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RE: Camping experiences

Our most memorable camping experience was many years ago: I had been told by a friend of a great campground where their church group had camped. What we didn't know until we got there with OUR extended family, was that the campground had been taken over by a group who dubbed it "Cannabis Camp". The good news: there were no fights, everyone was wonderfully-friendly; and we had live music all day long :-) The bad news: any maintenance that needed to be done had been neglected, like replacing the water heater for the ladies' shower; or removing the massive wasp nest from a common pavilion. Best moment: our 5 yr old granddaughter said "Mom, why are so many people wearing shirts with leaves on them?" and our daughter never missed a beat: "They're Canadian, honey" (my apologies to our northern neighbors, but at age 5, a leaf is a leaf)
Deb and Ed M 09/25/20 07:56am RV Lifestyle
RE: Floors

Forest River makes a number of campers with 5/8" ply wood floors My 2018 Rockwood has a plywood floor
Deb and Ed M 09/23/20 09:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for next travel trailer

RV trader will let you search, based on features, length, weight, etc. Once you find one that you like - then go searching for it based on name and model. Or (what I did) - you can go to a huge RV website, like "Forest River" or "Thor" and then search the floorplans of all the subset brand names. I just bought a Rockwood Mini Lite 2109S - I know there's a very similar model that has a Murphy bed arrangement instead of the island queen bed. If I remember correctly, a LOT of 20' and shorter models offered the floorplan I think you are asking for. (My trailer is 4100 lbs, but it has a double axle) On edit: the 2104S is the trailer I was thinking of - BUT: it's #4900 lbs; (The murphy bed feature adds a lot of weight) and when you get that one, you lose the pass-through storage area. For what you are hoping for, you might have to go with a single axle trailer?
Deb and Ed M 09/23/20 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Foolish Things We’ve Done as Kids

Deb here - I will probably blame some of my adventures on the fact that my neighborhood was ALL boys..... In hindsight - the one memory that scares me most now that I'm a mother/grandmother, was my adventurous spirit, even at age 4. My mom worked, and the old lady who watched me figured I was safe in our fenced back yard - except that I could shinny up a sapling, put my foot on the fence, and jump over. Into the trainyards - where I would play amongst the parked (and sometimes open) boxcars.....
Deb and Ed M 09/22/20 05:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: We are Drowning in our...

In all fairness, speaking as one of those folks who participates in the "Adopt-a-Highway" program where we pick up litter along a 2-1/2 miles stretch of highway: a lot of the roadside trash is stuff that blows out of trash trucks. Finding a Wendy's wrapper, when Wendy's is 15 miles east, for example. I tend to assume the lightweight stuff is blowouts from the trucks; the minibottles of liquor, on the other hand, are definitely from the local slobs....
Deb and Ed M 09/21/20 08:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Is anyone doing anything fun lately?

We are blessed with living on a large lake and having many of our kids/grandkids nearby - we haven't been lacking in the "Fun" department :-) We also attended the "World Skim Bike Championship" held near our home - this video is from last year, but it's pretty hilarious! Skim Bikes
Deb and Ed M 09/18/20 08:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

Some random thoughts: at least 15 years ago, I installed peel-and-stick "oak" vinyl planks in our (house) bathroom, I think they were made by Congoleum; and they have endured all these years and still look nice. Last year, we had Home Depot's "Life proof" vinyl planks installed in our condo - one of the things I noticed was that they didn't have to be "acclimatized" by sitting inside for a few days before installation. Implies to me that they don't shrink or expand as much as other flooring? The drawback is the thickness of each plank - they are at least 1/4" thick, which might interfere with a slideout. Last thought: depending on whether the RV is a trailer or MH, there could be uneven heat sources (like exhaust pipes) under the floor. I saw a converted van, whose owner has installed vinyl "coin flooring" and it bubbled up where it was laid over the cat. converter.
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 08:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Great Smoky Mountains Bear FoundScavenging On Human Remains

But the Ranger logic on this is that once the bear gets a taste of Human flesh. that bear will want more... or so they fear. (I have heard this before and before you ask I do not know if it is true or hooey.. but there are people who claim to be experts who make this pronouncement and I have not the qualifications to argue with them. I very simply do not know). From what I understand, all predators prefer to go after the easiest prey. Explains why wolves/bears/pumas who learn to go after livestock will continue to do it; an elk will put a beat-down on a wolf, but a sheep is easy pickings. A human is not a "natural" food - but your average un-armed hiker doesn't put up a very effective fight, sad to say. Once a predator figures that out, it's bad news for all involved.
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 07:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Watch those glass stove tops.

I have a glass top for my stove in our new-to-us trailer - thanks for the heads-up!
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 07:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone towing a TT with new Silverado 1500, 3.0L diesel?

I can't compare, other than a generalized "our previous diesels (1 each of the Big Three) outpulled my Silverado" - but our 5.3 V8 got about 11.4 mph pulling our (small!) #4500 20' TT on a recent trip. We ran around 65 mph on relatively flat expressways. Ed got around 13+ mpgs pulling our car hauler with a large SUV loaded (around #5000) but that's much more aerodynamic than a TT....LOL! Our previous diesels pulled our 30' 5th wheel like it wasn't there. Going up mountain highways, it just boosted the turbo a little bit - if the truck actually downshifted, Ed and I would laugh and say "Oooh - steep!" The 5.3 downshifts a lot, and generally runs over 2000 rpms when in tow/haul mode - BUT: as my also "daily driver" - the Silverado is one sweet truck. We don't camp enough to justify the cost and extra maintenance of a diesel, nor does our trailer require it. Deb
Deb and Ed M 09/15/20 07:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Do dogs have an internal gps?

And a macro version of this - I was always amazed by my blind dog Jimmy's ability to immediately memorize the floorplan of a house or hotel room that he had never been in before. Finally, a couple of weeks into an extended trip staying at a different place every night, in the middle of the night I heard a tiny whimper - Jimmy was "lost" in a corner and couldn't find his way out. I got up, petted him and told him he was OK and put him on the bed with me. Must be he had maxxed out his memory....LOL!
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 03:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Need help with Jesse-behavior

My Jimmy (35 lb Aussiepoo) was diabetic, but was able to go all night without drinking or peeing, although wore a "cummerbund" to catch any leaks if he was soundly sleeping. Clearly, Jesse has more going on than diabetes - makes me wonder if all the water he drinks is messing with the thyroid drug's effectiveness?? Maybe you should message Dr Doug?
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 02:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Interesting entry steps / stairs.

I used something similar to this Little Giant stair system with the handrail folded down. Was stable and lightweight, and stored easily inside the camper Folding steps I should add that the wide steps were not so scary for my dogs to walk on.
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 10:48am Truck Campers
RE: Just bought Truck Camper- how do I move

I used (2) 2" ratchet straps to bring our pop-up home - I just padded where the strap crossed the top of the camper, and tightened it to "just snug". Also ran a strap around the back of the camper so it couldn't slide backward. No problems, although we took local 55mph roads, not the e-way.
Deb and Ed M 09/14/20 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

You might have a heated basement, but chances are pretty good that your low point drains are out in the open, along with the outlet for your black/gray tanks? That was the case for our 5th wheel, so when we had to camp in 5-degree temps as we headed home one year, we FULLY winterized the camper, used a portapotty (urine freezes at 28 degrees) and the drinking/cooking/toothbrushing water came from a jug - anything that would have gone into the gray tank was dumped into a dishpan
Deb and Ed M 09/04/20 06:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Storing ball hitch

With all the "stuff" in a rear bumper now (sensors, etc) I always leave the ball mount in the receiver (or I use a "Bully Step" in the receiver). Eons ago one fall, riding with my Mom in her monstrous old station wagon with a hitch, we were stopped at an intersections when she yelled hang on - we're going to get hit!!! A smaller sedan was sliding on wet fallen leaves and piled into the back of the wagon - it destroyed his motor/radiator/heaven only knows what else. My Mom's wagon had a tiny scratch on the rear bumper. But along with that protection comes the knowledge that sooner or later your shin is going to kiss that thing....
Deb and Ed M 08/28/20 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: light weight travel trailer - NO BO 19.5

My son has the smaller NoBo, and pulls it with an F-150. Says it sways a bit; but in his case, the tail isn't big enough/heavy enough to wag the dog. He REALLY likes the versatility of the trailer!
Deb and Ed M 08/24/20 08:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Tool kit?

The one thing I carry in my soft tool bag that's kind of unique to RVs: A section of Eternabond tape. If/when you need it - you need it NOW. Amazon sells 10' lengths of it.
Deb and Ed M 08/21/20 11:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Birthday Girl Nell

Old dogs can go down hill so fast we’re always watching them closely for subtle changes that can turn bad. Glad she made a turnaround - I think we've all walked in those moccasins. More than once I've greeted an elderly dog by saying "Hey - you're still alive?? Let's go have breakfast!" (Morbid humor disguising the fear that one morning they DON'T wake up - or worse yet, you know that you have to make that awful last trip to the vet)
Deb and Ed M 08/19/20 07:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: New trailer heating options

To the O.P. - I just bought the slightly-smaller version of your trailer (2109S) and I was amazed by how fast the single battery became depleted, just sitting there doing nothing. (I didn't disconnect the battery because I was stocking the trailer and occasionally running the fantastic fan) Several days into my "nesting" - I noticed that the antenna power was turned on (green light behind the TV) so I switched that off; but there's still a parasitic draw from the LP detector, etc. For $25, I bought a "float charger" from Amazon that will hopefully prevent battery depletion.
Deb and Ed M 08/18/20 07:13am Travel Trailers
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