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RE: Ram Cummins/Aisin Failures

Those videos are horrible! nothing but repeat the same sentence from what I can see. He can cut both of them in half time wise, if he would not walk around the truck blabbering about nothing at all. Got two minutes in, quit watching. The link to the 22 page sticky came up after I looked at fish's second post..... Still, this guy needs to get to the point sooner than later. I gave up on both at about 2 minutes. My 02 on these video's. Marty I wanted to quit but I really wanted to see these AISIN failures. But as usual bashing a non subject.
Cummins12V98 03/13/23 08:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Cummins/Aisin Failures

Been hearing and reading about Cummins, Emission and Aisin failures on the 5th gen Ram trucks. Cummins Failure So for one the 19-22's are NOT 5th gen, they are 4.5 because they are NOT a new truck. Second where the HE!! is the AISIN failures you mention??? I watched the whole droning video and nothing was mentioned about AISIN. Why is he mentioning limp mode? His trucks should never go into limp mode unless he is running the DEF VERY low. The authority on CUMMINS "" has not mentioned a thing on this subject.
Cummins12V98 03/12/23 10:43am Tow Vehicles

Todays first tank was about 8.5 but venturing into TX with some mountains and heading to Midland, TX with a head wind running at 75mph the mileage was around 7mpg. But getting to see our Son we have not seen for too long the extra $$$ is a drop in the bucket.
Cummins12V98 03/08/23 04:20pm Towing

^^^So ... being too cheep to speed up on account of spending more on fuel is selfish and unacceptable but going slow cuz you're too cheep to trade the old Ram in on a new Ford is acceptable?:) You tell me, I just did three tanks of fuel crossing AZ and into NM with no winds. One 8.5, one 7.8 and another 8.5 mpg at 75mph on I-10. OH and that is with a 13'5" tall by 8'6" wide 5er that weighs 24k with a combined weight of 34,000#. UH, no trade for me!!! I STILL love my truck!!!
Cummins12V98 03/08/23 06:47am Towing
RE: Question about double towing

Most receiver hitches on a 5er are rated 3,000# and 300# hitch weight so a Wrangler would need something more substantial. Not sure how well something like that would flat tow??? May need a tow dolly??? I do know my combo is a dream to tow with no downside other then being sure wherever I go I can turn around as backing any distance is No Bueno. The Map shown, YES WA and OR are no Double Tow but CA with an endorsement is fine and they do recognize SD licensed rigs. I have double towed NW WA to Socal and back since April 2017 with no issue. It saves me $500 each way on transport fees.
Cummins12V98 03/06/23 09:18am Fifth-Wheels

Going slower to the point of impeding traffic because your vehicle can't safely go faster is one thing but going slow and impeding traffic to save fuel is selfish and unacceptable. 100% agree!!!!
Cummins12V98 03/06/23 08:59am Towing
RE: Residential Frig doors lock

Velcro strap the two handles together.
Cummins12V98 03/04/23 08:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW

Larry stays quite busy, he is a Wood Magician.
Cummins12V98 03/02/23 08:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW

My F-150 has a 10 speed and it spends a lot of time shifting gears, sometimes skipping a gear. I am sure that 7 or 8 would have been just fine behind the 2.7L ecoboost that has a broad torque curve down low. It is said that it is snappier and more fun to drive than the 3.5L ecoboost. I agree. 8 or 9 forward gears is the practical max/ideal gears needed. The 10 speed like you have only has about 150 rpm’s diff between 9 and 10. That’s one gear split not needed. I don't need "SPLITS". :B
Cummins12V98 02/28/23 08:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: New HD truck bed rails too tall for 5th wheel

FWIW, I measured the distance on my 2018 Ram Tradesman 2WD from the ground to the top back corner of the bed. It measured 59" without the trailer hooked up. It probably sags about 2-4 inches with the Momentum on board, and tows perfectly level. They are designed to settle in at near "LEVEL" as my truck sets in the ALT ride mode. Both pics are with my rear air ride set to ALT mode that is near level with top corner bed at 55". Loaded is with 6k pin weight.
Cummins12V98 02/26/23 10:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW

Me Again said: "I still think they got rid of the 3.42's as a concession to the 68 RFE's taller 1st and 2nd gears." 100% agree! Take those gears and put them behind the AISIN with it's lower starting gears and you have a GREAT combo for towing and running Bobtail. To order my truck again I would skip the 4.10's and order the 3,42's. I would tow at 60 at 1,750 rpm's in 5th the same turns as 4.10's in 6th. YES even at my 35k combined and West Coast Towing!!!
Cummins12V98 02/26/23 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW

And yes, a new 3.73 HO will not get as good of empty cruising fuel mileage as a 3.42 standard Cummins. But if they’re both srw trucks, the difference should not be huge. Maybe a couple mpgs. Also, I’d wait for a 2024 model…..can’t say why, but anyone halfway well read about Ram’s current and future transmission options will understand. I’ll throw out a clue. 12V says this will not be a worthwhile change….lol. This transmission change has been "going to happen" for several years. We will see what if anything changes in 2024. So far RAM has not caved to the "more is better" mentality.
Cummins12V98 02/26/23 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW

^^^ I think it’s got to be a 3500 series with the Aisin …. the high output is only available in a 3500 series and is only available with the Aisin. I am sure it is also, OP should have said specifically what the tuck is for those who don't know all the backstage info. His 15 has 3.42's unless changed as mentioned. Highly unlikely he will get that good of mileage with the new ride. I guess the topic did have some info "RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW"
Cummins12V98 02/25/23 07:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM 3500 with HO 6.7L Cummins SRW

More info on the new truck??? 3500? AISIN? Have to say this is a question to have been asked if it really matters BEFORE buying the new truck.
Cummins12V98 02/24/23 05:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New HD truck bed rails too tall for 5th wheel

After looking at the photos I can see why they are the same height. The amount of distance from the rear tire to the fender on the 2001 is huge, compared to my 2001 2WD dually. My fenders barely gave me enough room to reach in to pull the handle for the turnover ball release. Those are easily 8-10 inches more than mine. Yes, the 2001 had the Camper Package, which looks to have the same spring pack as the 3500 DRW. It also has 16" wheels and 265/75 tires. My 01 2500 Sport has a hell of a spring pack also and carries a nice load. When you have time I am curious as to the height from ground to top back corner of your DRW's bed. Mine sets 55" with the air ride loaded or not.
Cummins12V98 02/24/23 05:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New HD truck bed rails too tall for 5th wheel

Too much VOO-DOO being called for! Hook the darn thing up and see what it looks like.
Cummins12V98 02/22/23 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: New HD truck bed rails too tall for 5th wheel

Just go to your nearest dealer and measure the bed rail height. Measure the front overhang on the 5er. Done. Not really! What about the amount the rear compresses with his load??? Like I said he won't know if the RV needs any adjusting until his RV is FULLY LOADED and hitched.
Cummins12V98 02/20/23 07:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually Valve Stem Extenders

Maybe your truck is different but I have ZERO issues filling or deflating my DRW tires. Proper double ended air chuck and pressure gauge. Extenders simply cause another potential failure IMHO.
Cummins12V98 02/20/23 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Axle and tire?

GY Endurance made in USA is what I have after 2 Westlake tires blew that were 3 years old with 5k miles. You beat me to it!!!!!!! YES the GY's have a stellar record. Try to find a non road hazard failure. Put a set on my Boat Trailer Summer 2017, they are going strong with well over 25k and plenty of tread left. They do have a 87mph speed rating. OH and if it matters are US Made.
Cummins12V98 02/20/23 09:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Exterior Stairs

If one plans for all potential possibilities, one would sit at home, surround himself with pillows and do nothing. Don't forget that unlevel ground leading up to the steps, maybe we should only allow parking on concrete or other level surfaces. As I mentioned several times, solid steps may be necessary for mobility impaired individuals. Just had my knee operated on last week. Honestly can say I have not wished for solid steps.
Cummins12V98 02/20/23 09:38am Fifth-Wheels
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