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RE: Awning arm does not release.

Snip... Recommendation is a professional if you are not comfortable I know a good one in the Flint. MI area (Assuming she's home from her Florida office where she winters) yes she is a she. She's good though.. I know a decent dealer/service center too also near Flint. What good is a professional service tech or dealer in Flint, MI when the OP is located in Clinton, South Carolina? :h Barney
BarneyS 03/21/23 07:28am Beginning RVing
RE: Awning arm does not release.

Try pushing up and out at the same time. Might have to push up quite hard. Barney
BarneyS 03/20/23 07:53am Beginning RVing
RE: Trailer Brakes Not Staying On

I would try replacing the brake controller. Don't know about the policy now but a few years ago Tekonsha would replace their brake controllers for no cost. All you needed to do was take to a place that sold them and they would give you a new one. Worth a try now I would think. Barney
BarneyS 03/20/23 07:48am Towing
RE: Spray the roof

Looks like good stuff. Do they glue down the cloth & then roll or spray on the liquid? My roof is still good but it's about 14 years old now and will need replacing at some point. If your existing roof is still in relatively good shape they can apply right over it and get the same results. My roof rubber was in very poor shape for several reasons so I elected to have it torn off and go from there. Before putting the fabric down, the tech rolled a coat of the same material as they use for the final coat. He then carefully laid down the fabric and then rolled two more coats of the liquid material on top and he was done. The whole process took three long days and with about one day being used to take off the old rubber and all the things attached. The nice thing about the whole process is that he came to our family campground located in the middle of a national forest and quite a ways from a city. He had his own trailer which he parked in a clearing in the woods not far from us so he was able to start early and work late. We invited him to stay and sit around the campfire but he was too tired and wanted to get to his own trailer to rest and sleep. Barney
BarneyS 03/18/23 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Spray the roof

I think this company is the one the OP is talking about. There have been several forum members who have had this process done. I had mine done several years ago. My roof was completely torn off and replaced in three days by a very conscientious and well trained technician from RV Armor. They came to my trailer location out in the woods and did it right there on site. The cost was just a bit over $6000 which included the removal of a ton of Eternabond tape. I am completely thrilled with the work done and how the roof looks now. No more worry about leaks. As you can see by the pictures below, my roof looked terrible but was not leaking a bit as evidenced by the condition of the wood after the rubber was torn off. I was a bit worried but knew I had been quite proactive in taking care of it for the past 17 years. I would have no worries about recommending this company if you are looking to repair your roof or are interested in getting the longest life possible out of your rig. Barney Roof before Rubber roof removed. Cloth material roof covering Roof right after liquid application Roof completed. We left the luggage rack off because it had never been used and never would be.
BarneyS 03/17/23 05:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016 Forest River or 2012 Jayco

I agree with all the others who say condition is all important. My trailer is a 2004 model but it puts the new trailers to shame when you look at the construction and condition it is in. I would look very closely at that 2002 model and, if it appears to be in good condition, get a mobile tech or a normal RV inspector to take a look at it and see what it really is. If it passes then I would take that unit over any newer unit. They are just not made now like they used to do. Barney Picture taken this past summer. 2022
BarneyS 03/11/23 08:24am Travel Trailers

This thread is about MPH vs MPG not tires. Please keep any future comments on topic to avoid thread closure. Thank you. Barney
BarneyS 03/09/23 04:35pm Towing
RE: Water works in bathroom, but Kitchen sink is just a trickle

And with the above explanation by John, it is time to put this one to bed. Thanks to all for your participation. Barney
BarneyS 03/09/23 07:32am Travel Trailers
RE: How much of rise on front of truck acceptable when hitched?

A lot of people loved his posts and no matter if they loved them or not, he never got upset or posted snarky or flaming posts back. Some took offense at his great knowledge and expertise but Ron would answer their flaming posts in a calm, thorough manner and usually shut the flamer down. He was a huge asset to our forums and his passing was a great loss to many many people. I feel very fortunate to have known him and be able to call him my friend. Barney
BarneyS 03/01/23 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

I am wondering why you need to do the repair since it looks like you are at a State Park. Seems to me the State Park should repair it and then, if necessary, bill you. Barney He says he was stuck in his front yard, leaving for a 5 day trip to a State Park. Yep, I misread it. I have deleted my post so if you wish you can delete yours or let me know and I will do it for you. Thanks for the reply.:) Barney
BarneyS 02/27/23 07:42am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How to transfer large video from phone to computer

JBH, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. I tried a different cable and the file transferred just fine. I didn't realize that there were different kinds of USB cables. I thought they all worked the same - at least that is how it has always worked for me until now. Barney
BarneyS 02/26/23 04:55pm Technology Corner
How to transfer large video from phone to computer

I recorded a fairly large video on my Android cell phone last night. I would like to transfer it to my computer if possible. I have found the video on my phone but the file refuses to move from the phone location to my chosen spot in my computer. Why is that? Is there a way to do this? On another note, is is possible to edit the video into smaller segments that will e-mail easily? I don't necessarily want to reduce the quality of the video if possible. They video is in Mp4 format. Thanks for any help you can give me. I very seldom do this kind of thing with my phone or computer. Barney
BarneyS 02/26/23 07:09am Technology Corner
RE: Visible wants me to upgrade to new plan

Have been with Visible since the beginning and decided to switch. I have a Galaxy S22. After filling in the info on their web page, I waited two or three days until the new sim came by mail. During that time, I was still on the old "party pay" plan. I had no trouble at all making the switch. I immediately saw 5g after installing the new sim. It has been there since that time and I love the new service. I still pay only $25/month all in. No add-ons to the bill ever. Barney
BarneyS 02/24/23 09:24am Technology Corner
RE: How much of rise on front of truck acceptable when hitched?

See this thread - at least the first post by my friend Ron Gratz (may he rest in peace). Barney
BarneyS 02/23/23 08:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Kwikee Level Best Control Panel

Here it is! :B Barney
BarneyS 02/22/23 09:12am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Help water overflow nautilus 2.5

You got me beat! :) Barney
BarneyS 02/16/23 04:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help water overflow nautilus 2.5

If you are connected to a city water supply with your white hose, there is no need to connect another hose to the fresh water inlet for filling the tank. That would only be connect for a short time while you are filling the tank. Could it be possible your problems started when you connected the black hose recently? Barney
BarneyS 02/16/23 04:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help water overflow nautilus 2.5

I would try turning both red and blue handles 180 degrees and see what happens. Wouldn't be the first time the manual was wrong. It might be that the blue handle should be left as is and just turn the green one. I would try both ways and see what goes on. Edit: On further thought, most water and gas handles are on when they are in line with the pipe and off when they are positioned 90 deg from the run of the pipe. I would turn the green handle so it points down (off) and leave the blue handle as it is (on) until the fresh water tank is full and then turn it down (off). In other words, I would fool around with the position of the handles until it works the way it should. If you are wanting to connect long time to the hydrant, then both should be in the off position and the line from your water pump to the trailer pipes should be open. You would not have a hose connected to the top inlet - only the city water inlet (white hose at bottom right) At least this is the way it has worked in every trailer I have owned.:) Barney
BarneyS 02/16/23 04:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: using a cargo carriers on my travel trailer

The back bumper of most travel trailers is not meant to have anything attached to it. It is designed to hold the sewer hose and not much else. It you want to put something heavier back there, you need to reinforce it with welded supports and/or encase it with stronger metal along with stronger mounting to the frame of the trailer. You would probably be best off putting a regular 2" receiver welded to the trailer frame on the back of the trailer rather than use the bumper to mount something. Also keep in mind the removal of tongue weight if you carry something heavy back there. Most travel trailers have a long rear overhang which makes the addition of of weight that far behind the axles troublesome for many trailers. You are risking sway problems because of that lost weight. Hope this helps you out in your decision making.:) Barney
BarneyS 02/16/23 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Heater Specs on 2019 Palomino Puma XLE Lite 27RBQC

I would call the dealer and have him go look at the unit to find out the heater size. I'm sure it is going to have a propane furnace sized appropriately by the manufacturer for that unit. Keep in mind that almost no RV's are suitable for extended winter use. Spring and Fall are ok but the insulation in most RV's is very thin and most will not be comfortable in extended cold weather without modification. Barney
BarneyS 02/11/23 07:46am General RVing Issues
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