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RE: Utah route from Torrey to Bryce Canyon ?

No reason not to stay on 12 it is paved. Not sure how your route finding software is setup but taking 17 is not a good route it is 5 miles shorter distance but 30 minutes longer travel time and appears to be a dirt road.
BarryG20 03/09/20 09:02am Roads and Routes
RE: New truck needs some toys

I second the duraflaps. Have been holding up well so far
BarryG20 02/29/20 12:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Any problems with Goodyear Endurance tires?

same here, no issues at least yet been 3 years. Been happy with them and if all goes as well as it has will buy them again
BarryG20 02/18/20 03:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Quiet boondocking Moab + South Grand Canyon late march

March in Moab isn't going to be empty. The jeep safari is 4/4-4/12 this year just be aware. As some mentioned along hwy 128 and the river, north of town on the west side of the hwy are some areas, not much south of town until you get a ways. One campground while I haven't stayed there recently I used to love it as it was quiet and off the beaten path but easy to get to. South of Moab about 30ish miles is the canyon rims recreation area. Windwhistle campground is a campground and not true boondocking but no hookups. Water and toilets may be available depending on when they open them up. If you continue on that road there are several turnoffs to the south for real boon docking and there are some excellent sites back up in there. Just hit dinner before you head out of Moab or head down to Monticello as another option. Also Someone mentioned Hamburger rocks down by the Needles district just outside the park. Nothing wrong with the area at all but that is about 70 miles from Moab though you are only a couple miles at most from the needles district of canyonlands np. Also I think not sure if I would call it quiet but kane creek road (at the macdonalds) leads to hurrah pass and on the way I believe there is some boon docking and overflow camping as well but the boondocking is literally right off the side of the road. While no real issue at night during the day the road can have some traffic on it and after a while it turns dirt so can get dusty with the traffic.
BarryG20 02/15/20 07:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: Class 3-8 market share

Here are some sales figures from a mag HDT heavy duty trucking from last July issue that was reprinted in another magazine I get This just for class 3,4,5 10001 lbs to 19500 lbs. ytd sales through the end of July 2019. What is below is fairly normal/representative of the numbers that I see quarterly Brand. Ytd sales. Market share ytd Chevy. 20271. 8.74% Ram. 98343. 42.42% Ford. 84268. 36.35 GMC. 8827. 3.81%
BarryG20 02/07/20 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking at new better tires, need advice.

I got my info from tire Rack as they have a nice screen that shows all the specs of the tire sizes in one screen it shows them to be the same diameter if that is wrong my apologies. However, now after a quick check on Goodyears site Tire Rack does appear to be wrong. Goodyears site shows that there is in fact a difference as was stated after my post of 26.1 vs 26.7 diameter so my apologies for providing incorrect info. As for my trust in Tire Rack it has now wavered and in the future will verify with the manufacturers website in regards to tire info I glean from Tire Rack. That being said I personally would still consider going up to that size depending on what my trailer weight was to gain a bit more tire capacity cushion if I thought it was needed but unknown without a trailer weight. That is if the 6/10's of an inch in diameter increase is still doable on the trailer PS Don't remember who brought it up but whomever good catch on my mistake
BarryG20 01/29/20 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking at new better tires, need advice.

I also would look at the gy endurance You might think about the 215 size instead of the 205 size as it gives you a bit more weight capacity and isn’t any larger diameter so should fit fine. Though not knowing the weight of your trailer you may not need any additional weight capacity cushion
BarryG20 01/28/20 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Northeast Ohio to Yellowstone with Kids!

Wow reading this thread makes it seem like no one can take a vacation without a month or more to do it. Oh yeah, the kids will make it worse they will hate it. We don't all have unlimited time or funds. At one point in time I was a kid and my parents did trips like mentioned except we had even less time. Yes the driving was not the greatest but you get over it. Yes the kids might complain some but they get over it. No you may not be able to see everything you wanted to at whichever park/s due to time limitations. However as I have looked back over my life at various times I look back on those trips with a great fondness (I can even remember complaining about the drive time). I am so glad my parents did those trips. Did I see everything in any given park not even close, did I care no. I just went back at a later time in my life again and again and again if needed to see all that I wanted too or in some cases to see the same thing/s again. I know even today as I near retirement I cant take three weeks off of work at a time and most times not even two weeks at a time so you make do with what you get. Doesn't mean I cant enjoy going to "those" places that I cant possibly see in a week to ten days or less with travel time. Those trips with my parents showed me there was more out there than I knew and watching it on you tube (which wasn't around back then), reading about it in a book or watching it on tv isn't the same thing as being there seeing it first hand even if only for a short while. Don't get me wrong it would be great and even better if one could spend 2-4 weeks at YNP (or whatever park/area) but the reality is most visitors at any park spend only 1 or 2 days. I know for me those few days at YNP or whichever park instilled in me a desire to see more and explore deeper in those areas even if I didn't realize it until years later.
BarryG20 01/14/20 09:40am Roads and Routes
RE: Pets and National Parks

You can check the parks for kennels too. We used the one at south rim of Grand Canyon. Wasn’t overly expensive for the day and were happy with the conditions at least when we used it
BarryG20 01/10/20 09:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tires with Kevlar

I am no tire expert just know what has worked for me, the way I drive, on my vehicles and uses First not sure you are going to find many choices kevlar or not in an 18 tire with a load range of over 3700lbs. There are some out there but certainly not a lot. Toyo AT II has a couple in 18 that is 4080lbs as does their MT line but not in oem size they are bigger in one way or another ie height and or width. Cooper discoverer at3 xlt also does but same as toyo not quite oem size. There may be a few others out there as well. I have run the Goodyear Silent armor pro-grade which are kevlar and liked them but they really pared down the size selection and had to quit running them as they no longer made the size I needed and still don't with my newer truck. I then tried the Goodyear Adventure with Kevlar pro-grade. The pro-grade does come with the severe snow/three peak rating as well as little higher speed rating compared to the non pro-grade version in my size. Their max rating is 3640 in 18 inch. If you are willing to go to 20 inch they do have a couple at 3750 lbs. In any case the Adventurer pro-grade has been a great tire for me. It does well on road, off road, rain and snow. If it lacks anywhere it is in the mud but I have yet to find a great mud tire (well tire I am willing to buy as I am not willing to buy an MT I feel I give up too many other things I like in a tire but again that is for my needs and uses) for an 8k+ lb truck and over the years I have tried quite a few. It is one of the best tires I have used on my trucks for the last 500k miles. I am now on my 3rd or 4th set of them and none have disappointed me.
BarryG20 01/02/20 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: GM Trans Temp Gauge Install?

While I am unfamiliar with this particular transmission I know on others I have had in the past that I wanted to put a gauge on if it didnt have a port in the pan for it like a maghytec etc pan, or test port on the trans I would splice into the hot line using either a compression type fitting with a 1/8 npt port on it or just cut a section of the hardline out and replace with rubber line and use double hose clamps with a 1/8 npt fitting. Never had an issue doing it that way. doing a very quick search similar to this but using the appropriate fittings whether barbed or compression or even if possible at the connection point of the hard line then there is no real "splice" in the line just have to find out what that connection spec is ie jic, npt, etc assuming there is enough space for the sender at that location which many times there is not.
BarryG20 12/12/19 08:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV sites recommendations around Mesa Verde NP in May

There are also two other rv cg's right outside the park both are literally across the street from the park entrance We have property down there so I have never stayed in either one of them so cant really say much about them except that they are close to the park. Our property is up back behind them a couple miles. The first one I have to drive by to get to our property as the road runs along their property line and it looks ok it certainly fills up in the tourist months and park visitor center is pretty much directly across the highway from it. The second is maybe at best a mile east on the highway but due to the way it sits and is laid out I cant see it very well from the highway at least beyond that it is there and open. While staying in the park is probably optimum do know that the road going to the campground is steep, curvey, slow going and somewhat narrow, obviously many rvs get up to the campground and is safe but just fyi. The visitor center is right at the entrance so if your timing is good you will want to stop there on your way in as it will be a 15-20 minute drive to get back down to it though there are other areas where you can get tour tickets in the park.
BarryG20 12/11/19 02:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ouray, CO- Ouray RV Park and Ouray KOA-Recommendations

I have not used the koa but have been to Ouray RV park and cabins a few times over the years. Like it just fine. Can walk to town no problem. Pp right about the snow that time of year
BarryG20 12/08/19 10:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Buying 2019 RAM 3500 DRW - discount expectations?

As a previous poster mentioned earlier try looking at Dennis Dillon Ram and Dave Smith as well. While they have not always been able to beat my local price or at least not enough to go all the way up there, on my 2017 they blew the doors off anyone local by over $4k this time. I went through Dave Smith and got almost 18% off msrp listed 62k and change paid just shy of 51k for it. A quick look at Dennis Dillon this morning shows 18% off a longhorn dually. When I was shopping Dave Smith beat Dillon by $1000 and I did not have to use Chrysler Financial for the note which Dillon did require to get their price so I also saved on the interest rate on the note. Only issue with Dave Smith is you have to call or email them to get the real price they will sell it for. Yes I had to get up to Kellogg Idaho for it but the plane ticket was 200ish and they picked me up at the airport drove the 90ish minutes from Spokane to Kellogg. Everything was ready when I got there and was out of there and on the road in 45 minutes.
BarryG20 12/04/19 08:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unbelievable... CW-SierraReno can only sked, in 2 months???

Well that is for them to look at it not sure I would expect it to be fixed I took my trailer in for some work. Took a couple months to get in which was late October. Then I get a call about needing to order parts from jayco. It was finally fixed and ready to be picked up mid May of the following year. Only took six months after I got it in for the repair to be completed. Oh yeah I got all kinds of excuses from cw. What I didn’t get was any sort of prompt repair or customer service not even so much as a sorry it took so long
BarryG20 10/22/19 06:00pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Monument Valley

I don't believe there is any boondocking allowed anywhere on the Navajo Reservation and certainly not within the park itself. As a previous poster mentioned Valley of the Gods, Goosenecks State Park, If you are willing to drive up the Moki Dugway (which you may or may not be able to do depending on your rig and setup) there is a lot of it up there. Muley Point which is right on the edge of the mesa top, the road to it is decent until you get close to the point then it gets rougher but have seen some good size fifth wheels up there though I doubt they went up the dugway more than likely came in from the north though maybe.
BarryG20 09/19/19 09:11am Roads and Routes
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

I had an 01 and pulled a similar trailer pin weight was closer to 1800lbs. It handled it fine. As mentioned the trans is the weak link in that truck (I had mine rebuilt well so it was no longer an issue for me). The cooling system is adequate if as someone mentioned the radiator is clean on the front. And as he mentioned pulling it out is the only real way to clean it as you just cant get to it good enough when it is in the vehicle. I used to pull mine about every 5 years.
BarryG20 09/16/19 10:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Southern Utah in late June?

I have been out there all times during the year including every month of summer many times. And I don't mean this to sound flippant but it depends on the temp that year. Last year we were in Escalante, Zion Bryce and Capital Reef. Bryce was nice, Zion and Escalante were quite warm in the high 90's and low 100's. This year it was sub 90 in Escalante et al same time period in mid June at least while we were in the area. If you are doing the driving from viewpoint to viewpoint, getting out and looking the heat regardless of what it is shouldn't be a real issue. Hwy 12 inside the vehicle the outside temp shouldn't matter much, not like there is a lot places to stop and walk around outside of some dedicated hiking. The area east of Bryce between there and Capital reef is warm with the exception of Boulder Mountain area where you are gaining some real elevation. In fact this past June when we were up there it was down right cool and rainy but in Torrey down lower sunny with upper 80's. For hiking I would plan morning hikes wherever possible as that can make a big difference the earlier the better. Sometimes we are on the trail by 7am or even earlier. Most of our hikes are on the longer side so we still dont get back until the heat of the day has come and sometimes gone but at least the first part of the hike is cooler. We also do a fair amount of canyoneering so in the slots it is typically cooler by 10-15 degrees which helps. Take plenty of water and drink it. A wet bandana draped over your head for periods of time or around your neck or whatever can make a nice difference in your comfort especially if there is a breeze going which certainly isn't uncommon.
BarryG20 09/16/19 10:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling on I-70 West to Monument Valley to Zion

160 is a good road and should present no problems. Yes you go over la Veta pass west of Walsenberg and then wolf creek west of south fork neither one is bad at all. Road is good top to bottom on both of them and plenty wide. As far as mountain passes go la veta is pretty ho hum and wolf creek is up a notch Never understood all the drama associated with wolf creek. Years ago it was narrower but this isn’t 1975 Anymore and even then it wasn’t dangerous just slow regardless of what the song says.
BarryG20 09/14/19 08:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fishing from Accessible Banks in Utah - Where?

Not meaning to sound like an arse but where in Utah are you talking/thinking about and how far is not too far to walk/hike. Are you willing to take some dirt roads to get there in your vehicle, high clearance even better but not 4 wheeling by any means. I know of a few places that might fit but depends on where you are at. Fairly close to Joes Valley Reservoir which you could include on the list Potters Ponds north of JV, Miller Flat Res and Cleveland Res north of Potters Ponds, Huntington Res north of Miller Flat and Cleveland, Grassy Lake west of JV, Snow lake up off of Skyline drive west of JV and Grassy lake, Forsythe Res (tiger trout in there)south of I70 on 72 north of Loa/Fremont, Mill Meadows another option right down the road from Forsythe Res. I have caught many fish in all of those except Mill Meadows never fished it but from what I remember looked decent.
BarryG20 09/03/19 04:06pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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