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RE: auto park

I have had to replace the shoes on my 1998 Itasca with the autopark system after a RGS failed. I used #449 brake best select shoes from I think autozone. I just told the counter guy 449 and he knew what I needed. They fit great, about the only thing in the autopark system that does. I have done away with most of this system to get something that is safe to travel with. How difficult a job was it to change the shoes? I assume you had to remove the driveshaft and rear cover to even inspect the brake shoes.
Gjac 11/27/20 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Long trips

We have a 32 ft Class A which I consider the ideal length for how I camp, NFS, NP, COE, and SP's in that order. I tow a Toyota Corolla that I can explore the surrounding areas in that get 40 mpgs. I have put over 100,000 miles on the MH, Alaska being the farthest trip. I have never had to made a reservation yet in 15 years. The only down side of a large Class A is finding a shop to work on it in the summer when it breaks down, most truck shops don't want to work on motorhomes and Chevy and Ford dealers don't have the facilities. In the summer everyone travels and less populated states away from cities don't have the infrastructure to support the excess travelers when they breakdown. As to what MH I would want next would be a 24 ft Class A, but can't find one so started looking at a 24 ft Class C's. The C is lower with less visibility and the Ford driver side is cramped compared to my A, but every thing is a tradeoff. The size would open up many more camping spots and for one or two nights per stop I would try a cross country trip without a tow car and just use an electric bike to explore the surrounding area.
Gjac 11/27/20 09:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hooking up trickle charger to golf cart batteries

There is a school of thought that 6s are better off not being floated for long periods, but instead should be left to self-decline to about 80% SOC and then be fully recharged (that is really to real full not almost full) and repeat. That would only be if you took all the load wires off so there is no draw, not just open the so-called "disconnect switch" that leaves some things still connected. I cannot verify if that would be better than floating the 6s with say the LP alarm and radio still connected. You read this kind of thing, but not see any actual comparative results for a winter of storage. Beats me! This is exactly what I do, recharge at 80% and never leave a charger on continuously. In Nov I fully charge the batteries then disconnect the negative cable on chassis battery and hit the store button on the house batteries they are good until March then I recharge fully. A good battery that is fully charged will last over the winter months without a float charge.
Gjac 11/26/20 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery failure puzzle: voltage good, little power

The only thing I would add to this thread is the difference between voltage and amperage. Just because you have adequate voltage doesn't mean you have the right amount of amps getting trough. You refer not working leads me to believe that may be an issue. Usually caused by corrosion somewhere in the system usually at the battery posts or broken wire strands due to chafing, or loose or corroded wire butt splices. But since you change batteries frequently I would suspect a bad ground somewhere or one off the other conditions I mentioned. If your batteries pass a load test I would try to equalize them first and check and clean all connections. If the batteries are bad I would defiantly go with 2 6 v GC batteries, they will last much longer than your 12 v batteries. I like your idea of two battery banks and was considering adding a separate bank of 2 more 6v GC batteries but after many years of dry camping have never needed the extra power.
Gjac 11/26/20 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: Traveling with ebikes

I would not carry expensive bikes out side unless absolutely necessary. I carry my bikes in one of my pass trus by removing the front wheel and seat and tilting the handlebars flat. If I bought a smaller unit like a 24 ft Class C I would look for one with a large storage bay in the rear and store them there. As a last resort if the MH had little outside storage I would get a custom cover like the grill cover you mentioned and add snaps on it to snap to the bottom of a carrier to keep the rain off and keep the cover from flapping.
Gjac 11/26/20 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: How important is tire size to your selection?

Hi Chum lee, I'm not sure where you got the idea I was talking about a used coach? I'm looking for new. My question was is there a reason to specifically look at a coach with 22.5 tires over a coach having 19.5 tires? T he answer is NO... If you don't need the additional weight, then the tried and true 19'5's work just fine. The 22.5 tires/chassis may give a little better ride, but not to the point to make a selection on it? Have I gone off the rails on what you good folks have said? You have not gone off the rails your conclusion is correct. One would be hard pressed to tell the difference in ride quality between the two tire sizes on the exact same vehicle. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to ride quality. Get the MH you like the best.
Gjac 11/26/20 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: auto park

Gjac, what did it do when it let go at 60 mph? Were you able to drive it to a safe place to work on it? I am asking because I have a 2001 with auto park and have never had trouble with it but I know it can cause big problems and I would like to know what to expect if it fails. I do keep a spare green switch and watch the fluid level pretty closely. Ed I was able to drive it off the hiway to a store parking lot. I then had to adjust the parking brake off from underneath the MH. Twice I was able to just replace the green switch and be on my way after adding some transmission fluid to the reservoir. The auto park system can be problematic, Carry the grey switch with you also. That went on me once, it shows the auto park is on when it is not.
Gjac 11/26/20 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: auto park

When that green switch leaks the brakes are applied, and when it lets go at 60 mpg it can be quite unnerving. Then you have to drive off the hiway to get to a safe place to disengage the brake. It is only two small shoes applying pressure to stop a 16,000 lb MH vs 8 shoes or pads in a panic stop using your regular brakes. After going through 3 green switch failures I can see how these brake shoes can wear thin.
Gjac 11/25/20 09:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New problem

It sounds to me that your jacks are retracting all the way but your lights on your dash does not show that because they are still lit. Is that correct? If so I would look for a switch that controls the light. On mine it is a mercury switch mounted to the top of the jack itself and every once and a while I have to clean the ground to get it to go off. The ground is a wire with a terminal grounded by a small machine bolt.
Gjac 11/24/20 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: Converter Question

I would test the converter out put first to see if it is working or you just have a bad battery. What is the voltage reading across the pos and neg terminals of the battery when it is plugged in? What is the reading when the TT is unplugged taken the next day? In your photo take a reading from the large red wire to ground to ground while TT is plugged in. If you report back with these voltage readings you can help you determine if there is something wrong with your converter or your battery. The old Magnatec converters are very simple constant chargers and last a long time.
Gjac 11/24/20 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: Can you buy new what CA rents

Yes they do keep it simple, No awning, no electric steps, no shades with strings, none of that fragile stuff that RV companies use. The CA units have a step box built in so they don't need the electric steps, they use regular cloth curtains, no awning to leave out and tear off or improperly stow. Its that kind of stuff that makes them a solid rental vehicle. I think they all have the 5.4 V8 and not the V10 also. Charles I did not know the engines were different, I assumed they they had the same chassis in the rental units that they sold to you and me. Do you think the 5.4 V8 is more reliable than the V-10?
Gjac 11/24/20 06:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I Hope This Doesn't Get Taken Down Right Away

I was a junior in high school walking home from school when a fellow class mate told us about it. I remember watching it over and over on TV because we had no school for several days. Saw Oswald get shot and killed by Jack Ruby.
Gjac 11/22/20 12:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Winterization of hot water heater?

I made a tank rinser out off flexible tubing and rise the tank out when I winterize. There is a fair amount of mineral build up that will come out if you never rinsed the tank before. There is also water in the bottom of the tank that won't drain out that I siphon out with a small plastic tube then put the plug in and blow the entire water system out with compressed air. If you have an electric element in the tank follow Jim's advice. I forgot to do this one year and my electric element burned in half. Half is still in the bottom of my tank.
Gjac 11/22/20 12:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Gjac, After explaining my need for adding a set of AB's to a truck shop they ordered a set and installed them. Different brands mount in different ways, your setup and clearance or aftermarket suspension add-ons will determine which brand of AB's will be avl to you. They installed a set of AirLift bags on my 'C' thinking they would lift me a few inches more than level and they did not, I had them removed bc they did not offer any additional ride difference. As it was explained to me by the mfg, an AB will lift a sagging rv back to level but will not lift an already loaded level RV too much higher. I was trying to gain ground clearance for driveway aprons therefore I do not think a set of AB's will work for leveling. My set was only 1/2" of extra height...maybe ! You are not going to feel any difference or will a 1/2" difference affect your fridge, especially side to side leveling. Front to rear leveling is more important for the fridge to operate bc the fins run in that direction and are prone to clog. In my case, the AB's were not worth it. Your explanation makes sense Bob, I had Air Lift bags inside my front coil springs on my Class A and the ride height got lower and lower with time as the front coil springs sagged even though the air bags were inflated to the max PSI. After new HD coils ride height was restored without the bags.
Gjac 11/21/20 07:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Jack stands

I don't trust these jack stands for a heavy MH. I use solid 6"x6"oak blocks under the frame just incase my HWH jacks fail. I have had a HYD line burst and the MH came crashing down, with no blocks, just thankful no one was underneath at the time.
Gjac 11/21/20 07:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Yeah .... I can see your point! However, whenever I've so far noticed leveling jacks on a motorhome that are retracted for travel, they are hanging down so far so as to make it real tricky to get to a camping spot like we were at in the photo without damaging the jacks and/or the frame area where they're attached. :E Yeah I can see the low hanging jack would be an issue. What about adding air bags at the 4 corners, I hear some with class A's report a 4-5 in lift. Wouldn't those be a lower cost solution? From what most on here posted 2-4ins usually will provide enough height to level the MH in most camping areas.
Gjac 11/20/20 08:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Here's us with our camping friends way out there in Utah (that's our Class C on the right) in a boondock camping spot where plenty of leveling blocks came in handy for both of us. Here's what our camping friends had to do on their right front tire - the highest step of the step block was not enough! Phil your last photo makes me think spending the extra money for leveling jacks may be worth the money.
Gjac 11/20/20 08:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

Found this video. I haven't done this but looks like it would work. Can & Hose Method This is what I do when ever I have a problem starting or keeping the genset running. It also shows you if the problem is a loose hose clamp or a cracked fuel line to the main tank drawing air in instead of enough fuel to keep it running. With the other half of the Seafoam I put it into the crankcase before I drain the oil. You would be surprised at the carbon that comes out of the sump if you never did this before. It also shows you how much fuel you burn in an Hr under load.
Gjac 11/20/20 08:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you buy new what CA rents

Depends who you ask. True,you can buy the same 28A Thor/Fourwinds.But the ones that are made for CA are built to their specs,and they delete some things that you will get on a production model. Window in the door,no ducted A/C,no rear window,TV antenna,among other things.I have been in both and the build and components and construction seems to be about the same. Here is a Former Rental from El Monte RV. It is the same as a CA unit EXCEPT a few things that I noted and a much nicer interior. I will note my Former Rental from El Monte RV,a Tioga 26Q build sheet clearly states it is a commercial unit. It is the same as far as all the construction and components that all the others that I test drove that were non Rental. If I understand your post the both MH's are built to the same specs, having the same construction processes the same components, the only difference's are some components that are likely to fail are eliminated. Is that correct?
Gjac 11/20/20 07:47am Class C Motorhomes
Can you buy new what CA rents

Are the units that Thor or Four Winds make for CA or these other rental companies the same as what the average customer can buy from them, or do they use more durable components in these units? I know Thor gets a bad rap on this Forum but it seems like people that buy these used with 100,000 miles on them are pleased with their purchase.
Gjac 11/19/20 03:34pm Class C Motorhomes
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