is anything I can check? If I do need a new unit is this a DIY job or is it something that needs to be done at an RV shop? I have DIY skills and a forklift to load unload the AC unit and a background in mechanical and electrical but I am not an RV tech. I plan to have the dash air looked at. I also noticed the dash heat in the winter did not work well. The valves in the heater lines are turned on right now. I plan to turn them off and try the dash air again before having it worked on. Thanks Mike Have a happy fathers day!!
Gundog 06/16/19 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small connector on house battery ??

this is what the temp sensor should do. Temperature Sensitive Charging When the supplied battery temperature sensor is connected to the unit and the batteries, the charge voltage is controlled based on battery temperature. The charger adjusts the charge voltage to the best level,minimizing water loss in wet cell batteries.Charge voltage regulation optimizes the bat-tery life cycle. I have a new sensor ordered I called Xantrex I believe this is why the batteries were over charged. They told me to unplug the wire until I get the new sensor. The sensor is an option but with it plugged in and the wire being severed was probably the problem with over charging. It looks like who ever put in the last battery bank got that wire pinched in the hold down bracket.
Gundog 03/19/19 09:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question about solar panels?

only slightly my answer is still correct, small solar is a trickle charge for the chassis battery AKA maintainer the heavy wires 3/0 for inverter, 2/0 from big alternator to batteries (1) 3*4 solar panel is going to use wire sized between 10ga and 4ga depending on 'who' did the install Thank you for your response sorry if I came off snarky I have a background in electricity but I am not a tech for RV's. I was hoping someone who had the same coach would chime in about the small controller being the factory original. My understanding is Fleetwood put in the tiny solar panels so they could advertise they had a solar panel even if it was mostly ineffective. The small trickle charger to me is not needed with the big solar panel. The small fuse that is blown is only 1/2 amp I just wanted to make sure that it was not a control wire for the larger system I am still not sure. I keep the coach under cover so until I move it I won't know if the solar is putting out anything. This is a new to me coach bought in Oct. last year I am still learning this thing.
Gundog 03/18/19 06:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question about solar panels?

Sorry Mr Wizzard I think you missed the point of my question.
Gundog 03/18/19 10:33am Class A Motorhomes
Question about solar panels?

My 05 Fleetwood Expedition has 2 solar panels one is a very small panel on the housing of one of the AC units I believe that one was factory installed. The second solar panel is much larger approximately 3' x 4'. When I was changing out my battery bank there is a set of leads about #14 wire. The positive lead has a glass fuse holder inside was a 500 mA fuse that does not ohm out. .500 mA is really small it then attaches to a small panel inside the battery compartment I will post a picture of the battery bank you can see this small panel in the picture. Is this little panel for the small solar panel? The small fuse size is either wrong or maybe a control wire or for the very small panel on the AC unit. I am guessing my large solar panel must be connected to the Inverter/Charger? I have 2 large sets of cables going from the battery bank to the inverter charger area,one set is 3/0 & the other set is 2/0. Can anyone explain how the large solar unit is ran and what the small panel in the battery compartment is for? Thanks Mike Small panel is located between battery 1 and battery 2.
Gundog 03/18/19 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small connector on house battery ??

Here are some pictures of the connector & broken wire. I believe you are right this looks like the wire plugged into my Xantrex charger. Here are some before and after shots of the battery & battery cable change out.
Gundog 03/17/19 08:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small connector on house battery ??

WHat you are describing with that 'Flat phone like wire' is the battery temperature sensor. On a guess I'd say you have an inverter/charger not unlike the Xantrex Prosine. the flat 4(or 6) wire cable goes to a jack on it. IT is a Themp sensor.. Very little current flows in it and NONE to/from the battery. Looks like it goes into the inside of the coach I do have a Xantrex charger after I inspected the wire it is broken in half about a foot from the connector. I am changing out the batteries because they were dry from over charging when I bought the coach last Oct. Do you think this cable being bad could have caused the over charging?
Gundog 03/17/19 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
Small connector on house battery ??

I am in the process of changing out my house battery bank, I am changing out the battery cables and putting new ends on all the terminals attached to the house battery bank. Most of the terminals are in bad shape. I have one small set of wires they are very small gauge think phone wire size the wire shield is flat with 5 or 6 different color wires in this flat plastic shield the terminal is falling apart. I am going to cut the terminal open to check for sure but it looks like all of them are under one connector and attached to a positive terminal of the battery. Does anyone know what this set of wires goes to? Are all the wires in this loom actually connected together and attached to a positive terminal? If I need to I will add a picture of the terminal. I guess I can ohm out the wires since I have cut it off to see if they are connected together. Thanks Mike
Gundog 03/17/19 09:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New batteries I have some questions?

You said the batteries were boiled dry before you bought it.. What coverter does it have.. YOu may wish to do a converter upgrade. I was hoping to avoid that expense.
Gundog 02/18/19 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Hard Is It To Solo In A Class A?

I back my MH in by myself at home around a corner and into a covered RV car port. I marked the ground with marking paint I adjust the mirror down and back around keeping the rear tire just inside the line. You can buy white marking paint at any big box lumber yard they use it for under ground locates. You may not want to mark up a nice driveway but it marks the dirt and just goes away after a while.
Gundog 02/17/19 08:23pm Class A Motorhomes
New batteries I have some questions?

I plan to change out the house batteries in my 05 Expedition. The current batteries were boiled dry prior to my owning it. I want to put on all new cables and a Flow-Rite watering system in. The cables on it now don't fit well and some have to be disconnected just to check the fluid level in the batteries. I plan to put on new cables cut to fit properly. I have the tools and skills to build the cables but I am not sure what size cable they use I am guessing it looks like 2/0 welding cable. I plan to buy the 6 volt Interstate batteries sold at Costco. I believe that is where the batteries that are in it now came from they would probably still be good if they would have had the fluid level kept full. I am also thinking of putting in a separate charging system on the batteries when it is stored. I leave the MH plugged in my inverter charger has a button that turns off charging to the battery bank. My thought is to turn off the charging through the inverter and using a better battery charger that will not over charge the unit. I am not really wanting to buy a new inverter since it works fine other than over charging. This auxiliary charger would only be used when the Mh is stored for long periods of time and not used when we are using the unit.
Gundog 02/17/19 05:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CO detector beeping

When you pulled it out did you check the voltage going into the unit? I feel like the best new one is a hardwired with a battery back up... I have not completely removed it yet it is hanging from the wires still beeping. The coach is parked at the rear of our property under an RV cover. I bought a battery powered one to replace it I just need to cut the old one in the clear they did not leave enough wire to unplug it:M
Gundog 01/15/19 09:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CO detector beeping

I checked the date it is a July 2009 so I guess it has lived out its life. The battery charger is on so it is not a battery issue. Thanks Mike
Gundog 01/12/19 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CO detector beeping

Some beep because they are old and tired Some beep because they are hungry and the battery is low Since yours in in storage.. I'm going with option 2. Crank up Generator for oh say six hours or hook up to shore power (same time). It is stored at my house and hooked up to shore power all the time.
Gundog 01/11/19 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CO detector beeping

My house batteries are bad and I plan to change them out this spring our upcoming trip has full hookups so I won't be on battery power. I will look to see if the house batteries are charging we had a power loss the other day and it may have tripped the charge circuit off. There is a button on the inverter that turns battery charging on and off so it maybe off after the power outage. The detector is just hanging from the ceiling right now because they did not leave enough wire to unplug it if I change it out I will need to cut the 3 wires and splice on a new detector. I will look for a date on it but I think it is original equipment and this is a 2005 so it probably needs changing. I have an LP detector also but it is down close to the floor. For a replacement does it have to be an RV type they are much more expensive. I like the idea of it having its own battery and not rely on the house batteries.
Gundog 01/11/19 08:49am Class A Motorhomes
CO detector beeping

The coach is in storage and not in use but I keep hearing a faint beep I removed it thinking it needed a new battery but it is hard wired. The coach is plugged in and there is nothing running that should trigger the alarm I am guessing it has gone bad. I need to get it fixed we will be using the coach staring the 22nd of this month. The existing detector is a Costar brand. Should I get another one that is hard wired or a battery operated model?
Gundog 01/11/19 12:10am Class A Motorhomes
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