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RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

^ Pretty much only airlift makes bags for a new style Ram 1500 it seems. You can get the littel ones that fit inside the coils that claim about 2000lb total capacity, or standard double bellows ones that sit outside the springs and are much more robust and about 3x as much $. I would also consider using Timbrens instead of airbags. Not as convenient and not adjustable and ride is more harsh when they'r engaged, but.... Coil spring trucks have more body roll and "bounce" than leaf springs, when hauling high CoG loads like a TC. Airbags do little to control that as they're quite compliant to shock loads themselves. The rubber Timbrens get stiff real quick with load applied. I used them on work trucks where ultimate load and stability were more of a priority than a plush suspension. Just to consider
Grit dog 12/12/19 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Creative Towing

Grit dog 12/12/19 11:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rusty ball

Hardened steel may get some light surface rust, but will not pit as shown in photo. Curt website does not show any chrome plated 30,000 pound 2 5/16 balls. Noticed the same.
Grit dog 12/12/19 10:52am Beginning RVing
RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

My thought is this - as a customer, I shouldn't have to re-engineer a truck I paid $60, 70, or 80k for because the factory screwed it up. I don't care what badge is on the front. These things are way too expensive to not be durable and correct when they leave the lot. I totally agree. But I also wouldn't go pay another $60-70-80k just because the old one had a problem that cost 2% of the price of a new vehicle to fix. That's throwing the baby out with the bath water..... Of course unless you need to justify to the ole ball n chain why you need a new truck, then "Absolutely, send that p!ss poor, unsafe, worthless sack of monkey chit to the car crusher!"
Grit dog 12/11/19 04:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No more full size cars from GM

Physically larger engines need physically larger hoods to cover them? Well, in line 6 needs more hood length. Well, starting in the mid '60s some model/engine combinations where getting tight to work on. (One Saturday morning I drove a station wagon to brothers body shop. Had key to feed watchdogs. I pulled a barely running El-Camino in, removed the engine. Hooked a chain to both trailer hitches to lead Ellie out and up the hill. Backed the little trailer in to load old engine, parked it out of the way. Pulled wagon in, lifted engine out, pushed wagon out, and down the street. Rolled Ellie in, bolted good engine in place. Not in a hurry, taking time for a couple of joints and beers, less than 4 hours, shop cleaned up, towing the old engine to car wash to start rebuild. I did haul the hood in bed to a friend, need more than 2 hands to put it back on.) By the mid '70s, changing the plugs on most took many wrench changes. Now, even a V6 can be a PITA. Maybe need to lay off the joints? Or get a newer car/truck. Literally every gas engine car/truck that I've done a tune up on in the last 15 years or so has been an absolute breeze to change plugs on. Quick list: SRT8 Charger 4.6 Mustang GT Chevy HHR Nissan Versa 5.0 Coyote F150 2001 Tahoe 2001 Ram 1500 360 1992 Roadmaster 1997 Z71 Chevy That's all I can think of right now. Agree, emissions [email protected] got in the way in the 70's/80's. (They looked like under the hood of a new Powerstroke, lol) But by the 90s they began to clear out again under the hood. Today's gas burners are as simple or simpler to work on than some of the old iron.
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No more full size cars from GM

GM has stopped selling the Commodore Sedan in Australia Holden announces retirement of Commodore model Holden has announced it will discontinue the production of the Commodore just two years after closing its Adelaide factory to import rebadged European cars. Holden said an increased demand for SUV models led to the discontinuation of the popular vehicle. Commodore sales attracted more than 90,000 buyers at its peak, but sales recently slid to below 10,000. Demand for the once-popular vehicle has continued to plummet by 35 per cent in 2019. Image: Getty Noone cares....
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: No more full size cars from GM Not sure why you keep referring to engine size. Those old engines were giant boat anchors when you compare their size and weight to HP out put. Dude, check yourself. I never said anything about engines, actually nobody did, except the entire thread, lol. And there's a couple people here to bicker w you about garage size, complaining about the dinky garages on their new houses. News flash to both parties. You can get many houses with small, virtually useless garages now, just like back in the day. They're called tract homes... And IDK wth the random video was for?? To show that a car 40 years newer has more safety features? To show engine size? Size of vehicle? Why sedans are going extinct?...Hahaha
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New suburban and tahoe reveal! Duramax 3.0 is in!!

Now if GM would be the first to get their schit together and build one again with 8 lug wheelz, they'd absolutely kill IT! Like mic drop, BAM, done, they win... I know people are moaning and groaning about the demise of sedans, but that's because the market is dictating otherwise. But the lack of a HD SUV from the market in many years, especially given the absolute popularity of SUVs is pretty weird/dumb/I don't know what. I'd say there is not a more popular time where people either recreationally or professionally tow more than NOW. Yet this foreign concept of a SUV that can tow/haul like a big truck hasn't caught back on.
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:38pm Tow Vehicles

Can't say I've experienced so many of these anomalies or concerns with oil changes. Which is weird, they must actually be anomalies and not really concerns, because I've changed a schittload of oil. It's just something I do. Drain oil (sometimes 2 min, sometimes 20), change filter. Reinstall filter and drain plug (not necessarily in that order). Dump the required amount of new oil down er throat and....done. I don't look for excuses to change it 4x more than needed, no reasons to try to get every last mile out of it (most of the time, sometimes chit happens). Don't obsess over brand of oil, but do believe in using quality filters. I did lose the oil out of my snobike once and cold seized the piston even though the engine was nice n hot. That taught me to make sure I tighten ALL the drain plugs, lol. Maybe oil and oil changes lost their luster early on since I did like 10 of them twice a week and more sometimes.
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rusty ball

Was gonna say I can't see Hippie's balls and I'm glad, but then someone posted a pic. Now it can't be unseen.... Btw it's fine.
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: No Warranty on your RV? Don't buy new?

I am new here and I am surprised most of you guys recommend not getting a new RV with warranty. I bought a very old boat a few years ago and it was my first boat. Looking back I wish I had a warranty on it because it was impossible to find parts for the boat and I spent more time working on the boat than I did actually sailing. Noone is recommending buying a "very old" RV, in general. Apples to oranges. The point is, most warranties are a year. How much is that worth to you? How much do you do yourself? How long can you leave it at the dealer for warranty work? Buy new folks are proud of their purchases and their ability to afford it. Buy used folks are hopefully the same. Diffrnt stroke for diffrnt folks....
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

I don't get it. I get about 2 months from one 20# propane tank. That includes cooking, hot water for showers and occasional use of the furnace. In colder weather, I might use the furnace enough to go through one tank a month. If it gets any colder than that, I head South. And he is planning on running a propane fired built in generator which eats alot of propane. While I think they run alot longer than he said (more like 7 hours on a 20lb bottle), 2 days of camping in the summer with the AC going will kill 2 full bottles easily.
Grit dog 12/11/19 03:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Thoughts on studded tires

^^ Who cares? Not what the thread was about.
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxillary Fuel Tank ?

It's sure good to stop and walk around for a bit, it really makes the trip seem easier as we get older. This post and the post above it seem to defend the puny fuel tanks on some trucks, especially gas hauling a trailer. News flash, you can still stop every hour or 2 to take a leak or stretch or whatever without filling up. For the rest (majority) of people, more fuel capacity is very welcome for a multitude of reasons, none of which will cause someone to pee their pants...
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: New suburban and tahoe reveal! Duramax 3.0 is in!!

Sharp looking rigs, and the baby diesel. Very cool.
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

The 7.3 is a $1700 option and for an additional $8800 you can have the Powerstroke. Even though the gasser is probably all most of us would ever need I think it would be very difficult to go from diesel to gas. I think it would be much easier after dealing with a CP4 failure not covered by warranty.... :B Just got rid of my 2013 Duramax for that reason, it started acting funny. Just a thought, but $350 would buy a CP4 bypass that prevents the catastrophic damage if the pump gives up. $1000ish buys a new CP4, or $1500ish buys a complete CP3 conversion. (But you have to be deleted for the conversion I’m almost certain). Several not so expensive solutions compared to buying a new truck. And you have a 2 out of 3 chance of getting a CP4 again unless you stuck with GM. Which again, he11 of a lot more $ than fixing the issue. But makes for a good excuse for a new rig if that’s what you’re after ....
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 CTD in Africa

It’s a little early for cabin fever, but apparently it’s in full swing, even in Australia where it’s summer right now! This place never ceases to amaze me... However I’ll say it again, this forum has taught me more about how NOT to act when I get old than any person could hope for. Now as long as I can remember that when I get old, I’ll be doing good! Lol.
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:19am Tow Vehicles

So what’s the point Scooby? You buy 55gal drums of oil for your (old) gasser every 3 months because you either put on a lot of miles or have OOCCD , obsessive oil change compulsive disorder. (Likely since you through in the snippet about temperature matching the plug to the pan, lol) But somehow this downplays someone who’s attempting to help by posting a good deal on oil in bulk? Just cause you’re used to semis, hardly no one else buys drums of oil for personal use. So why the negativity?
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

Bumper bombs just help keep the (observant) tailgators off your six! Lol Appears your overall issue is an oversight with the equipment you bought and the intended usage. It’s well know that propane generators inhale propane in massive quantities. It’s known that you need to run the generator a lot of hours to run AC if not plugged in. (Otherwise you can limit genny use considerably, but at some lack of convenience or additional cost, like batteries or solar.) And if installing and removing bottles from their compartment is also a deal breaker then the whole plan is pretty poorly hatched with respect to using a TC. My 2c is deal with it and figure out how to pack extra bottle(s) (not like the little ones are heavy) somewhere less conspicuous.
Grit dog 12/11/19 10:03am Truck Campers
RE: No more full size cars from GM

When you look vehicles today compared with what was on the market in the '60's and 70's, todays vehicles are huge. Growing up we used to think of a Pontiac Bonneville as an absolute monstrosity. Now park one next to Lexus and the Pontiac looks small in comparison. :h The Bonneville was 7 inches longer and 7 inches wider with a foot longer wheelbase and an engine more than twice the size. Hardly amounts to much difference 7" longer. Engine size has nothing to do with it. A lot of todays vehicles can't fit in a garage from the '60's or 70's. Give it up bud. The big boats of the 50s, 60s, 70s-90s are every bit as big or bigger physically than today’s big cars. And most of the engines were bigger too. Not sure what you’re getting it.
Grit dog 12/10/19 08:54am Tow Vehicles
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