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RE: Want to give a big shout out to Good Sam's Financing Center

Congrats on the new rig! We factory ordered our Terry TT back in 2007 and what the dealer told me was that the factory builds one model at a time in rotation. So they set the line up to produce x# of model A, then adjust what they need to and produce x# of Model B, and so on. We ordered in September and didn't get the trailer until mid-December because we had just missed the rotation for our model and had to wait for it to come around again. It doesn't sound very efficient and probably why Fleetwood went out of business in 2008. Not sure if any factories still (or ever did) operate like this....I'm in banking, not manufacturing. :)
BurbMan 09/23/20 11:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2002 Lance 811 Rebuild - Update 09.23.2020

***UPDATE 09/23/2020*** Moving along...I have all the trim on, just waiting for one more roll of butyl tape to arrive so I can finish the sewer hose hatch. This will make 10-30' rolls of butyl tape I used on this project. In fairness I'll have some left over so maybe 280' total used. Got the HW heater installed and it fired right up! Propane is now 100% connected with no leaks or issues detected. With the outside shower in, that makes 100% of the water system connected and functional with no leaks detected. width=640 width=640 Also got a few last items DW wanted, we turned the small coat closet next to the stove into a pantry with some pull out shelves. This is the full extension Rev-a-Shelf kit, I built some brackets to raise the assembly up and create a 3rd shelf on the bottom since you can't get the kit this width with 3 pull out baskets. width=640 width=640 Also installed a magnetic knife rack by the stove. DW swears it had good Amazon reviews from RV owners who said the knives won't come off going down the road....I guess we'll see. width=640 Last items are to finish: 1. Wiring the tail light and reverse lights 2. Umbilical cord wiring 3.Eternabond all the seams 4. Install the jacks. I've already replaced the control board and remote and verified that they all work, now just need to bolt them on to the camper.
BurbMan 09/23/20 11:45am Truck Campers
Sewer hose?

I'm reinstalling the sewer hose storage on the Lance, which is just a 4" PVC tube with a hatch on the end. I used to carry 2-10' sections of hose in the TT bumper...most of the time 10' would do it but every once in a while you couldn't get close enough to the dump drain... I tried to get a 10' section into the storage tube and only half of it would you guys only carry a 5' dump hose? seems awfully short. Is there a brand of hose where a 10' section collapses to a shorter length? Or are there other places to store the hose?
BurbMan 09/23/20 11:32am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for next travel trailer

As luck would have it I just got an email about a Virtual RV Show being put on by RV Wholesalers, Sept 23 from noon till 8pm. It's free, just follow the link to register.
BurbMan 09/23/20 09:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for next travel trailer

It's getting hard to find ovens, mfrs claim nobody uses them anymore. Maybe so but we love ours! Nothing like smelling a roast cook all day when the Fall air is crisp! Or brownies baking....mmmm.... Sorry no ideas, the best place to look would have been the annual RV show in Hershey PA but like everything else it got cancelled this year. RV shows in general are a good resource because you can see a lot of models quickly and also the sales reps are usually knowledgeable about models and features (not tech stuff LOL).
BurbMan 09/23/20 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Overland Build Idea

They did do a lot of remodeling of the trailer interior which would defeat my idea of throw a trailer on the truck deck (minus the axles) and head out but it certainly confirms the idea as viable. Wouldn't defeat it per se, would just take longer. Depends on how custom you want the interior to be. This is really an interesting idea and would be a fun build. Around here guys spend big money to have Class C's converted to 4WD for beach access, your idea would deliver almost the same result at a lower cost. One thing to keep in mind is that very few TTs come with a generator option, or have room for multiple batteries, so you'll need to plan space for that in the build.
BurbMan 09/23/20 07:36am Truck Campers
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

The OP never did post a pic of the camper on the truck....
BurbMan 09/23/20 06:31am Truck Campers
RE: Overland Build Idea

Cab overs are used worldwide, so better chance of getting work done on it. Ah, OK, you didn't mention going around the world with it, I assume you were talking NA, there are plenty of overland places in Mexico. Is this the truck you're talking about using? width=640
BurbMan 09/23/20 06:30am Truck Campers
RE: Finaly got my new ARB locker!

That's the right tool for the job if you're out in the rough stuff. I would opt for air if it's already onboard. What truck do you have?
BurbMan 09/23/20 06:09am Truck Campers
RE: 2020 chevy equinox LT

Here is the 2020 Equinox Owner's Manual. Page 346 tells you that all models can be towed 4-down, but Chevy advises starting and running the vehicle for 5 mins at each fuel stop and at the end of the day to ensure proper drivetrain lubrication. Wasn't that easy?
BurbMan 09/22/20 12:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Multiple blowouts in short time

Not rims, hubs and bearings. That may help if there is excessive runout, but not sure if that's where I'd start. First off, do you have the tires balanced? That helps a lot because they run down the road smoother. Not having the tires balanced can also accelerate wear on the bearings. I would weigh the trailer as accurately as you can, get weights on both sides. Also check your equalizer links, if they are rusty or seized they won't allow both tires on one side to share the weight and one may be overloaded. Next would be an alignment. You can take it to a shop or check it yourself with a tape measure if you are so inclined, there's a How2 write up on the forum from JBarca. Mis-aligned axles that cause the tires to scrub will heat them up and invite a blowout. Also check the temp alarm settings on the TPMS, tires that are subjected to any/all of these conditions usually blow from overheating, and the TPMS should be alerting you of a hot tire. You can also have a spotter run next to you on the highway and look for excessive wobbling, bouncing, etc., or mount a GoPro and grab some video of what's happening when you're underway.
BurbMan 09/22/20 12:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Garrett turbo files for bankruptcy

That's only part of it, I think the real; issue is the sentence before: "According to Benzinga, Garrett took on "significant liabilities" during the spinoff in the form of payments to victims of asbestos exposure that originated from Honeywell's Bendix division." Bottom line they were saddled with debt their business couldn't support. They are staying in business, the article goes on to say that a PE company is acquiring them for $2.1B to re-structure the debt.
BurbMan 09/22/20 11:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

I know I am late to the party here but finally made the time to read this whole thread since I am currently shopping for tie-downs for my Lance 811. Good analysis of OP's pics by AnEv942. Nobody has asked if the OP is using the right Torklift bracket for his truck. I see LOTS of permutations of tie downs based on truck configuration. My bet is that the "professional" that installed these didn't have the right ones to fit the OP's truck, so he used what he had in stock and did some creative trimming to make them fit. IF OP was replacing them by model # it's possible that he kept installing the wrong one... As the Brits say, "Glad you got all those bits sorted, then."
BurbMan 09/22/20 07:26am Truck Campers
RE: Overland Build Idea

I think you would be better off with a 550/5500 cab/chassis 4WD and then adding a truck camper. Truck campers are much better built to handle overland-type activities compared to a TT.
BurbMan 09/21/20 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper vs Mustang ... not a great idea.

Good reminder, and I'm excited to actually get my 2002 Lance 811 on my truck! I'm used to towing a 9k travel trailer, but with the Hensley Arrow hitch you could cruise at 70 mph easily in most conditions. Keep the gain and the lead on the trailer brakes turned up and stopping distance was decent. I'll be running close to max with the Ram, but I'm holding off with any suspension mods until I make a few trips and see how she handles. But you nailed my #1 concern: not so much the weight per se but how the height of the load will affect stability. Cross winds on the interstate and another concern.
BurbMan 09/21/20 08:33am Truck Campers
RE: How Much Stuff is in Your Truck Camper

DW sorting through the stuff we took out of the trailer when we sold it....not including BBQ, chairs, blue tote, water carriers, tool boxes, etc etc. Significantly less storage in this Lance 811 than we had in our 34' Terry Quantum. width=640
BurbMan 09/18/20 09:04am Truck Campers

As you guys know I am currently rebuilding a 2002 Lance that deteriorated significantly from leaking windows. I assumed that the windows were leaking around the edges where they seal against the siding of the camper. But a closer inspection on reinstall shows that the outside seals have shrunk. Do you think this would allow water into the walls? width=640 width=640
BurbMan 09/18/20 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: 2002 Lance 811 Rebuild - Update 09.23.2020

**UPDATE 09/17/2020*** Well I haven't posted lately since I've been in overdrive mode trying to get this project finished in time to get a little camping done this year. We got the slide back in, mainly by sliding it up a 2x10 onto a sawhorse, bringing the low side onto another saw horse, then adding blocks until it was high enough for the the mechanism to extend under it. The slide itself had no leaks or water damage, so all that was needed was a carpet delete from the storage hatch. width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 We finished up the painting on the inside along with the carpet delete. I put in a click-lock vinyl plank floor and used that same floor on the slide out platform. The area under the couch that is outside storage got peel-n-stick tile. The inside of the slideout got wallpapered, the couch is back in, and the step up to the dinette that used to be carpeted is now done in pine with a new piano hinge. width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 The space behind the propane storage was the perfect size for a beverage cabinet so I finished off the inside with the melamine hardboard: width=640 width=640 The cabover got self-stick tile along with the DuraGrid under the mattress. width=640 width=640 width=640 The 811 was designed for an old 13" tube TV that you put in the over sink cabinet on a turntable, then rotate to view either from bed or dinette. I screwed the front-facing door to the cabinet frame, then added a SuperSonic 1080p TV that runs on 12v, along with a new KIng antenna. We no longer used our Roku at home since getting a smart TV, and as luck would have it the wall wart for that was rated at 12v, so I cut it off and wired the Roku right into 12v. I mounted the TV on the cabinet door with an articulating mount that allows the TV to swing around for dinette viewing. width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 width=640 Added a stereo since the speakers and pre-wiring was already there, and replaced the CO detector with a battery operated one. I used that space where the CO detector used to be to mount the switch for the TV and cig lighter and USB charging ports. width=640 width=640 Lastly we got the filon installed and the windows in on the left side. width=640 width=640 Last bit of BIG NEWS is that we got the gas turned on!! Fridge lit right up! Stove works and the furnace is awesome! Left to do at this point: 1. re-wire the tailights and replace the umbilical cord. 2. Re-install HW heater and misc hatches on the left side. 3. Get all the trim back on and sealed. 4. Eternabond EVERYTHING Hoping to be done by the end of the month, but we'll see....
BurbMan 09/17/20 12:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Black tank welding?

The hardest part is finding out what kind of plastic it is...could be ABS, but many things are being made from hi-density polyethylene (HDPE). Once you know they kind of plastic you have just get the correct filler rod for your HF plastic welder. I was able to repair the liner for the propane compartment on the Lance using JB Weld plastic bonder (not plastic welder), it's the only adhesive on the market that will bond to HDPE. I would invest in a welder for what you're looking to do, it sounds like a crapload of work....
BurbMan 09/17/20 06:06am Truck Campers
RE: Used TC: does it have a lien?

Hey burbman, are we talking just a title here, or an actual plate. Does anyone know ?? These are the states that require a title. If you click the link in my post, the next part of that article is the list of states that require registration. Interestingly they are not all the same states.
BurbMan 09/16/20 02:45pm Truck Campers
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