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RE: How does RV Insurance work? How to get around my Catch-22?

Never heard of needing a RV license to pull a 5th wheel.:h Not even in California. Who told you that you needed a "RV" license? Probably plenty of things you've "never heard of" that are real...
Grit dog 08/06/20 08:39am Beginning RVing
RE: 2020 GM 2500HD Dead Weight Hitch Tongue only 500 lbs ?

General class V is rated 1200/12000 weight carrying and 1700/17000 wd. So that’s the “worst” it could be rated. Real world we pull 16klb loaded flat decks everywhere with everything on them. Usually not a lack of tongue weight either. You don’t have to worry about any bumper pull RV behind it.
Grit dog 08/05/20 01:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Chevy as tow vehicle

I have a 2001 Suburban 1500, 5.3L 2WD, 3.73 rear end with 280k miles. I tow a 18 ft, 4500 lb travel trailer 30% of the time. Still shifts very smooth. It's all about maintenance. Rear end gear oil change every 50k miles. Synthetic 75W/90 Transmission fluid/filter change every 50k miles. Synthethic ATF. Oil changes every 5k miles. Mobil 1 synthetic 5%/30 Literally a completely different drivetrain,save for engine long block is very simliar and the axles. But I agree, 01s are good trucks.
Grit dog 08/05/20 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GM 2500HD Dead Weight Hitch Tongue only 500 lbs ?

^ This. Load it up...
Grit dog 08/05/20 11:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Understanding GVWR

Poof! Terry, you give the mod a reacharound to remove my post for you. Sorry, bud, just trying to help other members who may not understand your hypocrisy and actually believe you.
Grit dog 08/05/20 11:29am Towing
RE: F350 where do I jack from? / would this plan work?

What you are suggesting should work I guess. But why carry all that extra equipment when the OEM jack works fine. My jack on my 2012 F350 is behind the back seat out of sight until needed and works fine with a flat. I know as I had a blowout a couple years ago. Placed jack under axle near springs. Should have read manual, but on side of busy highway and in a hurry to get off, I didn't. LA likely hasn't changed a tire before.
Grit dog 08/05/20 11:23am Truck Campers
RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

The 6-speed transmission is being retained for the motorhome chassis (E-series and F53 stripped chassis). I suspect this is due to a combination of: 1) The tallest ratios of the 10 speed being unusable in a motorhome, and 2) the lowest ratios making too much torque for the existing drivetrain, which is unchanged. It will gain hill-start assist and "neutral idle" to reduce fuel consumption in town. I suspect neither of these reasons are the reasons why and that it's possibly related to the old chassis design still being used (chassis modifications maybe needed for 10 speed), but not likely. All the same though, it's likely just an economic decision and not a capability decision. In all cases, the gasser E chassis gcvws and all but the heaviset gcvw Class A chassis are less than the heaviest F350-F550 gasser 10 speed gcvw. Considering the new trans could be the only possible "weak link" which it isn't, as it's the same trans used with the powerstrokes and non-derated gasser 10 speeds (with heavier gcvw) and the rest is standard 1 ton+ truck components (the axle) behind a de-rated engine with low final gearing than a pickup. And the first and 10th gear ratios are not different enough to call them unusable. First gear and the splits from gear to gear are BETTER for any heavy setup than the 6 speed and maybe 10th is too tall to cruise in, but who cares, program it to be an 8 or 9 speed if that's the case. Should take some enginerd about 5min to write that code. Bottom line, the cutaway van chassis vehicles are designed to be more plebian, less powerful, cheaper (more economical, whatever) than the F series, not designed for maximum capacity and price. A class C would be more capable as a gasser F450/550 super C than an E450 Van cutaway. But normal C's on van chassis's are price point vehicles, comparatively.
Grit dog 08/05/20 11:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help A Newbie! what weight RV's should I be shopping for!?

“yellow sticker says 1486 lbs” That’s terrible for a truck. Provided you load the truck lightly, 6000 pounds of trailer max. And your payload of your truck is significantly better?
Grit dog 08/05/20 12:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: best ever fuel mileage 2009 6.4L

Aside from being an engine eating turd, it’s a lease for 11 years? And the lessee picks up the major repair bills? I should lease vehicles to the government for a living!
Grit dog 08/05/20 12:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

^Because it’s easier for some people to just complain about or look down their nose at everything??
Grit dog 08/05/20 12:12am Towing
RE: F350 where do I jack from? / would this plan work?

Yup under the axle tube or differential. If truck is empty I’ll jack it up under a shock mount or a control arm mount, but not with a load. 6000 lbs is a pretty cheesy Jack for the back of a fully loaded truck/camper. Although your camper is lighter than some, I’d ditch the contraption for a simple 10 ton bottle jack and a few squares of 3/4” or thicker plywood which double as camper jack pads and leveling pads to level up the truck when camping.
Grit dog 08/05/20 12:03am Truck Campers
RE: Taping Window on Cab Over

I wouldn’t have thought or worried about it, but I wouldn’t use cardboard. I’d be thinking like a piece of tub surround FRP or a piece of plexiglass. Cut to the shape of the window and stick on with some sticky back Velcro or maybe a few dabs or caulking or construction adhesive between the pieces or double sided tape for vehicle trim. I’d do Velcro. Easily removable later. Doesn’t need to be attached terribly well just enough to not fall off from vibration and bouncing.
Grit dog 08/04/20 11:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

That is one deluxe paint job. Those two vertical rectangles in the rear--are they windows that have been painted/whatever-ed white to blend in? If so, the fact that I have to ask if they're windows says "mission accomplished." If not, then "What the hell are those weird rectangles on that fancy coach?" Yup matching see though vinyl wrap, like you see on cars/vans that are 100% wrapped with a design or logo.
Grit dog 08/04/20 06:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: Class-C'ers Unsecured EZ-Up Meets Side of Nice Prevost

Yes that is exactly what I am saying. That is what insurance is for. At most the king could sue the low life for the deductible! Well, if I was the king, I'd rather take it out of your hide for scratching my ride... You must have some animosity towards folks with nice things!
Grit dog 08/04/20 06:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Parking on area with dirt/grass stability

If you have patio blocks or similar under each stabilizer and the tongue jack and it's sinking then the ground is very soft. Crank em up a little more and see if it stops. Would seem counterproductive to put down more than maybe a 1'x 1' pad. The dew in the morning isn't softening the ground though. It's either very wet or very un compacted.
Grit dog 08/04/20 05:58pm Beginning RVing
RE: Best Wheel Chocks

Buy Buy buy. How much wider do the wedges need to be to work. Bolt wood or rubber to the wedges you have. I put a 4X4 behind the tire, and a 2X4 in front. Measured the distance between, added half inch. Bolted 4X to old rubber mud flap, and the 2X under flap spaced at my dimension. Backing in tire gets on flap, so can't slide, then runs over the 2X4, and stops against 4X4. I leave in the yard, so as soon as I back in she's chocked. Plus no reason to get the weed eater close to tires Because many folks are gullible and think that because it's "made for a RV" then it is a necessary item. I can count on zero fingers how many robo chocks or whatever they are living in the real world outside of rv parks and campgrounds! Robo chocks....brought to you by the makers of weight distributing hitches for 1 ton pickups, Flex Seal and the Ab Cruncher as seen on TV!
Grit dog 08/04/20 01:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Purchase Process for an out of state fifth wheel?

Rhagfo - Yes, we are looking at either a ford F350-450 or RAM 3500 dually. That's why, cart before it. Why would you do that? There are a zillion trucks for sale every day, new and used. And you could even over pay on the truck by a few grand and still be even money if you didn't have to hire an inspection AND pay to have it delivered.
Grit dog 08/04/20 01:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Purchase Process for an out of state fifth wheel?

The latest quote I got was a 6-8 hour inspection, 500-point checklist, quoted at $600. I guess that sounds appropriate? Thanks for your input about buying sight unseen, that is helpful to hear! Even that better come with a happy ending at a minimum! I guess if it seems acceptable, then you may need someone to inspect it...
Grit dog 08/04/20 01:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: Saying good bye to a old friend..Our Lance 815

Good you found a buyer. My Lance 1161 did not want to sell even for 1/2 of NADA value, so I finally parted it. Used nice interior for traveling van conversion and still got about $2000 in sold parts. Good luck with new TC. width=600 That's unfortunate, as most TC's retain value quite well, the one's that aren't saggy, rotten and slide outs falling out of them anyway.
Grit dog 08/04/20 01:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Understanding GVWR

And for the towing newbs, trailer weight is a smaller part of the equation than you'd think. Much smaller in some cases. Length, axle placement, weight distribution, frontal area, together, IMO, make up about 90% of the towing equation (within reason). something to consider, that they don't teach in rvnet weight cop skool!
Grit dog 08/04/20 01:29pm Towing
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