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RE: Adding on board Generator

Are you asking for the pusher that is in your signature and photo, or a 5er, like the forum you posted? On my 5er, I have one of the built in Honda's. I'm happy with it, but it does burn a lot of propane. I had it installed way back when we bought the trailer in 2002. Only 200 hours on it. When I bought, there was an option to somehow use an outboard boat motor fuel tank. That would have given me longer range and maybe easier to fill, but then you have to worry about the carbs when the generator isn't used often. I guess propane was the right way to go.......
Bionic Man 06/30/20 10:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing a 4500lb TT with an SUV

The 3.0 diesels would be a good fit for you. If you are looking used, you are limited to the EcoDiesel. If you are wanting an SUV, you have eliminated the RAM 1500 and only have the Grand Cherokee remains. I have an EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee. Probably my favorite vehicle I have owned. If you are willing to go new, GM's version of the 3.0 diesel will find its way into their full size SUVs.
Bionic Man 06/30/20 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Dodge Durango with tow package? am I making a mistake?

FWIW, from a quick Google search: Tahoe has a wheelbase of 116". Durango is 119.8". QX80 is 121.1". Tahoe payload is 1698 - 1745 pounds. Durango payload is 1412 - 1924. QX80 is 1459 - 1621. Tahoe towing capacity is 6400 - 6600 pounds. Durango is 6200 - 8700. QX80 is 8500. By the numbers, the Durango will be a better tow vehicle than a Tahoe. And about equal with the QX80. And all of them are capable of towing a 5500 pound TT. You don't need a 2500 truck.
Bionic Man 06/28/20 07:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CPAP Battery for Boondocking

So, just circling back to close out the thread. I ended up buying a DC power plug for my CPAP, and this from Amazon. Tried it last night. After wearing the CPAP for 8 hours, this still had 83% battery life left. So, for anyone looking for a solution, this one seems to work.
Bionic Man 06/27/20 07:15pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: 2019 Dodge Durango with tow package? am I making a mistake?

Lots of hate for any FCA (or whatever they are called now) vehicles. But I am a MOPAR fan. The Hemi has plenty of power to tow what you are asking. The ZF transmission is one of the best put in any vehicle today. It has a higher tow rating than most comparable SUVs. Which leaves the question of payload. I thought it was closer to 1400 pounds, but I would recommend that you look at the actual door sticker. So, my short answer is, if you stay at that less than 5500 pound total trailer weight, and you only have 4 people, and you load heavy items (coolers and such) into the trailer, you will be under GVWR and the towing capacity.
Bionic Man 06/27/20 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ford F150 Revealed

Per Fuelly a 2019 3.5EB F150 averages 15.32 mpg, while a 2019 6.2 F250 averages 11.37. If you drive 12,000 miles a year with gas at $2.50/gal, that's a difference of $680/yr or $56/mo. If that's a deal breaker pulling a camper around may not be a very wise hobby from a financial standpoint. Might want to recheck the EB avg MPG. I've had two and both were 18 MPG easy avg, the 2018 is closer to 19MPG Check for yourself. For 2019, around 500,000 miles recorded, and an average MPG of 15.7 for a 3.5 EcoBoost. fuelly My 2019 Expedition MAX has averaged 15.68 since I purchased it last August. I record every fill up, and most of those are at the same gas station.
Bionic Man 06/27/20 03:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is anyone towing with a Chevy/GMC 1/2 ton 3.0L Diesel?

I had a 2011 GMC Denali XL with the 6.2/6 speed. I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 3.0 EcoDiesel. The GMC was used as a secondary tow vehicle for my 7000 pound boat. I've used the Jeep a couple of times to tow the same boat. I love my Grand Cherokee. Might be my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. The 3.0 with the 8 speed just drives great. While I haven't pulled my boat through the Rockies, I was never left wanting for power driving I76 (relatively flat). I know it wouldn't pull up the hills as fast as the Yukon, but I think it would do fine. The GM 3.0/10 speed should be a better combo than what I have. If GM would have offered the 3.0 diesel in a Yukon/Burb when I was buying at the end of last summer, I may very well have ended up in another GM SUV vs the Expedition that I bought.
Bionic Man 06/23/20 09:20pm Towing
RE: Just wondering

FWIW, there are still places that will rebuild your old starter. That is what we did on our houseboat. Always good to have a spare.....
Bionic Man 06/23/20 05:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford's twin turbo 2.7 Eco-boost V6 (new and older versions)?

Like others have said, there is a difference between a vehicle that requires premium vs one that recommends it for best towing performance. I’ve had both. We currently have a 3.5 EB in a 2019 Exp MAX. I’ve used both regular and premium in it. It usually gets just regular unless I am towing over the Rockies. I haven’t noticed any difference in MPG with the two fuels. I do think that you comparing your old 5.3 in the Rainer vs the current generations 2.7 isn’t a fair comparison. While i haven’t checked fuelly, my guess is the current 5.3 gets significantly better MPG than yours does, and probably isn’t at a deficit to the 2.7 if you are comparing similar vehicles. Speaking of similar vehicles, you aren’t really comparing that. The Tahoe you have looked at would be a direct competitor of the regular Expedition. Have you looked at the Hyundai Palisade or the Kia Telluride? Personally, I’d probably look at those more than a Edge. One final note. You should look at a Hertz dealership (associated with the car rental agency). Because of the virus, they are off loading a lot of Edge and Tahoe’s (and similar vehicles) due to the virus. As a general rule, those vehicles will be very low mileage and have been maintained to manufacturers specs. Honestly now might be the best time to buy something like that.
Bionic Man 06/22/20 09:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: "Auxillary" Fuel tank vs installing a new/larger tank

Your quote for an auxiliary tank seems high. And I’m pretty sure that the only instances you run into trouble with gravity fed is in gas. Not diesel. So I would dig a little deeper there. Tough call with the short bed. I love my auxiliary tank - one of the best upgrades I’ve done. It’s nice to stop where I want to stop not where I need to. 26 gallon tank on a HD truck is insane. If i were you I would probably go with the replacement tank. And, I’m sure you will soon have someone post a photo of their single 5 gallon diesel can stating it is an appropriate substitution for either a replacement or auxiliary tank......:S
Bionic Man 06/13/20 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Extended Run Tank for Yamaha EF2000IS

Thanks for the feedback. Probably going to pass. I use the generators about 12 hours a day for about 10 days straight on our houseboat trip. Would be nice to not fill every day but not if it isn’t going to work.
Bionic Man 06/11/20 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Need tow vehicle - preferably under 10k Here is a link he sent me. Could it be aftermarket mods? Maybe. The interior is right for an Excursion. The grill mirrors head lights doors all look like something much newer.
Bionic Man 06/10/20 11:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need tow vehicle - preferably under 10k

I would say that the Excursion isn't a real vehicle (scam). The exterior certainly doesn't match the description. That is a newer body style with a 6.7 (at least badge).
Bionic Man 06/10/20 08:46am Tow Vehicles
Extended Run Tank for Yamaha EF2000IS

Has anyone used one? I read somewhere that since the generators don't have a fuel pump, that a extended run tank won't work. But searching eBay, I came across this. Clicky
Bionic Man 06/09/20 11:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Ok what truck to buy ?

Well, if he is buying new, the 6.4 is backed by an 8 speed that has received very good reviews. I think between the two HD gassers you posted about, the engine/tranny are pretty equal. Take a look at the interior and what which seats you like spending more time in. The available 12" screen in the RAM is pretty sweet.
Bionic Man 06/09/20 10:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Burbman Crosses over to the Dark Side....

Congrats on the new truck! I've had a 2003 2500 Burb with the 8.1, and a 2012 CTD. I liked the 8.1 ok. But the Cummins is in a different league.
Bionic Man 06/08/20 10:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: In bed diesel tanks

S&B Tanks Has anyone ever tried/heard of this brand? They're comparable in cost and functionality to a Titian replacement tank. I considered a replacement tank before I bought my aux tank. The replacement would be nice to not take room up in the bed, but I just couldn't justify the cost ($1300 +) to add less than 20 gallons. I spent less than that on my RDS and added 60 gallons.
Bionic Man 06/07/20 10:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need tow vehicle - preferably under 10k

1-ton GM Van, 2011+ 6.0L/6-spd. Cheap used, very reliable, lots of space, tons of payload. Flush all the fluids! I think this is the best advice. Not as sexy as an SUV or as capable as a truck, but it will get the job done and can be found easier and likely in better shape within your budget.
Bionic Man 06/06/20 02:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: First tow results

"Bed size - - -old was short. new is long bed" IMHO one of the BEST things you could have done!!! I thought it was the addition of the B&W ? All you're missing is a 5 gallon jug for diesel in the bed and you would hit the trifecta in his eyes. ;)
Bionic Man 06/06/20 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: First tow results

Pretty rig. The reports on Ford's current engine and transmission are impressive.
Bionic Man 06/05/20 04:48pm Tow Vehicles
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