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RE: Pecking Order Gas Coaches under 35'

Tiffin only has the Open Road, just different lengths and layouts. Fleetwood does not even come close to Tififn and Newmar. I think you need to figure out how much you want to spend, whether new or used, then go from there. If looking to buy a quality product new, nd your budget doesn't match - then look at the newest, used coach you can find for the maker you are after. Also - realize the the frame is all F53 ford chassis, with the V10. Based on age, some will be 5 speed and newer ones will be 6 speeds. Also, various frame weights (22K, 24K and 26K #'s) exist and smaller frames have 18" tires rather than 22.5" tires. as smaller tires do ride a bit rougher.
Cider 06/16/20 12:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help in Purchasing Class A Motorhome

Overall, Georgetown reviews have not been good for the product. Realize that it is a lower end MH, as far s the coach portion goes. I have had a FR 5th wheel and Sunseeker MBS - I would not buy a FR product again.
Cider 06/16/20 12:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best route to Bridgeport from Stockton Ca

Either of the two would work. Carson Pass on 88 is a pretty good climb. When I lived in Gilroy, we always did the 88 route as it was a much more pleasant and scenic drive.
Cider 05/25/20 03:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Quality used Class A's

2016 Ford gets you the newer six speed trans. I wouldn’t go any older if possible. Fleetwood 35K is a 1.5 bath, W/D and couch across from tv and fireplace. Holiday Rambler and Tiffin has the same layout. All have resi fridges, etc. The 16-18 Fleetwood’s had an XL package that gave you chrome mirrors and luggage latches, cord reel, king bed and led under lights (cool). These will put you in the 36 to 38 foot range if you want the W/D and extra 1/2 bath. Newmar and Tiffin should both be considered.
Cider 04/18/20 09:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hwy 395 North through Oregon and Washington

395 is the eastern main route north south through Oregon to Washing state. Mainly a 2 lane road with plenty of passing opportunities. You will be going through mountainous terrain so just be prepared for that. I live just a a bit west of 395 in central Oregon and have done the 395 from John Day south to Burns. No problem, FromJohn Day north should be no different than other routes I have taken north to Baker City, etc. Like any mountain road, take your time, enjoy the scenery and stops. Just need to be aware of your fuel situation as there aren't a great deal of stations along the route. Also, timing is important, but if you are in Burns before or after station operations hours, you can now pay and pump your own fuel after hours.
Cider 03/09/20 10:12am Roads and Routes
RE: Fishing Bridge to re-open this fall

Well, wait till you see what the new rates re going to be. Kinda pricey.
Cider 03/08/20 11:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Motorhome rocks excessively while driving down the highway

Basically - on the F53 chassis, it could be a number of things, or combin=bation. As other have suggested, maybe do the CHF, first. The F53 chassis is notorious for bad handling / ride (I know, as I have one). I am assuming you probably have a 22K F53 Chassis on the 28' MH. Possible fixes" Tire pressure via 4 corner wright Add Sumo Springs Add HD front sway bar add add'l rear sway bar(s) Replace shocks with Koni FSD units And you could add a rear trac bar to prevent swaying form passing trucks, etc. Rather than just go to a RV repair facility and have them slap a bunch of stuff on, you may want to see if there is an authorized dealer for Henderson's Line-Up in your area that can do an assessment of what your issues are and what you need to have done. You can do this a piece at a time, with highest recommended first, or all at once. We had a brand new class A on the F53 chassis that we took to them, in Grants Pass, Or, last summer and they resolved all of our sway, porpoising, lane changing issues. It was not cheap, but we now enjoy traveling in the MH a lot more than we did before.
Cider 02/20/20 03:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A, gas or diesel

LeonaandLisa - FWIW: This was posted yesterday on another RV forum and pretty much sums up your question about maintenance / cost: "Welcome to the world of owning and operating a motor home. There are two methods of recreation that are IMO more expensive, airplane and yacht. I paid $2,600 to have the lift pump replaced. A bit over $3,000 to have the manifold replaced, both last year; OH, oil N filter(oil and fuel) changes for engine and genset was ~$500. Did I mention traveling in a MH is the most expensive way? At our age however, it is the most convenient."
Cider 02/17/20 10:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A, gas or diesel

I agree on the cost of maintenence isn't as high as some maintain. Mine gets done once a year and is between $2-300 including filters, grease,andd everything else. But had a new radiator put in my old DP and the part from Freightliner was $1500 + installation. Fuel, if you want to ride you have to buy it and forget the cost my current DP got 9.25mpg on a 1400 mi trip to FL towing around 5000lb of trailer.......Good luck but years ago I had 2 gassers and don't know what I was thinking. Not meaning to be augmentative at all here in my prior post. I am only relaying what was quoted to a customer (while I was there) on the cost of oil change and filters for a customer with a DP. Also, the radiator cost was from a fiend who had a coach with a side radiator that went south on him. I do agree with most posts that average annual cost seems to be in the $2 - $3000 range for most DP's. Just another deciding factor between gas and diesel. Both have their place and financial burdens.
Cider 02/16/20 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A, gas or diesel

Find the floor plan that works the best. Both gas and diesel coaches will get you over the mountain and to your destination. If you are the average RV owner that puts about 5000 miles a year on your rig, the cost of fuel should be way down on your list. If you need a 10K towing capacity, then there are NO gas Class A coaches that have this capacity so that makes your choice pretty easy. If you can get by with a 5K towing capacity, then your choices are open. Floor plan always it more important than anything else with an RV. You will spend more time living and sleeping in your coach than you will driving it. Exactly the point there - If you are planning to tow the Ram, forget gas, not going to happen. Most gas class A's are in the 4 - 5,000 pound range for towing, based on total weight. But, I will say this - a gas coach is a lot less expensive to operate and maintain than a diesel. Around here, an oil change will set you back $500. Air filters, another $200, etc, etc. Radiators are $5 to $10K depending on model. We looked hard at DP's and after doing a total evaluation, went with the gasser ad=nd are very pleased wit the performance towing and it does fine over mountain passes and going down. Length can be an issue in some state and national parks as often they will state a size limit of 35 feet. Not always the case, but just something to be aware of. Good luck on your search - and the floor plan tends to become a very important item in the checklist.
Cider 02/15/20 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10 vs Pending V8

Lot of things about the new V8 are tempting, but in reality, I don't see a lot of difference between the current (proven) V10 and the 7.3 V8.Mileage is about he same, considering you are driving a box down the road, so I cant really see aerodynamics playing any part. The 10 speed transmission is a good idea, but what is the reality you will ever gett into 10th gear? I can foresee an awful lot of up / down shifting going on with the transmission, especially on any grade. I went with the V10, and am quite happy with the performance and I know what I have - not an unproven engine being tested for the first year or two by the consumer. JMO. Now, if it had been the 7.3 diesel .......
Cider 02/04/20 03:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: THOR Motor Coach

Most Thor products I have looked at were priced well, but cheaply made. I don't think you begin to get a quality Thor product until you get into the Entegra line of class A's. When we were looking at Class A's, and Thor was one of the products considered, we had not even gotten into the very far and already noticed 4 or 5 issues relating to quality of build. We purchased from another manufacturer based on quality. Paid a bit more, but got a product that was well built.
Cider 01/24/20 11:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Online Catalog Problem

CW has a pretty bad rep for misleading ads. Walier this year, I was looking for a Viair 450 compressor. In search on the net, CW popped up with a very good price. Went to the website, the price was right, but when you go to order it, reflects s backorder status. Contacted customer service and they had no idea when the unit would be in stock as their system showed nothing on the compressor. Rather than giving my money to CW and waiting for the unit to arrive, sometime during my lifetime, I got it from Amazon 2 days later for just a few dollars more. Must have had a brain fart to think about ordering from CW.
Cider 11/29/19 12:27pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Push to privatize National Park Service campgrounds

for the sake of conversation to those who grouse about seniors getting discounts o=to parks / BLM areas: do you take you Good Sam / KOA / or other program discounts when you check into a RV park, or do you, as some have stated "demand to pay full price regardless of age"?? Many seniors saved for retirement and purchased RV's to travel, visit National Parklands to enjoy the scenery and the outdoors. Taking this opportunity away by "blacken out" prime dates, or any other time is not a realistic thing to do. Granted, many retirees can well afford to pay all price and run their massive RV's, but take a step back and consider the general population who uses the parks. I, for one, use my Senior Pass when I can.
Cider 10/24/19 04:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: diesel class c

Having owned a Sprinter for two years, I can make the folding comments: We did have an LPG generator in ours. A few have diesel, but the bi=lk are propane They drive nice, ride reasonably well, and you can go anywhere in town that a 1 ton pickup can. They are expensive to maintain. For shop related shrives you can expect to pay $250 to $450 for an oil change (depending where and who does it), $1000 minimum for the first Schedule A servic=ve and $1500 or more for the Schedule B service. All parts for the MBS are expensive. MB states not to idle in excess of 5 minutes due to complications with EGR setup MB states not to use any biodiesel above 5% (although yo re now seeing some relief, I believe) If you run greater than 5%, you really have to watch your oil levels. We really dislike the split bed design in our unit (rear bed slide) plus the chores of having make and unmake the bed every time you move. Not a lot of room in the units if you hit bad e=weather and are confined to inside for several days. Also, storage, lack of, is a real issue as there is a limited cargo weight. After two years, we went to a class A, and are very satisfied the upgrades space, and comfort.
Cider 10/24/19 04:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Favorite places to eat in Monterey Area

Phil's Fish Market in Moss Landing, across from the PG&E stacks. Parking is tough, but food is great and a good fresh fish market, too. Best copping around! Jardines, in San Juan Bautista is great Mexican food. Nice courtyard seating if weather is good. Used to live about 20 miles from the area so know the places well.
Cider 10/05/19 10:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Must cross Yosemite NP to Convict Lake?

Used to be, years ago, that if you were transiting Yosemite via Tioga, you would not be charged. Times got hard, and the park started charging the $20 fee, regardless. If you qualify for the senior pass, that is the best bet. Also, you really have to watch your height of the RV as there are tunnels that may pose problem on the approach to Tioga pass.
Cider 10/05/19 10:04am Roads and Routes
RE: New to class A

We started out in a MH with the same dilemma - we are now here at the CG, but how to get around without breaking camp every time. Rentals work, assuming you are close to a location that can either deliver, or rent on the way to a G. A few times doing this, we bought a used Jeep JK and solved all the issues with having to rely on other solutions.
Cider 10/05/19 09:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Horrid experience Denton tx

Hello Dstalls, We apologize for the experience you have had at the Denton Camping World location. We have forwarded your experience to the leadership team for review and follow up. Thank you, Good Sam Care Team I posted my experience last night on social media in some RV forums and it almost went viral. Apparently this is commonplace at camping world. I heard many similar stories. One thread reached over 400 replies within an hour and finally had to be shut down. You guys have a serious pr issue and obvious business ethics issues. I was hard pressed to find ONE positive review for any camping world. This is typical of CW sales and service never to be had. My one experience with them years ago, ended any type of RV relationship with them. I would not go to a CW for anything uness they were the last place on earth to get it done, and then - I'd still have to think about it - real hard!
Cider 09/20/19 03:12pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Fuel economy

. Gets me about 9.5 by the computer. 9.5 MPG - c'mon I always find it interesting how these 36 to 40' + rigs get 9 + mpg driving at 65 MPH or higher. I have a new 35' V10, with all the technology built into it and best I have seen is 8 mpg. The other point here is if fuel economy and savings on gas is an issue, you are in the wrong form of enjoyment with large RV's. JMO.....
Cider 09/10/19 10:13am Class A Motorhomes
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