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RE: Unbelievable... CW-SierraReno can only sked, in 2 months???

Well that is for them to look at it not sure I would expect it to be fixed I took my trailer in for some work. Took a couple months to get in which was late October. Then I get a call about needing to order parts from jayco. It was finally fixed and ready to be picked up mid May of the following year. Only took six months after I got it in for the repair to be completed. Oh yeah I got all kinds of excuses from cw. What I didn’t get was any sort of prompt repair or customer service not even so much as a sorry it took so long
BarryG20 10/22/19 06:00pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Monument Valley

I don't believe there is any boondocking allowed anywhere on the Navajo Reservation and certainly not within the park itself. As a previous poster mentioned Valley of the Gods, Goosenecks State Park, If you are willing to drive up the Moki Dugway (which you may or may not be able to do depending on your rig and setup) there is a lot of it up there. Muley Point which is right on the edge of the mesa top, the road to it is decent until you get close to the point then it gets rougher but have seen some good size fifth wheels up there though I doubt they went up the dugway more than likely came in from the north though maybe.
BarryG20 09/19/19 09:11am Roads and Routes
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

I had an 01 and pulled a similar trailer pin weight was closer to 1800lbs. It handled it fine. As mentioned the trans is the weak link in that truck (I had mine rebuilt well so it was no longer an issue for me). The cooling system is adequate if as someone mentioned the radiator is clean on the front. And as he mentioned pulling it out is the only real way to clean it as you just cant get to it good enough when it is in the vehicle. I used to pull mine about every 5 years.
BarryG20 09/16/19 10:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Southern Utah in late June?

I have been out there all times during the year including every month of summer many times. And I don't mean this to sound flippant but it depends on the temp that year. Last year we were in Escalante, Zion Bryce and Capital Reef. Bryce was nice, Zion and Escalante were quite warm in the high 90's and low 100's. This year it was sub 90 in Escalante et al same time period in mid June at least while we were in the area. If you are doing the driving from viewpoint to viewpoint, getting out and looking the heat regardless of what it is shouldn't be a real issue. Hwy 12 inside the vehicle the outside temp shouldn't matter much, not like there is a lot places to stop and walk around outside of some dedicated hiking. The area east of Bryce between there and Capital reef is warm with the exception of Boulder Mountain area where you are gaining some real elevation. In fact this past June when we were up there it was down right cool and rainy but in Torrey down lower sunny with upper 80's. For hiking I would plan morning hikes wherever possible as that can make a big difference the earlier the better. Sometimes we are on the trail by 7am or even earlier. Most of our hikes are on the longer side so we still dont get back until the heat of the day has come and sometimes gone but at least the first part of the hike is cooler. We also do a fair amount of canyoneering so in the slots it is typically cooler by 10-15 degrees which helps. Take plenty of water and drink it. A wet bandana draped over your head for periods of time or around your neck or whatever can make a nice difference in your comfort especially if there is a breeze going which certainly isn't uncommon.
BarryG20 09/16/19 10:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling on I-70 West to Monument Valley to Zion

160 is a good road and should present no problems. Yes you go over la Veta pass west of Walsenberg and then wolf creek west of south fork neither one is bad at all. Road is good top to bottom on both of them and plenty wide. As far as mountain passes go la veta is pretty ho hum and wolf creek is up a notch Never understood all the drama associated with wolf creek. Years ago it was narrower but this isn’t 1975 Anymore and even then it wasn’t dangerous just slow regardless of what the song says.
BarryG20 09/14/19 08:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fishing from Accessible Banks in Utah - Where?

Not meaning to sound like an arse but where in Utah are you talking/thinking about and how far is not too far to walk/hike. Are you willing to take some dirt roads to get there in your vehicle, high clearance even better but not 4 wheeling by any means. I know of a few places that might fit but depends on where you are at. Fairly close to Joes Valley Reservoir which you could include on the list Potters Ponds north of JV, Miller Flat Res and Cleveland Res north of Potters Ponds, Huntington Res north of Miller Flat and Cleveland, Grassy Lake west of JV, Snow lake up off of Skyline drive west of JV and Grassy lake, Forsythe Res (tiger trout in there)south of I70 on 72 north of Loa/Fremont, Mill Meadows another option right down the road from Forsythe Res. I have caught many fish in all of those except Mill Meadows never fished it but from what I remember looked decent.
BarryG20 09/03/19 04:06pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: I-70 through Colorado

Well it is interstate so the passes are about as good as they get. Vail pass is a slog but certainly doable without any issues. Next is Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnels same as Vail, slog up and even more down to Georgetown but relatively easy. A couple shorter uphills after Idaho Springs then the descent down into Denver. Nothing wrong with 15 down to 70 but you could save a lot of miles and time Taking US6 from Spanish Fork to Green River. I think it is along the lines of half the miles and a couple less hours of time. The road is good I personally would not consider it any drama but I guess that is really in the eye of the beholder. However if you do go that way you will miss driving across the San Rafeal Swell which is awesome scenery but if you really wanted to see that you could still take 6 to Price than 10 down to 70 and still save a lot of miles and time
BarryG20 09/03/19 09:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Yellowstone Grant/Madison CG's

At Grant (not stayed in Madison) the few times I have been there not had a problem. You don't know what type of site you will get until you get there it may be pull through or back in. From what I recall 6 inches is not going to make a difference. The last two times I was at Grant I ended up with a pull through that could have accommodated a longer trailer with no problem. However I had to go in backwards due to the tree placement in the site for my slides to extend (which they dont care about as long as you have someone working the traffic as there is no space for passing around an oncoming vehicle, obviously the back in sites that will make no difference. If I am unfamiliar with a campground and can't get good info on it and they have the availability I have no problem reserving the next size up. In any case I don't think you will have an issue from what I can recall about the site sizes. They are not overly large at all but again I don't recall seeing anyone having a problem at least once they got in their site. Also I don't believe they are counting on your rear overhang going over the rear backstop as part of the measurement however there may be a tree right there as well.
BarryG20 08/16/19 10:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Effect of tow vehicle weight change on towing capacity

While I think you are correct in general the pp brought up a couple good points as well. The bigger issue may be the mechanical components of the tow system ie actual hitch on the tow vehicle, hitch attachment strength, frame strength back there stuff like that. However if as you stated the tow package changes nothing but coolers and alt that should be ok too. It is not like you are towing 5000lbs you are really only over 400ish lbs of the exisitng tow capacity but still well under the tow package rating. And if you keep the tv well under its max gvwr I think it would be ok. I would certainly keep my eye on tranny and oil temps. the Alternator should not prove to be a real issue since towed vehicle will only be using some tail lights, blinkers etc. Is this going to be regular thing or every once in while, short distance, long distance, flat or hilly, mountainous?
BarryG20 08/12/19 09:32am Dinghy Towing
RE: Yet another great mapping resource -- NFS topo PDFs

profdant I have not tried as I have only used them for hiking and atving. I have used it mainly for the mvum maps (which are pretty much horrible for anything other than identifying the correct use type, location and seasonal restrictions of roads/trails) but I can also download the quad map/s of the same area I will be in and can switch between the two of them to get all the info I am looking for while on the trail. I have read about being able to layer the maps on Avenza but haven't tried that yet either. I use it mainly for on the go info while out.
BarryG20 08/08/19 03:27pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Yet another great mapping resource -- NFS topo PDFs

Another good resource is Avenza maps. They have a free app you can use to download maps. They have a map store and I believe the NFS, NFS MVUM maps and others are free at least everyone I have downloaded has been free. They also have other maps for sale that you can download that are not NSF maps. I have used them for hiking and atving. On your device (phone in my case) with its gps it will show you your location on the map which is nice.
BarryG20 08/08/19 09:43am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Correct inflation of trailer tires

You will get two answers. As you stated max psi stated on the tire or the trailer placard which is more then likely max psi on the tire sidewall for the oem tires. The other answer is weigh the rig and set the psi per the tire manufacturers load inflation table for that tire. which may or may not be the max psi on the tire sidewall that will depend on the weight they are carrying. Personally (and I have upgraded the tires on my trailer to a higher load rated tire than came oem) I go by the load inflation tables based on the weight of the axles and I add extra for an additional safety margin. My trailer came with Ranier 225/75/16 load range d tires with a max load of 2540 at 65psi, my new tires well at the time new were load range e with a max load of 3420. Even at 65 psi (same psi as the max on the oem tires and trailer placard) have a load rating of 3000lbs substantially higher load at the same psi rating. My trailer axles weigh in around 7900lbs for both axles for how I load the trailer so for easy rounding lets say 2000lbs per tire and according to Goodyear's table I can run that at 35psi for a load of 2020lbs. Which is not enough margin for me so I run them at 55 to 60psi which is 2730-2870 worth of load well above the oem tires load of 2540 at 65psi. I get a better ride at the lower psi and still a larger load margin so win win for me in my mind. I am sure someone will tell me I'm an idiot for not running the max 80psi on my (new) tires. However I trust the tire manufacturers knowledge of their tires much more than the trailer manufacturer who does not make or engineer tires.
BarryG20 07/29/19 08:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Buena Vista CO area

I only know of Mt Princeton RV Park, Snowy Peaks and the KOA there are surely others in the area though. Never stayed at any of them except the KOA. Views depend on the specific site at KOA the other two should have good/decent views of the Collegiate Peaks since they are on the east side of the highway but again may depend on site if someone is in front of you etc. The Arkansas River runs behind Snowy and Princeton however no idea if you have access to it from the campground and it is running very high at the moment due to the late snow melt this year. Koa has no streams unless it rains hard like it did our last stay it just dumped rain for about an hour several inches, hail the whole deal. It did some major damage but as soon as it stopped they had the loader out clearing the roadway and filling in the new 2' deep water ways. A couple trailers in storage were sunk up to the frames where the water washed out the ground underneath their jacks. However outside of a few not being able to get out due to the washouts until the loader got them fixed all the campsites themselves seemed ok and no one suffered any water damage at least from the washouts and there was total accessibility within 90 minutes they really did get the loader working quickly so people could come and go. The KOA sits quite a bit further back away from hwy 285 so no real traffic noise. The other two sit right on 24 since I havent stayed there cant say for sure but have to believe there would be more traffic noise.
BarryG20 07/19/19 02:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Montrose to Ouray

Fine road. Pretty flat some curves, not overly wide but not real narrow either follows the Uncompaghre river. Only becomes an issue for some once you get past Ouray like right outside the south end of town
BarryG20 07/11/19 11:37am Roads and Routes
RE: BLM considering restrictions on dispersed camping in Utah

I have been going to Southern Utah for literally over 50 years. The changes over the last couple decades has been phenomenal (in a bad way). I really started noticing it when mountain biking became a thing out there (nothing against bikers at all and it is well beyond that now). Who am I to say it is only ok for me to come out here and enjoy this scenery, trails, etc. It wasnt that long ago that the dispersed camping along the river along 128 north and east of Moab was closed while they put in some more campgrounds and pit toilets in those areas. Why, because there was so much poop it was unsafe to wander around in those areas. The stuff was everywhere and frankly it was disgusting you couldnt hardly pitch a tent without running into it. Pack it in pack it out signs everywhere but to no avail. While it is sad to see that this type of regulation is needed I am not against it. Last year my son and I went to Zion. It had been probably 7 years since I had been there. The shuttle service was there and required the previous time I was there and while not happy about that (compared to previous visits) by the end of my time there I thought better of it parking was not a problem, the shuttle was timely all in all a good thing. Even though we did several back country jaunts carrying a lot of gear for canyoneering. Got some strange looks on the shuttle but nonetheless it did work just fine. Fast forward to last year it took almost two hours for us to get on the shuttle due to the line at the visitor center. I wanted to show him the Narrows at the end. Have been there plenty of times over the years and even my previous visit you walk up canyon 1/4 mile past the end of the paved trail there are very few people left. This time there were close to a thousand people it was like a water park. I resigned to myself that I may never see it again as I was not sure I wanted to remember it that way. However who am I to say these people shouldn't be here. I can say some of their behavior was atrocious but beyond that ..... A sticky problem the enjoyment is ruining it.
BarryG20 07/05/19 09:09am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Travel to Moab, Bryce, Zion from Durango

Out of Durango take 160 west to Cortez then I think it is 491 to Monticello then 191 to Moab. From Moab you have a couple options. Head north to I70 and west to Green River at this point you need to make a choice. Just west of Green River you can take 24 south to Hanksville and go west on 24 to Torrey (you will pass though Capitol Reef National Park). And then at Torrey you can also make a choice head south on 12 to Boulder, Escalante and onward to Bryce 12 is one of the prettiest roads anywhere. However some seem not to like it due to its 15ish mile stretch or so of twisty, curvey, narrow shoulder experience. The road itself is fine and the scenery is just great. However if you arent in to that at Torrey you can contiune on 24 to Loa and beyond to I think it is 62 then south to Bryce (there is a cutoff called Browns lane headed to Koosharem that will save you a few miles and cut you over to 62). 62 later turns into something else then into Johnson Valley Road it will put you right at the entrance to Bryce. All beautiful decent road. The other option back at Green River is to stay on I70 headed west to hwy 72 take that south to Loa and Highway 24 at Loa then as above from there to 62. 72 is a good road with little traffic. You also have the options of staying 70 and getting off at 24 then south to 62, or staying on 70 to hwy 89 to 12 then east on 12 to Bryce. Green River west on 70 is also a very beautiful stretch of Interstate up through the San Rafeal Reef and across the San Rafeal Swell. From Bryce 12 west to 89 south to 9 west at Carmel Junction will put you into Zion. double check the Zion Website for the Tunnel Restrictions but I think you should be ok. If not you will need to cut across somewhere north of there like Panguitch and hwy 20 to get over to I15 then south to 17 and then 9 into Springdale west entrance to Zion Weather Moab and Zion very warm to very hot high 80's to low 100's. Bryce will be 70's to 80's. Campgrounds Bryce Ruby's Inn has a large Cg but I would make reservations. I doubt a 43'er will fit in any of Bryce's Cgs. Zion park more than likely full but check out area Carmel Junction and on west side Springdale again though not sure I would wing it there call now for reservations. Moab many to choose from but once again very popular might want to reserve though there are areas for boondocking but this time of year might be sketchy just rolling in hoping to get a spot.
BarryG20 07/04/19 09:26am Roads and Routes
RE: Estes Park CO to Grand Lake CO

Personally I would take trail ridge. One hour drive vs at least Three hour drive. Trail ridge yes steep in places, switchbacks in places, speed limit Is low. If you don’t drive the steep twisty curveys you never get better on them
BarryG20 06/30/19 07:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hite, Utah 4 x 4 trails??

I knew they were working on revamping just wasn’t sure if the station was open. Good news as nexft fuel is probably 50+ miles Not sure of your plans a good road loop is up the burr trail out to boulder then up 12 to Torreyand 24 back to notom road then south or take 12 the rest of the way to 95 then back south to Hite. Also if you haven’t been west on 12 one of if not my favorite road. Just west of boulder to escalante it is nothing but eyeball bustin scenery Also if you hike and are up for a 7 mile round trip hike checkout horseshoe canyon it is part of Canyonlands np just east of Hanksville towards hans flat. One of the best rock art panels in the world called the great gallery larger than life size figures few hundred feet long as well as various lesser panels in the canyon. Steep getting in and out but canyon bottom easy walking.
BarryG20 06/28/19 08:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hite, Utah 4 x 4 trails??

When are you going? Please report back as to how it went if you go in there. Interested to hear what you think of the place.
BarryG20 06/27/19 09:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hite, Utah 4 x 4 trails??

Canyonlands NP and Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Turn left on 95 when pulling up to 95 out of Hite. Go over the Colorado River, turn right shortly thereafter just past the Hite Airport or more like landing strip. It will at least in some cases be more than you bargained for Poison Springs, Sunset Pass, Land of Standing Rocks, Earnies Country, Doll House I have come from the North several times at Hans Flat Ranger Station in Canyonlands National Park Maze District headed south. The roads in the Maze District above the Flint Trail are not bad at all not great but certainly not hardcore by any means. The last time I was on the Flint trail (the flint trail goes from up on top to down below the mesa) it was not bad except for my truck being to long and having to make a couple 3 point turns on the switchbacks but once down had no real issue getting out on to 95. However I think it is Waterhole flat you can head north again into Earnies country and on into Land of Standing Rocks and the Doll House that gets much more challenging. Have not done Poison Springs. IIRC correctly the Flint Trail is one way- down but not positive on that as there is no way any one is getting by you on that shelf road pretty much at any point once you start down. So you could take 95 up to Hanksville area and head into Hans Flat and hit those trails/roads up on top then head down the Flint and hit those below it. Doubtful you could do both in one day (you can get from Hans Flat down the Flint and out to 95 in one day but if at bottom and want to continue to get up into Earnies country and land of standing rocks and then back out to 95 in one day doubtful I think. IIRC from pavement to pavement it is about 100 miles from Hanksville area to Hans Flat down the Flint out to 95 by Hite. 95 by Hanskville to Hans Flat is good dirt road and can do good time cars can make that with no issue. However from Hans Flat onward it gets rougher but again not bad. Scenery fantastic Be aware there are no services between Hanksville and Blanding except what hite might have and thought I heard they closed the gas station a while back but may have reopened by now. There is some stuff at Bullfrog and Halls Crossing but they are not all that close either. From the Bullfrog side there are some roads Notom Road that goes up along the Waterpocket Fold of Capital Reef as well as the Burr Trail decent dirt/gravel roads. A few others by Ticaboo that are more 4 wheeling type but not been on them so cant comment. You also have the Henry mountains that have some roads while not overly challenging at all they aren't paved highways either. Also on Halls Crossing side a few roads but outside of the main road to Halls cant comment, Fry Canyon area has some roads but cant say how good or bad not been on them. You could also go to Halls or Bullfrog putz around on the roads then take the ferry across to the other side and on the way back to 95 hit those roads and trails whatever they may be and make a loop out of it.
BarryG20 06/26/19 03:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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