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RE: Are the new WFCO's as crappy as the old ones?

Buy a GOOD quality inverter/charger/automatic transfer switch. Remove the converter and wire the DC fuse panel directly to the house battery bank (using a large fuse close the the battery bank). Wire the shore power cable directly to the inlet of the inverter. Wire the outlet of the inverter to your AC breaker panel. DONE ! Are you suggesting not having a circuit breaker between the pedestal and the inverter other than the one on the pedestal, itself?
Bobbo 01/25/23 06:38pm Tech Issues
RE: RVIA Certificate?

Obsessed with the truth, the fact they’re legally required on an RV and the fact that there’s actually required for safety, yes, absolutely. If they are "legally required on an RV," then why do many manufacturers not use them at all?
Bobbo 01/20/23 06:10am General RVing Issues
RE: BlueTooth ear buds and phone on airplane mode...?

Naah. I just finished a flight to Europe. IPhone in airplane mode. Watched a bunch of movies and listened to my music through my Bose blutooth earbuds. No problem at all. You have a bunch of movies stored on your iPhone?
Bobbo 01/17/23 06:59am Technology Corner
RE: BlueTooth ear buds and phone on airplane mode...?

It's HEDLEY! (yes, I'm a fan of Mel Brooks) I did not type the name used copy/paste from a document I was only 99% sure so I googled don't you know :). joebedford was making a joke. That was a quote from a movie titled Blazing Saddles. Hedy Lamarr actually won a lawsuit against the producers of the movie for using her name.
Bobbo 01/15/23 07:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

Park owners are in the people pleasing business...if not pleasing the customer is a problem...they maybe in the wrong line of work... Park owners are in the people pleasing business, but they please more people when they enforce reasonable rules. I once read a one star park review. The reason was that the park owners stopped them from racing around the campground on their motorcycles at 1am. To me, that was a 5 star review.
Bobbo 01/05/23 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Shore power question

13 years on one set of batteries? No. Batteries do age out. Two sets of batteries. But, they were not prematurely killed by the charger staying on 24/7/365. I got 8 or 9 years out of the first set. Still on the second set.
Bobbo 12/21/22 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Shore power question

If you have a true multistage charger, then it will take care of your batteries. That leaves out Parallax, Magnetek, and WFCO. Since getting my Progressive Dynamics, I have left the RV plugged in and charging 24/7/365. That is about 13 years now.
Bobbo 12/20/22 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: solar awning

Hi, I wonder if this is real? There is no mention of price. From the "Reserve Now" link:
Bobbo 12/19/22 07:14am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

OP here: Well, it's fixed. I finally got around to checking the 3 door switches, but unfortunately (I thought) they were all good. However I noticed the assembly that holds the switches didn't look quite right. The first photo was the assembly as it was when I opened the microwave and the second was with the tab hooked over the notch in the frame. That change moved the top switch 1mm, but IT WORKS! YAY. It must have been a helluva bump going down the road to shift that tab (yes, we hit some pretty wicked ones) or it was installed that way in the factory in China and the plastic finally bent enough to move the assembly. I never did find the main fuse, but I'm pretty sure it's good. :) Apparently, your photo hosting site won't let anyone who is not logged into your account see the photos.
Bobbo 12/10/22 08:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium for dummies: need advice in simple terms

^Another PT Barnum quote hidden in the above reply.Insteading of being vague, why don't you specifically address the Barnum quote to help out the OP? I think he is referring specifically to BB's high price. Consider it a Convenience Tax.
Bobbo 12/09/22 10:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Ants in the RV a good thing for once

Most of us men have been practicing saying “I don’t smell anything” all of our lives. And completely incapable of seeing dirt on the floor.
Bobbo 12/09/22 10:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Portable Solar Generators

Here's why I bought it: 1) To the power a CPAP machine way in the back corner bed when drycamping, since there are no 12V DC receptacles back there When I bought my Airstream, there were no 12v outlets. Anywhere. I added two 12v outlets myself. I put one by the bed for my CPAP machine, and I put one under the dinette for anything else that I needed to power off of 12v (primarily a 12v laptop charger while boondocking).
Bobbo 12/09/22 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Well, there wasn't much room under the cover to do the bonding. My Honda 2000 has a 15/20A duplex, so I used 12 ga. wire for the bond. The simplest way would be to make a short connector... 120v/15A plug to 120v/15A cord receptacle, and use 12 ga. wire to support inrush current, and bond it on whichever end you want. Once that's plugged into the Honda, the other side of the duplex will also be bonded and you can use the bonded connector, as well, to plug something into. Just use the bonded connector, first, if you need the bond for whatever you are running. It only needs to be bonded at one point, internally or externally, and the connector cord WON'T eliminate half of the duplex, like a bonded plug would. Craig Or, just bond the back of the duplex outlet built into the Honda, like I did. No additional hardware need be carried, no outlets are taken up. If I recall, that is exactly what the OP finally ended up doing.
Bobbo 12/07/22 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Locked Out...Sorta

#3, my shower needs some caulking...easy fix. I have owned my Airstream for 5 years. For 4 years I thought water was running out from under the shower door into the floor. I put a towel down before showering to catch the water and didn't worry about it. About a year ago, I did exactly that, and got the floor completely dry. About 15 minutes later DW told me there was a LOT of water in the bathroom floor. Uh oh. I happened to be going to the Airstream factory at Jackson Center, OH this past September for the Alumapalooza rally. While there, I told them in the factory office about it. They checked it out and found that a seam between the shower wall and shower floor had not been caulked, or not caulked properly. Water had been leaking under the shower pan for 5 years. They fixed it. For a price. (They also found 2 roof leaks, but that was my dealer's doing, not the factory's. The roof leaks had also been happening for the full 5 years. Before taking possession of the trailer I had the dealer install a solar panel. Within a week of taking possession, the Dometic AC failed and the dealer replaced it under warranty. He failed to seal either the screws for the solar panel feet OR the screws securing the AC against water intrusion.)
Bobbo 12/07/22 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: not another solar question ??

The closer the charge controller is to the batteries, the more efficient it is. Distance from the PV (solar panel) is less critical.
Bobbo 12/02/22 05:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Worlds talest RV

Why did you link to a tool ad? After the ads, the video plays. Or, there is a link on the lower right of the screen that lets you skip the ads after about 5 seconds.
Bobbo 12/01/22 06:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Can't find my house water pump 2005 Fleetwood Expedition

most already have this feature built into the system. It's not universal. My first RV had it from the factory. My current RV did not. But whether it is built in or not, he has to find the water pump because it will be located right before the water pump.
Bobbo 11/28/22 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Gasket/molding issue

When that happened to mine, I put a generous amount of E6000 behind the strip and held it in place with tape overnight.
Bobbo 11/28/22 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Goodnight Irene, the party's over.

For the last ~12 years, interest rates have been at/near historic lows. Interest rates are high now relative to the last 12 years. But interest rates are nowhere near historic highs. Let's hope they don't go up too much further. -Chris Why would we hope that? Inflation is tearing the entire economy a new rectum. To stop raising rates would be to say "gee, let's just destroy the currency and the country by way of hyperinflation." Not a good thing to hope for. What I would HOPE he meant is "let's hope inflation is reduced to where interest rates don't have to go up too much further."
Bobbo 11/28/22 10:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Can't find my house water pump 2005 Fleetwood Expedition

Listening for it was going to be my recommendation. Since you already did that, I have no further suggestions.
Bobbo 11/27/22 05:47pm Tech Issues
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