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RE: Back to the '70s!!!!

I also would be down with it here or really anywhere for that matter. You are so right I have no idea how it is in other states but I have almost given up trying to camp here in CO on the weekend here. As you said if you don't reserve a spot as soon as they are available you can't hardly get a site in a state park or NF campground here. And at least in my experience just hoping to find a spot doesn't always work out I know there have been several times where I thought oh I can get a spot and then spend half the night trying to find one and end up settling for some side of the road spot which really bites. It gets a bit easier if you are willing to travel 200 miles from the front range but that is a bit far for the weekend. Even way west Silverton, Ouray, Gunnison is packed with out of staters. Silverton maybe it is Lake City area I think it is is nicknamed little Texas do to the huge amount of Texicans who frequent the area.No offense meant to them, just not enough facilities here for years out there for the demand.
BarryG20 08/07/20 04:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Onboard Air System Planning - Components Suggestions?

I am not Moomba but outback extreme does sell tanks. I bought mine local many years ago. As far as a blow down valve. They also sell those but they are not automatic. It is spring loaded, has a ring on the end of it that you can just pull on and it empties the air. I placed my valve on the bottom of the tank and while I don't really do it that often I can just reach up under the truck and pull it. What I do on a more regular basis is when I disconnect my air chuck from the quick connect is as I start to pull it apart I let a pretty fair amount of air out which also expels some moisture certainly not all of it but probably the majority. My tank is at least 15 years old and still hasn't rusted through yet from the inside and the outside still has plenty of original paint on it after living its life under the truck (though I do not live in a salt state)
BarryG20 08/04/20 01:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Onboard Air System Planning - Components Suggestions?

I have been using an extremeaire from Outback Extreme for the last 15 years or so. It has been great. Even moved it to my new truck a year or two ago. This thing has not hiccuped once in that time frame and well over 300k miles on it under the truck/s. It is 100% duty cycle. On my previous and now current truck I had/have it mounted behind the pass side of the cab under the bed up as high as I can get it. I do have a sort of box (sheet metal) around it. The top is open. I run horns up front with it and have a quick connect at the rear bumper as well. I also have a 2.5 gallon tank up under the bed. I use one of those coil hoses and it will reach any of my truck tires as well as any trailer tires. Many folks go with Viar but I have no personal experience with them I would just make sure and get one of their 100% duty cycle ones Extreme Outback several years ago came out with their magnum extremeaire and if I had to buy a new one I would go with that one.
BarryG20 08/03/20 02:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Montrose or Glenwood Springs area

A place I like in the area is in Ouray called Ouray Rv Park and Cabins. Full hookups several types of sites. I prefer the extra wide riverfront ones but have stayed in others. The facilities are nice. Walking distance to the hot springs and town. Not connected with the rv park is a nice river walkway on both sides of the river a couple bridges to get across to the other side if wanted that runs along the river behind the park literally out your door if you are on a river front site otherwise 200ft max to get to it
BarryG20 08/03/20 12:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Montrose or Glenwood Springs area

I would choose Montrose over Glenwood personally. However both are at just over 5k elevation so it isnt going to be real cool during the day. For Montrose you might head south just a bit to Ridgeway State Park (less than 20 miles) they have many sites with full hookups assuming it isn't booked solid and it is about 7k elevation so should be cooler than Montrose or Glenwood. Ridgeway is close enough for day trips to Ouray, Silverton, Telluride, Black Canyon. Plenty of hiking and fishing in the area. I know there is golf around just not sure how much or how good. Previous poster mentioned Pagosa Springs probably the coolest of the areas brought up so far, certainly fishing and hiking around they do have a course never played it so cant say if it is good or not, not to mention the hot springs.
BarryG20 08/03/20 08:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 350/3500 trucks, engine weight gas vs diesel

My biggest issue off-roading is the size of the truck. To long for some of the super sharp narrow hairpins here in the mountains and just can’t quite see well enough on some of the narrow shelf roads only other real issue is sometimes the length going up and over steep uphill section going into a steep downhill can high center. The engine weight has never been an issue for me
BarryG20 07/11/20 08:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Monument Valley

No cost to drive through. It does cost to go in the park if you choose too. I do not know the current status but the reservation was closed a while back. They discouraged travel had a curfew but you could still drive through though but you may not have been able to stop. May very well be different by now and certainly y the time you go. The Navajo nation has a website that will have any restrictions posted
BarryG20 07/08/20 09:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip to granby

That might depend on where you are coming from. 24 to 9 would tell me coming from the south or maybe east and if so then no significant pass until you get to Hoosier pass between Alma and Breckenridge. 24 while not freeway is pretty good road After that no big deal and you would save yourself the majority of Colorado Springs traffic as well as Denver traffic 70 to 40 is obviously good road but you will have to deal with Denver traffic and then Berthoud Pass on 40. The pass is not a huge deal but it is a bit of slog and for my money longer than Hoosier pass. While both are about the same height you are already at about 9900' elevation in Fairplay and Empire is at 8600' (40 and 70 intersection). if I was coming from the south I would do 24/9
BarryG20 07/02/20 04:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Driving to Durango CO from Moab with a Fifth Wheel

I drive 160 at least 20 times a year more like 40 if you count both ways. Between Mancos and Durango there are several up and down hills that go up and over the LaPlata mtns. the first one being Mancos hill is a decent hill up but not bad then once up you do some up and down but nothing really long or hard. The downhill just west of Durango is not to bad. The worst part is the very beginning of it which must be the 6% part. However after the initial part it drops to less. overall it is not bad at all road is good plenty wide has decent shoulders along much of it
BarryG20 06/24/20 09:55pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Ouray, CO to Fort Collins, CO

Both ways work but... On 50 you have Monarch pass which isn't terrible but it is a long slog up and down and then on 285 you have Kenosha pass which is much less so than Monarch. However it is for the most part 2 lane then hit I470 and take it up to I70, I76 then hit I25. (or if you have time and inclination you could take a back way up to Loveland and hit 25 there) Taking 50 all the way to Penrose and catch 115 up to the Springs and I25, 50 follows the river once you get to Salida and is a bit slower good road but just slower 115 is good road. You will hit Springs traffic and Denver traffic going that way which is total **** and be aware there is a section of I25 between Monument and Castle Rock that is under construction for about 20ish miles that is very narrow and traffic is very problematic through it now and for a while yet to come. Personally I would go the 285 route to avoid the Springs traffic and 1/2 of the Denver traffic even though it does have the addition of Kenosha pass but it is a short one.
BarryG20 06/22/20 01:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hey 160 from Cortez CO to Hwy 89 Flagstaff?

Road is fine. Fuel in Cortez, Towac, Kayenta, Tuba City, and Cameron
BarryG20 06/21/20 05:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Do You Trust Hitch Locks?

I may be wrong here but I suspect that 99% of all draw bars are held on with a hitch pin of some sort whether locking or not instead of a nut and bolt. I use a locking type myself. I use one like this as it keys to your ignition key One less key to keep track of or lose. Not getting out of the driveway without the ignition key for the truck no matter what. They also make other types of locks that also use your ignition key.
BarryG20 06/17/20 03:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: "Auxillary" Fuel tank vs installing a new/larger tank

Being able to reset the tank size in ecm is manufacturer dependent. I was told Fords can (at least some years) Ram no and GM cant remember what I was told on them thinking it was no but really cant remember. I can say on my 17 ram long bed with the Titan 55 gal tank I can go close to 200 mile before it drops below full and when it hits close to E I can put in about 46 gallons so 8 or 9 gallons left in tank.
BarryG20 06/17/20 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CAT Scale results - advice needed

As far as trying to lighten the tongue weight as you asked about the only thing to do is move more cargo towards the rear of the trailer. While I am unfamiliar with your trailer do the above scale weight include water in your tank? If not you might try adding water to your tank as many times they are behind the axle and will lower your tongue weight to a degree (obviously overall weight will increase though) . It wont be lb for lb but it may help in addition to moving more cargo to the rear. Or if it was weighed with water you might try with less water as the tank may be above or forward of the axle. I personally don't travel with much water at least if where I am going I know I can fill it there I am not weight police this is just food for thought. I would double check the rating of the oem hitch setup. The 2017 expedition brochure states max tongue weight with a WDH is 920/930 lbs. 1300 lbs is about 40% over that rating. While I personally am not opposed to going over a rating to a certain degree 40% to me personally is beyond what I would be willing to exceed any rating.
BarryG20 06/15/20 11:16am Towing
RE: "Auxillary" Fuel tank vs installing a new/larger tank

I also have a 17 ram though a long bed. Not long ago Put in a titan tank 55 gallons I think it is. Wasn’t willing to give up bed space for an extra tank or to have several smaller loose ones in the bed been quite happy so far
BarryG20 06/13/20 03:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold in West Yellowstone...

Am at Bryce now supposed to get down to 22 tonight. High today here was 45. Went To escalante today for some hiking off hole in the rock road normally this time of year upper 80s to upper 90s Today upper 50s. Certainly cold temps for the time of year and the wind has been blowing crazy hard for days throughout the entire area
BarryG20 06/08/20 09:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: To buy or not to buy insurance?

If understand my insurance correctly If I am towing my trailer and I get in an accident I am covered for their damages. If I am towing and somebody hits me their insurance assuming they have it it is covered. What is not covered is comprehensive or collision on the trailer. So I have a comprehensive and a collision policy on the trailer. I just paid/renewed it the other day it was 197 for the year
BarryG20 06/05/20 12:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tool box in a long bed?

I have along bed truck. I also have a headache rack. I also want my bed floor as open as possible so I can haul lumber or whatever as I do haul a lot of stuff. SO what I did was added a couple brackets to my headache rack mounts and mounted my box(well technically it is a chest since it was originally designed to sit on the bed floor). By doing that I still have my box and 9 inches of height of clear bed floor front to rear and my box does not go above the bed rails.
BarryG20 05/19/20 10:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Wow, lots of naysayers and comments without apparently reading your post or at least comprehending it. It sounds to me like you have thought this out pretty well and know what you are getting into. Not everyone can take a month long vacation once a year much less multiple times a year to truly take the time needed to fully enjoy/explore some locations. You do have some long drive days for sure but just stop as you can at interesting spots where possible for leg stretches.
BarryG20 05/17/20 06:44am Truck Campers
RE: Driving 89A (Arizona) from Bitter springs to Fredonia ?

I don't recall it being bad at all. Not the best road in the country but certainly decent. Every RV that goes to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon uses that road. IIRC there is a fuel station at Jacob Lake but cant remember how RV friendly it is
BarryG20 05/04/20 11:20am Roads and Routes
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