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RE: eu2200 with eu2000

OK, Hook up your 2 batteries in parallel, add the inverter and see how that works out which will help to determine your future upgrades and as such is a resonable plan. Read up on how to load balance wire 2 batteries in parallel. This is the best way especially for 2 new batteries. Might as well do it right the first time. Water pumps use very little power because they don't run very long. My coffee pot uses 1025W or 8.5A AC. That's 95A DC for say 15 minutes is about 24Ah, a significant draw. And with your small batteries the voltage may drop enough that the inverter shuts down. Especially in the morning after a nights battery usage. I have no experience with anything smaller than 2 GCs but others are better informed.
CA Traveler 07/14/20 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: setting up a battery bank

Do an energy audit, best done with a battery monitor to determine your needs. Your batteries are NOT deep cycle regardless of what they say on the label. Marine deep cycle batteries are a compromised starting battery. You might want to plan for 2x 6V GCs deep cycle batteries which will give you 230Ah, ie 115Ah to 50% discharge. Your present batteries are about 160Ah. 2 GCs would be wired in series. GCs are also heavier and taller. Inverters can draw a lot of power. For 1A AC they draw 11A DC or 11Ah. What does this mean? Aren't your current batteries wired in parallel? "I currently have 2 group 24 deep cycle batteries. My understanding is that group 27 are better fo the application, but for now I'm working with what I've got on hand. I'm looking to wire them in parallel to boost the amp hours."
CA Traveler 07/14/20 08:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Powering an Oxygen Concentrator

A portable pulse concentrator may not be appropiate for sleeping.
CA Traveler 07/12/20 01:23pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Powering an Oxygen Concentrator

FYI DWs Respironics Phillips Everflo 350W rated draws 300W or 2.5A AC so about 28A DC.
CA Traveler 07/11/20 04:58pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Powering an Oxygen Concentrator

A toaster? That's a lot of wattage. Anything with heating elements eats up power....FAST.But only on for a few minutes.
CA Traveler 07/11/20 04:43pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Powering an Oxygen Concentrator

Get a Kill A Watt and measure the actual power usage and then use the following. 350W/120V is 3A AC draw which is about 33A DC with an inverter, enough for you to pause perhaps. 33A*8h is 264Ah and you'll need 528Ah for a 50% discharge. Two 6V GCs at 230Ah in series is 12V @ 230Ah. 4x GCs is 460Ah, barely enough for 8 hours of Ox. Add 2x GCs for the house. You need 6x GCs and likely 500W or more of solar. Adjust the above for hours of sleep etc. But I'm sure you know that that Ox machine uses significant power just because of how warm it gets. You can go with $$$ lithium’s which might also trigger new charger and inverter but can be drawn down to 20% hence smaller total Ah but you still have to replenish the 80%. You can run the gen daytime for some amount of charging. Another option is a $$$ portable Ox machine which use a lot less power and will run on 12V, not sure how they will hold up for continual night time usage. The bottom line is Ox machines use a lot of power.
CA Traveler 07/11/20 04:38pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Printing?

Delete and reinstall all printer software which will hopefully help. Release 2004 if that is what you have has issues including printer issues. If you don't have a image backup then that would be a good future plan as you can reinstall to a earlier working image. I also have the pro version which allows for additional update delay and hence available fixes. MS forced updates can cause issues and 2004 seems to have to many. Hopefully someone that is deeper into the issues can help.
CA Traveler 07/11/20 02:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Help No power at dashboard won't start

If the problem was due to somone else they may be liable. 30A RV plugs which are labeled 120V are NOT physically compatible with any 240V plug. But some have managed to force the RV plug into a 30A 240V 3 wire dryer plug which is similar and let the smoke out.
CA Traveler 07/08/20 12:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Help No power at dashboard won't start

A voltmeter is your friend. Anything AC that was turned on or in standby could be toast. And apparently AC got into your DC systems as well. I'd check the batteries, turn off the charger, fix the AC and then the DC. The fortunate ones that do this have blown fuses and tripped CBs but for many it's big $$$. And the last fix should be to install a EMS like the PI HW30 to protect the rig.
CA Traveler 07/08/20 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaving tow bar connected to MH

My joints and bar are sprayed with silicon lube as recommended which is less dirt attracting. Attached for 16 years with a lock which keeps honest folks honest. In recent years I've been leaving the car cross bar attached as well.
CA Traveler 07/07/20 02:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Constant Convertor?

Charger model number could be helpful. A voltmeter is your friend. Load test the battery as even new ones fail. Is it wired correctly?
CA Traveler 07/07/20 10:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

A standard battery box mounted in front of the trailer on the hitch should provide all the venting needed for flooded batteries, right?Yes. The shunt however is usually made of brass and can be corroded by battery fumes from flooded batteries. Ideally a outside shunt would be in an enclosure. But inside the battery box could be acceptable.
CA Traveler 07/06/20 11:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

Here's my shunt and full battery disconnect switch. These are AGM batteries so battery fumes are not a consideration but should be considered for flooded batteries. "border=0"
CA Traveler 07/06/20 12:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

My Trimetric shows voltage, amps and % Full plus other options. Or in the menu system you can get a lot of additional information . Many also use the Victon. Voltage is limited in determining battery usage. These meters track all amps in and out and voltage and comppute the battery SOC. They use a shunt (very low ohm precision resistor) connected close to the battery to obtain this information. I use a 500A 50mV shunt so there is absolutely no concern about voltage drop.
CA Traveler 07/06/20 12:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

GravelRider, Consider a decent battery monitor so that you know the battery charge (SOC) and can better manage your loads and gen charging. There are $20 meters that can also help. If your batteries are only being charged to 13.6V then they are signifcantly undercharged which contributes to your problem and this is common with to many RV chargers. Chargers during the bulk stage should raise the voltage to 14.4-14.8V. Following the bulk is the absorb stage where the voltage and amps taper down eventually reaching the float stage. 100% SOC takes a lot of hours so gen charging 50-90 SOC is generally used. OR morning gen charge and then solar finishes the charge. OR just solar except on overcast days.
CA Traveler 07/06/20 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Switching from 12 volt to 6 volt batteries

Do you really have a 3 way refer that incudes a 12V heating coil? They are NOT very common. Or is it 2 way and your're running 120V AC on an inverter? On propane the 12V DC controller and light draw is very small and fans are limited. The normal refer draw is very limited compared to your furnace and TV. Agreed that you need to do an energy audit and get more facts than guesses before you throw money at a solution. But based on the limited information available consider 2x 6V GC batteries and see how that works for you. This is a cheap step to observe at least voltage and learn your needs. For $20 you can install a meter to measure battery discharge which would be a hugh step towards understanding your daily consumption and how you can control that consumption.
CA Traveler 07/05/20 10:33am Travel Trailers
RE: New Mexico 'Quarantine" Requirements

Be careful and safe in Slow Low. While not Maricopa county and others the main reason AZ is now the national hot spot per capita is the lack of restrictions from the state etc.
CA Traveler 07/04/20 11:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: marginal park power on hot days

I visit a park that was 30A only. They recently upgraded about half of the sites to 50A. Why not all sites as it was largely a DIY and donation project? The answer was cost. The utility power panel would have to upgrade the incoming power and distribution center and that cost could not be justified.
CA Traveler 07/04/20 10:27am Travel Trailers
RE: marginal park power on hot days

Consider many 30A (3600W) rigs built (still are?) with 2 ACs and contain a device that does not allow both AC's to run simultaneously because owners don't understand and want tripped CBs. Many of those same rigs had 5600W gens that could easily power 2 A/Cs along with other loads.
CA Traveler 07/04/20 10:17am Travel Trailers
RE: marginal park power on hot days

Derating generally works simply because all of the pedestals are not at the maximum loads. However, todays rigs generally use more AC power and every summer there are posts about low voltage or tripping CBs. Especially for 30A pedestals. In 2004 I had a 50A MH and there were limited 50A pedestals available. Upgrades are expensive but the demand has significantly increased availability of 50A since that time.
CA Traveler 07/04/20 09:44am Travel Trailers
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