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RE: Burbman Crosses over to the Dark Side....

CONGRATS !!!! As for the screen name, how about Burbins (part Suburban, part Cummins). Check the decal on driver's side "B" pillar for exact payload for the truck. Can be diff from brochure due to options from factory.
ACZL 05/26/20 12:20pm Tow Vehicles
Yukon Dutchman and Dutchmansport.

So this is a 2 parter: Saw a new Yukon Dutchman heading to dealer along the NYS T-way Sun. Have heard of Dutchman, but not Yukon so I'll guess that's the line from Dutchman. Anyone else hear of it? So upon seeing the Yukon Dutchman, got me to thinking, what's happened to Dutchmansport who use to post quite frequently? He had the Montana if I recall right.
ACZL 05/26/20 01:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone order a new Ford 7.3 gas?

Our school district wants to get several new 65 passenger GAS buses. No specs on them, but I'm willing to bet they are this motor. If it is, they must know something I don't cuz their current fleet (which is a LOT) currently is all diesel.
ACZL 05/25/20 12:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel verses travel trailer

"Full of Ram parts or adult beverages?? LOL." Too funny! The wife likes "ROCKS" as she makes jewelry with real stones. I carry enough tools to repair anything along my travels and enough Carpentry tools to build a house! We use Corell and actual glass to drink out of. I honestly don't know how we have added 6k! The 400# 6500 gen was added after it was weighed at the Factory. Yea the Liquor Cabinet is full as I like to have what my guests like to drink! ROFLMAO. You know tho, it is actually funny as to what we all have in our rigs and really don't think anything of the weight until you weigh it. Compared to our old coach, we still don't have everything in the new one as we had in the old one. Sure each one had it's purpose, but the new coach for us anyways is so much nicer and better for our needs. If we deice to full time, I'm sure we'd have even more stuff than we have now, but the coach wouldn't be moving place to place all the time (well at least I don't think). As one person told me years ago when we 1st got into RVing and weight placement: "A can of beans is a can of beans. Going to weigh the same no matter where you place it, just wether or not it's on the truck side or RV side".
ACZL 05/24/20 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel verses travel trailer

My RV weighed 18,075# the day it left the factory. Currently it weighs 24,000#. You tell me! Full of Ram parts or adult beverages?? LOL. Sorry couldn't resist. Like Cummins12V here, our coach weighs empty, 14,000 and max weight of 16,000 to which we actually have 1980# of "stuff" in it. Not a whole lot of extras, but 'nuff to get us by for a weeks worth of camping or "clamping".
ACZL 05/22/20 07:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rig for two couples?

Who would buy the truck and who would buy the coach?. If 1 trailer, a large toy hauler modded to meet their needs (large rear bath, convert garage to bedroom, rear LR set up. A downside would be if rear door is set up to use as a patio, outside access only. Perhaps a toy hauler that has a side patio? Kitchen and main living area adequate for all 4 adults? Would each couple share in the RV expense in event of a problem and share driving duties? I know 2 couples that rode in a Caddy from CNY to the Grand Canyon and western states (some 5,000+ miles if I recall right) and this was not the big Caddy either (remember the late 80's early 90's Caddy's?). Well they survived, so it can work.
ACZL 05/22/20 01:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Seeking advice on towing vehicle

Looking at the stats for this coach, IMO you are in dually territory. Diesel as well. 2015 and up for any of three.
ACZL 05/21/20 08:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Retracting jacks while unhooked

Our Big Country does the same as "Me Again's", sort of like it's going to church and kneeling down. Weird as all get all. Just don't put your truck under it and hit auto retract.
ACZL 05/21/20 01:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Oops ??

Brittney Spears......"Oops ......". Sorry to hear of your misfortune bud. I conqur w/ the post about dropping a RV. I almost lowered ours onto the top of box w/ the auto-level 1st time I went to use auto retract and not knowing what it was going to do. like yourself, it was brand new (RV). I shut off power to the auto level about a second into contact. No damage to truck, scraped decal on hitch and did just a lil damage to trim, but nothing a couple crews didn't taker care of. FWIW, did GD have labels for the tv mounting plate? Did they have them in the right spot? Many posts about drier vent hole locations not being right.
ACZL 05/21/20 01:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Heavy Chevy!

I had the exact same thing (only GMC). Was a 1986 w/ 6.2L diesel, 4spd, 4x4, dual tanks like yours, quad front shocks. Of all the trucks I've owned since I 1st started driving, will have to say that this one was probly my fav. Just loved the color combo. In fact, I just saw yesterday a retro paint scheme on a fairly new Chevy and while some may not recognize it, it sure did look good.
ACZL 05/20/20 07:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Clearance Between Truck Bed Rails and 5th Wheel

Rob, Did you by chance measure from ground to highest point of RV (A/C) to make sure you're still under 13'6"? Just asking with the 10" of bed rail clearance. If my pea size brain recalls right, with our set up, hitch on lowest setting and pin box on highest (closest to underside of RV), I have around 6" (CRS don't recall exactly), overall height is 13'3"-4". Nice looking rig. Now we just have to figure out how eliminate a 150 mile social distance thing! Check your PM box
ACZL 05/20/20 07:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water in Fuel? When Do You Drain the Filter?

"I didn't drain the separator at last oil change and all is still well" You better drain it today or you won't sleep tonight! Wanna bet? It's 420am EST, 1st nite back to work and eyes are not doing so well staying open. LOL Good to hear! Build America!!! Sorry, my post was a tad misleading. Was on vaykay last week. My work has been deemed essential and having been w/ this place for close to 30 years, was pretty safe from getting laid-off. Did drop down to 4 day work week, but still goin'.
ACZL 05/19/20 01:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Water in Fuel? When Do You Drain the Filter?

"I didn't drain the separator at last oil change and all is still well" You better drain it today or you won't sleep tonight! Wanna bet? It's 420am EST, 1st nite back to work and eyes are not doing so well staying open. LOL
ACZL 05/18/20 02:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Water in Fuel? When Do You Drain the Filter?

I've never had a WIF lite either, but is has been suggested that each time you gain the oil, drain water separator as well. FWIW, I change my oil every 5k and drain the water separator and no water in it. Come to think of it, I didn't drain the separator at last oil change and all is still well.
ACZL 05/17/20 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Owning a Cummins Diesel?

First off Don, cumming from a GM, you need to learn to speel Cummings motor correctly! That way you can piss off them Cummings deezal fans. Any way, I'm up way the heel too late here on the left coast, I'm going to bed! No, I have not been drinking.....I should claim to have been eh?!?!? Marty '92 International? Isn't that a fancy name for a cornfield Cadillac? There is another one that's mentioned on the CB radio, but won't say it here!
ACZL 05/17/20 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Got a new TV

VERY NICE !!!! CONGRATS!!!! Is that color the pearl color?
ACZL 05/17/20 06:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: NY campgrounds.....hit/miss

New York State said to be "patient" in getting our refunds for reservations they cancelled. I'm not holding my breath. If I get the money back great but I'm thinking it will be a loss. Uncle Andy needs money!!
ACZL 05/15/20 05:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
NY campgrounds.....hit/miss

Check with the campground you want to go to as to their being open or not or when. Many unknowns still from Albany, but county executives are calling the shots when it comes to CG's. Not sure when SP CG's will open, so have to check w/ them as well.
ACZL 05/14/20 07:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Owning a Cummins Diesel?

Cummins seem to get the best MPG of the big 3 (GM, Ford, Ram). Most folks who have them, love them. Changing fuel filter can be cumbersome, but doable. IMO and vantage point of a semi driver, most RV transport guys run Rams w/ Cummins motors. Of their 2 tranny's, the Aisin is their top of the line. If you end up w/ a SRW, may want to consider Timbrens, airbags or "X" to help the rear end from squatting w/ camper on. Like what a couple others said about DEF, can get at most truck stops in truck lanes OR at any auto store. Usage should be 10 gallons/year as one said. Buy fuel at truck stop if you can due to high turnover of fuel. If not, find a large local place where you see a lot of companies fueling up (utility, landscapers, town/hiway dept., school buses, etc). Others with Cummins can chime in on fuel additives. A lot to consider, but in the long run, a diesel is by far the best way to go if towing a lot or heavy and still get decent mpg's. Gassers have come a long way and for lots of folks, will work best for their set ups and don't want to deal w/ diesels and worrying about fuel and all. Both gas & diesel have their pluses and minuses. Do not be afraid to ask questions here about them as there is a HUGE amount of folks ready to assist you to answer them. May get some biased opinions and keyboard fighting, but it's all good. Let us know how you make out.
ACZL 05/14/20 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Reese Airborne Sidewinder and Skid Plate Lubrication

Rob, You said you cannot use one of those plastic plates/disks? There is another option you could try/use. As you mentioned, you could use reg grease or some type of spay lube or non dust attracting graphite. There is a company who markets are primarily semi drivers, but has gain a ton of users who are not semi drivers. Anyways it's called MotorKote. They have 2 products that will probly work for you. 1st is MotorKote Hyper Lubricant which is a friction reducer inside engines, BUT also HAS hundreds of other uses. 2nd is MotorKote 5th wheel grease. As name implies, it's for 5th wheels along w/ anything else that takes grease. FWIW, give them a call and explain what you want to achieve and for their recommendation. They are located in OH.
ACZL 05/14/20 06:45am Towing
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