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RE: Lubing my Reese Strait_Line hitch w/Dual Cam

Not with grease. I believe the instructions say that you can use a small amount of Vaseline to keep the noise down, but do not use grease. X-2
DustyR 03/20/19 05:27am Towing
RE: Pull Through or Back in sites? Which do you prefer.

Six of one half a dozen of another. We choose the site based on shade, slope, proximity to Rest Rooms and distance to play ground. Obviously pull throughs are the easiest but after the first twenty or so back ins, it really does not make a lot of difference. good luck X2 X-3 I don't have much of a preference. Should the site be tight, as I travel alone I will accept help in avoiding obstacles etc.
DustyR 03/17/19 06:51am Travel Trailers

The only way I know my Chevy is in regen is by the slightly higher idle RPM, Ditto for my 2009 Duramax There's a slightly different sound at idle as well, and a "hot" smell when I get out of truck if it's in regen when I park it. During driving, there's a reduction in fuel MPG on the DIC. I also have an Edge Insight CTS2, which will show when regen is happening. The truck consistently regens once during every tank of fuel. I could tell also my the oil life dropped 5% every regen.
DustyR 03/09/19 06:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: New hitch

I've used the Reese D/C for many years with no regrets. Simply follow the instructions on the set up for your vehicle. I currently tow the combo in my sig and the travel weight is usually close to 8500 pds. I tow at the speed limit or slightly below and the only time this combo moves is when a 20 ft box truck passes me. (AKA Ryder Rental type).
DustyR 03/09/19 06:47am Towing
RE: Tire chains: ok to cut off extra links at end points?

yep keep the extra links and zip tie or bungee them X-2
DustyR 02/27/19 05:29am Tech Issues
RE: battery issues on new TT

The last two TT I've had would kill the battery in a few days. Solution: install a battery isolator. Problem solved.
DustyR 02/14/19 08:06am Travel Trailers
RE: What do you tell the campground?

Mine is 32 feet with out the storage rack down. I have told by some parks I need to be under 50 feet total to use their sites. I simply back as far to the rear as possible and all is good. Vehicle is not on the road even when uncoupled.
DustyR 02/06/19 05:43am Travel Trailers
RE: What do you do.

It's whatever you want it to be. If you are looking for a community, go for the snowbird parks (florida, arizona south texas), they have tons of activities planned. If you want to be alone, boondocking is an option. Or you can move along every so often if you get bored with a destination. Just keep in aren't on vacation...if you have a down day (or 3), it's OK, you don't have to hit 3 tourist sites per day...unless you want to. X-2 Good advice, relax enjoy life. Find out what is going on around the park your in. Talk over a cup of coffee and realize this is the best time of your life. Do your due diligence and see what is going on locally. Or you can move along every so often if you get bored with a destination.
DustyR 02/04/19 05:54am Snowbirds
RE: TV battery life? And Interstate longeivity? Diesel trucks.

I usually get 2 - 2 1/2 years out of lead acid batteries. This time I went with AutoZone Platinum AGM because of the increased CCA. Time will tell.
DustyR 02/02/19 05:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Shocks

4600 Bilsteins solved a porpoising problem for me. Ride is good and all is at peace again. I saw no reason to change out the rear shocks as they were nearly new and operating as designed. I have never understood changing only front or rear shocks. The only reason I did this was the front & rear were both replaced at the same time. The new front shock rebound valving was unable to provide the ride control required on my vehicle. The rear shocks only had about 3000 miles on them and were good.
DustyR 01/31/19 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Shocks

4600 Bilsteins solved a porpoising problem for me. Ride is good and all is at peace again. I saw no reason to change out the rear shocks as they were nearly new and operating as designed.
DustyR 01/30/19 06:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the best weight distribution hitch?

I'm glad that this discussion has continued. We all have different needs and requirements for towing. If I ever purchase a trailer that challenges my tow vehicle, I'll be first in line for an HA or equivalent. Happy Camping! There has been a lot discussion about the correct hitch for the combo. I had purchased a newer TV about the same time I purchased the TT in my sig. I questioned the RV dealer if the the bars on the Reese hitch were heavy enough to take care of the TT. Rest assured there should be no problem, the unit looked well balanced and they had transferred the sway control from the previous TT to the new one. Not to worry, I did the usual trial run to acquaint my self with the unit, set up spent a week end in it and all was good. Two weeks later I was on my way to Texas and I caught a cross wind in a curve and the ABS/Sway control on the Tundra started cycling. I thought to myself, in all the years towing I have never had a TT cause that type of reaction, I also was thanking the sway control built into the Tundra. I stopped at the next rest area and tightened the adjustment on the sway control bar. Once I reached my destination I found a Cat Scale and did some weighting of the unit and found that the bars from my last TT were deficient by about 50% of transferring enough weight. Standing at the side and looking at the TT & TV everything looked good. The unit was slightly nose now as I liked. I made a called the Mfg to find out what the dry tongue weight should be and found out that I needed a much heavier set of bars. This was done and I went with the Reese Cam Lock system and problem solved. I also set the system up as recommended for the TV I was using at the time. I simply had meet the conditions that set a supposedly well set up unit in to one that really got my attention. Was I surprised? definitely, you really do not want a TV applying brakes in a turn. Be safe!
DustyR 01/26/19 06:17am Towing
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

I'm 78 and still towing. I have had a few doubts over the years, not so much about my reaction times. Visual acuity raised its ugly head a couple years back and a visit to an ophthalmologist revealed the cataract on my left eye needed to be removed, problem solved. I usually plan a 500 mile day and if the body says 300 miles is enough that is okay also. I retired as a CDL driver ten years ago and at that time my goal was a 600 mile per day average. Since then I have did a couple 800 mile days and the cost was too high. Exhausted when I finished the day and highly fatigued the next. Not worth the cost to my body or mind. The main thing is listen to what your body is telling you, don't delude your self on an established goal. Remain flexible in your driving expectations and enjoy the journey. The destination will always be there the next couple of days. I was trained to SCAN, a method of constant eye movement ahead, behind and inside the cab glancing at your instruments. This eye movement keeps you aware of your vehicle and the traffic around you. The added advantage is it also keeps your blood pressure normal and no fixated driving. Be safe, enjoy and arrive at your destination with no harm to yourself or others.
DustyR 01/21/19 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Merlin is a 11 year old Keeshond, he spent the first six years of his life as a puppy mill stud and has been with me for five years. He carries a lot of PTSD issues and very shy off lead. On lead he is sooo trusting and willing to be handled. The other evening I took him for the last walk of the night. He did the usual poo thing and ran toward the house. I told him he had to take a whiz first and lo and behold he did his squat thing and all was good. Yesterday AM we went for the morning walk and as I said his PTSD kicked in and he looked at me and started the way he wanted to go. I told him no and pointed in a direction he was not comfortable with but was compliant to my command. Several times I had to reinforce the direction I wanted him to go. I think sometimes he is managing me instead of vice-versa. I really wish I could get him comfortable off lead, just so shy.
DustyR 01/20/19 04:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: Mapping programs and Garmin RV770

I had a Gamin C330, it was one of the Garmin's first with commercial programing. Was it perfect? for the most part passable. I was a training engineer for one of the major truck lines and trained drivers to use it and their 'Drivers Atlas' together to verify clearances and restricted routes. My favorite thing was to have the Garmin programed to take the shortest route to one of our local consignees. I knew that within five miles of our destination that the garmin would try to take us into a street that had a five ton weight limit. I have seen several drivers set up for the turn and stop because common sense told them that a 80,000 pound vehicle should not be on that residential street. This was a useful tool. You need to have good software in your GPS and with that being said, back up your route with the knowledge of what your driving/hauling with a 'commercial driving atlas' that has all of the restrictions and height restrictions for your next adventure.
DustyR 01/16/19 06:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing MPG

I tow with the combo in my sig. I usually plan on 12.3 to 12.8 pulling my TT. Loaded weight on the TT is usually apx 8700 pounds with out water. I know that the 2500 HD diesel is quite a lot more expense to purchase and maintain. I have pulled with with the half tons all my life and never saw much more that 8.5 mpg. Will they do the job, absolutely if set up correctly. My tow vehicle is also my daily driver I get 14 - 15 mpg city driving and 19 - 22 mpg highway. The half tons were fine with me until I started destination towing of 800 plus miles and the wear started to show on the drive train. Irregardless what you pick in a TT, be sure the tow vehicle is capable of handling the weight.
DustyR 01/13/19 04:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sasha's first RV trip

"Born to camp"! That's a happy-looking dog right there :-) I think the secret is a pet owner that is kind and pet friendly. Merlin my Keeshond is a puppy mill rescue (in that environment as a stud for the first six years of his life). Skidish but very trusting on lead, will set/sleep for hours and enjoy life. I hit a very loud expansion joint on a bridge that got his attention, he had a look on his face of 'what the *ell just happened'. I reassured him that all was right with the world and he went back to sleep.
DustyR 01/13/19 04:27am RV Pet Stop
RE: Walmart deep cycle battery

I have two Group 29 Marine batteries from Walmart that are three years old and going strong in my Ranger R61 bass boat. They see duty on a 24 volt trolling motor and will run all day on Lake Erie. These batteries run a Minn Kota i-Pilot System with Spot Lock, this motor run almost continuously for seven to ten hours a day. The battery level after this abuse will show 75% charge remaining. I have an Interstate Dual Purpose battery handling the starting duty and all of the electronics on the boat. Major thing is maintenance and recharging after each use. The three batteries are on battery maintainers when not in use. I firmly believe that a battery maintainer will extend the life of any battery at least 100%. JMHO :)
DustyR 01/13/19 04:19am General RVing Issues
RE: What is the best weight distribution hitch?

I have used the Reese dual cam system for over 11 years and it works very well. Never had any issues. Even with the 34' trailer I have now it is very stable. Just like others have said they all need to be fine tuned and setup properly. X-2 I have used the Reese Dual Cam System for will over 40 years. The set has worked very well for me on a number of vehicles from a 1970 Chevrolet Impala towing a heavy Terry TT. I currently tow the set-up in sig. There is a lot of info on the proper set up procedure for this hitch and the only thing that moves this combination is a 20ft box truck.
DustyR 01/05/19 05:59am Towing
RE: Towing MPG

As was said 8-10mpg, unless you buy a diesel. 08 Tundra towing my sig TT was at the max and averaged 7.5 - 8 MPG. Changed to a 08 Chevrolet 2500 HD Duramax Diesel and average at the worst 12.3 on a 1800 mile tow. The diesel gave me power to spare and more importantly a lot better brake control.
DustyR 01/01/19 07:48am Tow Vehicles
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