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RE: Ridgway State Park to Leadville

What is the best way to go to Leadville/Buena Vista area from Ridgway State Park? We have a large dually pickup and will be towing a 34-ft fifth wheel. This is planned for July 2020. We prefer ease of towing, and would like to keep steep mountain passes, etc to a minimum. Thanks for any information you can give us. Big :) here. You are in the Heart of the Rockies - As will usually be the case any trip from Here to There will likely involve a Mountain or Two! Suggested Route - with one pass - First time over this I just thought I had gone over a Mountain "Not a Pass" - Note here I love Driving in the Mountains. Might be fun to Stop at Monarch Mountain Ski Resort to rest and stretch your legs - One more note - Wal*Mart is in Gunnison to Resupply - and - is worth the stop for dinner. Hope this helps, as the Alternative is Vail Pass and that's Big. Best of Luck, edit Another Post to Read on the Area.
Busskipper 02/04/20 08:28am Roads and Routes
RE: I-70 Colorado in April

SO we're planning a trip to Moab, UT the end of April coming from the east. I'm hearing that it's not unusual to get snow at that time of year and I-70 may be closed then. Any comments? Everyone is likely relating their experiences to you - so While I do not live in Colorado I've got Four Granddaughters there - so we are there often to say the least - Having also spent two Winters in Golden I have traveled often in both the RV and the Car to and From Vail/Breck/Steamboat/Moab - so I can relate to your concern. I'll be flying out tomorrow for a week so I'll check first hand. Watch the Weather - Period! It can and will often change more than once a day, Look at CDOT - - click on any camera to see the Currant conditions - as they are all Different. Big Deal is Eisenhower Tunnel and Vail Pass - then usually good to Glenwood Springs - and try to Remember to Exit on Utah Exit 214 off I-70 to Moab - Following the Colorado River Just Beautiful and a great Welcome to Moab Drive:) 4runnerguy's Link here - - will help with Moab, April is busy so might be smart to check for Reservations. Link to West Side Truck Ramp post #13 Pictures don't lie - Thousands of Skiers flock to those Hills when it snows - so Check CDOT info and just be prepared to wait a day if needed, Love it in those Rocks in April. Weekends are not a good time as Traffic can Be Horrendous - Lot's of Skiers! - IMHO Traffic is as big a concern as Weather. Hope this helps,
Busskipper 02/03/20 08:53am Roads and Routes

dont know how heavy. Its a Grand Design Solitude 310 (2019) Might be a good Idea to get an Accurate Measurement on the Height of the Trailer on your Vehicle - when empty and when full. Requires someone to hold a stick out level and measure - we usually just take a string and when level cut it off and measure to get it correct. Just a Thought,
Busskipper 01/24/20 10:43am Roads and Routes

We have been out west a zillion times and are going to WYS for 7 days there let alone many many many stops. We have a 36 ft 5th wheel that is 13.5 tall so I was concerned about the bridges and tunnels on what ever roads. We live in Ft Ld and will be going to: Memphis,Eureka Spr, Dodge, Co Spr, YS,Bryce-Zion, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, then down to a few stops in TX then to San Antonio, Nashville to name some stops. Like I said, many we have been to before but some want to visit again. Looking at going from Co Spr to 287 or 191 to get to Yellowstone. If we go on 191 we can miss the traffic is S YS and go directly to WYS where we will camp 15 min N oF WYS. We have 7 days there, so we will do the S end with just the truck. Sorry to have missed your Mission. - Couple things that would have helped in getting a more legitimate/helpful reply - The fact that the rig is 13.5' tall, would have helped - Never seen one that tall but what would I know without some factual info like, type of 5th wheel.:h Second your join date and the fact that you have only 3-4 posts would indicate you Just Might be a Rookie.:S While I have not yet been out West a Zillion times, yet, I go at least a couple times a year and have a couple hundred thousand miles out there, ..... I always look to make the Drive as good as the Destination - .....with Yellowstone being the destination, that requires a pretty good Drive.:R So, Sorry, to have not been of any help - Might work on your signature so we would have an idea as to the type of RV'er you are ..........not that you just joined and didn't know to fill out the Signature part of the registration.;) Time of year would also help, as you are well aware of the Heat in the Summer of Utah - so it is a much more friendly place in the Shoulder seasons..........But I'm sure you have that factored into your Zillion and 1st trip. Look over these to see if they might help; State DOT's are the best place to get honest info.,T:,1 Similar post with similar replies you might enjoy. Enjoy the Rockies and the Southwest - so much to see and Never.....Never Enough TIME!
Busskipper 01/24/20 10:28am Roads and Routes

Going to W.Yellowstone from Colorado Springs. Looks like going from Co Springs to Lander to W.Yellowstone is the least miles. It is not interstate, so I am wondering about if any bridges or any other issues. Some say to go Co Spr to Rock Springs to Idaho Falls to W.Yellowstone. Hate to add another 100 miles because we have about 8,000 during our across the US trip. If I understand the Question you are out on a Tour of the USA - to SEE the Sites and you are going from Colorado to West Yellowstone. May I be so bold to offer a much more Beautiful drive that will allow you to see more of the Rockies that you may Enjoy? ImHO if you are traveling around the USA and the number of Miles you are driving is the Leading Concern you may need to really Think about your Mission! You are in the Middle of Colorado, which IMHO is almost Heaven. Sorry if this is not a direct answer to your question as it just ........well just not right to not endeavor to try to see more not less as you drive from destination to destination. My simple/easy/recommended/short drive would be Colorado Springs to Buena Vista/Collegiates/Independence Pass/Twin Lakes/Leadville/Arkansas River/Browns Canyon to Dino National Monument - catching Camp Hale/Red Cliff/Minturn/Aspen/Maroon Bells/Glenwood Springs/Rifle State Park/ as you drive along the way then Flaming Gorge to Alpine to Jackson to the Tetons up through Yellowstone and out to West Yellowstone. Map of the general Route Just a beautiful Drive that has a little to see along the way :) If you insist on your Lander Route you need to be aware of I-25 traffic which can in and of itself be just Gruelling on all in the vehicle - You will pass the opportunity to see RT 6 drive/Golden/Boulder/Peak to Peak drive/RMNP/RT 34 0r 36/Snowy Range/Wind River Canyon/Cody Chief Joseph Highway Beartooth.............the list goes on. To simply answer your question about most routes in the West - Bridges when encountered usually work - Restricted Roads are marked (Independence Pass) - Interstates are filled with Trucks and generally pretty bumpy - Side roads are Better and there is more to see and do than you can possible accomplish id a lifetime much less in one Trip. Hope this helps,
Busskipper 01/24/20 06:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Wolf Creek Pass vs. Coal Bank & Molas Passes

How does Wolf Creek Pass from South Fork to Durango compare to Coal Bank & Molas Passes from Durango to Silverton, CO? US 160 and Wolf Creek Pass tops out at ~10800 feet and is 3- and 4-lane roadway. It's nowhere near as bad as legend has it, or it was in the past. Yes, it's a steep pass on the west side, but it's not difficult and there are runaway truck ramps. 2 climb lanes on the eastbound side west of the summit, 2 lanes going down. 2 climb lanes westbound on the east side of the summit, 1 and 2 lanes going down. No shelf road to speak of, IIRC, there are guardrails all the way, and there are some cool pull offs for those photo ops. US 550, Coal Bank Pass (~10600 feet) and Molas Pass (~10900 feet), is 2 lane roadway all the way to Silerton. IMO, Coal Bank is "meh", is barely noticeable as Colorado Passes go. Molas has a nice overlook parking area, and there's an amazing campground north of the pass (seasonal). Neither are as daunting as their 3rd companion...Red Mountain Pass. That pass itself is not so bad, it's the portion from the summit north to Ouray that is the stuff of legends and much discussion on this and other message boards. Tight switchbacks, avalanche shoots and shelf road with no guardrails and steep drop offs. Yes, truckers and buses do it all the time...and they are professional drivers, accustomed to it. Experienced drivers can handle it. ^^^^^^^^^^ I Agree Great Summary ^^^^^^^^^^
Busskipper 01/23/20 02:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best Route through the Smokies

Looking for advice going from Gatlinburg to Ashville NC. Anyone made that trip and know of the best road? Is 441 across the Smokies any good for a Diesel Pusher with Toad? Planning for the summer-fall of 2020. Thanks for any advice. Arnold, Happy travels. As a personal view driving in the Smokies will Test even the Best drivers - PERIOD. Straight is not in the description of anything. Can you, sure, either one but IMHO I-40 is just Crazy - the speed limit for trucks is set to the slowest truck driving as they are - for the most part - Restricted to the right lane, and most are doing well over 65 on a road designed for a Sports Car, if you dare to get into the Left lane you will be run over by the local traffic doing 75+. I remember thinking that while I love a Challenge and I love to Drive this would not be Fun in the RV - Luckily I was in Really Nice New Truck (Brothers) and it was still a drivers drive. Guess what I'm trying to say is that it is like Driving the Washington Beltway - At Rush Hour - with two lanes closed - Jersey walls on both sides - 11' lanes - at 75+ MPH. So while RT 441 may be a challenge it will allow you to get out of the way and take the drive at a much more leisurely pace. JMHO,
Busskipper 01/21/20 06:24am Roads and Routes
RE: Casper wy to yellowsrone

I will be going to Yellowstone NP rom Casper WY in the middle of sept this year. Is 20/26 to 26 into Yellowstone the best option. I have a f250 6.2 gas pulling a 9000 lb TT. Thanks. Best? - I have done both and you will have no issue either way look at this MAP and see if Shoshoni to Thermopolis to Cody might work for you. The Wind River Canyon has always been of particular interest to me - the River runs North and the road rises as you go north giving the unusual feeling that the River is actually Running Uphill. Great CG right on the River just out of Shoshoni - Thermopolis has the Hot Springs - Cody the Buffalo Bill Museum along with a day Drive on Chief Joseph and the Beartooth if you were inclined. No wrong choices as every road needs to be driven to really see the Area in and Around YNP. One last note - September and the Aspen in Colorado and the West are just amazing, if I were you I'd try to catch a little of Colorado to see some of it - the last week of September - Colorado Aspen -Beautiful! JMHO,
Busskipper 01/20/20 06:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Trip West

Thanks and based on everyone’s feedback we might make adjustments in our time frame to get the biggest bang for our trip. If I were you and had your timeline I'd LOOK Hard at this Post. IMHO the Aspen in Colorado are just Amazing. Buena Vista and the Collegiates are filled with drives and Hikes. Cottonwood Pass - Independence Pass - Salida - Twin Lakes - Crested Butte......on and on. If you get Really Luck you might just Catch a little Snow when you are at the top of the Pass - Really Lucky - One year we drove over to Aspen to Hike the Bells for a Couple days - Aspen were only a little Yellow - 4 days Latter on the return Drive a Sea of Gold and SNOW when we reached the Pass - UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL! - When we got into Buena Vista to head into the Collegiates and Cottonwood Pass it was almost 70 - OMG moments - that trip is one of My Best every in Colorado. (note here RT 82 is a restricted size road so be aware - RT 82 restrictions If we are on the right path we can help more, all you need to do is be specific on what you need - I'm more of a where to Go Guy - not a where to Stay Guy, so others may suggest CG's Hope this helps,
Busskipper 01/15/20 07:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

To the moderator - Thank you so much! You all have helped me make a final decision - COLORADO! I just can't pass up a chance to show the rest of my family what Colorado looks like in the fall. Looks like we will be there the last 2 weeks of September. Thanks to a wonderful suggestion I'm thinking our first stop will be Caprock Canyons SP in Texas. We have a park pass and I've been to Palo Duro but never Caprock. 2nd stop in Raton Pass, then on to the Great Sand Dunes for one night. After that I'm stuck. Still researching. There are so many options. We could head north to Buena Vista and on to RMNP. We could head to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, down to Telluride and then to Mesa Verde. We could go down to Pagosa, Durango and Mesa Verde. We have done the Durango train before and have spent a week in Ouray. I think my kids would probably like Estes Park but I may lose my mind with the crowds. If anyone wants to recommend campgrounds, activities and the like I am all ears. I've pressed the kids a bit more and my daughter wants to shop.....well that's a shocker. My son would like to ride ATVs or horses as well as anything native American. We are totally open to advice. Thanks for everything so far. After Great sand Dunes look at Twin Lakes Just a little north of Buena Vista. - It would allow the drive over Independence Pass to Aspen and Marron Bells for a day trip/hike up to the Bells, and a little shopping in Aspen for the Daughter. The drive will reveal some amazing fields/mountains covered in Aspen, the drive over will be one view the drive back another, if you are really lucky you may even catch a little Snow at the Pass. :) From there look at Ridgway SP or the Park of Ouray - both are great and will likely require reservations in late September. (Aspen Peepers are a big deal) Now depending on where we are in the schedule and the Pace you enjoy time will be critical as to how much more you can do. Silverton/Telluride/Mesa Verde/Durango - will all provide days of adventures - Aspen and Telluride will have shopping as will Durango - Mesa Verde should be just a short drive to get to. Pretty much I'd guess you need to look at the Route Home - Durango to Pagosa Springs - .........................Problem I have is I just Love those Mountains and could just sit in a chair and wait for the Snow to cover me up, it is just that Beautiful. We will keep pushing on this as I think I've given you more options than are possible in the time allotted. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 01/15/20 07:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip West

We’re planning to head west this fall. On the list is Grand Canyon and Denver, Co. we’re leaving from Southside VA. Any suggestions on best route or routes not to take any suggestions on sights to see along the way? Thanks in advance. Reading ahead work very hard at getting all four weeks and all 5 weekend long drive and more to do than you can even imagine. Look at the post 2020 September post that is running now for a lot of good ideas - not sure what you would like for the drive out as it will still be warm in August - any chance that you start in the second week of September. It will be cooler and you might catch the Aspen turning Gold. We leave from Annapolis taking I-70 to Indianapolis then to Hannibal And RT 36 to Denver. Hard to type this on the phone so will check back in the AM. Hope this Helps,
Busskipper 01/14/20 07:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

So {Name Deleted} do you have any actual recommendations for family vacation spots for my family based on the given parameters? I shared what my son likes because I am LOOKING FOR VACATION RECOMMENDATIONS. I shared I homeschooled so folks would know we have the freedom to travel outside of the typical summer vacation time frame in case someone had any constructive advice to give. Perhaps one place or another would be better seen at another time of year. I shared information I deemed necessary to obtain advice relative to our situation. I had no idea people here would feel the need to judge a family for their educational choices for their children based on a simple request for vacation information. MOD'S EDIT: I deleted all the garbage from him criticizing your parenting. I'm appalled by his ignorant comments to you. Thank You, from another Poster - :o
Busskipper 01/14/20 06:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Northeast Ohio to Yellowstone with Kids!

OK - OK Can you do it? Sure ...........Is it FUN.......? A long time ago while I was in my late 20's took the DW Coast to Coast, her/our first of many trips through the years. Saw too many parks to mentions, but will try - all the major ones - Had the truck Mirror in Most of the Pictures but we did take pictures with film - saw it But Did not Touch it - so can you drive 4-5-6-7-8-9 hundred miles a Day and Enjoy it - I did, BUT would never recommend that to anyone with Kids. (Oh, this may explain it, did I mention I'm just a little Crazy) I love to Drive (Have somewhere between 3-4 million miles behind the wheel) and on that particular trip I think I had 4 days of 900+ miles - lot of driving - Did Annapolis to Mt Rushmore in two Days - got there in time to see the sunset ceremony - Next day/night in Old Faithful Lodge, Saw Old Faithful, drove through most of the park down to the Tetons and out to Glacier for the next night in Glacier NP Had to go into Canada 1/2 day then some sleep before another long day to Redwood National Park on the Coast - PCH to San Francisco then over to Reno/Tahoe, that was the first 8 days. - maybe 9 let’s see. Now from there, a couple National Parks - Yosemite and Sequoia before Disneyland then over to Vegas, saw a show. Another 8 days. Now on to Sedona and the Grand Canyon before heading to Monument Valley then Mesa Verde – Dunton Springs/Lizard Head Pass (Didn't know it was a Pass) all of this is just what I call Drive trough’s. Through Buena Vista to Some Big Hotel outside of Colorado Springs - (called the Broadmoor - Parents said I had to go) then up to Estes and to I-70 East – In two days we arrived in Rehoboth Beach for two nights before I had to be a Work - Teaching and Coaching..... Those were the Days, 23 days of Pure FUN - Bought Gas in Denver for 24.9 cents a gallon (1971) Brought back Coors and Olympia Beer - by the time we drank it, it was skunked, but trust me back then few friends had even heard of them, so they all Loved it. Map of 21 day trip Coast to Coast and Back So Yes if you are slightly crazy - have a partner who is willing to sleep while you drive - DW has less than a 1,000 miles driving with me in the Vehicle in over 50 years - I Drive she Navigates always. So can you do it – Sure Go for it – BUT – If more Time is available grab it. That’s my Story and I’m Sticking to IT. :B
Busskipper 01/13/20 09:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

If the Grand Canyon ends up being our destination, how many nights would you suggest? If we visited Sunset Canyon on our way and camped in the nearby national forest overnight then we could enter on the east side and take desert view drive to mather campground. Maybe 2 nights? What are some south rim things we shouldn't miss? As it appears I'm the only one still on the Computer today - IMHO - Grand Canyon South is just Too Crowded to be an Activities destination if not making it a Major - Lottery Hike - down into the Canyon - North Rim in September and October for Me. If that where the Choice then, Monument Valley - Page - Horseshoe bend of the Colorado - Lake Powell - Canyon de Chelly - possibly Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon. Not really much of an expert on the GC/south just - as Beautiful and Impressive as it is - think it's been 20 years since the last trip, with probably 4-5 trips to the North Side and loving it each Will advise you to wait on others to comment, as it's not my sort of place. JMHO, For me Crowds are not why we RV - get me on a trail with more Animals than People, that will make Me smile.
Busskipper 01/13/20 01:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Northeast Ohio to Yellowstone with Kids!

What is the best route and stops to make from Akron/Canton area to Yellowstone and back. We have a 41' Fifth wheel. Would prefer not to return the same way we came and would take 12-14 days. Any tips are appreciated! You have looked at the Map - with the few stops along the way it close to 2000 miles in each direction likely 40 hours of Driving. just to get there - last time I was in Yellowstone we drove over 600 miles just in the Park, so miles of driving, possible but not without the drivers paying a price. Possible to get that third weekend and make this 16.5 days then maybe you will only spend half the time driving. If you only have 12 to 14 days check in with Southwest or ...... for airfare, Seriously.! Look at the MAP Get more time,
Busskipper 01/13/20 01:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

Wow this is what I was was hoping for! I've now got lots of links and things to check out. I appreciate all the suggestions and advice. And Busskipper - brown hair, green eyes....haha. I put all of that information in my original post so you guys don't have to ask. I see posts where there is hardly any info given and then it just takes longer to get solid info. Off to research! And I bet the DD is the of the Age and Looks that you need an Armed Guard at the door - (Joke) You have a lot of good advice in this post - padredw Knows Texas and has likely traveled all these routes - his advice on CG's is likely Spot on - I use Wal*Mart in getting here to there, and Boondock often, seldom making reservations except on Summer weekends, so will seldom recommend a CG. Durango and Aspen will provide relief for the DD - Mesa Verde and Canyon de Chelly will take care of the DS as to your stated wishes. Alpine Loop and Owl Creek Pass along with the Bells and the Drive on Independence Pass to Aspen should keep you and your Hubby Happy so this might just work - Look for Devils Punch Bowl as a side stop on Independence Pass- if still warm all could take the Jump - usually others there in September - Punch Bowl Images - Quincy's for a Steak or Vegetarian Dinner at an affordable price in Buena Vista - along with K's for lunch. Arkansas River and Crested Butte just across Cottonwood Pass, along with all the Collegiates and those Trails/Lakes.. Then The San Juan's - as close to heaven as I've ever found. Lake City if Ouray is too Busy/Big. On and On .. Yes I love Colorado - Wal*Mart in Gunnison to resupply after Buena Vista area........ Sorry,getting excited - as we will likely do this Trip with the Granddaughters, both East and West, this Summer, Oh how I Love Colorado. Last a link for Ouray - 3 Days in Ouray Sorry I got carried away again but........
Busskipper 01/13/20 10:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

I am trying to plan our 2020 family vacation. We have two weeks including weekends and would like to go middle/end of September. It is me, my husband, 2 kids ages DD17 and DS8 and our dog and our kids are homeschooled. We drive a 24 foot class c which my husband and I both drive. I need help figuring out where to go. We are between Houston and Austin Texas. Some locations I am thinking of are Grand Canyon with stops at Wupatki NM and Sunset Crater, maybe Tucson and Tombstone; Yellowstone; Badlands/Black Hills; Great Sand dunes, Buena Vista area, Mesa Verde Colorado. I'm not sure which one to chose. I am OK with having a couple of long days getting to and from but once we get there mostly want to have a leisurely pace and enjoy our time without rushing from place to place. We do not need full hookups or luxuries. We are a very active family and love outdoor activities - hiking, rafting, kayaking. We also enjoy museums and quirky places. Not so much big cities. My son is interested in seeing native american ruins and he has never been to the mountains. My daughter says she doesn't care what we do and my husband says whatever you want honey just tell me when to take off work lol. Not a bad position to be in but they are no help in planning. I want to add that we are used to super long car trips as we go visit our friends in Minnesota every other Christmas and will be in the car up to 12 hours at a time. I have done solo road trips to Colorado driving home in a long day. Activity wise I am an adventure traveler. My friends and I do week long canoe/backpack trips thru the Boundary Waters Canoe Area every summer and in May I'm hiking Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas. My husband and I just got back from a jungle trip in Costa Rica. When I go someplace I intent to truly experience it. With all that being said what can we realistically do in 2 weeks without being too terribly rushed? Input is greatly appreciated. Well don't let it be said that we need more info - maybe Eye and Hair Color....:) just kidding. Links to look at that will/may help; Family like you wanted to do it all - Images - Stan says a lot with very few words Images show you where to go when you get there - You say September, I suggest the last couple weeks of September - Few more Images that might help with the decision - Last Images in the San Juan's - Special and Close to you - Class C - two weeks three weekends - start with the Camper ready when the Hubby gets off work on Friday leave at 4 - nice easy 8 hours to get as far as possible towards Colorado, say 400 miles+:) Points that you might consider in and around Colorado; Great Sand Dunes - Buena Vista/Collegiates/Twin Lakes/Independence Pass/Maroon Bells/ second week Ouray - Silverton - Durango - Mesa Verde - Monument Valley - Canyon de Chelly - Window Rock - long drive home More here/there to do than you can do but pick some - do some - drive through some - you only have 16.5 days likely 4.5 days just coming and going - MAP - Lot more to see and do while in all the areas mentioned, but you only have 16.5 days and you need to get there and Back... Texas is a Big State, just getting out is a task:) Look over and see if I'm in the right areas you desire, if so we can help more if not we'll see - Just a note - Reason I suggest Colorado is that we have Family there and they are similar to yours - all girls 7-13 and we watched then when the DIL went to Tetons and did a week hike along Crest Ridge - 50 miles - real Hiking - They Love just getting in the Car and tent Camping - think they would love this trip. Just a note for the DD Aspen/ski resort when you visit Maroon Bells and the area there might give her a day in the town that she might enjoy, Girls love to Shop:). Late September is my Favorite Month of the year to Travel - Cool Crisp nights and those Golden Aspen - Heaven! Hope this helps,
Busskipper 01/13/20 07:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Oregon or what to do after Glacier

We're Floridians and try to head west every summer. Long drive - so try to make it as good as the destination, even if it means seeing things for a second or third time - as it is just Amazing how things Change. We are teachers so we have the luxury of time. Right out of College I taught for three years (My Service Obligation as I was 4F) - Loved it - Had my Kids do reports on the National Parks then, Proceeded to try to see them all in Three Weeks (had a few 900+ mile days) - :S - Saw a lot but also Missed a lot, as there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME We've fallen in love with Colorado (RMNP, Ouray, Durango, Ridgway),Utah (Zion, Bryce, DHP and Moab) and we've played long and hard in Yellowstone and the Tetons. Colorado is our Second Home - with 4 Granddaughters there we visit often - But still never enough time. We always try to add something new and Glacier is our paradise. Just did New Years with the Kids and Nephews - talked alot about Glacier - decision was you needed minimum of 3 weeks just at the Park - so much to see and do - so for most it is a single destination. Question is, what can we do from there west? Washington is Beautiful - while still somewhat crowded in the Summer it is so much less than just driving through Cali and seeing the PCH - problem is Cali requires - IMHO - a much longer time line - as there is a lifetime of Adventures and way too many People most of the Summer. You have the Coast - the Northwest Mountains - Tahoe - Yosemite - Redwoods .........on and on...a lifetime. (Was a youngster growing up in Cali and on of my son's went to Whittier, so I have a lot of time there, but the crowds have chased me out. I think we've decided against our first impulse, which was to cross the border into Waterton just to avoid customs with our dog and all. Think I'd research this a little more to see if you could make it happen - it's a whole new world up there. We've never made it to the Pacific. It is amazing to watch the Sun set there! Any input would be much appreciated. Oregon? Pacific Coast Highway? We're one year from retirement, so Alaska will have to wait for that. Might look at this Video - Or - Tried to address your questions - Issue is there is never enough TIME - IMHO. Idaho - Flathead Lake - driving up from Colorado through Wyoming to Montana will take some time if you were to bounce through many of the spots you have missed. IMHO, Glacier should be THE Focus of this Trip make the Pacific the Focus of a Couple other Summers or Years after you retire - Trust me Cali, Oregun and Washington will not be done in a Summer! Do more research on the Glacier trip, as Often going to the Sun Road does not open till the 4th of July, leaving you precious little time to do other things before or after - with the long drive from Florida. Hope this is of some help,
Busskipper 01/05/20 07:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: So California to Creede CO

Thanks so much Busskipper! We're really excited about the journey! Think you might be making a move after the summer in Colorado....:) Few more Links to keep your interest Up. Stans Parkers images of Colorado will give you a list of places to look for. - Michael's images will keep you looking - Golden Aspen will give you a reason to stay through September - Last but not least this video might get the Juices flowing for the trip - Enjoy Colorado, the only bad thing is having to Leave. Best of Luck,
Busskipper 01/05/20 06:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Planning on pulling Cottonwood Pass Colorado

Great vid, thanks! My wife is not gonna be pumped about the no guardrails! Video is from 2016 it was paved in 2018-19 - - used to be a washboard Gravel Road that would remove most if not all of your Fillings:) While it is a good way to get to Crested Butte now, IMHO the best drives are still on the gravel roads that wander through the Collegiates - Just Beautiful! Enjoy Colorado,
Busskipper 01/05/20 06:35am Roads and Routes
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