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RE: A bright spot in all this doom and gloom

I love me some blueberries but they don't come close to a strawberry fresh from the field. Apparently you've lived a sheltered life and have never had fresh Maine blueberries! LOL! REAL blueberries are small, not like the big imitation ones you get in the store. Give me watermelon any day, though.
Crowe 04/08/20 07:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: A bright spot in all this doom and gloom

Nothing compares to naturally grown Hand picked Strawberries.. Blueberries. Maine blueberries.
Crowe 04/08/20 04:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bit of a health care rant

Sounds like you are on Medicare and the appointment was a "wellness visit" which you can't use to get real care, thus the money grab. Your tax dollars at work. Nope-Cigna. Ours is considered a "cadillac plan".
Crowe 04/08/20 04:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: A bright spot in all this doom and gloom

We just had ice out at Lake Winnepesauke this week. Ground is still partially frozen. Still a while before we can even think about stuff like that. There's nothing like fresh fruits and veggies!
Crowe 04/08/20 03:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bit of a health care rant

Is the doctor a general practitioner? If so. you might try seeing an endocrinologist. They specialize in disorders like diabetes and are much better at treating it. Yes. Unfortunately some of the practices require referrals from you PCP and they won't give them. Our insurance allows me to go wherever I want but the amount of coverage will differ. As hard as it may be, you might be better off to keep looking for another doctor. I have not yet seen this doctor as we just switched due to the move to NH. She comes highly recommended from a number of people. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and see her for my physical then decide from there. I understand some of what they do is required by the practice "owners" (i.e. the hospital, partner group, etc) so I at least want to give her a shot. It just kills me to be constantly bullied because I am a diabetic.
Crowe 04/08/20 11:06am Around the Campfire
RE: And Texas Caves In

CBS just showed a guy who died, not from the virus, but because of his heart, after his elective heart surgery was canceled. If we hadn't reacted so strongly to the virus, he might be alive now instead. People forget about 'the law of unintended consequences.' Take anything CBS reports on this with a grain of salt. They just ran a story a few days ago about some nurse that supposedly quit due to hospital conditions related to COVID-19. CBS never vetted the story and it turns out she hasn't worked there in a year because she is bi-polar and has other psychological issues. That said if waiting for the surgery truly caused his death then it wasn't elective surgery, it was necessary. He MIGHT still be alive but there's no way to know-it's possible he could have died from the virus itself had he contracted it or spread it to someone who may have died. There are always unintended consequences but I question the decision to postpone if he died from the issue.
Crowe 04/08/20 09:49am General RVing Issues
Bit of a health care rant

I am a diabetic and was scheduled for an A1C test and appointment with my new PCP on 4/15. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak I opted not to go to the lab. Before I could call the office to reschedule they called me, agreed that it was OK to not go and said they could reschedule but it would be 12 weeks out, around 7/15. My physical is scheduled for 7/27 so I said it would make more sense to wait and get the A1C check done right before then. They agreed. I self-monitor with home test kits (as accurate as the lab) so I keep a good handle on what's happening. Got a call this morning that my doc doesn't want to wait that long. I pushed back reminding them I couldn't get an appt until at least early July and it was a waste of time to go twice. I was then informed I would have to be booked for a double appointment since the diabetes check is separate from the physical. Really? Isn't that part of it? THEN I was informed there would not be time to discuss anything "acute", i.e. if I was having some sort of issue. That would have to be a separate appointment. Double REALLY? Isn't that what physicals are for, no only to check vitals but to ensure you are healthy?? I ran into this with my former health care provider as well. The diabetes "counseling" is no more than absolute bullying about the disease, it's effects, etc., which I am well aware of. IMHO these are easy money grabs-bill for an hour and talk for 15 minutes. I'd rather be seen by a specialist who understands more of the ins and outs of the disease. When I mentioned to my former PCP that I have either pronounced dawn phenomenon or possibly the Symogi effect (two conditions that raise your blood sugar while you sleep but are slightly different) she poo-pooed me and threw another diabetes med at me. So far I have not been able to tolerate any of them that I've tried. I am so frustrated right now because I feel like I'm putting my doctor out by just asking her to do her job. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Rant over!
Crowe 04/08/20 09:16am Around the Campfire

Who gets to define the "greater good"? I guess you do. Or I guess the majority does. Well, that's the system, but you don't decide truth by majority vote. The shutdown will have huge consequences, and I'm talking about the overall shutdown. As Ayn Rand said "We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality". Never said I defined what was the "greater good". Those we elect define the "greater good". You don't have to like it but that's the reality. Reality is we have a current crisis. Reality is that people are dying. Reality is no matter how small a percentage are dying your opinion will change if it's someone close to you. You aren't the only one inconvenienced. We have an entire country that's inconvenienced at a minimum. We have officials that recognize the fact that we can't shut down forever, that the economy cannot handle it. Reality is if each of us can't do our small part to potentially save a life then shame on us. We will never know if the lockdowns truly saved lives but watching the numbers now it looks like that may be the case. I'm a firm believer in Franklin's quote "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." The variable here we need to ask? Is the safety just temporary. Suck it up buttercup. We're all in this together.
Crowe 04/08/20 07:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Unfortunately in a situation like this you have to act for the "greater good". I don't know numbers but I'd venture a guess that the number of full-timers vs. those who only go out on weekends or for a few weeks at a time is a small percentage. When enacting rules such as this no government official can incorporate all possible scenarios. I hardly doubt there was any malice aforethought, especially in states that primarily shut down camping during the winter, by any governor. It's most likely something they didn't think about. It's virgin territory for everyone and there are bound to be mistakes. The best anyone can do is contact the governors of respective states and ask if provisions can be made for those who are full-timing.
Crowe 04/07/20 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Song Post - Part Three

Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles
Crowe 04/07/20 07:48am Around the Campfire
RE: NH has closed all lodging facilities

Your Governor has done what the Feds should have done. Smart man. Issue is feds can't or it's at least questionable whether they can. Slow response from any governor is solely on them. They have the authority and responsibility. Sununu is not one to take orders-he acts. In about a week's time working with the national guard he built 14 surge site mobile hospitals even with the state having a low infection rate at this point.
Crowe 04/06/20 05:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Should we be going?

What being out in the sunshine does is it causes a chemical process that converts cholesterol into vitamin D. Some research has shown that people who suffer from depression have low vitamin D levels. Stress and depression weaken the immune system. So, get out in the sunshine!
Crowe 04/06/20 05:51pm RV Lifestyle
NH has closed all lodging facilities

Gov. Sununu has closed hotels, motels and B&Bs to try and stem the tide of out-of-state visitors coming to use the state's outdoor areas. The article does not mention of campgrounds are included but at this time of year not many are open.
Crowe 04/06/20 01:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: All this time on our hands

Devil's Advocate here. This might be a light-hearted attempt at what to do right now, but I have to disagree that this is what we "should do". Most days I am using the time constructively but truly no differently than I normally do as I am not working. But there are days when I just don't feel like doing anything. And that's OK. It's OK to be down and apathetic from time-to-time. It's OK to lump in a chair because it's what you want to do. It's OK to be sad and feel the hurt that others are going through sometimes. That's called empathy and sympathy. The last thing we need is for people to come out the other side and be judged based on what they accomplished during the down time. And people will feel like they don't measure up. It's a fragile time right now. Be sad. Be angry. Acknowledge those feelings. Be lazy if you want. It's your rules, not somebody else's.
Crowe 04/06/20 09:28am Around the Campfire
RE: 2020 Milepost

Got mine last Saturday-using the current down time to peruse it for our August trip. Can't wait.
Crowe 04/06/20 07:31am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How come?

Remember, it only takes one person to infect 4,000 in a week. Show the data. Curious.
Crowe 04/05/20 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should we be going?

Kinda water over the dam at this point.
Crowe 04/05/20 03:02pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

The shutdown is all about slowing the pace of the virus to a manageable level. If you look at other countries the shutdown will likely take months. Death is the dire consequence we are trying to avoid. Consequences other than death are not quite so dire. One can recover from those other consequences. Death however is final. Well, duh, thank you for mansplaining that to me! Death can be the dire consequences if we DO stay shutdown for too long-starvation, suicide, domestic abuse, murder-all well within the realm of possibilities. What you don't seem to grasp is there is no black-and-white solution. If there were we'd have all the answers. You can maintain the "shutdown until it's over" mantra all you'd like but that's only part of the equation. Can we get back to the topic of National Parks please.....? There is no answer. Period.
Crowe 04/05/20 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

So with your theory in mind let's do nothing. Open the parks, open the restaurants and let the virus run it course unimpeded. That's not what either of us said but to fit your narrative you had to twist it. We only stated that this cannot go on indefinitely without dire consequences.
Crowe 04/05/20 12:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

And in the end there will be no actual proof that any lives were actually saved. There will only be competing statistical models based entirely on assumptions. There is no guarantee that a vaccine or treatment will ever be perfected. It is entirely possible that the steps being taken to "Flatten the curve" may prolong the time the virus actually circulates in the population perhaps allowing it to mutate into an even deadlier form. It may have been a better policy to maximize isolation of those most vulnerable to having life threatening complications and let the virus sweep thru the rest of the population creating a herd immunity, thus thwarting the virus. We will never know for sure if the steps taken saved lives or cost lives over the course of the virus. And if you really want to be a statistical nerd, it will be a statistical certainty that all the steps taken actually never saved a single life, since it is statistically certain every single one of us will die. To imply that extreme economic damage is without life threatening consequences is very short sighted. Poverty kills millions across the globe annually. Eventually a decision point of the economy over the virus will need to be reached. It is beyond foolish to believe that point can be set at a zero risk of additional deaths by COVID19. Someone who gets it. You can never completely mitigate the risk. And those that are worried about their livelihoods have every right to do so as they are the ones who will wind up in the poverty cycle with no way out. My hunch is if we analyzed the age groups and responses it's those that are already retired that don't care if the world stops as their SSI checks will still continue to come. Guess what-if you don't have a working pool to draw from there won't be any money for you either. YOU have the choice to stay home if you are concerned but many of us don't. Everyone needs to think about the overall picture and not just their own little world.
Crowe 04/05/20 09:40am General RVing Issues
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