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RE: Don't Panic

And people will get brain damage if forced to breath air with less than 19% oxygen while wearing a mask despite the fact that above 2,000’ elevation the percent oxygen naturally drops below 19%. WHEW - I'm so glad I live at 800'..... and as a flatlander, I can attest that there's ZERO oxygen (or so my body thinks) at 14,000 feet and above.
Deb and Ed M 07/08/20 01:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Sasha 1st birthday

Happy birthday, Sasha!! (Augie's will be in a few more weeks) We DO need pictures, though!!
Deb and Ed M 07/08/20 01:20pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Hauler to get my trailer from Florida to Canada?

It's a brand new cargo trailer with our golf cart in it. Hopefully shipping will be a lot less than it's worth. width=800 We regularly ship cars from FL to Michigan for $600/car, but we use "Central Dispatch" which is for car dealers
Deb and Ed M 07/05/20 01:40pm Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

As we watch the Florida Covid numbers soar like the rockets we love to watch, we're having the "will we even go?" conversation. Fortunately, there are many months before we have to decide.
Deb and Ed M 07/05/20 01:36pm Snowbirds
RE: Hey Michigan people, title and registration question

We're a used-car dealer in Michigan: you'll need to make an appointment with the SOS, they are really backed up. Carry your bill of sale with you, the police are supposed to be *forgiving* regarding newly-purchased vehicles with expired or no plates.
Deb and Ed M 07/05/20 01:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Don't Panic

Dr Doug, Thanks for the info. I get the feeling that a country’s citizens response to the pandemic is a reflection of that country’s success or failure in educating its citizens in science. Mark Or is it that large groups of people are just quick to rationalize why they don't need to follow intelligent advice, based on conspiracy/political bent/crazy theories....LOL! (I'm especially entertained by the "masks cause CO2 poisoning" group - really?? Every Doctor/nurse/medical assistant would be dead (eye roll)) The anti-vaxxers will be saying Rabbit Ebola came from the Covid Vaccine testing... oy....
Deb and Ed M 07/03/20 08:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: Don't Panic

Thanks, Dr Doug - I will pass the "Rabbit Ebola" news along to my daughter, whose kids show rabbits in 4H (assuming there IS a 4-H Fair this year)
Deb and Ed M 07/01/20 09:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: What "NAME" can you call that Class B?

It took me a while but at long last, I found a name? for a Class B, C, and even a Class A that operates without the aid of a GENERATOR, But there are some items you can not live without MOST OF THE TIME to beat the HEAT, Cook, Shower and sleep in comfort. SO this is the best name that seems to work. Your thoughts? "PURE SINE, SOLAR" I think you need a lesson in amperage. Anything that creates heat or air conditioning, draws a LOT of amps. Unless you are exclusively camping in the mountains or high desert - you will want air conditioning. And there's nothing that will run an RV A/C other than shore power or a generator. Many of the privately-converted vans can run off solar power as long as they don't have A/C and use a fossil-fueled heat & hot water system. I can stay comfortable all night using my Fantastic Fan and 2-battery 12 v system in temperate weather; but we still opt for shore power to run the coffee maker, for example. If you want to read about setting up a solar-powered system (and what it can do) - go to Antoine and Isabelle live full-time in their converted van; and are both engineers. They go into details about the electrical systems and figuring how many amps you need.
Deb and Ed M 06/24/20 08:17am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Are you a Songbird or Snowbird?

I was always confused by the name "Snowbird" because in Michigan, the Snowbirds (Juncoes) show up when it snows. Which is just about the time when we are headed to FL; and we head back north when it stops snowing and the Juncoes are gone. Ed says we're "Endless Summer" folks...LOL!
Deb and Ed M 06/23/20 08:13am RV Lifestyle
RE: Camper Bedding

I guess the bigger question was after washing can I make the beds again and then store it with the beds made. In our fold out I would vacuum seal all the bedding each time we put it away and that made it a chore every time we pulled it out. I washed the bedding, then remade the bed. That way there was one less chore as we were getting ready to go out again. Unless you are in a VERY dusty or humid environment, I'm not sure why you would vacuum-seal the bedding? Seems like unnecessary extra work and camping should be all about keeping it simple :-)
Deb and Ed M 06/15/20 07:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Newbie question

you can step down to 15A. you can use whatever you want as long as you dont draw more than 15 amps at a time. my trailer lives a lot of the year plugged in like this at home. I can run my fridge, phone chargers and AC, not much else. If i need an appliance or some other power draw i switch off the ac while im useing it then turn the ac back on when im done. This held true for us while camping at my bro-in-law's house, too. You pretty much get to run "one big thing or one heat producer" at a time. The heat producers like coffee pot or hair dryer use a lot of power, too. And we used a GOOD extension cord - many-stranded, 12 ga w/ground.
Deb and Ed M 06/15/20 07:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Primary care doctor? One in the north, one in the south?

Thanks for posting the question, and the answers. When Covid-19 reared its ugly head, Ed and I wondered who we'd contact if we needed medical help while in Florida. As it turned out, we managed to not become infected - but still will probably seek out a PCP in our area down there.
Deb and Ed M 06/12/20 08:59am Snowbirds
RE: My Chevrolet Express van Class B- camper

But I see this shiny Class Bs so I go inside and I immediately feel claustrophobic. There is too much "stuff" inside I dont want or need. That's how I felt, too - I walked into one (I forget the brand, probably doesn't matter) and I realized there wasn't enough floor space to put a dog bed down for my 2 smallish dogs to sleep on. Adding any kind of "cargo" would have been impossible. My converted Transit offers a Queen+ bed; wide open feel, and can still haul 40+ sheets of drywall if needed.
Deb and Ed M 06/12/20 08:50am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

Jayco I think you might be able to expand your options in a small class C. Really not much bigger than a class B but you'd be able to get a slide I sure hope the "60 x 70" inch queen bed size is a typo - I'm not spending 100k+ and have Ed's feet hanging off the bed about a foot! LOL! Otherwise - nice floorplan!
Deb and Ed M 06/09/20 06:45am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: NASA Annouces May 27 Return to Space from US

I had two sets of kids/grandkids visiting - and we ALL stood, watched the launch, and cheered!! Pretty exciting stuff!
Deb and Ed M 05/30/20 07:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Boating Safety

Another good tip from the Coat Guard Aux folks: if you have kayaks/canoes/paddlebboards or any other small boat-type of thing, be sure to put you name and phone number on it. That way, if your paddleboard blows off your dock in a storm, the Coast Guard can call and make sure you are actually quite safe, before they launch a search for a body....
Deb and Ed M 05/22/20 05:45pm RV Lifestyle
RE: One of those things about traveling

So far, the people below the dams have taken the evacuation orders seriously, thank goodness. I'm just praying that the huge Dow Chemical Plant is on high enough ground??
Deb and Ed M 05/21/20 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon trip

We drove up the Oregon coast, and I don't remember it being any different than the midwest, as far as humidity goes. It's an amazing drive!!
Deb and Ed M 05/19/20 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Nascar Follies

It rained all day, so we actually WATCHED the race :-) It was kind of resfreshing, after weeks of nothing. And it was nice to see Ryan Newman back in the driver's seat, after that awful crash.
Deb and Ed M 05/18/20 07:56am Around the Campfire
RE: RV shows are back - at least in Tucson

Regarding Hershey and MARVAC (Michigan) and other states. States are opening at different rates... Some states.. Well I'm not going to comment beyond this because I wish not to make work for the moderator. :) The result is some shows will happen. some won't. I suspect that Michigan will be very slow to have events where the attendees are not socially-distanced; ESPECIALLY in the SE corner of the State. I just saw the CDC guidelines for opening schools (another "not-enough-distance" situation - the criteria will be tough to follow)
Deb and Ed M 05/16/20 08:49am General RVing Issues
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