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RE: Boondock sites in southern CO and northern AZ

Does anybody know if boondocking or dry camping is allowed on the Navajo Res? Thinking Kayenta in particular.No clue. But they are a sovereign nation subject to their law and courts. Be very cautious.
CA Traveler 09/30/22 01:06pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Hurricane IAN & My Jayco Eagle TT - Manual Crank Slides???

On many/most electric motor slides there is a hex nut that you can wrench on to turn the motor. Another option is to release a motor brake and wrench on the cross bar. But hopefully they will be OK when you get there.
CA Traveler 09/30/22 09:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Winegard satellite antenna help

Try RV satellite installers as they dump that equipment, you might get a hit. If your receiver is SD only then be advised that SD likely has a limited future. But apparently no one including DTV really knows. BTY I was satisfied with my SD dish until I couldn't get the winter olympics in OR. Found out there are various regions in the US where SD is not transmitted and a HD receiver/dish is required even if using a SD TV.
CA Traveler 09/30/22 09:36am Technology Corner
RE: Northwest coast of U.S.

Ancient Redwoods RV Park is a good location north of Redcrest. Highly advise to not take the MH on most of the Avenue of the Giants.
CA Traveler 09/27/22 06:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Northwest coast of U.S.

That's a great route. Olympic National Park. Long Beach but the greatest part start with Astoria. Fantastic Maritime Museum and don't miss the Bowpicker across the street and the waterfront trolly. We've stayed at Fort Stevens but 42' sites are limited. Louis and Clarke RV park if you can get a reservation. So many beautiful places to see and stay all down the Oregon coast, stop at every rest stop for the view. CA Redwoods are also a must see. From Eureka down you're inland, not as interesting. At Leggett you cannot take Rt 1 due to your 42' length. See the CA bus and motorhome map. We like Bodega Bay but have to go over and back due to your length. We prefer the 200 wineries in the Dry Creek/Healdsburg area to Napa. Check on 116, 12 into Napa may be windey. I'd go to 37 over and back up to Napa. After Napa then where?
CA Traveler 09/27/22 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Starter / battery issues

Don't know what strong means. Get the battery load tested, free at auto stores. Alternator is also suspect, next is wiring and corrosion. Starter is a possibility. Do you have and tried the emergency start? Have you jump started it?
CA Traveler 09/25/22 08:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leaking Schwintek slide rail

Never dealt with it but.... my suggestion if it is possible. Remove screws from the rail. How far can you pull the rail out from the slide? Is it enough to get Butyl tape behind it? Place 1 inch pieces of butyl tape behind the rail were the screws will go back in through them. If that is where your leak is it should fix the problem.I would not do this since it may cause the rails to extend further out and cause problems with the fixed gears. Plus you may be limited as the screws get closer to the slide interior position. Maybe OK but I'd get professional advice or help before proceeding. Have you considered that the water may be moving around the lower slide edges on the bottom due to rig tilt or wind?
CA Traveler 09/22/22 01:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaking Schwintek slide rail

Pretty sure it's the rail. We have sprayed water on the side of the slide just around the rail and have seen the water start to show up.If in fact the slide water on the bottom is coming from the rails then you have a serious leak. I would expect to see water on all 4 sides on the slide with rain.
CA Traveler 09/22/22 10:43am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO 55 amp converter operation

WFCO is known to be a very poor charger, basically just a single voltage. Replace it with a good 3 stage charger. For a discharged battery the Bulk stage raises the voltage up to 14.6V, absorb maintains that voltage until the amps start to drop and then float maintains 13.4V. And it maintains that voltage with a load less than it's maximum rating. It can take hours to charge a battery from 85% SOC to 100% SOC because the battery amp draw is very low. This is for flooded batteries, car, AGM, deep cycle. Note: It's also possible that your charger to battery wiring is unbdersized.
CA Traveler 09/19/22 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch problem

Open the ATS and check for burnt contacts, wiring etc. To be really sure wire nut the gen wires to the CB panel wires at the ATS and check the A/C.
CA Traveler 09/19/22 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: Recommendations? Good value inexpensive travel trailers.

I think your wants are a oxymoron.
CA Traveler 09/17/22 09:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sanitizing your RV water storage tank

For treated city water no need to do anything. Otherwise for several months add bleach at the beginning only, when leaving drain, refill unless to much taste then drain and refill. Some hose bibs fill the tank, some don't. Check your owners manual.
CA Traveler 09/15/22 05:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Grand Canyon North Rim via Jacob Lake CG...

Inside the Grand Canyon Park N Rim there are several camping sites. Mostly w/o facilites except for the N Rim CG near the N Rim lodge. Check for recent changes.
CA Traveler 09/15/22 12:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

I know someone traveling to work on a 2 lane 65MPH road with 3 cars behind her. A car started to pull out behind an oncoming semi and then pulled back in. Then the car suddenly pulled out again and crossed in front of friends car with only a few feet to spare, continued on to friends right shoulder (no lane) kept going on the friends shoulder and the 3 cars behind friend and kept going passing the semi. That would have been a serious 5 car accident plus the semi!
CA Traveler 09/15/22 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: a plea for more cool weather sites for migratory travelers

Not my concern, however it could be a relative large expense for employees and maintenance for few RVers. But it could work out for some CGs as you suggest. Do you have an all electric RV? Many RVs with propane can stop overnight w/o electric in spite of poor RV insulation. But personally I don't like to run anything that produces CO while I'm sleeping. And consider limited RV repair options etc. during cold seasons. Others might just leave the RV in FL or TX.
CA Traveler 09/15/22 09:11am General RVing Issues
RE: inverter not charging the battery

From what I found your inverter does not also include a charger. As such it has nothing to do with charging the battery but it can certainly discharge your batteries especially when connected to the res refer. For example a 2A 120VAC refer will cause the inverter to draw 22A from the battery. Battery discharged overnight? Certainly possible. Perhaps your battery is to small to support the refer overnight. What is your battery size, type and how many? Find your charger and check fuses, CBs etc. 120VAC on the input? Should be 14VDC+ on the output. What is the make/model of the charger. Have the battery tested.
CA Traveler 09/13/22 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing truck camper (expecting first experience today)

Or replace the truck battery with the camper battery (if possible) to then be able to drive for resolution. The refer etc would be OK without a battery for a few hours.
CA Traveler 09/13/22 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: NC I95 towable crash near Kenly

The dealer wants to sell so of course you can tow it. The owner wants to enjoy the trip and the dealer said go. It happens all to often and ignorace is bliss until it's not.
CA Traveler 09/13/22 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing truck camper (expecting first experience today)

About the camper batteries powering the truck. The camper dealer once told me that the batteries are just wired together. Specifically he said when plugged into shore power the engine battery is being charged. That's all I know. There is a battery disconnect to prevent the camper from running down the engine battery but I thought not in the other direction. But above posts say with the distance and wire gauge the camper batteries won't be able to turn the engine. Interesting idea whether you could physically move a camper battery to the engine compartment to jump the truck. Now here is a real laugh. From hints above I just googled and the Walmart I was stuck at has an Auto Care Center that was even open on Sunday. I could have asked a mechanic there. Oh well, I made it to my destination campground in West Yellowstone only 1 day late so all good.Fantastic - wish I was in Yellowstone. A switch between the 2 batteries isolates them for both discharge and charge. The small gauge wire and it's length between the batteries is fine for charging in either direction over a number of hours. But it cannot handle the very high amps and voltage drop required for starting from the house battery.
CA Traveler 09/13/22 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: inverter not charging the battery

Doesn't your res refer have a inside on/off switch? Turn all disconnect switches to the on position and leave them there since you are apparently a pedestal to pedestal traveler. Battery corrosion on a 2022 battery suggests it's bad or has been over charged. How do you know it's not being charged? You could have blown fuse or tripped CB. Have the batteries load tested to determine if good or not. A digital voltmeter is your friend. Post make and model of your "inverter". I would hope a res refer would be powered by the pedestal when plugged in and inverter otherwise, but maybe not. Get the RV working then the truck.
CA Traveler 09/12/22 10:09pm Travel Trailers
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