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RE: Batteries(new) supply power sporadically

You're very brave to start a trip with no battery power. :W A bad/loose wire/connection or auto reset CB are possibilities. Are the batteries being charged on shore power? From your description both banks have issues - right? Head directly to HF, buy a $5 DVM, learn how to use it and be prepared to use it the next time. Or hold up your credit card.
CA Traveler 10/16/19 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need new shocks Las Vegas area, any...

Many can replace shocks but often have little suspension knowledge. One shop that does is Henderson's Line Up in Grant's Pass, OR and their reputation is excellent. I knew I needed shocks and alignment. Fortunately no warn parts. I also opted for the ride along road test and glad I did. They used Koni FSD shocks on my rig and the difference was very significant.
CA Traveler 10/14/19 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Honda cr-v electrical problem

Using my great and unmatched wisdom, I would put an amp meter on the battery, measure the draw then start unplugging fuses one at a time.X2 And I'd use a clampon ammeter. This should help to isolate the problem if not find it. OP It appears that you had the problem before the wiring changes since you replaced the battery but didn't realize the car had a problem. Correct?
CA Traveler 10/11/19 05:19pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

OP, What you may be missing is that charger/inverters switch both the neutral and hot line and the output neutral and ground are bonded when inverting (only). You will also need to split the neutral in the panel and run a 2nd neutral from the inverter output to the panel. And there may be other considerations. As Mayer said it can be done but not recommended.
CA Traveler 10/10/19 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

Good post. With the slides in check what can/can't be accessed. Consider parking in front of someone's house and only the curb side slides can be out. Some areas do not allow reverse parking. Do your own and complete PDI, never just accept a dealers PDI. Take multiple days as needed and if the dealer pushes back then walk. My current rig was 2 years old when purchased. My PDI resulted in parts that had to be ordered and stretched to 3 weeks. Dometic dragged their feet on A/C replacement and finally revealed there was a recall. Commitments were firm and the replacement occurred 4 months later near my home. So there are some good dealers. 3 weeks after taking delivery the hydraulic slide pump failed. Lipper finally agreed to a replacement after I documented the 5 design flaws. And guess what? Yup the new pump was redesigned and no problems in 8 years. Wish I could say the same for the cheap Lipper hydraulic hoses which I replaced.
CA Traveler 10/09/19 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

More expensive and if you keep it for 12 years even more expensive. More restricted CG sites than the C. More room inside and more storage w/o the drive shaft from the front, perhaps a FT consideration. For limited camping for 12 years before FT we waited for a DP, and "FT" 3-5 months.
CA Traveler 10/08/19 08:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many volts....

BTW Have your neighbor buy a $5 digital voltmeter from HF and show him how to check the battery voltages. Or about $20 elsewhere.
CA Traveler 10/07/19 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

Do the steps on a Class A operate from the house or engine battery?Good question and implies that both banks should be load checked considering the history is unknown. Some MHs do not charge the chassis battery from shore/gen power. I installed a trickle charger on the chassis batteries on my prior rig because they were not charged from shore/gen power.
CA Traveler 10/07/19 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

BTW 6.5V is considered a dead battery and some chargers will not charge the battery when it's that low which is why I said do whatever it takes to get them charged.
CA Traveler 10/07/19 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

Thanks for the replys and to 'set the stage' for the issue here, he went to the rig for something and when he closed the door the step would not retract all the way back in. Then he heard a clicking from near the steps, apparently from not enough voltage to retract them all the way. I went over and told him we need to check the batteries. The coach batteries, 2 6 volters, 1 was way low on water in all 3 cells the other was way low as well. We topped them off with distilled water then plugged it in to shore power. I checked the terminals with a multimeter and had only about 6.5 volts between the two. I thought there would have been at least 12 volts. Another issue here? Perhaps the batts. are toast?Perhaps. If the water was below the plates their capacity is compromised. Immediately charge the batteries using a auto charger of whatever and if somewhat OK they will reach the above posted voltage. Then have the batteries load tested so he knows their condition and resolve the charging issue.
CA Traveler 10/07/19 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

The typical RV does not have a trickle charger. Instead the charger is/should be a 3+ stage charger - float, absorb, bulk.
CA Traveler 10/07/19 08:24am Tech Issues
RE: How many volts....

13.4V (float) to 14.8V (bulk charge) depending upon the charger and battery SOC. And there is some variation based on battery type if the charger has that option. Plus it will vary if the charger is temperature compensated. It will not drop below the float voltage unless the charger has a standby no charge option. Or a trickle charger may take a long time to reach the float voltage and above. Or never if there are house or chassis battery loads.
CA Traveler 10/07/19 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: How to raise one end of slide out??

If a dealer can fix that correctly that's an extremely rare dealer IMHO. I'd be having a lot of discussion with the mfg on how best to get it closed for transport. Maybe a metal plate can help. I'm guessing the slide will have to be removed for repairs.
CA Traveler 10/06/19 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: How to raise one end of slide out??

No warranty on a 2018? Sounds like bad floor or roller. But if flush floor slide that could also be involved. Have you checked the floor inside removing what ever is required to get access? My slides can be raised when extended with a large wooden block near the end but leaving enough clearance to install SS plates above the rollers which are on the very ends. Different rig but perhaps this helps.
CA Traveler 10/06/19 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Wiring Question

Do a energy audit or otherwise determine if one battery is adequate for boon docking or even 2 batteries along with gen run time. If they are the same connect them in parallel and see what happens. But carry jumper cables and perhaps a battery pack. There are options for larger batteries including deep cycle batteries. Everything can tie together including your charger and it's capabilities in terms of charge time/gen run time.
CA Traveler 10/06/19 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Traveling to Austin from Las Vegas

93, 60, 303, 10. If there is a weekend Phoenix 10 closure due to 202 interchange construction then 93, 60, 74, 17, 10.
CA Traveler 10/05/19 11:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fuel sensor probe question

Calibrated correctly I assume? Does it calibrate correctly with ignition on? Check connections and add ground wire. Check connections on the gauge. Pull it out and test it. Should read empty when out and check the reading as you lower it into a full tank, takes time due to the high damping. Run temporary wires from the gauge to the sensor. Could be the gauge of course.
CA Traveler 10/05/19 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need ideas for Newmar Bay Star 3626

I replaced the fixed shelf with a full slide out shelf. The shelf had a L shaped opening for the taller trash can. Remove the trash can and pull the shelf out for easy access to it's contents. The bottom shelf could also be a slide out shelf.
CA Traveler 10/04/19 06:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: li battery pack of my dreams

2,000Ah equivalent at 12V is one large battery. The weight seems consistent with the capacity. What am I missing?
CA Traveler 10/03/19 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Thread

The most tedious part of installing solar for me was deciding which panels to use and where to place them considering the evil rig shadows and associated cost. In the end raising the panels above the shadows and using serial connected 30V panels and MPPT controller was only $100 more than the equivalent sized 12V panels with PWM controller. I have virtually no rig shadows (from A/Cs etc) all day long. The MPPT controller cost was offset by the much higher 12V panel cost/watt. Factors like $/watt and watts/sq ft for the panels were a factor for me. Prior to the solar install I installed a battery monitor so that I knew the amount of solar required for my power consumption. As a result solar was a one time install that did not need upgrades but the roof space is available for more panels and a second controller.
CA Traveler 10/02/19 01:14pm Tech Issues
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