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RE: Is It Worth It?

I own a gas F 350 crewcab dually. I bought it in 2005 used with 18500 miles on it for 25,000. I now have 37000 on it. It is just to camp and small chores around the house. It does what I need and no it won't due 70 up a big hill, more like 40- 50 but I get their. I can't justify the cost of a new truck at 70,80,000 so I will struggle a little. I can buy a whole lot of gas for that much. She is old but still in good condition so I am keeping it. And for what little you drive, it’s the best solution. Since your need is so minimal.
Grit dog 06/25/22 11:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hybrid tow vehicle?

Midsize hybrid suv and 7klb TT don’t belong in the same sentence unless there is a “don’t” between the two words.
Grit dog 06/24/22 10:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is It Worth It?

My first five or six trucks in my lifetime were gassers. My last two were/are diesels. I'll never go back, even if I quit RVing. Mike I agree with your last statement, as we have diesels as well. “just because”, not because they’re absolutely needed. And I’m likely the same way, and have diesels for 3 primary reasons. 1 because I can. 2 because I strongly prefer lots of power in my cars. 3 because for me they are also very practical and useful. (Although the fuel mileage thing ain’t doing so hot on the latest truck…lol. But if it was a gasser it would be a 10-11mpg truck vs 15ish. However I would roll a supercharged 6.0 LS or 6.4 Hemi truck all day long if I couldn’t have a diesel!
Grit dog 06/24/22 09:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is It Worth It?

I got to be friends with two company fleet managers over the years. One with a fleet of hundreds of our type of trucks, the other had several thousand in the US, along with a fleet of heavy duty trucks. Initial cost, all costs of ownership (fuel, parts, oil, antifreeze, mechanic time and so on), then your exit price when you sell the vehicle. Pass it though Discounted Cash Flow Rate of Return (Internal ROR) and/or Net Present Value, and there you have it. They bought gas unless the usage mandated diesel (heavy loads). Now for fun, I just loved towing for 10 years with a diesel, but don't confuse that with money. Fun and money, do not normally travel together. And while that is a good point and virtually every large corporate fleet of pickups is gassers (unless like you said, diesel power being absolutely necessary), there are probably a dozen significant differences between "fleet" considerations and "personal" considerations. It'll make my fingers hurt, but here's a few. 1. Fleet vehicles generally = multiple or maybe hundreds of different drivers over the course of a vehicles' lifespan. Not conducive to the bit of extra consideration diesels need. 2. Same as above, but far more valuation is lost due to damage on fleet vehicle than an average personal vehicle. IE, a person may have a dump run truck or wood truck for beatin on. Alot of fleet vehicles, they are ALL proverbial wood run trucks... 3. Resale on fleet vehicles is a lower % of initial cost than comparable (cared for) personal vehicles pretty much across the board. Would you intentionally spend more knowing you're getting a lower ROI, up front? 4. Reliability. Absolutely a factor. And no one would argue that the avg diesel needs a little more care and can have different more expensive problems than an average gasser. For a fleet manager/owner, this combined with higher initial expense, and the factors listed above, tip the scales the other direction. 5. Initial expense is lower with gassers, yet the "fleet" has a diesel somewhere if it's needed. Avg private owner has 1 truck for everything, therefore can't get out of the gasser for week when it's time to tow the 5ver. And $10k/truck over 100 trucks a year is...alot of money saved on the bottom line, for something that will be subject to #1-3 above. I could keep going, but point is , fleet considerations aren't necessarily synonymous with personal vehicle considerations. From a personal standpoint, I get a greater ROI out of most vehicles compared to many other people. And a diesel will cost you more if you view it as a throw away Solo cup and not a piece of fine china (true for all vehicles). I can confidently say that EVERY diesel I've had has returned a greater ROI, all in, than most gassers. And a few gassers have taken a hit that I would not have expected.
Grit dog 06/23/22 04:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is It Worth It?

IMHO, diesel does NOT make sense unless you Have a load that can't possibly be towed by a gasserDrive 50,000+ per year Preferably, both ! Or don't wanna spend every pull slummin' it at 35mph in the right lane with your 4 ways on with all the OTR Fed Ex trucks and heavy haulers. Or if you don't have the extra cash to spring for a diesel (that you'll get back later anyway.) Or if you can't handle an oily pump nozzle. Or if you think 400hp is alot but don't understand torque. Or if you like the smell of brake pads in the morning comin' down the mountain after slummin it all the way up. Or if enough power to do a smoky burnout with a 1500lb tongue weight trailer on dry pavement scares you. Or....
Grit dog 06/23/22 03:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is It Worth It?

GM's 6.6 with a 10 speed they all are more capable than the gassers of 2017. IF only GM was smart enough to do that...instead, they get the old 6 speed and only 3.73's just to make sure they're firmly still in 3rd place in the HD gasser power category....
Grit dog 06/23/22 03:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What should I do if my EPDM roof turns black

Clean that thing!
Grit dog 06/23/22 03:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is It Worth It?

I have owned both a gas 1 ton and a diesel 1 ton and do agree that a diesel pulls my trailer better. But at the moment both trucks have went to truck heaven. That is why I am looking for a truck and trying to keep costs down as best as I can. Driving around today I checked the price of diesel vs gas. Today diesel fuel is a $1.04 more expensive than a gal of gas and has been that for quite awhile. Now does the benefits of owning a diesel vs a gas truck justify the extra cost of fuel. Especially when I will probably rarely be in the mountains. I am on the fence about which way to go and need input on your experience with either engines. Thanks for your input. You should have titled this thread "Points to Ponder, Hornets Nest Part 2!" Seriously. You've been a member here for 18 years, owned both, and even if this is the only place in the world you go to seek information (sad), you certainly have read, can read, or can find approximately 12,345 different, but the same, versions of this question..... I'll go on about presuming you're just bored and want to start another internet pissing match between Shiner and....whoever! LOL So my answer is, get a Cybertruck! Don't be one of those run of the mill schmos with a gas or diesel. And since you think fuel prices are a concern, those things basically run for free! All you gotta do is round up enough unicorns and feed 'em a little too much high quality alfalfa and that thing'll fly on unicorn farts! Plus, I heard, the infotainment system voice in the Cybertruck will sound like Elon whispering sweet nothings into your ear, like he does to Grimes! (BTW That's the real reason Yosemite, 8.1 and FreeRad have a chubb for the cybertruk!)
Grit dog 06/23/22 02:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is It Worth It?

I just bought a new diesel. My thoughts are this, if you drive your truck twice as many miles when not towing as you do when towing, gas might be a better option. If your truck sits in the garage unless you are using it to tow a trailer, I'd go with the diesel. We are a two person two vehicle family. I work from home. If we go anywhere in the evening we are taking the car. The diesel truck I am selling now is a 2008 with 99,000 miles on it. I bought the truck to pull the camper and that is its main use. Looks like you got a buyer in the post above this one!
Grit dog 06/23/22 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

285/65r16C - Sprinter super single, 30.5" tall, 4300 lbs payload per tire. That's beyond the rear GAWR of any SRW pickup, and within earshot of a dually. But I'll have to agree with mkirsch, no one wants a big bad 1 ton pickup rolling on 30s so they won't market one. Works perfectly on a Euro van though. I slapped on 235/65r16C (Ford Transit tires) on my old 2nd gen cause it's not worth re-gearing an old truck. Dinky little 27.8", but easily exceed my axle capacities. Amazing mileage and braking, but little respect from local rednecks. You're correct sir.... And leave it to someone on to find the literal needle in the haystack and pretend to profess that it is somehow a viable option. Why? Antagonistic by nature? Need feelings of self importance? Age regression?
Grit dog 06/23/22 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightning Road Trip & Ike Gauntlet Pull

Perhaps you should immigrate there. Completely eliminated poverty LOL. That tells me you've never been there. Keep believing Utube D.B.'s LOL. When communism does not live up to theory profit and production are concentrated in few hands. OTOH, capitalism, working as designed, unless constrained by strong government and/or strong unions profit and production are concentrated in few hands. Are you straddling that fence, finally? Grass getting a bit brown these days with the hot summer temps on the left side of it!
Grit dog 06/23/22 11:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: One brake over adjusted

Dexter engineering says that since the brake can't over adjust itself, there must be a "malfunction" with the brake itself. But they are not suggesting what it might be and what we should look for! So you had it “fixed” and presumably towed it home? Did you check the brake temps? Or maybe I’m lost here…. FWIW, it is worth the cost of your “use” of the trailer to be able to do simple repairs, or in this case, adjustments, to keep you on the road doin your thing vs cutting a trip short or getting stranded or whatever. I’m certain there is a YooToob tutorial on adjusting drum brakes. Requires only a screwdriver and a means to jack up a wheel. And a basic understanding of which way to adjust the star wheel manually. Food for thought.
Grit dog 06/23/22 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Problems with door after new steps installed

Like MFL said, make sure the camper isn’t tweaked on the stabilizers first. Never had a travel trailer until last year. And our toyhauler is on a heavier frame than just the camper alone would require. (For the extra ccc of a toyhauler) Bout the second time I set it up, the man door was in a bind, which it was not without the stabilizers engaged. Adjusted the stabilizers. Door worked fine again. Not discounting the stair install affecting it, But something to consider.
Grit dog 06/23/22 11:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Personal question- just how many Elon Musk posters do you have on your bedroom walls? Not judging or anything. LOL... Look at it this way. At least they're probably Musk/Tesla posters and not Pride posters!
Grit dog 06/23/22 09:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightning Road Trip & Ike Gauntlet Pull

Everything realy ? Lol Btw China also invented type o Gov that works for all people not only richest resulting in completely eliminating poverty and homelesnes. Amazing yes !? OMG, is all I can say....
Grit dog 06/23/22 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: What Upgrades needed for a 3/4 ton pickup

I want to thank everyone who responded to my other post "will a 3/4 do". It was very informative. I am making a new post because I thought I could get more answers than just asking on my other post. On to my question - I have a chance to get a chevy 2500 (used, late model, low miles) but it is not set up to tow a heavy 5th wheel with a towing package. What would I have to do to upgrade it to be able to safely tow my 14000 trailer? On the other hand I also have a chance to get an older GMC 2500 that already is beefed up with a trailer pkg and a snow plow setup but has higher miles already with a 5th wheel hitch. Couple comments, you've already heard plenty about how "well" the drivetrain will lug a trailer that size. To your statement above, I'm not aware of any downgrading in cooling or drivetrain parts that would show 1 3/4 ton truck not having a towing package, vs another. Yes maybe auxiliary in bed trailer plug or 5th wheel prep package or similar. But there is no distinction on tow ratings based on a tow package I'm aware of. Gearing though is a real thing, as mentioned already also. If you meant one has a 5ver hitch already and the other doesn't, well, just consider that part of the cost/benefit calc for each truck.
Grit dog 06/23/22 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: One brake over adjusted

Only on RV net, an out of adjustment brake on a new trailer results in someone saying upgrade to disk brakes! ROFLMAO
Grit dog 06/23/22 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

Shall I list the reasons? Lets start with SSI, food stamps, medical cards, free or subsidized housing, food banks, and there is more. If you know how to work the system the last thing you need is a full time job. Need some extra cash sell some of your free meds, mow a couple of yards. You think this is not going on you are unaware of the way the real world works. And then there is the way the numbers are juggled to feed the results they want you to see. Nothing negative. ^Totally accurate post. I’ll add… Subsidized utilities Subsidized or free child care Free student breakfast and lunches at school
Grit dog 06/22/22 04:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Goodbye China Bombs, Hello Made In The USA

I just bought a Keystone Cougar, it had four Trailer King tires on it. The other day one blew out just sitting in the yard. It's possible that the dealer may have over inflated them. I'm getting ready to get five new Carslie tires for it from Discount Tire. Possible, yes. But highly unlikely even if they overinflated a fair bit it caused a static blowout.
Grit dog 06/22/22 12:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: What Upgrades needed for a 3/4 ton pickup

What would I have to do to upgrade it to be able to safely tow my 14000 trailer? Short answer, NOTHING. You could tow thousands upon thousands of miles with the truck stock, frame pushed down on the axle. As long as everything is mechanically in good shape and working, you'll perfectly safe. You won't be comfortable, though. The inability of this forum to differentiate between safety and comfort is unfathomable. Unsafe is running on bald tires, brakes worn paper thin, wheel bearings growling... Well said.
Grit dog 06/22/22 08:21am Tow Vehicles
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