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RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

Thanks for all the info this has been very helpful. I am leaning towards Dish and they sent me an offer for a $300 gift card that will almost pay for the satellite.
Gundog 10/20/20 10:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

One receiver, HDMI splitter and wireless HDMI to the BR, both TVs watch the same show and make sure you have a RF remote. If I have 2 receivers can each TV watch a different channel with one dish? We take grandkids a lot and in the evening when they watch kid shows I go to the bedroom and watch my own shows so I really don't want both TV's watching the same channel. I am still up in the air about hard mounting the dish or leaving it portable. I will run new coax cable to both TV's.
Gundog 10/20/20 05:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

A couple questions I have the main TV above the drivers area and one in the bedroom from what I understand I will need a receiver for each TV? I will also need to upgrade the coax cable from the cable that came with the unit? Do they not make wireless versions of this equipment? It seems kind of old fashion to hard wire something these days.
Gundog 10/20/20 04:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

Or you could buy the Dish Playmaker automatic dome with a Wally receiver for $349. Assuming you have the service in your home. The playmaker can be hardbound on the RV with a mount kit for less than $50. Be sure to get one that covers both eastern and western arcs I am leaning towards one of those but would it be better not to mount it for when we are in the trees which is quite often?
Gundog 10/19/20 09:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

I see some people in the camp grounds with portable units on a stand is that a better option than hard mounting them to the roof like my old one? I camp in the Pacific Northwest where many of the camp spots have a lot of big trees so I am wondering if you might not get a signal parked under a big tree?
Gundog 10/19/20 06:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

I tried calling both Dish & Direct TV and never could find anyone who knew anything. I don't think TV is worth the $1800 for a new dish holy cow I wasn't expecting that. I did another search for RV satellites on ebay and I am seeing some units for much less $150 to $500 that is a little more doable.
Gundog 10/19/20 06:06pm Technology Corner
Dome Satellite is it capable of getting service??

I have a 2005 Fleetwood expedition with a satellite dish on it we have never used. Will this thing work if I get a service? What do I need to check? I am switching to one of the satellite companies from Comcast in my home and would like to get some TV service when we travel. What are my options? The satellite is a TracVision LF/SF I don't seem to have a reciever but there is a switch box. When I bought this MH it had some old school Panasonic TV's and a entertainment center with a VHS and a surround sound system. I removed the old TV's and installed 2 new smart TV's with a new entertainment surround sound system that has blue ray and FM stereo. I did not try and connect the TV's to any of the old cables so they only work with the blue ray players. The bedroom TV has it's own blue ray player. There is a switch box that allowed switching to each TV and is marked SAT & VHS I will try and post a picture of that I am guessing it won't work with the newer TV's.
Gundog 10/19/20 05:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Microwave is dead?

Yes it was the breaker on the inverter. I had bad internet coverage at the camp ground so I didn't get to check this until now and found the inverter breaker tripped when I got home now I know what to check if it happens again. Thanks to everyone who replied.
Gundog 10/14/20 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Microwave is dead?

Update my daughter and grandson came to join me last night and I had them bring my volt meter the outlet is dead. I now need to do some more checking I plan to check the pedestal to see if I am getting both legs coming in but it is wet outside and I have not felt like messing with it yet. My daughter also brought my shop microwave so I cooked my breakfast burrito with that this morning. I am a retired Lineman trouble shooter so this will get figured out. We are at the dunes riding our off road machines so I am not wanting to spend much time working on the MH until I get home.
Gundog 10/09/20 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
Microwave is dead?

My GE space saver Microwave is dead I don't have my volt meter with me but I checked it is plugged in and tried all the breakers the display is not lit up. This one does not have the convection oven but we have have a gas oven. I am thinking if it is bad I may replace it with a convection/microwave oven. This one also has a vent and light in it. I am hoping it blew an internal fuse but I can't work on it or check it until I get back home. The humanity I had to actually heat up a breakfast burrito with a regular oven this morning. I had to google how hot and how long to cook it LOL. The little lady is not with me on this trip so as a 60 old Bachler I am clueless.
Gundog 10/08/20 08:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Wiper Blades

I have had a hard time finding wiper blades for my Fleetwood Expedition the head are held on by 2 screws. I ended up buying some refills off ebay but I would really like to get some better blades. The other issue is the washer nozzles are on the wiper arm.
Gundog 09/26/20 07:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Impression on new coach

When I got my coach home I had a dead GFCI outlet so I removed it and checked voltage feeding it someone had changed it out and reversed the incoming side to the wrong side. I swapped it so it was fed properly and it worked fine and all the downstream plugs worked. The plugs are clearly marked source and load they must be wired correctly.
Gundog 09/24/20 11:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water damage **** floor

I have replaced the floor in a couple travel trailers they both had insulation in the floor we replaced the insulation with new. Try and keep the moisture barrier in as good of shape as you can. I used Gorilla Tape to patch the holes from the old screws and the damage done removing the old OSB. I replaced the OSB for plywood on both trailers. I am not a RV PRO just a guy who fixes stuff. Biggest thing is to figure out where your leak is or you will just waist your time fixing the floor.
Gundog 09/09/20 01:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Firestone tires

I am running them and would not buy them again. I bought my coach used about 18 months ago. When I bought the coach from a private party it had Michelin tires but they were original 05 due to the age I drove it straight to the tire shop and had new Firestone 561 put on. I have had issues with wandering and constantly needing to be steered making constant corrections. I have a commercial drivers license so driving large vehicles is not new for me. I can't say the issue is 100% the tires. I have had the front end aligned that helped I added a steer safe. Each thing has made it better but now I wish I had spent the extra $$ for new Michelins.
Gundog 09/06/20 10:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fireston 561 or Hankook?

I have the Firestone tires and have been fighting the coach wandering. I can't say for sure it is the tires but it could be. I bought the coach used almost 2 years ago and it had Michelin tires on it but they were aged out so I only drove it to the tire shop when I bought it I am not sure how it handled before with the Michelins. I have had the front end aligned and added a steer safe but haven't been on more than a test ride since doing these things. My coach is also a diesel pusher. Mike
Gundog 09/01/20 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Window reflections

I have had issues with the drivers side window and I have thought about using a visor type thing I have seen them use for children in the back seat of a car that suction cups to the window.
Gundog 08/29/20 09:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which shocks to buy?

Call Freightliner with your VIN. I tried and got an answering machine and left a message no call back. Maybe I need a new phone number. I have called in the past before the virus and got through.
Gundog 08/25/20 09:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which shocks to buy?

I am having trouble identifying which Freightliner XC chassis I have so I can order the shocks. I have tried calling Shock Warehouse and they don't answer. I tried contacting Freightliner and no luck. They list Freightliner with a rigid front axle and one with an air chassis on the page to order the shocks I also see XC with raised rail or straight rail chassis?? My manual only lists that it is an XC chassis. My MH has a I beam axle front end with air bags front and rear. Anyone know how to identify it?
Gundog 08/25/20 08:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which shocks to buy?

Guys, the OP has an XC Freightliner Chassis. Comments about shocks on completely different chassis may be misleading. I would look at the Koni FSD shocks for your DP. This is the hard thing about researching this most comments come from folks with different chassis and suspension types. My MH has air bags and not springs. The article I posted above was testing a chassis just like mine they tested a 36' rig mine is 34' 10" so very close. My chassis is a Freightliner XC what I can't seem to figure out is if it is a raised frame rail so I can order the proper shocks.
Gundog 08/23/20 09:59am Class A Motorhomes
Which shocks to buy?

I am wanting to buy new shocks for my coach a 2005 Fleetwood Expedition 34H Diesel pusher Cat C7 with XC Freightliner Chassis. I ordered shocks but the ones I got are the stock Sachs. I have been reading up on the shocks and they don't rate the stock shocks very well. I am going to take them back and either order Bilstein or Koni shocks. An artical I read rated the Bilstein a little better than the Koni and they are less money. Shock Article
Gundog 08/21/20 07:56pm Class A Motorhomes
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