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RE: Sewage Follies

We've been to several no sewer or dump station parks over the years where "honey wagons" are the norm. Sometimes a once a week pump out was included in the site fee, with a charge for more often. We've also been to one municipal sewage treatment plant where RV's used the same dump routine as the septic tank pumpers. Just drive over a large grate and stop with your discharge pipe about midway and let it fly into a fast moving water canal below. An attendant was on hand with a high pressure hose to wash down any material left clinging to the grate.
Dutch_12078 10/14/19 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cellphone boosters

As Mr Wizard said, a cell booster has to have at least a minimal signal to boost. That signal may be below the threshold that your cell phone detects, but it does have to be there. Various boosters have different levels of minimum threshold themselves, so finding one that works where you need it can be a difficult task in a deep fringe area.
Dutch_12078 10/14/19 07:46am Technology Corner
RE: Signal strength for phone meter

I use the "Network Cell Info" app on my Android phone for comprehensive signal info. I recommend trying the free "Lite" version first. width=200
Dutch_12078 10/14/19 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Cell Signal Booster

All of the ones I have read reviews on that have an internal and external antenna say that they needed to be very close to the internal antenna as in inches away for it to work. I would like one that amplifies it enough to be outside the rv The inside signal from our Maximum Signal Max Amp RV is strong enough that we get a boosted signal outside in roughly the awning coverage area. Our inside antenna is located off center towards that side though, so the coverage is minimal anywhere else outside. Inside, our coverage is end to end with the weakest signal in the bathroom with the door closed.
Dutch_12078 10/14/19 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Historic first sub-2 hour marathon !

There's no question it was an incredible achievement! Due to the circumstances though, the pace car, 41 rotating "pacemakers" running in a 'V' formation around him, etc., it does not qualify as a world record under IAAF rules.
Dutch_12078 10/12/19 07:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

The funniest non-ticket speeding stop I had was quite a few years ago when a NY State trooper pulled me over for doing an actual 10 MPH over the limit. I knew he had me, so I was prepared to just accept the ticket and move on. He took my license and registration back to his car, and a couple of minutes later came back and started to hand them to me saying it was my lucky day because his pen ran out of ink. Without thinking, I pulled my pen out of my shirt pocket and handed it to him! He thanked me and headed back to his car again with my license and reg still in hand. About half way there, he stopped for moment and then turned around and came back. He started laughing and said he just couldn't bring himself to write me a ticket with my own pen and I should consider this a verbal warning to just take it a little slower. I thanked him and told him to keep the pen, I had more. :)
Dutch_12078 10/11/19 09:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

Running the A/C will not hurt any of the plumbing since there's no connection between them. If the humidity is low enough, there may not be any significant condensation anyway.
Dutch_12078 10/10/19 06:26am Beginning RVing
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

We're not in the affected area, but we did run our motorhome generator for 3 days a couple of years ago after windstorm/tree damage took out the high voltage and other power lines serving our area. We kept both the RV and our family cottage powered for the duration, with an elderly neighbor staying in the cottage while we stayed in the motorhome. Fortunately, the cottage refrigerator and freezer were relatively empty, so we were able to move all of the neighbor's cold stuff to our place, leaving behind only those items that don't need to be kept cold such as cans of soda, etc.
Dutch_12078 10/09/19 08:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Few Places to check out for RV Parks.

"" is now ""
Dutch_12078 10/07/19 10:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hearing aids

I had my hearing tested at the VA today, and they're ordering a new set of hearing aids for me. They didn't give me any details about the brand or features though.
Dutch_12078 10/03/19 06:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Adding a second tank sensor display near the tank valves

If you have a SeeLevel external sensor tank monitor system, they sell an add-on display panel for use at the valve location.
Dutch_12078 10/02/19 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

Our Haier 10.2 cu ft fridge has been in constant operation in our RV for the past three years with zero problems. The Lowes folks moved it into the coach, but I wanted to power it up for 24 hours before installing it in the Norcold space, so I didn't have them do that part. The fridge doesn't seem to care if it's on shorepower or our Samlex pure sine wave inverter.
Dutch_12078 09/30/19 09:50pm Tech Issues
RE: double trailers

My former truck shop is in upstate NY in a popular recreation area. Each summer season the shop has a half dozen or so toad and boat "guests" in the secure storage lot waiting for the owners to return for them after the police made them drop the last unit of a double. The most common excuse is, "It's legal in my state...". There's one very nice boat that's been on the lot for three years now after being dropped, and the owner pays the storage fee every month like clock work.
Dutch_12078 09/30/19 09:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hearing aids

My hearing loss has dropped below the effective range of my hiHealth Innovations (a United Healthcare company) hearing aids, so this time I'm going to give the VA a try. As a UHC subscriber, my co-pay for the hiHealth aids was only $350/ear and they did work well for several years. When I got them, as Lynnmor said, "I could hear the birds" for the first time in many years.
Dutch_12078 09/30/19 08:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Today is the Day

Congratulations! My wife and I also met in high school in 1958, but we didn't get married until 1964, so you've got a few years on us... ;)
Dutch_12078 09/30/19 07:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Dash AC blows out of the defrost vents

The Ford V10 engine does indeed supply vacuum for the HVAC controls as equipped by Ford. On long WOT hills though, as Big Katuna mentioned, the vacuum can drop low enough that the door actuator switches to the fail safe defrost position. As also said, adding an aftermarket electric vacuum can overcome the drop in engine vacuum. The one I added is an aftermarket replacement for the pump Ford uses in their diesel pickups. If there's a coach manufacturer that added a similar pump at build time, I'm not aware of it. I have seen various owner and dealer installed pumps though.
Dutch_12078 09/29/19 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Service

I have never understood why Directv and Dish do not combine a OTA broadcast antenna with their satellite dish in metropolitan areas and mix the feed into the house receiver. OTA signals are strong in metro areas and locals could be provided without paying fees. Dish has an OTA adapter option for their receivers that adds the OTA stations to the program guide from an external OTA antenna. Dish also allows dropping the sat locals for a $12/mo savings. In some cases, Dish will even supply and install an OTA antenna at no charge during retransmission contract disputes. GOT PROOF? I call BS. I HAVE TRIED for years to have Dish remove the locals AND the UPCHARGE for them, they WILL NOT. I get MORE local channels than Dish carries (Dish only carries the MAIN OTA channel and not the SUB channels). Not to mention Dish only rebroadcasts the main OTA channels in 480i and I get a much better pix using my OTA antenna (1080i for main channels). Believe it or not, Dish TURNS A PROFIT by forcing you to pay for the locals. They do this in two ways, first they charge you MORE than what they pay for the local carry. SECOND WAY IS THEY INSERT THEIR OWN COMMERCIALS (that DISHES sales people sell) OVER TOP OF THE LOCAL COMMERCIALS. I used to install big dish C band systems and had one up until 2005 or so when the last non commercial C band programmer dropped out, many channels on the big dish would leave blank/black no sound spaces for cable and mini dish systems to insert their commercials.. For channels that do not leave blank spaces they simply cut over to their own commercials then cut back to the programming.. Dish IS SLOPPY at the cuts.. Don't be fooled, Direct and Cable COs does this also.. Yep, they DOUBLE DIP, and it IS LEGAL to do so :M Call it whatever you want. The facts are that Dish allows dropping the locals with a resulting $12 savings on all but the loss leader Welcome Pack. It's as easy as unchecking the "Locals" selection in the "My Programming" section of your "MyDish" account. If you've been paying any attention to the industry news, then you know that the locals retrans fees have skyrocketed over the past few years, currently averaging $4-$5/mo per subscriber per channel. Count the local primary channels in your area and multiply to get an idea of what Dish is likely paying for them. Perhaps the commercial inserts are helping to offset the loss Dish takes on the locals. If Dish was making any money from the locals, why would they break them out as a package and promote dropping them by offering the dual tuner OTA adapter that integrates the OTA locals with the EPG?
Dutch_12078 09/29/19 11:03am Technology Corner
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

In the area near our upstate NY cottage using Gas Buddy's pricing, in the time since the Saudi attack the regular gas price variation range, both plus and minus, was ~7 cents. In the 30 days prior to the attack, the range was ~6 cents. Can I drain the gas out of my bath tub now? ;)
Dutch_12078 09/29/19 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: Comments on cancel your car Insurance

I don't know about TN, but in NY you would have to turn in the registration plates before you would be allowed to cancel the insurance.
Dutch_12078 09/29/19 10:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The kid meets the furnace thermostat...

You don't have air? I was wondering the same thing. Is the 2-wire setup just for rigs with a furnace only and no air conditioner? What about a 2-speed fan? Doesn't that require an extra wire? He may have a ceiling unit with an integrated thermostat. They're fairly common in smaller Class C's and TT's.
Dutch_12078 09/28/19 09:27pm Tech Issues
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