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RE: Hite, Utah 4 x 4 trails??

Canyonlands NP and Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Turn left on 95 when pulling up to 95 out of Hite. Go over the Colorado River, turn right shortly thereafter just past the Hite Airport or more like landing strip. It will at least in some cases be more than you bargained for Poison Springs, Sunset Pass, Land of Standing Rocks, Earnies Country, Doll House I have come from the North several times at Hans Flat Ranger Station in Canyonlands National Park Maze District headed south. The roads in the Maze District above the Flint Trail are not bad at all not great but certainly not hardcore by any means. The last time I was on the Flint trail (the flint trail goes from up on top to down below the mesa) it was not bad except for my truck being to long and having to make a couple 3 point turns on the switchbacks but once down had no real issue getting out on to 95. However I think it is Waterhole flat you can head north again into Earnies country and on into Land of Standing Rocks and the Doll House that gets much more challenging. Have not done Poison Springs. IIRC correctly the Flint Trail is one way- down but not positive on that as there is no way any one is getting by you on that shelf road pretty much at any point once you start down. So you could take 95 up to Hanksville area and head into Hans Flat and hit those trails/roads up on top then head down the Flint and hit those below it. Doubtful you could do both in one day (you can get from Hans Flat down the Flint and out to 95 in one day but if at bottom and want to continue to get up into Earnies country and land of standing rocks and then back out to 95 in one day doubtful I think. IIRC from pavement to pavement it is about 100 miles from Hanksville area to Hans Flat down the Flint out to 95 by Hite. 95 by Hanskville to Hans Flat is good dirt road and can do good time cars can make that with no issue. However from Hans Flat onward it gets rougher but again not bad. Scenery fantastic Be aware there are no services between Hanksville and Blanding except what hite might have and thought I heard they closed the gas station a while back but may have reopened by now. There is some stuff at Bullfrog and Halls Crossing but they are not all that close either. From the Bullfrog side there are some roads Notom Road that goes up along the Waterpocket Fold of Capital Reef as well as the Burr Trail decent dirt/gravel roads. A few others by Ticaboo that are more 4 wheeling type but not been on them so cant comment. You also have the Henry mountains that have some roads while not overly challenging at all they aren't paved highways either. Also on Halls Crossing side a few roads but outside of the main road to Halls cant comment, Fry Canyon area has some roads but cant say how good or bad not been on them. You could also go to Halls or Bullfrog putz around on the roads then take the ferry across to the other side and on the way back to 95 hit those roads and trails whatever they may be and make a loop out of it.
BarryG20 06/26/19 03:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: ram 2500 and 3500

I believe brakes are the same, as mentioned coils vs leafs on the rear, the rear air leveling suspension can be had on both but are different systems likely due to the coil vs leaf setup. And also as mentioned previously the 3500 you can get the Aisin trans. When I bought my 17 3500 SRW you had no choice in axle ratio only the DRW's had that option so same as the 2500 but that may or may not have changed since then. The payload difference, gvwr and gcwr whether real or just on paper not sure but since they do have different suspensions unlike earlier years it may very well be different. I know that when I bought my 17 the difference between the longbed, cc, 2500 and the longbed, cc, 3500 srw was literally about $400. And for that amount I went with the 3500 especially since the 2500 payload numbers were around 2000lbs less and with my use I was close to the max on the 2500 so for $400 went tothe 3500 and peace of mind.
BarryG20 06/21/19 08:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: On-board Air Compressors

Not sure anyone is against viar as much as they are enamored with 120v units, which if you have a big ol dp or whatever with storage space out the ying yang they make more sense. However for those of us who have limited space, want the convenience of having it all the time even when we aren’t hooked to our trailer (or as op no trailer but a tc) with no fuss no muss just use it as it is always ready to go no getting it out, plugging it in, hooking it up to a battery etc. viar makes some decent units and have some decent reviews. They aren’t the best but they seem to advertise the most and are probably the most heard of and certainly would work for the majority of people. The op has quite a chore going for whatever unit he ends up with as 8-10 tires going from 20 to 80 psi in a 32,33 inch tire is one heck of a lot of air
BarryG20 06/17/19 09:48pm Truck Campers
RE: On-board Air Compressors

I have had on board air on my truck for the last 20 years. I have not used Viar but from what I have seen they have at least some quality units. You want 100% duty cycle for sure. The bigger the tank the better but in reality you cant put a large enough tank in it to make up for a lower power/quality compressor so tank size is really not a problem as pretty much no matter what you are going to need your compressor running. Which means a good compressor with 100% duty cycle. Beyond that it is what are you willing to spend for speed or quantity of air. There are engine mounted kits that use a York (or similar) compressor for the pump. They can put out up to 8-10cfm at 150psi. The rub is getting it to fit under the hood with access to the belt to drive it. There is a company called Oasis that makes one that is electric powered however at $1500-2000 and 100+amps it is a bit more than most want. My compressor (outback extreme extremeaire compressor) has been mounted under the truck between the frame rail and the bed side the entire time I have had it. It is in a semi enclosed box (no top or back side) I made out of scrap sheet metal laying around. I have an air line going up to the front for my horns and another airline going to the rear bumper with a quick connect on it. On my previous truck I had a quick connect on the front of the truck as well but decided against it on this one as it really isn't needed for me at least. My rear connect with one of those coil hoses can easily reach my front, rear and trailer tires no problem. Tires hold a large amount of air so unless you go quite big it will still take a while to air up a bunch of tires My compressor is an extreme outback extremeaire but they have others as well as a few wiring and plumbing diagrams that might be helpful I can say that if mine ***** out I would buy another one though I may go up in size to their Magnum since it has more air, they didn't have it at the time when I bought mine many years ago. Though for $200 I might be willing to wait a bit longer when I need to air up.
BarryG20 06/17/19 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Driving 32' motorhome from Durango to Silverton

sorry about the url length, appreciate the fix, I did notice it was pretty long but did not go back and see the post after I hit the reply button thanks again
BarryG20 06/05/19 01:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Driving 32' motorhome from Durango to Silverton

My wife and Grandson are getting ready to finish up the Colorado Trail this year with a final 3 week push with the llamas. The last 150ish miles from San Luis Pass(Creede area) to Junction Creek outside of Durango. And as such last night was looking at the SNOTEL site (snow telemetry) LINK it shows a variety of things regarding snow one of which is snow depth at various stations around the country, as of last night Red Mountain Pass Station 69 inches @ 11200' elevation Molas Lake 32 inches @10500' elevation Mineral Creek 23 inches Don't know the exact location of that site could be the headwaters so higher elevation than the campground maybe but could very well be the CG area @10400' elevation Columbus Basin (west of Durango in the La Platas) 81 inches @10785' elevation Problem has been well not a problem if you live here for water is the late snowstorms we got and the cool weather only within the last week have nights been above freezing at elevation and even then low-mid 30's and daytime highs in the 40's and 50's so melt off is going slower than normal this year. Good thing the current plan is to go in August. General rule of thumb for the trail is for the southern half no snow on the trail 3 weeks after Red Mountain is 0
BarryG20 06/05/19 09:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Driving 32' motorhome from Durango to Silverton

oh next week, I think Mineral Campground is still closed at least according to the usda forest service site.and 4runnerguy is right still a lot of snow up there right now might give molas lake a call to see if they're open, they open approximately June 1st according to their website weather permitting. As 4runnerguy mentioned might be better to look bit lower in elevation Durango area, perhaps even Mesa Verde area or Durango with a day trip to Mesa Verde
BarryG20 06/03/19 07:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Driving 32' motorhome from Durango to Silverton

Don't know when you are going but be aware that that is a busy camping area. Mineral is popular. There is an actual campground or two or three along the road to it but just know it is busy especially weekends. A bit closer than going up past Silverton is Molas Lake and Little Molas Lake about as far south of Silverton as Mineral is north. Both are nice, both have lakes. Molas lake actually has a little store as well and is reservable, town of Silverton owns it I can say on weekends midday when I have been through there have been no empty spots, weekdays may not be as big an issue. Dont know how old the kids are but one of the best hikes around there is ice lakes make sure and go to the upper ice lake at least, there are other lakes up there as well iirc Island lake and Fuller lake are within a mile or so of upper Ice lake
BarryG20 06/03/19 10:41am Roads and Routes
RE: This beast was parked next to us

When we were in Ouray last year there was a similar setup as Groover mentioned. Full size big truck with sleeper, had a smart car right behind the cab then the massive fifth wheel toy hauler that had a nice SXS in it.
BarryG20 05/29/19 03:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Colorado route 160

I drive 160 either east or west bound at least 30 times year, from Del Norte to Mancos west bound and Mancos to I25 east bound due to some property we own down there. While I understand I am jaded at this point Wolf Creek is a yawner for me any more. There is nothing significant on Wolf Creek Pass that an exhaust brake, proper service brake use or proper gear selection wont take care of with no problem. I can say if you are driving early morning or at dusk between Pagosa Springs and Durango you better keep your eyes open for deer and elk. The elk will be migrating upwards and soon wont be an issue until fall but deer are always a problem. There are times when I will see 8-10 hits in a single run. In fact just two weeks ago I had to do a panic brake not far west of Pagosa Springs for a bear who popped up on the road (a first for me) fortunately he was running full speed otherwise I would have taken out my first bear (apparently his mother did not teach him to look both ways before crossing the street or not to run out in front of cars). A couple years ago one rainy night between the base of Wolf Creek and Pagosa there was a freaking black cow standing in the middle of my lane. Had it not been for an oncoming vehicle I may not have noticed in time- a black cow, on a black road, in the dark, in the rain could have really ruined my night. In any case through that stretch watch for animals.
BarryG20 05/16/19 09:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Need suggestions for good reverse lights

one or two of these (depending on size) should work for that, you could put one on the back and one on each side mounted high if you wanted and not break the bank I have used similar lights on my headache rack from them on the truck for night time area lighting when working out in the field been over 2 years and they are still working and holding up. Rigid makes some nice led lights but you pay for them. Hard to justify $100+ lights that are going to be on for a few minutes, a few times a year. However their are all kinds of lights out there
BarryG20 04/08/19 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: Best guess as to fuel mileage on these trucks

My 17 Ram 3500, CC, Auto, longbed, Cummins Empty- mixed city highway 17ish I never have just city driving so cant say for sure on that Empty- highway 19ish depends but rarely above 20 and rarely below 18.5 for a whole tank of highway driving except once when I was bucking a head wind of 30mph+ the whole freaking way across Kansas that tank was more like 16.5 towing 5th wheel- 12-12.5 never seen below 11 never above 13.5 all hand calc'd over 80k miles
BarryG20 03/28/19 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: grand canyon north rim to south rim

No Reason not take 64 road is fine. Going to Williams will add a lot of miles like 140 for no good reason. Only reason I know of to enter from Williams is if you are coming in from a southerly route, ie I-40.
BarryG20 03/27/19 08:09am Roads and Routes
RE: Best Approach to Yellowstone?

You can catch 20 off of 15 in Idaho falls takes you to west yellowstone
BarryG20 03/13/19 09:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Santa Fe to Taos to Great Sand Dunes NP

Either route Alamosa or Fort Garland the road is fine nothing crazy at all. There is a campground with full hookups right outside the park I think it is called Oasis. It is not bad at all. Their little store also rents boards and sleds to ride the dunes if you like. I can tell you from experience that you can go dang fast so if you do try it start on something a bit shorter before you go big. The Alligator farm while certainly tired as someone put it is a nice side trip and we found it interesting but don't expect Sea World. Who would have thought about Alligators in the San Luis Valley especially since Alamosa is routinely one of the coldest locations in the state in the winter time which is maybe 15 miles away (and the gators are all out doors no indoor heat for them). A couple other short side trips right there is a short hike to Zapata Falls as well as Fort Garland museum or whatever it is called where they have the original Fort. It is nothing crazy just an interesting snapshot in history.
BarryG20 02/19/19 08:09am Roads and Routes
RE: Where to buy new Diesel, Dave Smith in Idaho?

For me and for this truck Dave Smith was awesome. They beat every local dealer by me by well over $4200. I flew up there for about $150, they picked me up at the airport drove to Kellogg about an hour or so was out of there In less than 90 minutes. It took me. A couple days to drive home but a couple hundred in fuel, a couple hundred in hotels, and the plane ticket cost was worth it to me to save over and above that cost $3500. At least the person I dealt with was very professional, took care of all the details via phone and email. When I got there test drove the vehicle signed some paperwork and left. Over the last few trucks I have bought this was the only time DS was worth going up there they always beat the local price when I was looking but it just wasn’t enough to justify going over a 1000 miles to get it. However it sure worked out well for me this time. Another big dealer that has great pricing and their pricing is on their website is Dennis Dillon they also are in Idaho Sure doesn’t cost anything to find out the price
BarryG20 02/15/19 07:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck mounted air compressor

I have been using an Extremeoutback compressor for the last 15 years. It has been sitting under the truck the entire time. It is a sealed unit. I have it tucked up under the bed between the frame rail and the bedside so is fairly well protected and I also have a couple pieces of sheet metal to help protect it even more. I originally put it on my 01 then when I got my 17 I moved it over to it. I have a 2.5 gal tank mounted under there as well. Large high pressure tires use a lot of air to fill them up. As mentioned get one with 100% duty cycle. A small tank will help but not that much. I have a quick connect at my rear bumper so I can reach all my truck tires and trailer tires with one of those coiled hoses. I use the compressor and tank for tires, air horns, filling my fishing float tube or anything else that might need an air source such as blowing out filters out in the field. A good one is not cheap and few will really run an air tool well but there are certainly some that can. Mine while pretty good is not capable of taking my tires off with an impact gun just not enough oomph. this is the one I use Whenever it fails I would probably go with this one The grandaddy of 12 volt is this one but so is the price An engine mounted one would be the best if you have the space Viar makes a good line of compressors as well I prefer to have 12 volt so I can use it anytime anywhere. If it was just for a motorhome I might feel different but I use my truck for more than just towing the fifth wheel so while I cant say I use my compressor all the time it gets used more often than my home compressor though my home compressor gets used for much longer and higher capacity needs that the 12 volt cant deal with with at all.
BarryG20 02/14/19 08:28am Truck Campers
RE: Driving Rt. 40 then Rt. 34 to Grand Lake CO (Class C)

If you are talking about getting on HWY 40 at I-70 then you will be going up and over Berthoud Pass. From I-70 for the first 10 miles or so you will going up hill though it is relatively straight and the hill is not steep. Once you get to the turnoff for Jones Pass at the first hairpin the steepness gets greater and the turns more frequent but it is definitely doable. Typical mountain pass nothing extraordinary about Berthoud Pass. Slow going up and slow going down. Good road, on the way up mostly 3 lane the uphill each way having 2 lanes. Once down you will hit Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby and the road across Middle Park is fairly flat with no twisty curveys. Once you hit HWY 34 and start heading to Grand lake the road gets a bit narrower but still plenty fine you will be going up hill at that point and the turns while not bad at all are more frequent
BarryG20 02/12/19 09:35am Roads and Routes
RE: Tool box / bed cover combo?

I have a Pro Tech tool box it is only 11 or 12 inches tall. It is usually made to sit behind the hitch (tailgate side). I fabbed up some rails for it and have it sitting up against the cab at bed rail level so a cover would fit over it and the fifth wheel cant hit it. I wanted to be able to slide lumber etc under it. I did not want to lose my bed floor space.
BarryG20 02/12/19 08:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Has anyone taken the Hwy 385

As previously said 385 no problem. Nice very short side trip that I thought was interesting was the Museum of the Fur Trade in Chadron NE just a few miles east of town. Another one if you just need a short break from driving is CarHenge in Alliance Nebraska. We were passing through and saw the sign went and checked it out since we were looking for a place to take a break anywayn. Sort of like the largest frying pan in the world type of thing just odd
BarryG20 02/11/19 11:14am Roads and Routes
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