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RE: running fridge in cold weather?

Lesson learned when 12 cans of Coca Cola exploded in our refrigerator one winter when the temperature inside the trailer was negative 15 degrees and the outside temperature was negative 20 degrees. It didn't take much time for that cold to penetrate to the inside of the refrigerator. The mess took about 3 hours to clean up once I found it! Lesson learned, when winterizing ... make sure EVERYTHING that has liquid is removed from the camper! Refrigerator included, even if it's left "on".
DutchmenSport 12/10/19 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: running fridge in cold weather?

We kept all our previous TT's with ammonia absorption RV gas-electric refrigerators running 24x7x365, on both gas and electric (depending). What we found out, after doing this for almost 20 years, is when the ambient temperature around the refrigerator gets colder and colder, the refrigerator has to run less and less. When the outside temperature get's colder than the inside, there is a point when the refrigerator will not run at all. Why should it? The inside is already cold, below the set temperature. Now this worked ok, except for when the ambient temperature got around to 38 to 28 degrees. It at that stage the refrigerator doesn't need to run, to make things colder. It's already cold. The problem is ... the freezer! The ambient temperature is still above freezing slightly, but the refrigerator is now colder than the setting. Result: the freezer doesn't run. So if you have nothing in the freezer, no problem at all. But if you anything that you don't want melting ... like ice cream ... well, the freezer is now not running either, but still not cold enough to retain things in a frozen state. Once the inside of the freezer reaches 32 degrees or less, then things will start staying frozen again. So, it will be fine if you have nothing in the freezer. Otherwise, you have to leave some heat on in the camper so the refrigerator warms up enough to run. Now, what about household refrigerators and what about Coca-Cola vending machines? What keeps them from freezing in the dead of winter sitting outside? They actually have heaters built in them that will keep things from freezing when the ambient temperature drops below freezing.
DutchmenSport 12/10/19 10:11am Tech Issues
RE: Class A and Taco Bell Drive Thru

That's what happens when you try to "cut in line".
DutchmenSport 12/09/19 07:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: You don't need it.

A post made not too long ago, suggested taking an inventory of how your RV is actually built and bring along only the tools necessary to fix any object in your RV. For example, most RV's don't have Philips head screws, they have Robertson. So why drag along a Philips screwdriver when everything in your camper is Robertson? It's just one EXAMPLE, but multiply that by the amount of "stuff" we "think" we need and really don't, and a lot of "stuff" can be eliminated. I'm also a strong advocate for outfitting my camper with items that have multiple uses. And my best example is, bring along a good pair of meat scissors and you don't need any others. Meat scissors will cut, not only meat, but paper, metal, plastic, and cloth. So you don't need to bring along 4 or 5 different kinds of scissors when the right one will do it all. Same is true for a hammer. Why drag along a hammer when a hatchet can be used, not only for chopping wood, but for driving a nail back into a picnic table too. Making this simply change, can and does, eliminate a LOT of over stuffing the RV with unnecessary clutter. If a part fails, for example the sail switch on my furnace, well, I'll just have to track down an RV parts place and get what I need then. I'm not dragging along a separate trailer with all the parts to rebuild an Indy race car. OP, thanks for the confirmation that far too often, we carry too much "stuff" we really do not need! Thanks!
DutchmenSport 12/09/19 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: All battery/electric bus fleet

Indianapolis just did this, and when weather got cold, they failed. Good luck! Edit: I just checked, the article is till out there. Click here. Another... Good luck!
DutchmenSport 12/09/19 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Creative Towing

From all the photos posted from folks sharing info about Australia, I get the impression that Australia style camping is far different than USA style camping. First off, USA style camping, for the average person, is on developed property, developed campgrounds, with roads leading to select campsites. It seems, everything I've seen from Australia involves back-country, off-the-road, sometimes...not even a road camping, where the terrain is as rugged as it can get. That's why the RV are manufactured for robust and their counter park USA cousins. And it only makes sense that anything towing or driving an RV has the appropriate vehicle to do so. So yes, the Australian family of camping and tow vehicles are truly more robust than in the USA. For comparison, I wonder how even some of the best tow vehicles we have in the USA would survive some of these locations in photos from Australia? And I agree, a tow vehicle shown in any of those photos above in the USA would truly be an attention getter. In Australia, it seems to the quite common.
DutchmenSport 12/07/19 07:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Look what I found at the dollar store...

It's the little things in life that bring the greatest joy! Congrats on your new find. Happy Camping!
DutchmenSport 12/06/19 03:06pm Class C Motorhomes
What do you want Santa to bring for your camper this year

I'm still hoping he'll bring me the 2 side mount cameras for my Furrion Observation (back-up) monitor system. What say you?
DutchmenSport 12/06/19 09:14am Family Camping
RE: What is this make?

Looks like it might be a "Shasta", looks very similar to this one. Maybe the "wing" on the back was removed and your's has had some body re-paint. click here.
DutchmenSport 12/05/19 06:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is this make?

It's a Facebook link. OP attempted to create it as an image. Here's the URL. Copy and paste into a browser, you'll hit the page. Well shoot! that didn't work either. try this: Final edit... yep, it worked!
DutchmenSport 12/05/19 06:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: A couple of distilleries in early April

You might consider the Jim Beam Distillery in Kentucky. And several state parks within easy driving distance.
DutchmenSport 12/05/19 05:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

I've switched old tanks for new ones at exchange places a couple times. Years ago, when "they" changed from the rounded valve knob to the triangle valve knob style, my old tanks with the rounded knob could not be refilled. So I just exchanged it at one of those places for a new one with the triangle valve knob. End result, I had a tank I could now get refills on, and didn't have to exchange. I cleaned up all dirt and gunk on the new tank and it was still on the ol' pop-up when we sold it. Did the same thing for an old tank on a BBQ grill. No one was the wiser, and I didn't have to buy new tanks. Besides.... if you don't exchange the tank and you buy a new one, how are you going to dispose of the old one that's defective? You'll need to find a recycling place for hazardous materials, which most cities have. But still, that's going to take extra effort and time away from CAMPING!
DutchmenSport 12/05/19 09:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Cost of dental work on a small dog?

If you love the animal, cost of vet bills is no object. Once you've paid the price, the animal becomes even more valuable to you! (no wonder our dogs allow us to sleep in "their" bed!")....
DutchmenSport 12/04/19 12:31pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Warranty work on TT v 5r v MH

Nope, not a good assumption. Three travel trailers in a row and only very minor follow-up warranty work.. very minor on all 3 of them, #4 if you include our original Pop-up. Now, get the behemoth Mastodon 5er that we now own from a well beloved RV dealership and from a manufacturer that we trusted, and in the first year of ownership, more things broke, fell apart, or needed fixing than all my other campers combined. And the warranty work was more serious, like brake failures and improperly install entrance doors, and underbelly falling off. No, there is no rhyme or logic to the assumption. They are all just lousy made these day. The good thing is, the 5er has had some pretty stout fixes done to it. It's pretty stable now! Most I did myself.
DutchmenSport 12/04/19 12:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

There are lots of folks who get rid of everything and their only home is their RV. It's not a crazy idea at all. You will always be surrounded by nay-sayers. If you listen to "them" you'll never have a single new experience in your life, except watching on the Discovery Channel all the great places you'll never go to. No, not a crazy idea at all. Go for it. Live your dream and don't listen to anyone that has negativity. If you want to be positive about this, then start surrounding yourself with "positive" people. Make your dream come true. You, and only you can live your life and only you can make your dreams reality!
DutchmenSport 12/04/19 10:23am RV Lifestyle
RE: The buy local fallacy

Times are changing .... fast! We have 2 local dealerships near us. Now really, when you REALLY think about it, isn't ALL RV dealerships "local?" I don't know of any nation wide chain of dealerships except "Camping Word" that has dealerships in several states and multiple locations. Everything else is ... well ... "local" ... right? How many other "dealerships" have multiple, nation wide locations? So, with that in mind, "local" dealerships is really just a point of reference to wherever you live. And the fact is, some dealerships have better customer service reputations than others. But as stated above, times are-a changin'. (My) local dealerships have now fallen into the same problem than others have been complaining about for years. You use to be able to make an appointment and within a week had everything solved. Now, you are lucky if you can get an appointment within anything less than 3 months out! And that appointment is ONLY to estimate the repair. It might take another 3 months to get the actual repair. I use to really brag about both of my "par-excellence" RV dealerships and service shops, but no more. In the last 2 years they've fallen into the same problem as all the other (big name) shops. One dealership near us built a new facility where they could work on, more than double, the amount of RV's, have more bays, and a more and better technology and tools to better serve their increased volume of service. The problem is, they didn't hire any more employees or service techs. What good is building a new, bigger, and fancier facility if the same number of people are still working the same number of repairs. That's one problem. The second problem is, new RV's being spit-out from the manufacturers are coming out of the factory with inferior quality. So when the buyer uses them, and then they start falling apart, they go back to the dealership for warranty or service. The volume of returned RV's seems to be ridiculous. Add to the mix the number of RV sales skyrocketed over the last 5 years, which means more and more being spit out by he manufacturer with less and less quality ... well .... Add the 3 items together, more returns for service and the same number of service techs and it doesn't take very long for a back-log to happen... REAL FAST. It's not just the Big Name, Nation Wide dealerships and service companies that is now in deep, it's also the "local" dealerships and shops that overwhelmed and over flooded with service needs. I see two solutions to the problem, and probably neither will happen. 1) Hire more service techs so the turn-over can happen faster and they might actually get caught up with demand. But that means more wages and that cuts into the company's profits! Yea! That's the real "bottom line." 2) Manufacturers need to tighten up on their quality when the RV units leave the factory.
DutchmenSport 12/04/19 07:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas station guide Put the app on your I-phone. All you have to do is push the button for your current location. There will be a list of every gas station / or diesel in your range. Flip to the map view and it will plot them on the map, based on your current location. The map travels as you travel, like Google Maps does. We use it all the time, even when not camping, whenever we are in an unknown location.
DutchmenSport 12/03/19 03:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dual pane windows....

Photobucket? Once you pay their ransom price to use their site, the photos will probably clear up.
DutchmenSport 12/03/19 11:12am Truck Campers
RE: Can my truck tow this?

Well, I suppose it's my turn to chime in. I'm not going to give any information on what can or cannot tow, how much anything can tow, or even should I tow it answers. Nah! My approach is quite different.... Here's the basic tenant when it comes to settling the question... "Can I tow it?" Here goes.... If you had to ask the question in he first place, well??? probably not! Why? Because you have doubts YOURSELF, regardless of now much pro-or-con and tit-for-tat goes on, on these forum discussions. The bottom line is, the original poster has doubts. And regardless of anyone's answer, he will always have doubts. And if anyone has any doubts, or concerns, or speculations about the ability of their tow vehicle and the trailer being towed, (they, you, or me) will NEVER have 100% confidence! And that ... will always ... result in a white-knuckle drive. If you had to ask, you have doubts. You've just answered your own question.
DutchmenSport 12/03/19 11:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: 15 Amp Service

We successfully stayed at a relative's home for about 4 days plugged into a 15 amp service and our 5er is 50 amps. The house was an old country farm house and the shed behind the house is were we plugged in. I ran about 150 feet of electric cord to reach the shed. We had no issues. It's all about power management. We never turned on the air conditioners or heat pump. We ran the water heater on propane only. We ran the furnace on propane, and we did not use any electric appliances like coffee pots, toasters, or hair blowers. We did have both televisions operational, electric clocks, and our phones and such plugged in. At home, we ran our 30 amp TT's on a 15 amp plug from the house for years before installing a 30 amp RV outlet. Now we have a 50 amp, two 30 amp RV outlets, and several 15-20 amp outlets available outside the house and garage. If you plug into the house, make sure you bring along the 15 amp to 30 amp dogbone or hocky-puck adapter.
DutchmenSport 12/03/19 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
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