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RE: A Horrible GSRA Experience

Marcus, to say we are not happy is an understatement. You must not be very happy about this either. He does not care as long as his wallet gets fatter.
DownTheAvenue 11/02/19 07:35pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Converting to dc fridge

If you never boondock, the perhaps a residential refrigerator would be a better choice for you. I have a 12 volt/120 volt Nova Cold refrigerator and find it to be far superior to the gas absorption models. Two batteries keep it running unril I drive or run the generator.
DownTheAvenue 10/31/19 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Martingale Collar Danger

The only collar for a dog to have is the kind that have a plastic quick release connector. Any other collar is for direct supervision while walking, etc. Dogs that wrestle each other are better off with no collar during play.
DownTheAvenue 10/30/19 09:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Short queen mattress at CW

Go to one of the many Original Mattress Stores in and around Orlando and Kissimmee. They will custom build any home quality mattress to your specific size. Being a conventional mattress store, they have all different types, softness, covering, etc. Your RV mattress should be the same quality and you should have the same choices as the mattress in your house. Save your gift certificate for something RV related.
DownTheAvenue 10/28/19 03:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: New old ride

Perhaps he meant motorbike and plans to put it on the back of the motorhome, either towed in a trailer or on a platform attached to the motorhome. If that is the case, his motorbike is his toad!
DownTheAvenue 10/27/19 12:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter Storage - Cover at Home or Store at Indoor Facillity?

There are always risks. Leave it outside, and besides the potential scratching caused by a cover, rodents could cause severe damage or even a fire. Winds could cause an object to hit the coach and damage it. I think your best bet is to drive it to Florida and stay with it during the Michigan winter! Seriously, wherever you park for the winter, there will always be risks. You apparently have been prudent finding a winter storage facility, and besides being sure you are adequately insured, there is nothing more you can do.
DownTheAvenue 10/26/19 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Myrtle Beach Camping World

Watched an F104, 69, Viet Nam come up our flight line, south to north from the sea, 100ftfrom the deck maybe. Right before he got parallel with our support unit's hanger,He opened up his gattling gun. It did not fire at as fast a rate as an A10 but I believe it was a 30mm, In just a few hundred feet he almost stalled, it seemed, from the recoil. The north end of the field was tin shanties, right up to our wire, almost.Next day and thereafter when I took the jeep o the USO, or the PX across town I kept a more watchful eye.I never did see what he hit. What in the world has this got to do with a new RV that has multiple problems and the difficulty in getting correct repairs done?
DownTheAvenue 10/25/19 08:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Building RV park near McKinney TX, what would you want most?

1. Level sites. 2. Good electricity with 50, 30, and 20 amps outlets at each site. 3. Water available at each site all year. 4. Sewer at each site. 5. Adequate laundry that does not over charge. 6. Spacious sites and further secluded by landscaping between each site. 7. Concrete patio at each site.
DownTheAvenue 10/24/19 06:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Question for DMV Doug on spayed

Doug is the expert, but having just visited this issue at the University of Georgia Vet School with a puppy that was diagnosed with an etopic urethra, waiting until after they have gone through one heat lessens the possibility of urine leakage but increases the risk of mammary gland cancer.
DownTheAvenue 10/24/19 11:57am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dog Attack

In many cases where a dog attack occurs, the irresponsible owner is the problem. There are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. Having said that, there are certain breeds that have a propensity towards certain behaviors. However, each dog is an individual with its own personality. The wisest thing is to never put your dog into any situation where it could be in danger as the OP describes, or put your dog in a situation that makes it scared, over-stimulated, feeling unsafe, or even just uncomfortable. The end result may be like the original post.
DownTheAvenue 10/23/19 08:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Inflatable cooler

Sometimes you have to wonder what they were thinking. No way this would last a busy season. Why would it not last a season? The cooler could be made out of space age Kevlar fabric or similar that will outlast plastic or metal!
DownTheAvenue 10/22/19 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

As a general rule, no officer can make an inspection into your automobile or residence without a warrant that requires probable cause. If exigent circumstances exist, then a warrant is not required but probable cause must be present. I am not licensed to practice in California (thankfully) so the state's supreme court may have decisions that muddy these waters, and perhaps the federal district courts have weighed in on this as well. I doubt they have changed the probable cause requirement, however. The biggest issue against the State of California requiring anyone from submitting to any search or denying entry is that (1.) the U.S. Constitution allows for free travel without restriction, and (2.) except for just a few of the entry points into the state none are not subject to any inspection.
DownTheAvenue 10/21/19 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter RV'ing in Northern NWT/Yukon

You can't be serious trying to over winter in the Yukon or Northwest Territories in a RV. Keeping warm, keeping pipes from freezing, and keeping the absorption refrigerator operating will be a challenge for even the most experienced. One snafu could be life threatening. You asked how to power. Only two ways from the grid or a full time generator with am limitless fuel source. Power consumption will be excessive!
DownTheAvenue 10/19/19 08:56pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Another "Yuk" thread, or OMG, or what are they thinking?

If she was a solo who travels exclusively alone, then everything that was in that hose came from what's the big deal. (LOL)
DownTheAvenue 10/18/19 01:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Resent 2016-2019 Jayco qualiity?

Get everything in writing period. Don’t pay any attention to anything anyone tells you that isn’t in writing. If someone tells promises something verbally follow up with an email to that person confirming the contemporaneous conversation. While there is a lot of good information in this post, this section is completely wrong. I can tell you as an attorney this is incorrect. Because you send an email to someone "confirming" what they said does not mean they actually said it, or if they did if you did not misunderstand and your email then contains your misunderstanding. Most states have laws that specifically disallow any verbal contractual agreements. Unless it is in writing with both party's signature, you do not have an enforceable agreement. Another thing to consider is if the signor for the company has the authority to make the commitment.
DownTheAvenue 10/18/19 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Allowing non-housebroken dog to move in

Any dog at any age can learn a new behavior. However, some dogs are more likely to respond to learning than others. In this case, I suspect you will have quite a challenge, as you have three issues working against you. One is the breed- Chihuahuas can be stubborn and not very bright. Two is the accepted behavior that is now unacceptable has been ingrained into the dog its whole life, and you are asking for a change not just to learn something new. And thirdly, you need absolute consistency- everyone must be on board into managing the dog to go outside, and I doubt your mother will cooperate. Confining the dog to a very small area or crate and taking it out hourly, after eating, after waking from a nap, and any activity helps. Restricting water intake later in the evening helps over the night.
DownTheAvenue 10/15/19 08:20am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pickle on My Entry Door Grab Handle

I believe someone has put you in a pickle!
DownTheAvenue 10/14/19 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

We RVers need to Boycott places that don’t allow a special part of the camping experience...”campfires”. It’s bad enough that so many places don’t allow wood fires but not allowing propane campfires is beyond ridiculous. We carry in our RV a variety of equipment and supplies for a campfire and it’s so disappointing to not be able to use them and enjoy that experience. I own a small RV park and when we are in a burning ban I have had people cancel their reservation...”Really, we can’t have a campfire?...we will book another time” I will not book anymore places that don’t allow a campfire. You contradict yourself. You won't stay where campfires are not allowed, but you have a RV Park (which I doubt) and have burn bans.
DownTheAvenue 10/10/19 02:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford knox sensor

Stop using the aftermarket fuel additives. You are told why your check engine light comes on. Diesel fuel already is formulated to prevent gelling right out of the pump. Isn't science amazing? Try telling that to folks in areas where temps get down to -30 to -20. My son drives an over the road tractor trailer Chicago and north into Minnesota and Wisconsin and has yest to put anything in the truck but the fuel that comes out of the pump. The refiners put in anti gel additives as it leaves the terminal. You can buy all the snake oil you want and put it into your truck to set off the check engine light and ultimately lead to a shorter life of those sensors. Its your truck and your wallet. Your dealer told you to stop.
DownTheAvenue 10/09/19 04:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford knox sensor

Stop using the aftermarket fuel additives. You are told why your check engine light comes on. Diesel fuel already is formulated to prevent gelling right out of the pump. Isn't science amazing?
DownTheAvenue 10/09/19 08:03am Tow Vehicles
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