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RE: dog food for old dog

I have BSL 2 lab work training and experience (testing human blood and serum samples). When your job entails developing new tests for biomarkers in human blood and serum samples you learn about pathogens and minimizing exposure risks. You can read about the 4 bsl levels here PhD in chemistry 25 years work experience as a research scientist at a biotech firm that develops, manufactures, and sells 100s of diagnostic tests used by pharmaceutical companies in drug development and research foundations for investigating human diseases. Enough expertise for you? Somebody's underwear is a little too tight! Actually I would say his responses have been very well thought out. He obviously has the knowledge to defend his position and may be the most educated poster on this topic. There is lots of unwarranted push back on a raw diet. Good to see someone so educated share his thoughts. Oh no, having an advanced degree myself, I appreciate an educated response. Its just that Mr. Bionic Man self promoted and was snarky, which was uncalled for. Others who responded in the thread most certainly don't have expertise, just anecdotal comments. Guess that's egg in somebody's face, ROTFL BTW - Amen to the "sanrky"...:R .
Dtank 08/17/19 10:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Does Your Bed Cover, Cover Your 5'ver Hitch

Fold-A-Cover, Pullrite SG. Covers it just fine. Maybe the Q should be... Does anyone have a cover (brand) that does *NOT* cover their hitch?..:@ intent - or accident (bad choice) and maybe wish they didn't have that brand! ~ Good "should be" for the OPs question...... * Maybe I missed it - but did anyone say their cover did *NOT* cover their hitch?..:h :W
Dtank 08/17/19 08:27pm Fifth-Wheels

To AZDRYHEAT: We contacted our area AAA when we finally got home. They appologized all over the place, and gave us our next year membership free. Also the tow truck took us to a Honda dealership that was open on Monday. That in itself was a BIG WOW! Had to stay in the area while they ordered a new tire. And then home. Incidentally I would recommend Five Valley Honda / Yamaha in Missoula Fill Apparently - YOU are in Lancaster, CA. Your AAA plan is in CA also. In So. CA you would most likely have a tow truck in minutes! MANY complaints (here, over the YEARS) that AAA does *NOT* have reciprocity between other state (AAA) ERS plans. Some states = Yes, others = No, still others = "maybe". For a good back-up plan for your MC, check out American Motorcyclist. $50 per year - for *anything* you drive - no need to actually own an MC. However, towing is limited to 35 miles. (BTW) 1. Towing reimbursement by your ins company may have dollar limitations, etc. Read the fine print. Be sure to ASK if usage will increase your premium! 2. My preference for ERS is - "US Rider, Equestrian Motor Plan"! No need to own a "hayburner" or be towing a trailer with same. Will tow whatever you are driving - you just need to be there. Bottom line: ALL tow operators happily accept CCs and paper with pics of Dead Presidents! :W
Dtank 07/17/19 05:26pm General RVing Issues
DRV water intrusion

No dog (or DRV) in the hunt, just a "Gee Whiz" FYI..... (source = Escapees "General RV Info") :(
Dtank 07/16/19 01:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: We always unhook, even on an overnight stop

Other side of coin..... Overnighter stay connected in case you have to evacuate In an Emergency. I could have truck/trailer unhooked BEFORE ambulance even got there Ten of one - half-a-dozen of the other.......or vice-versa!...:W Observation: Friend was in RV park (5th wheel) in Paradise, CA. Barely made it out - w/o 5th wheel. (Fire - 2700 homes destroyed). Might have been able to save 5th if hooked up - but might not have been able to "negotiate" the only road out if it was. Ya gotta do what (you believe) works best for you! :C
Dtank 07/16/19 01:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Go 5 miles over in Indiana and foreit your vehicle

Can you say "BS"? The OP has some kind of "agenda". Timbs' was involved in a drug deal - his vehicle was seized. Need more info: Google is your friend. CA has a vehicle seizure law for *spectating* at an illegal drag race (on the street). Don't do drugs. Don't street race. End of story (Somehow the Mods/Admins "don't get it" and allow this drivel to continue)..:S .
Dtank 07/12/19 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying out of state

Smog compliance (factory specs) should be the same for all 50 states. If you take delivery in CA - you *WILL* pay approx 10% in sales tax. Also (delivery in CA) you will most likely have to pay CA registration = big bucks. Take delivery out of state - or purchase in a state with no -or low- sales tax. Advice: Revise your purchase plans !!..:R BTW - "break in period" is no different for a Class C -vs- your car or pickup, or your personal preference. Look at the chassis/eng mfgr's handbook. .
Dtank 07/12/19 04:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towstar STR Tires?

Thanks folks! I've decided to go with the Goodyear Endurances. Yo baby! Don't believe everything (sometimes anything) you read on an internet forum.....especially when it's endorsed by "Mr. Tires", ROTFL ...:S
Dtank 07/10/19 12:22am General RVing Issues
RE: A poll: What does 2 blinks of the left signal mean to you?

You catch up to me on a two lane road. You can’t quite see far enough ahead to know if safe to pass, but I blink left signal 2 blinks on move to the extreme right of my lane. What am I doing? 1. Saying “safe to pass I will help you around” ? 2. Making fake gonna turn left signals like “brake checking” only different? 3. Trying to trick you into a fiery head on collision which I am videoing to sell to the news and u tube? 2019 = NONE of the above! ..:S 4. (IMO - my choice) - The driver is texting, drinking his/her late, or lighting a joint - or all simultaneously - and accidentally activated his/her turn signal. :R .
Dtank 07/10/19 12:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Late model truck for hauling a 5th wheel.

My Gad man!! Do realize what this question will cause on this forum. Apparently you don't visit this site too often. Ram owners will say Ram. GM owners will say GM. Ford owners will say Ford. Late model to me is 2017+. Pick any. They are all great trucks. They all have there issues. Non no better than the other. S Well said !! (Except the last two sentences). To the OP: Suggest you visit *any* of the diesel pickup forums for each brand (there are several for each). Check the sections for the model and configuration you are considering. (Engines & trannys). See what *problems* owners are having - how solved, repair costs, etc. You won't find brand bashing - as the forum/s are for the same brand. ***************************************************** The can't agree with - last two sentences in your post: Late model to me means "DEF" required. Pre 2006 is my preference. Unfortunately the 6.0 Ford engines have a (deserved) bad reputation - due to the "fixits" the factory would allow. Using after market (and after warranty) parts did way better than the factory! My BIL is a retired GM employee - so, of course he has a (2003) Chevy diesel pickup. His major "after warranty" repair was injectors. When he looked under the hood of my Dodge '05 CTD - first thing he said was, "You can actually SEE the engine!" If I was buying new (or "late model") now - it would most likely be a gas burner - or if I was towing heavy, an HDT (way less $ than a new pickup). Roll on! :C
Dtank 07/09/19 01:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spinning lug can this be possible?

We limp it 10mph to the place we are camping and plan is to call AAA. We do. Triple A comes out with his impact. Same deal the lug nut is just spinning. Says he needs to talk with management. Needs a special tool that Napa caries. We think the outer shell of the lug nut might have been spinning. Had to come back to this......the AAA guy you got....didn't know s*** from shinola! Tow operators range from excellent to incompetent - kinda like Forrest Gump and the box of chocolates. Was your Tow op working at Taco Bell last week - or in a machine shop? Ex: The DW and self are returning from a funeral in our "go to funeral clothes". Stop on the way home for lunch. Come out to my Dodge 1T (not a dually) - and see I have a flat. It's about 100 degrees - could change to the spare myself, but why - so I call AAA. Polite AAA guy in a tow truck shows up pretty quickly, starts to swap the flat for the spare - discovers he doesn't have the right size socket for the lugs. Maybe he "thought" he would use the (junk) wrench supplied by the factory - or "whatever" - - but I let him use my 3/4 drive socket on a beam slider to do the job. (I was OK with his jack, LOL). Ditto tire shop employees with Impact wrenches. (Watch to see if they complete the job with a TQ wrench - or the impact). Was your AAA guy going to mount the spare with his impact?? BTW - the lug nut covers *ARE* common - had those on a boat trailer. When new they: Fit nice, look good - until you apply some serious torque without removing the cover...then they distort & the "real" lug nut doesn't turn. With some age - a bit of rust/corrosion (they won't come off easily) and you may *think* they are the lug nut. Roll on. .
Dtank 07/08/19 02:11am Tech Issues
RE: Spinning lug can this be possible?

x2 cheap metal cover spinning. X-27......"decorative" lug nut cover. Check your other wheel(s) lug nuts. Ditch the covers unless you really gotta have 'em. .
Dtank 07/08/19 01:15am Tech Issues
RE: Running Air Conditioner Via Inverter while Towing/Driving

Isn't that 400 ampHr of 48v, which is equal to 1600 ampHrs of 12v A/C using 1200w the 800w of solar is Not going to keep up with energy use 1/3 of the needed energy will come from the batteries, but You have a surplus of battery power The OP does notNo. It's 100ah @ 48v. I don't expect solar to keep up. The a/c is cycling. Maybe the OP should take up cycling!!. .
Dtank 07/08/19 01:04am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone use a TPMS for their trailer?

No search necessary for this one......(unless you really want to)... There have been several (won't say numerous) threads/posts by folks blissfully cruising down the road, towing a 5th wheel and *NOT* known they have a flat on the trailer - until alerted by a passing motorist. *ANY* brand of monitor is better than the above.. BTW - my Pressure Pro still works great. .
Dtank 07/08/19 12:56am Tech Issues
RE: Insurance- Needing Commercial if Used as Office?

DOT and CDL rules would only apply if one was using their RV/trailer for moving other peoples stuff for money. I will also suggest that the OP needs to reconsider the graphics wrap.. Many campgrounds may BAR you from entering, most campgrounds have rules about running businesses while in their campground, especially if it may draw in people from outside the campground. Having huge banner wraps all over your RV isn't going to win any favors in finding campgrounds.. Mostly correct, however..... The OP needs to visit The CA DOT "Who must stop at scales". In CA scales are run by the CHP. You may be *required* to stop if you're hauling... "nothing"! At the scales in Oceanside - shared by the Border Patrol - they may think you're hauling "illegals". There are exceptions to the "No Pickups" signage. For the OP..... A pickup towing a trailer indicating a business - will/may be required to stop at scales - regardless of what the business *is*. Maybe you will be ignored - or waved down - or chased down when you breeze through. (Ignorance of the law is not an excuse). Maybe the Chippy is having a bad day - or is a "newbie" to commercial apps. Endless "what ifs". Either way, you may spend (waste) a lot of time (grief) in the office. Ditto many/most campgrounds turning down your "visit" to their park/s. IMO - Stealth mode! - I would consider my business a part time venture, but - FOR SURE - no wraps...:W Don't rely on what you read on an internet site! Check with the appropriate CA "powers that be" (especially the one that may cite you) - and rotsa ruck!. .
Dtank 07/07/19 10:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mooch-Docking Power Management

Ack - Waiting to repost once my image links work Arg! Still waiting on your images. (IIRC) Thought "The Mooch" got the hook..:@ .
Dtank 07/07/19 09:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Researching Generators

This past year I have found myself enjoying our earth away from campgrounds. I’m not ready to go full-bore with no power. What is a decently priced generator that balances cost with power with low noise? How many KWs will I need to run my “necessities” such as fridge, air/furnace, and other items? Thanks for your help. VERY green to this part of camping. Brian You might also post (not a duplicate) in the *Tech Issues* forum - which is a good choice for everything/anything "Generator". Try searches there also - for various brands, models ,etc. - lots of discussions and info. :W
Dtank 07/07/19 09:53pm Tech Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

Have owned, borrowed, rented, and walked all types of rv. That does not make me an expert but it does leave me with some perspective and the more matured I become in my rv age, the more confirmed I am that the rv industry in order to see more explosive growth needs to bring to a rapid end the addition of the proverbial dinette to any and every type of rv. Please just stop! My reasons are several but basically revolve around the simple fact that sitting one for more than five minutes is absolute torture. In fact I wish we could all ship our dinette to Guantanamo. Make a terrorist sit in one for more than 5 minutes and he/she will tell u everything they know. Painful I say and also purposeless. Indoor tables are not needed for meals. Even in our homes very few Americans eat at tables. And if we do while camping, it is the outside picnic table. So why does the rv industry force us to go backwards by 20 years and give us sore backs at the same time? Maybe it is to play games which again I say are so much more enjoyable outside. So please rv industry leaders stop with the dinette. Give us another couch or comfortable chairs or even more bunks for the neighbor's kids. I saw one ad recently for a moderately priced 38' class 8 that slept 8.i had to ask how. The answer was a picture of a dinette area removed to be replaced by floor to ceiling 3 bunks. Genius thought I. Whew... Thanks for listening. I feel so much better having gotten that of my chest. Nice rant - needs paragraphs, however..:( Soooooo.... *WHY* did you purchase an RV with a dinette?..:S My current 5th wheel came with a/the table & 4 chairs "option", as I ordered. Both (all) are gone now.....replaced by a small drop-leaf table and two (more practicable) chairs. It's normally left in a "two chair" configuration, drop leaves down). The space where the original table & chairs were located, could have been left empty if I so desired. (I did locate it forward of the previous spot) - which made room for 2 recliners. BTW - the original table is still providing excellent service in the breakfast area of my S&B. The RV mfgr's plan worked fine for me! .
Dtank 07/05/19 05:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheels....heck of a following

Anyone notice how there seems to be a lot more posts under the 5th wheel section of RV compared to the other types? Just seems to me more questions/topics about them. Plus, from my blind eye observation, appear to be gaining in popularity. Most will fall into one of the following categories: - "Can my XXXXX truck pull a YYYY fifth wheel?" - "Are there any 1/2 ton towable 5th wheels?" (YES) - "Do I need a 350/3500 or will my 250/2500 truck work?" I'm sure there are others like these which have been beaten to death. Interesting number of post "stats" on Escapees "RV Types" - Class A - 3,991 Class B - 375 Class C - 668 5th whl - 7,842 MDT - 2,326 HDT - 77,697 BusConv - 523 The MDT and HDT forums provide a great answer to: "can my XXXXX truck can pull a YYYY fifth wheel?"..... and/or "Do I need a 350/3500 or will my 250/2500 truck work?" LOTS of those folks "gravitate" to the HDT forums for answers to the above! The HDT folks will never need to worry about "upgrading" to a heavier fifth wheel - (they're "there" now). Questions on that forum are mostly about owner's tow vehicles and/or the fifth wheels they tow. (Great, friendly group!) Bonus - a gently used HDT can be licensed as a Motorhome in most states, and will have all the whistles, bells (and more) of a new pickup for *WAY* less $$. When singled it will do most of the "normal" things a dually pickup will do (turning, parking, etc.) - with surprisingly good mpg. :C .
Dtank 07/05/19 05:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Lawnmowers

This a joke right? Now that "we" know the answer, it's (maybe) one more thing to add to the "inventory" of essential and/or nice to have stuff !! Soooo time to add it to the: "Handy hints, gadgets and gizmos" thread. -or- link it in the.... Around the Campfire forum - (readers are bound to think it's a joke). :B
Dtank 07/04/19 04:18pm General RVing Issues
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