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RE: How come?

Remember, it only takes one person to infect 4,000 in a week. Show the data. Curious.
Crowe 04/05/20 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should we be going?

Kinda water over the dam at this point.
Crowe 04/05/20 03:02pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

The shutdown is all about slowing the pace of the virus to a manageable level. If you look at other countries the shutdown will likely take months. Death is the dire consequence we are trying to avoid. Consequences other than death are not quite so dire. One can recover from those other consequences. Death however is final. Well, duh, thank you for mansplaining that to me! Death can be the dire consequences if we DO stay shutdown for too long-starvation, suicide, domestic abuse, murder-all well within the realm of possibilities. What you don't seem to grasp is there is no black-and-white solution. If there were we'd have all the answers. You can maintain the "shutdown until it's over" mantra all you'd like but that's only part of the equation. Can we get back to the topic of National Parks please.....? There is no answer. Period.
Crowe 04/05/20 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

So with your theory in mind let's do nothing. Open the parks, open the restaurants and let the virus run it course unimpeded. That's not what either of us said but to fit your narrative you had to twist it. We only stated that this cannot go on indefinitely without dire consequences.
Crowe 04/05/20 12:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

And in the end there will be no actual proof that any lives were actually saved. There will only be competing statistical models based entirely on assumptions. There is no guarantee that a vaccine or treatment will ever be perfected. It is entirely possible that the steps being taken to "Flatten the curve" may prolong the time the virus actually circulates in the population perhaps allowing it to mutate into an even deadlier form. It may have been a better policy to maximize isolation of those most vulnerable to having life threatening complications and let the virus sweep thru the rest of the population creating a herd immunity, thus thwarting the virus. We will never know for sure if the steps taken saved lives or cost lives over the course of the virus. And if you really want to be a statistical nerd, it will be a statistical certainty that all the steps taken actually never saved a single life, since it is statistically certain every single one of us will die. To imply that extreme economic damage is without life threatening consequences is very short sighted. Poverty kills millions across the globe annually. Eventually a decision point of the economy over the virus will need to be reached. It is beyond foolish to believe that point can be set at a zero risk of additional deaths by COVID19. Someone who gets it. You can never completely mitigate the risk. And those that are worried about their livelihoods have every right to do so as they are the ones who will wind up in the poverty cycle with no way out. My hunch is if we analyzed the age groups and responses it's those that are already retired that don't care if the world stops as their SSI checks will still continue to come. Guess what-if you don't have a working pool to draw from there won't be any money for you either. YOU have the choice to stay home if you are concerned but many of us don't. Everyone needs to think about the overall picture and not just their own little world.
Crowe 04/05/20 09:40am General RVing Issues
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

I agree Crowe, I also hear a lot of this one should have done this or that, or if so and so would have or haven’t done that. A lot of blame going around and armchair quarterbacking. It’s disgusting.. And yet it continues.
Crowe 04/05/20 07:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

He contacted it at some sort of international convention held in Boston that he went to as part of his business. Biogen conference at a hotel in Boston. This seems to be ground zero in MA.
Crowe 04/04/20 05:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

Enough negativity. Making a contest of who might not make it is reprehensible. Is it beyond all of you to be positive?
Crowe 04/04/20 05:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

Amazing how we think we are going to die if the rat race stops for a few months. Actually the stress of not being able to pay the bills, feed the family, etc., can be deadly. Consider this as well: "After age 65, the early retirees have a 37% higher risk of death than counterparts that retired at 65. That's not all. People who retire at 55 are 89% more likely to die in the 10 years after retirement than those who retire at 65." (multiple sources) Take someone out of the rat race too early and you can decrease their life expectancy. Those of you who think shutting down for the rest of the year is acceptable need to think about long-term and not just short-term effects. An article title from the Wall Street Journal: "Rethinking the Coronavirus Shutdown: No society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of its economic health." Just something to ponder.
Crowe 04/04/20 03:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rest areas in NH closing

No exemption for truckers? Closed as in the restroom facilities and welcome desks will be closed. I don't believe they are physically blocking the parking lots-you just won't have access to the buildings.
Crowe 04/04/20 07:47am Roads and Routes
RE: On a positive note

LOL! I just keep think about how much money we're NOT spending. At least until I look at my Amazon account!
Crowe 04/04/20 07:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Rest areas in NH closing

Prices weren't that good there, anyway. LOL-they were always better than the prices in MA when I lived there. The liquor store may stay open-they are considered "essential businesses". Go figure.
Crowe 04/03/20 05:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

Everything should open. We’re trading a few weeks of intense pain for years of economic depression worse than anything in our nation’s history. I lean towards this line of thinking. There's already been reports of suicides because people have lost their jobs. Poverty will worsen and with that domestic violence and person-on-person crimes increase. The longer the shutdown goes on the worse this will be. We have no way to know what is going to happen so no one can concretely say yes or no. Once we have flattened the curve we will still have to continue these practices for some time so we don't go back to ground zero. If we can attain "herd immunity" either by I think 60% of the population having had the virus or by vaccination then it will be safe to move forward. Otherwise we may have to pull up the bootstraps and hunker down a little longer. I am extremely concerned, however, about the long-term effects of this type of environment. The 'experts' are not sure if the virus will return in the fall or if it will even die out during warmer weather like most strains of the flu. The flu doesn't die out due to the weather itself but more because people are outside and away from each other. This is why some governors such as Gov. Sununu of NH are recommending people still go outside and hike, walk, bike, etc., as long as they practice social distancing.
Crowe 04/03/20 05:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

I won't be getting one, which is fine. As someone else stated the purpose of this is to jump start the economy. My son plans on spending his eating out in order to help out what restaurants survive. However, there will be many who will need to replenish savings or use it on bills.
Crowe 04/03/20 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rest areas in NH closing

How about the first one on 95 ,with the State Liquor Store in it??? I believe so as it's state run.
Crowe 04/03/20 01:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: What meal to cook next

Chili, BLTs, stir fry (chx or beef, pea pods, peppers, peanuts, sauce and can use frying pan), pepper steak subs
Crowe 04/03/20 11:51am Around the Campfire
Rest areas in NH closing

As of 4 p.m. on Sunday, 4/5, all state-operated rest areas and welcome centers will be closed. The Hooksett plaza on Rt. 93 will remain open as it is not operated by the state.
Crowe 04/03/20 11:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Good day today!

Crowe, stay on top of that A1c thing. I do. I keep home test kits on hand and test my sugar daily. The home test kits are considered as accurate as the lab as it's the same test.
Crowe 04/02/20 05:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Emergency Travel - Texas to South Georgia?

1. Book your campgrounds in advance by calling each of them. That way you will know for certain but understand it may change. 2. Check with each individual state you will be crossing through to see if they have checkpoints when you go in. Some states are requiring you "check in" and give them personal info as to your plans. If you aren't staying in that state you should have no issue. GA, however, now has a shelter-in-place order as of 4/1. 3. If you think you may have to boondock or be there for a while it might not be a bad idea to get a generator. If you can stay at established campgrounds you shouldn't need one. 4. Snafus? Yes-check with the hospice center to ensure they are allowing visitors. You are adding additional risks to yourself if you stop to get gas, groceries, etc. You can mitigate that risk by following CDC protocols and wearing gloves when you get gas. Good luck!
Crowe 04/02/20 10:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Good day today!

Please don't take this as trivializing what is happening in the world as it isn't, but sometimes you have to take the small victories and celebrate. 1. My copy of the Milepost is shipping today, after I received a notice it would be delayed by a week or so. 2. My A1C check has been delayed by 3 months so I can stress eat and not stress about it! (I have a home kit I will use to keep myself in line.) 3. Jesse doesn't have ringworm! Woot! Sometimes a "good" day is based on small things.
Crowe 04/02/20 10:47am Around the Campfire
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