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RE: Strange Electric question...

Should I try to reverse the leads? red to black, black to red? Don't reverse the leads unless you have proved that you need to. If you reverse the polarity on the Winegard, you may damage it. Take your multimeter up there and check the power again. Twice. Once with the red lead to red wire/black lead to black wire. Then again, with the red lead to black wire/black lead to red wire. When you get a negative voltage reading, then whichever wire is on the BLACK lead is the positive wire.
Bobbo 05/27/20 07:39am Technology Corner
RE: Crimper With Awg Dies 8 - 1/0 NOT METRIC AMAZON. Not hydraulic. Taiwan. Not China? Will not screw up tin coating on lugs 2/0 and larger will not fit. 1/0 and smaller. Yes Link doesn't work. It appears to be your shopping cart, but I am not logged in as you.
Bobbo 05/26/20 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Changed fan cover now the fan isn't working...

If the fan blade won't turn by hand, there is a physical obstruction. It could be inside or outside of the motor housing. You are going to have to find that physical obstruction. That may require disassembling the fan motor housing to look. However, I would start by a thorough search from above and below to see if anything is blocking the fan from turning. And remember, if someone thinks YOU are an idiot, it may just mean that THEY are an idiot and can't see logic. Also, the basic questions MUST be asked, even if they sound extremely simplistic, so WE know what avenues need to be pursued. In another thread, someone posted because he didn't have 12v power to his RV unless it was plugged into a power post. After a couple of pages of diagnostics, someone finally asked if his disconnect switch was turned on. The most simplistic question fixed the problem. His disconnect switch had gotten activated accidentally.
Bobbo 05/25/20 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: House/Chassis Battery Charging Issue

This is what needed to be done, you can check to see if this is what you actually did. 1. Put Trik-L-Start to charge the CHASSIS battery from the HOUSE battery, not the other way around. 2. Plug in your MH so the converter/charger will charge the HOUSE battery. The HOUSE battery will then charge the CHASSIS battery through the Trik-L-Start. If you put the Trik-L-Start on backward, so the CHASSIS battery is charging the HOUSE battery, and did NOT plug in the MH, the battery(ies) may have run down.
Bobbo 05/24/20 07:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Winegard Trav'ler interfering with Pathway X2?

My guess is that it sees both antennas and is confused. You may have to install a switch that switches the antenna wiring from one to the other so the receiver only sees one antenna at a time.
Bobbo 05/24/20 07:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Hooking grill to onboard propane

Like has been said, the grill can only have one regulator in line. Since your grill has a regulator attached to allow it to be used with 1 pound bottles or bulk bottles, you MUST attach it to your trailer's tanks BEFORE the trailer's regulator. OR Do what I did and remove the regulator from the grill. Then you MUST attach it AFTER the trailer's regulator, I.E. to the trailer's propane outlet connection. In order to retain the ability to use the grill with a stand alone bulk propane tank, I bought a propane hose with an inline regulator. I use either the propane hose WITH the regulator or the propane hose WITHOUT the regulator depending on where I want to draw propane from.
Bobbo 05/24/20 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: Do I need sway control on my trailer if my truck has TSC?

The only way to know what one needs for the tow vehicle is hook the trailer up and make a short run camp trip. Then decide if something is needed. This is not true for safety equipment, like sway control. Sway control is for when things get dicey. Things may not get dicey on "a short run camp trip."
Bobbo 05/24/20 06:59am Towing
RE: Do I need sway control on my trailer if my truck has TSC?

The truck's TSC is NOT a substitute for true sway control. If the truck's TSC activates, sway has already gone WAY too far.
Bobbo 05/24/20 06:55am Towing
RE: Should I carry a spare tire?

I never go more than 10 miles from home without a spare tire for the vehicle and any trailer. Back a couple of decades ago, I was driving from Memphis to Atlanta to deposit a daughter at Georgia Tech, with my 6' utility trailer loaded down. Before leaving Memphis, I went to a local tire store and bought a used rim and tire for a trailer spare. I didn't have to use it, but it is still attached to the front of the trailer. (But with another tire, as I feel 20 years old is too old for a spare.) As long as you have it, roadside assistance can mount it and get you back on the road.
Bobbo 05/21/20 08:17pm Tech Issues
RE: help with electrical question

Tell the friend of a friend that he is welcome to plug into a 15 amp outlet on your friend's house, which means no AC or microwave. If HE wants to bring a splitter of some kind to split the 50 amp power, let HIM provide it. Be sure he is aware that he can't unplug your RV from the 50 amp outlet for longer than it takes to plug in said adapter.
Bobbo 05/20/20 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding a 12v outlet

Before I tapped into that wire, I would pull its fuse and check to see just what doesn't work anymore. That way you have an idea of how much power that wire is currently supporting and just what will go out if you blow the fuse.
Bobbo 05/19/20 07:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: Hi from the 'sip

Does your 1/2 ton pickup have the factory tow package? If not, you are likely looking at a 5,000# towing limit. When we bought our Airstream we traded in our 02 Silverado without a tow package for a 17 F-150 with a tow package. The Silverado wouldn't tow the trailer we bought because of the lack of a tow package.
Bobbo 05/19/20 07:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Installing new tail lights

Often when switching to LEDS, the vehicle wiring needs to have the polarity reversed for the LEDs to work. I've messed with hundreds of LEDs in my job. The above has never been the case. LED lights for AC circuits are not polarity sensitive. LED lights for DC circuits usually are polarity sensitive. I have had to reverse the light bulb in a DC circuit to get it to work because of polarity.
Bobbo 05/18/20 07:14am Travel Trailers
RE: How to camp with electric only

We frequently boondock, which means no electric either. Our rules of thumb: Have a full fresh water tank Have empty waste tanks Use EXTREME water rationing (showers every 4 days instead of every 2 days) Nothing goes down toilet except human waste. (TP goes in a sack to the dump. We don't do this unless boondocking.) We have a 45 gallon water bladder. We run out of fresh water in about 1/2 the time it takes to fill the waste tanks, so I put the water bladder in the truck bed and go fill it up. I have a (spare) water pump with hose connectors. I use it to pump the water from the bladder into the fresh water tank.
Bobbo 05/16/20 07:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric new install

I think 18g, while marginally acceptable for lights, is too small for any outlets. 18g, will easily carry 10A, with very little voltage drop for the length of a Class B or C. That is my point exactly. An 18g wire will only carry about 10 amps, not 15 amps like the breaker. Thank you.
Bobbo 05/15/20 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Surge protectors

PI here. It's not even close. (Mine has been in service problem free since 2007.)
Bobbo 05/15/20 08:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Frost free hydrant for potable water

If it has no drain, can it be "frost free"?
Bobbo 05/15/20 07:58pm Tech Issues
RE: 30amp / 50amp question

If I recall, on my PC when plugged into 30amp the second a/c is not receiving current thu the panel, so it can’t be turned on. Depends on how the manufacturer wires the RV. That is not a generally safe assumption to make. A lot, if not most, manufacturers merely put them on separate legs of the breaker panel. Since both legs get power with the 30 to 50 adapter, it is entirely possible that both ACs could be turned on. The manufacturer would have to put in something to detect that it was only 30 amp power, and disable the second AC.
Bobbo 05/15/20 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: Electric new install

I recommend Marine Grade Tinned Copper Wire Duplex Boat Cable(you only need 18 AWG for lights and convenience outlets) and Marine Grade Wire 14/3 AWG Tinned Copper Triplex Boat Cable. These cables are more expensive, but they are stranded wire, not solid, so they are more flexible. "tinned" means they will likely never corrode even when exposed to water. I think 18g, while marginally acceptable for lights, is too small for any outlets. The absolute minimum for an outlet should be 14g, and I far prefer 12g. You don't need 14/3, or 12/3, as they have two hot wires and only a single neutral wire. You want 14/2 or 12/2. Those have only a single hot wire. In all of the above, the ground wire is present. I will agree that Marine Grade Tinned Copper Wire is better, for the reasons that theoldwizard1 gave.
Bobbo 05/15/20 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: 30amp / 50amp question

As long as you don't turn on both ACs, you should see no difference between your old 30 amp rig and your new 50 amp rig.
Bobbo 05/14/20 08:01pm Tech Issues
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