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RE: Hard for us to get past Grand Design

If you really liked the 315RLTS have a look at the 297RSTS. Very similar layout to the 315 as far as rear living area/kitchen goes. The 387 is a very nice unit as well but we liked the island and the sofa bed in the 297. Mostly just the 2 of us but DS and DD or grandkids in a few years and the sofa bed will come in handy. Rob
CaLBaR 04/14/19 01:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hitches-Equal-i-zer; Reese DC; Blue Ox-Diffs/Similarities?

^^^^^ I have been using the dual cam on 2 trailers now for 12 years and it works really good. Drilling the holes no big deal.
CaLBaR 04/10/19 06:06pm Towing
RE: Anyone using Sailuns

No experience with Sailun but I just put a set of Kumho Crugen HT51 LT tires on my truck. Nice tire so for and was a very good price and ratings were also very good. Have about 500 miles non towing and 2000 miles towing. No complaints so far. Also have the mountain peak for winter snow. Apparently a true 4 season tire.
CaLBaR 04/03/19 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: torque for shank bolts

Reese states 300 ft-lbs on their installation instructions. If you don't have 300 ft-lb torque wrench the instructions also state 150 ft-lbs and then another 1/4 turn so that is what I did. That other 1/4 turn is a real pain even with a 3 foot breaker bar.
CaLBaR 04/03/19 07:24am Towing
RE: Front Living AND a Bonus Room?

I know NorthPoint by Jayco has one but don't remember what model number it is. I was just looking at Northpoint website and they only have the same front living room or den layouts. Even 2018 did not have one with both the front living room and den. Maybe an earlier year. I think that layout may end up being just way too long.
CaLBaR 03/30/19 07:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can't get my Weber grill to cook quickly, Low flame

X4 did this with mine. Saves me from hauling another propane tank along. The other thing I need to do every so often is push a small paperclip end through the burner holes to push through the accumulated burnt on food drippings. Kind of a stupid design to have the burner holes at the top for this to happen. Love the grill anyway though.
CaLBaR 03/10/19 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: Forest River, Flagstaff Lite

I had a Rockwood for 11 years. Had a couple of issues with it but in general a very good trailer. As Ralph Cramden stated look over the one you are interested in very good and don't worry about the others. We missed a couple of things on our new Grand Design at the PDI/didn't document them well and now getting push back from the dealer. Some things just happened on maiden voyage and have been taken care of. Go over everything and take pictures, document, document and document again. We found a big chip in the burner cover that was covered by the grates when cleaning it last day of maiden voyage. Dealer didn't come right out and say we did it because it wasn't documented but hinted very strongly at it. Just like the fine scratches in the counter that they agreed to buff out but didn't. Guess he should have come to my house and looked at our 26 year old kitchen counter that only has a couple of scratches. Done with my rant now. Rockwood's are a solid trailer and can't go wrong with one in IMHO. Just didn't find a floorplan/decor that we liked as much as the Grand Design unit.
CaLBaR 03/03/19 07:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Rear hitch installation. Unusual frame

My Reflection 297RSTS TT came with the hitch from the factory and no bumper. Not sure if that helps you at all but seems to me when they come from the factory with a hitch there is no bumper. Rob
CaLBaR 02/24/19 07:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Weight distribution/anti sway bar

I had one blowout a number of years ago with a Reese WDH and dual cam sway control. Just jacked up the trailer, change the tire and back on my way. No need to disconnect.
CaLBaR 02/15/19 04:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying 1st Travel Trailer Go Large or Not?

I'm sorry you have to deal with all the people who can't do basic math. If the trailer is within the limitations that your truck is capable of, then so be it. I noticed a couple of people were saying don't pay attention to the dry weight.... ffs, sorry for them too. The dry weight of the trailer is the most important weight you can look at. This is how you get an idea of how much the trailer weighs before you add propane, water, goods, etc. Since it has a GVWR the logic is you must know the exact weight of everything going into the trailer. Take your try weight, and add all that additional weight you added to the dry weight. Then you have your weight. Why anyone would tell you dry weight is basically useless, just can't do basic math. Now, your truck, with a 10K towing capacity. IF your trailer weighs 8k dry, let's just ASSUME you manage to add 1000 pounds worth of ****, so it gets up to 9k, you're still within your limits. That will put you at around 800 - 1000 pounds in tongue weight. You didn't mention your payload ( or at least I did not see it ), if you have an extra 1000 pounds of payload on a ram, kudos to you. The only thing i see here is " not doable " is going to be your payload, and that's even debatable, I don't know what your payload is, though I'm assuming it's somehwere around 1600 / 1800. After adding in kids / animals / wive(s), what's left?. Everything else is within your limitations. you have a long trailer, and that ram has a short wheelbase compared to other full 1 ton trucks. However, they don't sell trucks and say " Gotta keep the length below X ". Have fun! I couldn't agree more. Well said. That is how I decided that my current trailer will be OK for my truck. I knew how much stuff I put into my old trailer so knew I would be close but within my tow ratings. Used that plus battery, propane weights to estimate tongue weight loaded. Not perfect but I was close enough once I weighed the combo to my estimate that it worked out well.
CaLBaR 02/12/19 06:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying 1st Travel Trailer Go Large or Not?

You're going to hear varying degrees of good advice on RV forums and A LOT of solid recommendations based on years of experience. After considering any or everything read here, please please go out to one of the reputable sites like Shereline and run all the TV and TT specs. Find a worksheet that uses all the specs all the way down to the wheelbase, do not use a simple "pulling capacity" worksheet produced by TV manufacturers. "Can" you haul something that big behind a 1500 (any make)? Sure. Will it be unsafe or kill the truck? Possibly. Run the numbers, even those wheelbase specs are important. Let the science behind towing be your first guide. Then decide on a TT within those parameters. Lastly, please know dry weight & tongue weight issued by TT mfgrs can be a little optimistic on the low side. We used a tongue scale to find out our hitch weight is about 100lbs more than advertised. Can you supply the links or the websites that you are referencing that take wheelbase and other information into account. I did a search and could not find one and it would be great if people on the forum could look that up for some additional information when trying to decide on TV/trailer combinations. Thanks,
CaLBaR 02/10/19 11:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying 1st Travel Trailer Go Large or Not?

More Info, the payload capacity of the truck is 1750 LBS and the towing 10460 LBS You have 400 lbs more payload than I have but again first time not sure I would have wanted to tow that length but can be done. Check your hitch rating as well to make sure it will be able to handle the tongue weight. Use 10 - 15% of the trailer Gross Weight rating for Weight Distribution to make sure the hitch has a high enough rating. If you think you will be within all of your ratings then just up to you to decide you comfort level.
CaLBaR 02/10/19 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying 1st Travel Trailer Go Large or Not?

Just to give you a bit of a different viewpoint. I am currently towing a 34' 8100 lb dry trailer with a Toyota Tundra with the 5.7. Loaded I am at 9400 lbs. I am using the Reese Straightline WDH with sway control. Tow rating on the Tundra is 10,100 lbs with 1,320 lbs payload and 16,000 lbs Combined Weight Rating. I am about 250 lbs over payload and 250 lbs under GCWR loaded and ready to camp. Just DW, Dog (12 lbs) and I. Pulling, stopping and sway are not an issue so it can be done safely and comfortably if setup properly. The one thing that I will say is that this is my 3rd trailer, 1st was 19', 2nd was 32'. Not sure if I would have wanted to start with this 34' trailer though as I had never towed anything before we started with the 19'. If you do decide to get it practice your turning, backing and stopping. even though the trucks brakes stop the truck and trailer brakes stop the trailer it does take more distance to stop the combo. You might want to take some of the other suggestions and rent a 24 - 30' trailer first and see how you find towing that before you jump in so big. Rob
CaLBaR 02/10/19 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Rockwood slides - click click click normal?

Hey All, Noticed our new Rockwood slides,when they're at the end of their travel (in or out) they make a clicking noise. It sounds like stripping gears but I had read somewhere it's a built in clutch doing it's job? Anybody familiar with Rockwood slides and if it is a clutch, or should I be concerned it's gears stripping out? Thanks! That was normal on my Rockwood with the clutch and is also normal on my Grand Design. Rob
CaLBaR 02/08/19 03:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: AC/DC Compressor Refrigerators

"I know when I'm traveling, and have to stop at a Walmart while enroute, there is no substitute for a propane fridge." The OP wanted to hear from anyone who"has" a AC/DC compressor fridge. A number of previous posters who have or had DC compressor fridges have mentioned the benefits of this type of fridge in an RV situation while dry/boondock or any kind of camping. I do not understand why stopping at Walmart would require a propane fridge only. Dave If I overnight at Walmart and it is cold outside and furnace is running I need as much battery power for the night as I can get. Propane fridge won't use nearly as much battery as the DC fridge so the furnace keeps us warm at night.
CaLBaR 01/26/19 09:49am Tech Issues
RE: Towing heavy with 3/4 Ton... How Many Know......

I am about 300 lbs over my GCWR of 7200 lbs but 150 lbs under my RAWR of 4040 lbs with P-rated tires. Have LRE tires for a bit of added safety. All of this is weighed at the CAT scales loaded on the way home. I think it is more common than what people think.
CaLBaR 01/20/19 12:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1/2 or 3/4 Ton? - Trying to decide.

For 90% driving around town and 10% towing a properly spec'd 1/2 ton will serve you well. I towed much the same trailer with a 2006 GMC. Current 1/2 ton trucks do what 3/4 and 1 ton trucks did 20 years ago and some just have not caught up with the times.
CaLBaR 01/20/19 06:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Our Tundra

I have a 2009 Tundra with nearly 130K miles on it with the original shocks and coil overs. Been thinking of replacing them but dealer says that they are still fine. No airbags on mine and towing heavy. find squat is around 2" with WDH set up properly. Glad you are happy with your Tundra too. Makes a good TV IMHO.
CaLBaR 01/19/19 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Walmart deep cycle battery

And putting the CCA info on true deep cyle batteries confuse people into thinking they are Marine Starting batteries. That is why I called Johnson Controls. I couldn't understand why there was one battery that was supposed to be a deep cycle with CCA info and another that was labeled as a Marine Starting battery with CCA listed. Was told that they built the battery to Walmart's specification and put Walmart's labels on the battery but it was still a deep cycle battery and not a Marine starting battery. Can't understand why they are doing it unless it's just too make comparison to cranking batteries. My guess is that it is marketing on Walmart's behalf. Unless you RV, boat or use solar the vast majority of consumers only know a battery by what is in their car or truck (CCA). It likely helps Walmart sell batteries to consumers with limited knowledge. It's all about how many you sell. Rob
CaLBaR 01/12/19 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Walmart deep cycle battery

I have had a group 32 DC from Walmart for over a year and so far so good. I would buy again.
CaLBaR 01/11/19 04:03am General RVing Issues
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