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RE: My black tank valve is stuck. Easy lube fix?

You don't say how old your coach is but when mine began to get difficult to smoothly operate after about 5 years so I just replaced the entire valve setup. The handle on the grey tank valve was developing a crack so figured better to do it at home with all my tools available and no pressure. I believe folks refer to this sort of thing as "Preventative Maintenance". I ordered the replacement valve assembly off of Amazon {about $40 a couple of years ago} and had it in 2 days... probably would not be that simple out on the road. It took about an hour and half to pull the old one and install the new. Tip of the day: start with a clean and empty pair of tanks. :S Spraying on lube or greasing up the exposed portion of the shafts is basically a bandaid solution once they start to stick. Better to get it done right and know that it will never be a problem during a trip. Worked for me... :C
Desert Captain 07/09/20 03:34pm Tech Issues
RE: New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure......if everyone would cooperate we would have a lot less cases. People with the attitude of that person above are a big part of the problem. X10 Ah yes... "Denial" - Not just a river in Egypt. :S
Desert Captain 07/09/20 10:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Blow-out ...

Don't forget a pair of jack stands {or at least one} unless you are willing to bet your life and limbs on your jack and the surface it sits on. :C Over the years I have changed a lot of tires, on many vehicles. Other using some jacks with some vehicles, I have never had to get under to change a tire. And doing a lot of other work, I have set many vehicles on stands. Could never do that without at least reaching under the vehicle. IMHO, for a tire change, a stand increases not reduces the danger. They are also known as safety stands for the folks who don't know jack... :B You assume everyone has a tandem axle trailer and I can assure you those of us with a single axle trailer need to use one for obvious reasons. A tandem axle trailer has the support of the non flat tire, true that but... You still need to jack the trailer up about 4 - 6" just to be able get the spare back on and if that jack fails you could end up with the nick name "lefty". I can shove my jack/safety stand under the frame without crawling under, a piece of 2 X 6" works fine for that. If the ground gives or the jack fails the frame rests securely on the stand. I'm not a fan of using leveling jacks to lift any trailer but that is just me... they are not engineered/designed to do it but will in a pinch... which is what you just might get if something goes south. When you get free advice {most of what you find here on the Forum} you do indeed get what you paid for so take or leave it. :C
Desert Captain 07/06/20 05:31pm Towing
RE: Blow-out ...

Good advice. I always put full pressure in my tires btw, never had them explode or run hot on my TT. Only other thing to add is make sure if you need a jack , its the proper size, and leveles can be a lifesaver, not all flats are on level ground! Stay safe. Don't forget a pair of jack stands {or at least one} unless you are willing to bet your life and limbs on your jack and the surface it sits on. :C
Desert Captain 07/06/20 12:50pm Towing
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

Another consideration/tactic that works well when buying from a dealer... Find what you are looking for and walk in ready to make the deal on the last day of the month. The larger the dealer the better this works. Explain to the sales manager that you are: A. ready, willing and able to do a deal that day and B. reasonably certain he has already made his nut for the month and that any unit they sell before the close of business will generate cash straight from the corporate office. In most cases they will move heaven and earth to get you closed by the end of the business day. I have used this technique three times {once buying my lightly used coach from La Mesa RV, once when buying a new Indian motorcycle that was the last 2017 in their 84,000 square foot facility and most recently when I bought my 2019 Honda Ridgeline last July31st}. In all three transactions the sales manager admitted I was correct and that yes, he was seriously motivated to make a deal that day. When I bought the bike and the Honda I was prepared to pay cash and told them so but with a Fico score of 840 they were very excited about financing me in-house as that probably added another $500 to their bottom line. I returned in 48 hours and paid off both loans incurring 2 days of interest expense to save hundreds. Salesmen aren't the only ones out there who can be devious. :W
Desert Captain 07/06/20 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

Can't blame New Mexico for their restrictions. They got burned early on and had to completely shut down Gallup for a couple of weeks. The Navajo populations has been devastated adding to the NM misery. Still they are doing far better than most of the neighboring states and there is a reason for that... they clamped down early and have held firm. I wish my home state of Arizona had done the same as we are now one of the major hotspots nationwide. :S
Desert Captain 07/04/20 12:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Motorcycle Towing

I have seen motorcycle carriers that attach to a hitch. Can you attach a motorcycle carrier to the back of Travel Trailer hitch to support a 600 lb motorcycle? IMHO: The short answer is no. Few if any trailers will have a robust enough rear bumper to support 600#. If you beef the bumper up you might be able to add a small bike/scooter but keep in mind that the rear bumper is the worst possible place to add weight. That much additional weight all the way back is a sure recipe for sway and the lever action takes the physics in entirely the wrong direction. What is your tow vehicle? Any way you could load the bike in the back assuming it is a truck with sufficient payload? There are some toy hauler models out there that can handle 600+# but it sounds like you already have the trailer. Good luck. :C
Desert Captain 07/01/20 02:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Driving in windy conditions

"If "your rig handles badly in 16 mph there's something seriously wrong somewhere but I doubt you will have any issues, :C Thanks, this is what I am looking for. I can't visualize winds of different speeds. I feel better now about the trip. You're welcome... As a former/retired professional boat captain I used to routinely bet my life on being able to judge the weather in general and specifically wind speeds. When in doubt as to the conditions you will encounter remember this old boat Captain's mantra... The only weather you can control is the weather you choose to leave in" It took me three times of not following that sage advice, nearly got myself seriously dead all three times, before it finally sank in. :S :B
Desert Captain 06/30/20 11:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driving in windy conditions

"If "your rig handles badly in 16 mph there's something seriously wrong somewhere but I doubt you will have any issues, if you do... Start by checking the inflation of all of your tires relative to the load they are actually carrying - not per the door sticker or the max psi on the sidewalls. When it gets 25 - 35 I have to start paying a little more attention and when I start getting 50 mph gusts it is time to call it a day. My 24' Class C is about as boxy as they come and I usually am towing an 8' tall 6 X 10' cargo trailer as well. Three weeks ago while on our way to Yellowstone we encountered 35 gusting to 45 out of the southwest between Casper and Shoshoni Wyoming {we were headed northwest} putting the wind right on the beam of our rig. After and hour of this I pulled off at a rest stop and it was all I could do to get my door open into the wind. Took a break for 15 minutes and then got back out on the road and while it was not fun it was doable. After another hour we made it to Shoshoni and put the wind behind us, end of problem. :C
Desert Captain 06/30/20 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C with out tow car

"One concern I do have with us taking our small Class C around to visit places is having to leave it parked too much off-level for long periods with it's absorption refrigerator turned on. " Anytime we park the coach with the frig on I always check to see just how level we are. If it is even close to not being level enough I just turn it off. If you leave the door closed and don't let the coach heat up too much by opening a vent/windows or even running the fan the interior temp of the frig will change very little if any. You just have to remember to turn it back on when you return. Between my bride and I we manage to remember to turn it off and back on every time we refuel so this ritual is not a problem. :C
Desert Captain 06/30/20 07:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help with Yellowstone and Tetons

When we were there a couple of weeks ago all of the RV Parks/hook up sites in the park were closed due to Covid -19. We did see some campgrounds inside the park that were open but they appeared to be strictly off the grid. Everyday we were there the lines seemed to get longer at the entrances. By the time we left on day 6 the back up at the south entrance was looking like an hour or more as people kept streaming north to the park from Grand Teton. I cannot imagine what Yellowstone looks like in July and August and I can assure you I will never find out. :S
Desert Captain 06/27/20 10:54am Roads and Routes
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

"And FYI, if you live in the County, sales tax is only around %5.4, there is no smog on your vehicle, and insurance and registration are cheaper." Our home is about 200 yards north of the Pima {Tucson} Pinal county line. With Pinal being the large in area smallish in population county that it is we have no, zip, nada smog testing on any vehicles registered in Pinal county. You do have to sign a statement that you are not commuting for employment or education into Pima county... which is no problem for this old retired guy. :B Our property taxes are lower than most Arizona counties, utilities are far lower not to mention insurance, be it vehicular or property. The non profit electrical co-op that supplies our electricity even sends us a check once a year equal to the profit they made divided by the number of customers they have, it usually runs around $68. Not many places where you encounter that sort of perk. :C
Desert Captain 06/26/20 12:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

Sorry Doug. You are incorrect. In Arizona, there is no tax when you register a privately bought vehicle, be it a motorcycle, or a million dollar motorhome Yes, registration is expensive....As Desert Captain mentioned, but no, no sales tax Well you did not read and understand my post. I STATED there is no sales tax. What I posted is HOW Arizona GETS its money. People like you have no comprehension of how insidious the Gov is. Just because they state no sales tax and they think how much better Arizona is. THEY GET THEIR POUND OF FLESH---ALWAYS. They just call it something else and some people have no clue. It still come out of YOUR pocket. And goes to the Government. Doug PS, Texas has NO state income tax. BUT, Texans pay a higher property tax, but not as bad as a State Income tax. And what I listed is straight from your State website Do you pay sales tax buying car private seller in Arizona? Yes, you will pay tax on the purchase of the used car. However, you do not pay tax to the private owner at the time of the sale. You pay tax to the DMV when you transfer the title and register the vehicle. " Registration fees and sales tax are two totally different fees. When I bought my neighbors 1995 LTD for $2,500 sales tax {if purchased from a dealer vs a private party} would have been $200. I registered it for $26. When I bought my 2017 Rzr for $8,400 the tax would have been $672 but I registered it for less than $100. Registration fees in Arizona, like many states, are based upon the value of the vehicle sold along with other factors like the vehicle classification. Every state has differing tax laws... Some have no state income or sales tax but get you with higher property taxes, some don't tax retirement income but one way or the other some states have definite advantages, especially for us folks of the retired persuasion. :C
Desert Captain 06/25/20 02:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

Sorry Doug. You are incorrect. In Arizona, there is no tax when you register a privately bought vehicle, be it a motorcycle, or a million dollar motorhome Yes, registration is expensive....As Desert Captain mentioned, but no, no sales tax Thanks, you beat me to it... I have purchased a car, 2 motorcycles, 1 popup and a 22' TT and a Polaris Rzr from private parties here in Arizona and have never paid a dime of sales tax. Yes, the registration fees are initially onerous but as noted they drop a bunch every subsequent year, my Class C is almost 7years mine {purchased used from a dealer} and the fees have dropped considerably. I also enjoy paying approximately 1/4 the property taxes and far less income tax vs what I paid in southern California not to mention that utilities, groceries etc are all a lot cheaper here. Arizona has been a good fit for us as retired folks and the ability to golf, camp, ride my bike or Rzr about 350 days a year is priceless and yes I know, it's a dry heat... much like a Pizza oven. :B
Desert Captain 06/25/20 11:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

The issue of sales tax was mentioned earlier in this discussion. it is worth researching to know where you stand in any given state. Here in Arizona there is no sales tax in any private party transaction. That would represent a serious savings over buying from a dealer and paying around 8 percent. :C
Desert Captain 06/25/20 07:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C with out tow car

Like Phil our 24' C is 101" wide {no slides needed} and we have never had a problem sight seeing, grocery getting etc. When we did our cross country {22 states and 7,800 miles in 61 days} a couple of years ago we managed to stay at the Family and Friends RV facilities for 32 nights... because we could fit just about anywhere including a simple residential driveway. I often tow our cargo trailer now not because I ever needed a toad but because I love to ride my motorcycle or drive the Rzr in the many fun places we go... now if I just figure out how to squeeze both into a 6 X 10" trailer... :B
Desert Captain 06/23/20 01:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Help with Yellowstone and Tetons

We just returned from a 19 day trip from Tucson to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and while our trip was just my bride and I in a 24' Class C here are few thoughts to share. Since you will be in Cody do not miss the Buffalo Bill Center of the West but try an allow at least an hour or two to explore. You could spend more time but a couple of hours will give you a great look at this amazing display. We drove from Cody across the Yellowstone to West Yellowstone where we stayed at the Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park {about one mile from the west gate of the park}. This is a very nice RV Park that I highly recommend. Access to Yellowstone from here is excellent especially as you have Old Faithful near the top of your list. The ride to OF is awesome with lots of thermal areas too explore along the way. Buffalo and Elk by the hundreds typically graze along most of the route. We spent 4 - 6+ hours 6 days out of 7 exploring the parks in our coach on the cold days and on my motorcycle when it warmed up and covered nearly 700 miles. We did not see all of Yellowstone but we did see most of it. Do not miss the Grand canyon of Yellowstone {see it from both sides of the canyon}. The waterfalls will take your breath away, one is 308' high as the Yellowstone river roars through the narrow canyon. The Mud Volcano is another great stop with lots to see. Leaving Old Faithful continue east and then north along the west shore of the lake {going towards Fishing Bridge {the Grand Canyon is just north of FB}. If you have the time a trip up to mammoth Springs near the north entrance is another great ride with lots to see when you arrive. Not sure how you accommodate 7 in one vehicle and for how long that remains fun but Yellowstone is so amazing I have no doubt you will all have a blast. We drove south out of the park and also stayed at Firesides Buffalo Valley RV Park and loved it. The views of the surrounding Grand Teton's are incredible. The restrooms and laundry facilities were immaculate and they have a small store and gas station on the property. A drive into Jackson is scenic beyond belief and it is a fun town to visit just 40 miles down the road from the RV Park. The Jackson Lake area is another great area to explore. It is impossible to pick a favorite photo but this one works about as well as any. The smile on my bride's face pretty much says it all. This is about halfway to Jackson from the RV park at the Glacier View turn out: Different trips for different folks but Yellowstone and Grand Teton are about as good as RV'ing gets. Hope this helps... Enjoy! :B
Desert Captain 06/23/20 10:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Climbing steep grades...

"HUH??? Have you driven I-17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff or Flagstaff to Phoenix??? I've been down to 15mph or lower behind heavy trucks when passing was impossible on that route. If you can live with the reduced speed on a hard climb and your engine and transmission is not overheating, and you're running within weight limits, YOU ARE NOT OVERLOADED AND YOUR TOAD IS JUST FINE. You do not have to fly up steep hills at 70mph. Frankly, someone having fun following me up a steep hill does not concern me at all. I will be in the right lane, obeying the local and state laws. and if my speed bothers you, go around. My job is not to keep someone behind me having fun." I have driven those routes dozens of times and have NEVER seen anyone down to 15 mph. I do see trucks chugging along at 35 with their flashers on and yes passing them is a PITA. Driving far slower than the flow of traffic is not only dangerous, rude and foolish it is also illegal. No one said you have to "fly up steep hills at 70". If you are going 15 - 25 you are not obeying the local and state laws or the feds for that matter and the interstates are their jurisdiction. I stand by my opinion that if you are only able to do 25 mph on a 6 percent grade something is wrong. You are correct that your job is not to keep someone behind you having fun...Your job is to drive safely. Sorry you don 't get that. As always... opinions and YMMV. :R
Desert Captain 06/22/20 08:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Climbing steep grades...

"We are around 25mph when we reach the top." IMHO: If the best you can do on a 6 percent grade on the interstate is 25 mph you have waaaay too much Toad and/or not nearly enough power for the load you are expecting it to haul. Even heavily loaded 18 wheelers do better than that. Class C's over 30' tend to have very little payload available and adding a Toad that is very close to your max towing capability is a recipe for disaster. You may be FunTwoDrv but probably are not much fun to follow. As always... Opinions and YMMV. :E
Desert Captain 06/22/20 11:29am Class C Motorhomes
The newest and shortest Interstate...

Passing through Las Vegas and then Henderson Nevada on our way home we discovered Interstate 11. Shortly after you climb up and out of Henderson and traverse Railroad Pass highway 93 magically becomes Interstate 11 {much to the consternation of our Garmin GPS}. Now what I-11 lacks in length, it is just 10 miles long, it more than makes up for in state of the art highway engineering, yep it is gorgeous. Shortly before it drops you back on 93 just southwest of the Hoover Dam {currently closed to visitors due to the virus} there is a very nice viewpoint/rest stop that is worth your time. It overlooks Lake Mead and the views are awesome. Speaking of short and gorgeous here is a shot of our rig parked at the viewpoint: Sorry I could not resist. Actually I-11 has been on the drawing boards for years and is slowly taking shape. It will eventually run from Nogales on the Mexican border south of Tucson mostly straight to Las Vegas cannibalizing many existing roadways {like highway 93}. Stretches of 93 between I-40 and Wickenburg are under massive construction as we speak and that stretch of 93 really needs to be improved {as it is one seriously dangerous stretch of mostly 2 lane}. The folks living west of Tucson are screaming bloody murder over this proposal so don't look for it to be completed any time soon. Ahh progress... such as it is. :B
Desert Captain 06/21/20 12:39pm General RVing Issues
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