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RE: Trouble with California

Sometimes it's just the simplest of things, in this case, the AG inspector just doesn't like people from New York????And the OP sure got the better of the I did love the planting of a maggot infested just got to love it.
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

Just for kicks, and I don't know if this is still done or not but a number of years ago while traveling the New cross-over at Hoover Dam, there was a check-point. Not border patrol or Ag inspection but one that required all RV's to stop and open up your compartments( can't recall if they also entered the RV)…. it was a no brainer but I suppose that if you refused, you would not be allowed to cross.
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 07:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping etiquette

This isn't an issue of boondocking vs a commercial RV Park, it is an issue of a poorly designed and/or managed park. Having RVs park so that the door of one RV opens into the door of another RV is just plain wrong. It is customary for the area out your front door to be your area, not an area shared by another RV unless that area is unusually large. I don't mean 35 feet instead of 30, but something like a huge common area, say baseball field sized, where the RVs are parked around that area. Very uncommon to say the least. Sharing your front yard with a stranger in another RV is awkward at best. For that small shared yard to be occupied by 30 strangers is unacceptable to almost any RVer. The park should have done something to prevent it from happening. The OP took it much better than I would. Not one to normally drop Park Names but I was put(with our traveling friends) in a site that was a "neighbor site", meaning facing one another. This particular one had room for a Volley ball tournament+++ between us. One of the best sites ever....OH, Red Rock Canyon in Idaho near Yellowstone.
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 06:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: What are the two taps in my kitchen ?

I'd say filtered water too. I just replaced my kitchen faucet and it does have a separate small handle and a smaller screened opening for a filtered line.
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 05:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Trouble with California

Since I live in So Calif and can't tell you how many times I've come through the AG Inspection which is now closer to the actual border than it ever was before....its now located at the new weigh station just past State line. A matter of fact, most times NO ONE is even attending this station and other times, your simply waved through. On the rare occasion someone is manning the station, they may ask where you are coming from? or if you have any fruit? Since the general reply is Las Vegas, you get waved through also. Why someone MIGHT be singled out is rather simple, you have a plate from someplace other than Calif/ this case New York! Chances are someone from the East Coast entering Calif may have purchased fruits or vegetables along their cross country trip...Hell, I'm no Rocket Scientist, but I can figure that one out. Since all like to Dig on Calif here, I can tell you with No hesitation, I'd take everything that greater Los Angeles has instead of what greater New York City has any day of the week. If you don't like Calif...stay home, won't hurt my feelings!
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

I've gone thru several times without an issue but if they wanted, I'd say come on in as long as your Ok with four dogs nipping at your ankles. I'd guess in general most of us recognize these Border agents/Agricultural agents have a job to do and whether you allow a search or don't, that's your choice, your no more nor less an American for doing what's right for you. Having a Law enforcement background, I can say with certainty, refusing a cursory search for fruits and vegetables would cause one to think, "what are you hiding"...that's just human nature...but once again, do what is right for you!
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 12:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping etiquette

Maybe I'm showing my age but I seem to remember a time, many, many years ago that both camping and RV'ing was a social activity. .... I have been camping since I was a kid and never considered it to be a social activity. I go out into nature to enjoy nature, the beauty, the solitude, the wildlife and more, but certainly not noisy neighbors. Guess you missed out on a lot of Fun then. You mean to say you never camped with a bunch of friends or have you been a loner your whole life? To each his own I suppose but I'm always neighborly whether your two feet away from my site or two hundred feet from my site. Guess you weren't a Boy Scout then...seems to me their campouts were quite Social when I was growing up and they taught you to be a Good neighbor.
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 12:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camping etiquette

Maybe I'm showing my age but I seem to remember a time, many, many years ago that both camping and RV'ing was a social activity. Not so much anymore! Now if someone doesn't fit into "your" idea of "camping", their simply rude and unbearable people. Someone had a gathering at their campsite, how is that any different than a Rally group gathering at one particular campsite. I'm sure these 30 some odd person's didn't all pitch tents and spend the night or did they? Yes, I too like to have some room to move about my site BUT Privacy is not something I expect at a RV site/campground. Heck, look at the biggest so called Resorts...nothing more than parking lots where you can reach out and touch your neighbor.
Acampingwewillgo 10/21/19 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Cuts to the Senior discount coming?

After reading though some thoughts here, I can only add this, if you happen to fall within a geographic group, whether private or public, and they offer a discount of any kind and you quality for said discount, you can chose to fall on your sword and not take it. I will take it every time, not because I feel entitled to it but simply because its offered. I see absolutely nothing wrong in asking anyone/anywhere about whether a discount is available(Military, senior, AAA, AARP, Good Sam etc etc)… Now with that being said, attempting to use a Federal or State camping discount is almost impossible in regards to actually camping(I don't even try) although I do use my Senior Pass for entrance into National Parks and so forth.
Acampingwewillgo 10/20/19 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Almost lost a mud flap...

There must be some truth in what Dennis had related...I know my MH not only has the dually Mud flaps on both sides but if debris gets by them, the full length flap at the rear of the coach handles the rest. Even with that being said, many years ago, I ran over one of those "bases" (black plastic base) for a traffic cone...picked that sucker up, went past both mud flaps, hit my guardian tow shield, cracked that, then took off my toad's driver side mirror.
Acampingwewillgo 10/16/19 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Urine odor eliminator

May as well shut this down....I thank the one person who offered a "product" To the "Holy than thou" remainder, think about every time you see multiple dogs in an X-Pen, think about the hours on end those dogs spend in that pen and urinate then think about how many "considerate" people actually care about odors at all and then finally think about someone who had enough concern to ask about a way to help!!!
Acampingwewillgo 10/16/19 12:01pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Urine odor eliminator

The whole point here is that I'm trying tom be a good neighbor....getting a walker out the door at 3am is a bit of an issue. The smell is NOT overwhelming but as always I'm considering my neighbor. I've been on this Forum a very long time and it is just SO typical to criticize rather than simply answer a question. Do I really have to lay out exactly what health conditions are involved everytime I ask a question. Certainly it would be better to have my dogs piss on your campsite but I don't imagine that would be acceptable either so instead, I keep them in the site I occupy(which I do consider my site). You don't see me complaining about the Cigarette butts laying all over, the chicken wings in the gravel waiting for a dog to choke on...Come on, Really!!! So Pile ON....but understand there are plenty of X pens out there and if you think my dogs are the only ones....wake up!!!
Acampingwewillgo 10/16/19 11:39am RV Pet Stop
Urine odor eliminator

OK...I see plenty of products for this, just looking for suggestions for the right one? BUT before that let me explain....with four small doggies, we normally set up a rather large X-pen under our awning. When the kids get the urge at 2 or 3 am in the morning, we generally open the door and let them run out into the pen and do their thing. Well after a few nights of this, our patio area begins to smell. We have in the past used vinegar to help neutralize the urine but we'd be interested in other products that would help. A quick look on Amazon shows a ton of choices...any favorites? TIA
Acampingwewillgo 10/16/19 10:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: Almost lost a mud flap...

I had a very similar experience except with a bit of a twist. We stopped at a Rest area and I also noticed that my rear passenger side Mud flap was somehow wrapped up around the tire into the wheel well. I played hell trying to pull it back down into place(the mud flaps are a bit cumbersome and stiff). I finally was able to do it and move on down the road. Now here's the twist....about 1000 miles later while looking again, the center tread had separated from my inside dual(completely gone) which was the cause of the Mud Flap incident. The tire itself was still holding pressure but entire center tread was gone! I now make sure I look carefully at my tires and not only for correct pressure.
Acampingwewillgo 10/15/19 03:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight Dist Hitch

This is what I've been thinking too. For peace of mind would be reason enough for me. Also, as I recall, he did say he paid 20 bucks for the 2" sleeve...mmm? Thank You all...
Acampingwewillgo 08/19/19 11:15am Travel Trailers
Weight Dist Hitch

Hi all, just asking for a friend, He just retired and bought a new 3/4 ton Dodge Ram diesel and a new 37' heavy travel trailer. The truck has a 2 1/2 inch receiver hitch, the trailer dealer installed a sleeve to accept a 2 inch shank on the weight distributing hitch. Looking at it, it, the sleeve seems to add enough play to cause the hitch tilt downward some....just doesn't look right to me and I know they make 2 1/2" shanks so as to not defeat the purpose of the 2 1/2"receiver hitch. Trailer weight is in the 10,000-11,000 range. Just wondering about the consensus on this, whether it really matters?
Acampingwewillgo 08/18/19 01:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: New GPS needed

I've had the Rand McNally RV GPS since inception. I have updated it several times via lifetime maps. I know this sounds like an endorsement but alas, its not. Although I continue to use it, for some reason, even after you input you are trailering, it cannot get the speed limit correct for Calif. I've notified them on a couple of occasions but anyone who lives in CA knows that no matter what you trailer, the speed limit is 55mph period. Oh well....just thought I'd throw that out there!! LOL
Acampingwewillgo 08/03/19 09:31pm Tech Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

Just a thought, if your running the generator early before turning the air on, start the Gen just a little earlier to allow your battery charger to top off your batteries so that when you start the air, the draw from the battery charger won't be as great. Plus the added benefit of having charged batteries. Did someone mention this already?
Acampingwewillgo 07/31/19 11:06am General RVing Issues
RE: 'What can you fill a barrel with to make it weigh less/'

Darn it, I thought maybe this question was about which weights more 100 lbs of feathers or 100 lbs of water? Oh well!!! :-)
Acampingwewillgo 07/27/19 02:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Floor damage - water rot - What can I do!

I've had the unfortunate pleasure of working on this exact problem a couple of times in a Motorhome. I can't speak to the design in a tent trailer but the fix I did last time was a winner. I did not pull all the furnishings out to accomplish the task although I was able to expose at least two metal cross members in which to start the mending process. Pull out as much rotten wood as possible, in a tent camper removing large items and cabinets may be an easier task? Make a long story short, I used steel uni strut along with dimensional lumber as my new outriggers thus eliminating all sag. Laid down exterior plywood(3/4" in my case) and since I was going to tile some area's, I put Hardy board down in other area's I used wood flooring. Six years later and all is still SOLID with no cracked time.
Acampingwewillgo 07/22/19 09:47am Folding Trailers
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