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RE: Good Sam or KOA

KOA had 3 levels of RV parks now; Journey (fewer amenities, typically located along major highways for short stays), Holiday (more amenities, maybe located near some attraction or destination location), and Resort (most amenities, near more attractions, and suitable for longer stays). Prices go up accordingly We have stayed at a lot of KOAs over the years. Quality varied but never stayed at one that I would never return to.
BB_TX 02/08/23 07:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Calc. Turn Radius w/Truck + 35' 5er

Google. One set of examples. That would be the tightest outside radius of the truck. Since the 5er turns inside the truck the inside radius would vary quite a bit on trailer length, hitch type, etc. Probably have to go to a large open parking lot and do some measuring between outside radius of truck tires and inside radius of trailer tires. Then you would need to add a safety margin on both sides.
BB_TX 02/06/23 06:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best route from Palo Duro State Park Texas to Galveston

I would go with any recommendation padredw says.
BB_TX 02/06/23 07:43am Roads and Routes
RE: 25% better mpg from current diesels? Too good to be true?

Looks promising. Hope it pans out. And yes about the OEM statement. Even at 25% better mileage it would not be financially feasible for an average driver to retrofit. Commercial drivers most likely could benefit.
BB_TX 02/06/23 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: No 110 Volts to Hot Water Heater Element

BB TX… I’ll give your suggestion a try in a day or so; if’s I still don’t show 110 volts do you think it would be the outside switch? Very well could be. Those cheap switches have been reported failed a number of times. But the best course of action is to use a meter and the schematic. You can quickly determine if you have power to that switch, and if so, if you have power out of that switch. That will determine whether the problem is the switch itself, upstream of the switch, or downstream of the switch. Then you will know which direction to proceed. And point to point testing from there. The above is assuming you are knowledgeable of and comfortable with troubleshooting live 120 vac. If not, then you should call a mobile RV repairman. There is an element of danger there.
BB_TX 02/01/23 12:21pm Tech Issues
RE: No 110 Volts to Hot Water Heater Element

2nd switch is the inside 12 vdc switch that operates the relay at the water heater. Voltmeter and understanding of the circuit (schematic available in the WH manual) will greatly help in quickly finding the problem. If you are placing your meter leads across the two terminals on the heating element and not showing 120 vac, it could also actually be loss of neutral. Burned neutral wire in the J box has also been reported multiple times. Try putting one meter lead on the hot side of the element and the other meter lead on the metal frame of the water heater.
BB_TX 02/01/23 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: Need tire inflation by weight for Sunitomo 719 tire

Max pressure is always a safe way to go. But I agree, it is not really the best way, especially if your actual weight is well below the max weight rating as the ride will likely be harsh. But if the manufacturer will not provide a chart then an “best guess” is about your only option.
BB_TX 02/01/23 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No 110 Volts to Hot Water Heater Element

Past reported problems: - tripped breaker - bad or tripped thermostat/hi temp cutout - little black switch on bottom left corner of WH off or bad - bad relay (located in junction box on WH) - loose/bad/burned wire connection in any of those areas.
BB_TX 02/01/23 10:38am Tech Issues
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

If I were buying a new truck primarily for towing and/or hauling I would most likely buy diesel. But if the truck was primarily used as a daily driver with occasional towing/hauling it would be gas. Bought my first diesel in 2004 when diesel was still less than gas. Shortly after diesel moved higher and has rarely be less than gas since. And certainly not in a number of years. A few months ago diesel was as much as $1.80 to $2.00 higher than gas. Back down to a more "reasonable" $1.10-$1.20 or so more now. :S Diesel may get 20-30% better fuel mileage towing/hauling but I haven't seen near that for daily driving, whether highway, city, or combo.
BB_TX 01/31/23 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Greenhorn driving from NY to Az

“Safest places” would be RV parks or campgrounds with full time on site management. If you are looking for free overnight stays then many people stop at parking lots of Walmart, Crackerbarrel, other businesses with large uncrowded lots, highway rest areas where allowed, etc. Safe then depends a lot on the environment of the local area.
BB_TX 01/28/23 12:01pm Coast to Coast
RE: Tax refund scam Canada

Any time I get any email from someone not in my contact list I open the email and click on the the sender’s name or address in the from block. That opens the properties for the sender info and likely as not the “official looking” address is actually something crazy like dvgyhgcfgh;567,;[email protected]$/;,?! .com. I click on Block this contact. And then move it to junk or spam. Actually it's not difficult to fake the sending address in an e-mail. You need to look a bit deeper into the headers which aren't normally displayed to determine how real the e-mail is. Had a co-worker years ago who maintained the company e-mail system demonstrate that by faking up a message which appeared to come from the President of the US. Yes, I sometimes get emails with the sender name of someone in my contact list. But the content of those emails typically contain content that is not consistent with what I expect, such as asking me to click on a link to see some odd subject. Clicking on the sender name and checking the properties shows the actual sender email address is far from the person who supposedly sent it. Actually I never click on any link without checking the sender properties first.
BB_TX 01/27/23 08:19am Technology Corner
RE: Tax refund scam Canada

Any time I get any email from someone not in my contact list I open the email and click on the the sender’s name or address in the from block. That opens the properties for the sender info and likely as not the “official looking” address is actually something crazy like dvgyhgcfgh;567,;[email protected]$/;,?! .com. I click on Block this contact. And then move it to junk or spam.
BB_TX 01/26/23 07:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Unable to identify model of trailer

First thing is look for water leaks. If it has water leaks, then you may find significant rot of any wood members. It doesn't take long once leaks start. That might determine if you proceed, or just scrap it. May be just the picture angles, but the structure looks somewhat twisted.
BB_TX 01/18/23 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: BlueTooth ear buds and phone on airplane mode...?

Interesting. My iPhone, when put in airplane mode, does not turn off Bluetooth.
BB_TX 01/14/23 05:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

For those retired or unlimited time available, RVs certainly are generally preferable for trips short and long. For those still working, then RVs are great for shorter trips, or longer trips if available vacation days allow. But for those on limited days available and a desire to visit distant areas, then air and hotel makes more sense. Or maybe car and hotel if reachable in 2 long days. 3-4 days to reach a destination by RV and 3-4 days to return when you only have 10 days to 2 weeks open leaves little time to enjoy that destination. We always based our travel method on distance and available time before retirement, and many times afterward. And always enjoyed both. Never tried to justify costs of one over the other for any given trip.
BB_TX 01/13/23 08:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: cabin rentals? Eastern PA

Googling Delaware River cabins brings up a number of places with cabins. You would have to check each to see if they are open. VRBO is also an option.
BB_TX 01/10/23 06:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CB radios - Do you use one?

"....If you are in a caravan, you can use apps that let you set up a multi-party conference call group...." Just like everybody in the caravan being on the same CB channel, eh? :h Yeah, but no one outside the caravan group getting in.
BB_TX 12/30/22 07:33am Technology Corner
RE: CB radios - Do you use one?

WAZE, Google maps and others and even my Ford GPS will warn of traffic issues ahead and recommend alternate routes if possible if you input a destination before you start. Been years since I used a CB radio. Would rather listen to Willie’s Roadhouse than all that inane chatter on 19. Traveling with others it could be useful.
BB_TX 12/29/22 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: San Antonio

Been a number of years, but we stayed at Travelers World and would again. The street it is on goes straight into downtown and easy access parking for the Riverwalk. Or there is (or at last was) a bus stop right in front of the RV park if you prefer not to drive downtown. But if you are arriving on I-37, do not take E Southcross Blvd. There is a rail crossing with a steep up and down over the tracks and likely cause a dragging rear end on that 5er. Take SE Military Drive from I-37 instead. No problem there.
BB_TX 12/29/22 05:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Then what?

The ultimate solution?? Just put a wind powered turbine generator on the roof. Presto! Continuous free charging while you drive. And when you park, park headed into the wind. Again, free charging while parked. :B :B
BB_TX 12/29/22 01:23pm Fifth-Wheels
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