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RE: Portable Generator Insurance?

I don't try to insure everything that I own. I also don't buy extra extended warranties on stuff that I buy. I could probably buy a quarter of my used stuff for what the warranties and insurance would cost. I haven't lost or had anything stolen yet so I am way ahead as far as cost goes. I have too much stuff to insure it all.As far as liability insurance goes, I have a good umbrella policy and make sure to get in writing that I am covered while using something.
BarabooBob 12/09/19 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: No more full size cars from GM

I grew up on muscle cars in the 60's and 70's. My dad drove Caprices and Olds 88's. I would rather drive just about any car built after 2000 than one of the old vehicles. Most of them were lucky to get 100,000 miles on them before they were junk. My dad's 74 Caprice got a whopping 12 mpg average with 15 on a good day on the highway. I get more HP and a better ride out of my F150. By the way, my 2011 F150 has 190,000 miles on it and it runs great. We towed a TT over 7000 miles this fall and averaged 13 mpg including a majority of our driving being in the Rockies.
BarabooBob 12/07/19 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: senior pass

The price went up in 2017. That was the first increase since 1994. I think that it is still a good deal. As for restricting discounts on weekends, I agree with it. My wife and I donate to the parks that we stay at to bring our camping cost up to what a young family would pay. We can afford it more now than when our kids were young. Just because you are a senior citizen does not mean that you are not taking up a camping spot. After all, the parks cost just as much to operate when full of half price customers.
BarabooBob 12/07/19 06:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yellowstone 2020

We were in Yellowstone the second week of Sept (2019). Parking was limited for my F150screw but we saw everything we wanted to see. Get to places like Old Faithful, Geyser Basin, and Grand Canyon area early. You have to plan on getting around slowly. Don't be in a hurry, enjoy yourself. About 7 years ago we were in Yellowstone during June with our class c. We started early every day with one major destination planned each day. It worked then, it can work for you.
BarabooBob 12/02/19 03:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

We keep most of the dedicated camping stuff in the TT. Most of our cooking stuff is a duplicate for stuff in the house. We do have lists for food that we take along. I LOVE to eat good food and we are both excellent cooks. Our tow vehicle is my daily driver and I have to unload a lot of my stuff before we pack for a trip. I don't need a couple of chainsaws, a large tool box with every imaginable tool, 300 ft of heavy rope for doing tree work, etc. My truck goes on a serious diet before any trip. My wife even makes me vacuum and wash the truck.
BarabooBob 11/28/19 06:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: dumping tanks

There is a free dump at a gas station in town about 3 miles from home. Since I always fill up on the way home, it is very convenient.
BarabooBob 11/28/19 06:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

I keep 20 gallons of gas on hand for my generator. Every month I dump 10 gallons of that stored gas into my truck and refill the cans with fresh fuel. My gas sits no more than 2 months in the cans. I don't use any stabilizer. I always use gas without ethanol. Simple solution, just takes some planning. IN the summer, the gas may go into the boat, motorcycle, atv or truck.
BarabooBob 11/27/19 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Chevy's I4 2.7 turbo engine

I have a 3.5L EcoBoost (turbo) engine in my F150. The EB is always quiet even when I have the throttle pushed hard. It does not scream. Goiing up passes I am turning 2500 rpm's top. I never have to wind it up more than that. When I am climbing mountain passes I can & do pass vehicles with much larger engines (non-turbo) that are screaming like a Toyota Carola. Ride in any Ford with a V10 up a steep mountain road under load and listen to the engine. Modern turbo engines are a different animal than any non-turbo. Look at the hp and torque curves. The curve starts going straight up at 1500 rpm's and tops out at about 2000 rpm's. I can hear the turbo when under load but there is no scream like a non-turbo V8.
BarabooBob 11/18/19 03:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Evolving Canines, de-evoloving people?

My wife and I traveled through California starting at Yosemite and zigzagging up through the mountains for over a week. We never set foot in a town of more than 10,000 people and really enjoyed our stay. I will go back for the same kind of trip again. However, I will never step foot in the big cities. Not interested. There, now we have a reply that is not bashing California.
BarabooBob 11/16/19 07:29am General RVing Issues
RE: 4 sec 0-60 in an EcoBoost F150

I didn't buy my EB to drag race. I rarely go half way to the floor with the gas pedal, no need. The only time I hammered it was when some dip wad kept speeding up and slowing down to keep me off the interstate in Michigan. That time I slowed down a bit with him slowing also and then I floored it and left him sitting there wondering what the heck happened. My wife said that I was grinning when I did it. One of the oldest tricks in the books back in the 70's.
BarabooBob 11/14/19 05:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Roadside America.

If you are in Mercer, WI. Check out the giant loon right on Highway 51. There is also a giant loon statue in Wawa Ontario.
BarabooBob 11/13/19 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: ? Power Cord Protective Cap

I never drag my plug end. I always carry it to the TT and then push the cord back in.
BarabooBob 11/12/19 03:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Usage

Don't get caught dumping any grey water on the ground in a National Park. Yellowstone and Glacier will escort you out for that because greywater attracts bears. As their posters say--"A fed bear, is a dead bear." Even Badlands NP does not allow dumping dishwater on the ground.
BarabooBob 11/10/19 11:19am RV Lifestyle
RE: Sticker shock

I gladly take my F150 to the local Ford dealership. They properly service my truck and get it back to me when promised. They are not the cheapest here in town, but, I had problems with a couple of other shops getting the work done. One other shop had one of my vehicles for 3 weeks because they kept doing other jobs while my truck sat on the lift. The Ford shop gets my work done and the vehicle back to me asap. They beat all of the other tires shops when I needed new tires. Great service.
BarabooBob 11/09/19 10:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

Last summer we experienced two cases of absolutely terrible driving. The first was were a driver kept speeding up then slowing down to block me from merging. The other was a person driving a very large (3 axle) fifth wheel on a one ton dually blowing by everyone doing at lease 75 in the fast lane when we had a 40 mph wind quartering us from the front. I told my wife that we would probably see him again. Up ahead we came to a traffic slowdown/(stop and go) that lasted about a half hour. That 5th wheel/truck unit was in the ditch and looked like a bomb went off in it. Unfortunately both people in the truck died. So, it is not always "the other guys" that cause problems.
BarabooBob 11/08/19 02:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brake light/ turn signal

Do yourself a favor. Run new wires and change your camper lights to LED fixtures. The total bill if you do it yourself can be as little as $60. I personally solder all of my connections and use heat shrink tubing to seal everything up.
BarabooBob 11/06/19 03:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Horrible Good Sams/ Bank of the West Financing

When I was shopping for my TT last summer, I found one that I liked at CW. The salesperson and I were talking about the pending purchase and she started her pitch for all of the add ons. $200 for a battery and box. $100 for a full 20 pound lp tank. $1500 delivery and prep charge. I was ready to walk when she dropped the next on on me-$1500 extra if I did not finance with them. I was gone pretty fast after all of this. I found a TT better suited for our type of camping and paid the price that was on a sheet taped to the table in the TT. No anything added except taxes and title transfer state charge
BarabooBob 11/06/19 03:01pm Good Sam Club
RE: South Dakota, July 2020

Several of the campgrounds at Custer State Park have electric hookups. Badlands NP has a few electric sites that can be reserved. Look around and get ready to make your reservations soon if you want electric hookups.
BarabooBob 11/04/19 03:35pm Roads and Routes
RE: Local news story made me chuckle (stolen? dog)

The lab mix (Tanner)that currently lives with us was a rescue from Kentucky. When the shelter got him, he needed over 100 stitches to his front legs and snout. Someone must have used him as fighting bait and dumped him when he got tore up. Tanner loves people but it is not safe to have him around other dogs. He goes crazy and tries to attack them. We solve this by keeping him away from the other dogs. He is a sweet dog except for that problem.
BarabooBob 11/04/19 12:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: South Dakota, July 2020

I would stop at Devils Tower on the way to the area and spend the night there, it is on the way. I prefer National Forest or state park campgrounds so there are many in the area. I prefer to stay at Horse Thief Lake Campground just south of Rushmore. I would include either Wind Cave or Jewel Cave, Mt Rushmore, Needles Highway and the wildlife loop in Custer State Park, Highway A from Custer State Park to Keystone (this road has some great scenery and some unique pigtail bridges and tunnels that if traveling north-frame Mt Rushmore as you drive through them, great photo op) After spending your time in the Black Hills, spend 2 days at the Badlands and do some hiking, sight seeing, climbing carefully in the park. See the Minuteman Missile site, and Wall Drug on the way out. I would also stop at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base just east of Rapid City on the way through. 16 days would be about perfect for this trip. I do the same type of trip from Wisconsin every couple of years. Next time I go I will be hiking to the top of Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak) and riding my bicycle on the Michelson bike trail. That may add to much for your 16 day time limit.
BarabooBob 11/04/19 07:02am Roads and Routes
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