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RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

1 ton SRW will handle anything w/ ease under 15k. No need for DRW in the senerio you spoke of.
ACZL 08/09/20 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

That's a lotta weight on the rear axle!
ACZL 07/31/20 03:16am Towing
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

On another forum a man said not to let them use the IR thermometers on your forehead when entering a business as they are removing your memory . His wife sent him to the store for bread and eggs , he came out with ice cream and a snickers . He did ok in my book!
ACZL 07/30/20 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

East way to tell also if something is hot is by smell and appearance. Hot/dragging brakes emit a distinct odor and makes your rims nice and black. If you use the hand test method when checking temps, ALWAYS use the back of your hand when placing it up to rim. Lil trick of the trade from early days as a fireman, never to use palm of hand when testing a doorknob to see if hot cuz natural reaction is to close it if hot right around the doorknob.....not good. Was taught to use back of hand, so IMO, same rule should apply here tho you cannot clasp it onto anything, better to be safe than sorry.
ACZL 07/29/20 10:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any Sandpiper owners out there?

If your looking for "top dog" line, the Sandpiper isn't FR's top dog. Think it's few notches down. Jayco's Pinnacle I believe is their top line model.
ACZL 07/29/20 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pay showers?

Never heard of them until 5 years ago when BIL and his family wanted to take showers (had a pop up). Peed him off, then again he's cheap. Likewise, never gave it a thought about kids turning them on and leaving running. But CG we like A LOT, is a new CG and has pay showers.
ACZL 07/27/20 09:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: '07 Lincoln Town Car Towing

Had: 86 Town car, '95 & '97 TC's. Absolutely loved the '95 while the DW loved the '97. Best car I ever rode in and still got decent mpg's 18/25-27.
ACZL 07/27/20 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

Good looking truck rob.....CONGRATS!!!! Go w/ B&W brackets and rails, am glad I did w/ Casper.
ACZL 07/27/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel chocks

I forgot to remove my Roto Chocks one time. I knew it real soon as I couldn't move. I took a lot of work to get them out because they had lodged even tighter as I tried to move the trailer. Too bad they are no longer made. Rotos are/were great - so was Pearl & her husband (RIP). However - the main benefit of Rotos (and others) is they keep the RV from movement - like walking inside, moving from one end to the other, etc. Wood is your friend for lots of uses. So, two or three 2 x 6s about 18 inches long will keep you from moving - even if you forget them - trying to drive over them will get your attention....:W BTW - I always chock in front of - and behind - at least one wheel with *wood* chocks. Cheap & handy for other stuff - if beat-up, toss 'em and replace. :C . I TOTALLY agree about Roto-Chocks. 1st on/last off. Pearl and her hubby were great folks w/ a great product. I still have mine in shed and won't sell them. They are the "Super Glue" of wheel chocks. Saying all this tho, they won't fit on current rig, so like above, I simply put a 2x4x12 in front of LR tire and behind LF tire. No probs.
ACZL 07/27/20 09:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Exclusive: Utterly Unique Fifth Wheel

3 or 4 steps to get into normal 5er, then flat floor until you want to go up into bedroom /LR or Kitchen which will have 3 steps or so. Likewise could have 3/4 steps if rear LR/Kitchen or BR. Looking at this floorpan, you have "X" steps to get into coach then flat. Okay sounds great. At least how I look at it is once inside, now you have to dodge the steps to go from front to back whereas you don't in regular 5ers. Am I wrong in this assessment? Appears to be lots of doors for storage, but IMO, that will add up to a lot of weight once owners start putting stuff inside. I agree w/ others on tires/axles. Max GVW of 16,5 again IMO that's dually territory. Still, would like to see one in person.
ACZL 07/27/20 09:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Excessive Heat in Fifth Wheel

Do you by chance have slide toppers? They would help as well.
ACZL 07/24/20 01:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What type of hitch do I need?

I appreciate the input. Tweety's was more expensive with the hitch and rails than Etrailer or my dealer. But it's a moot point, the Curt is a done deal. Unless someone can provide some input as to why Curt won't work or it's a bad choice, I am not switching horses mid-stream. Like I said, the B&W was a "nice to have", not a "have to have". I feel sure the Curt will be just fine. Moving on. The Prez of the B&W Club can best answer this for you.
ACZL 07/20/20 11:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air conditioning in new 5th Wheel

Remember that Grand Design boasts a roof R-factor of 40. That's a gross misrepresentation. They manipulate numbers and materials to claim R-40 So the thing to remember is you're in a tin can in the heat of summer. You can do other things to help as others have said. We try to find camping spots that are shaded and keep the shades drawn if the sun is shining in. We also fill the 14" vents with Vent Pillows that have a reflective foil on one side. They also keep the room dark when the sun comes up early. If all else fails, we opt for Popsicle's and the pool. You didn't say you have a pool, so we'll be down!!!! LOL OP: Like others assuming you have a wall t-stat, so is it on the high speed fan setting? Yes it takes awhile to get things down to temp, but should catch up if ran overnight. What size A/C units do you have? Does it have the "Quick Cool" selector underneath it or no? FWIW, we have 2 15K units and they will get coach cool in a decent fashion then keep it there (have t-stats set at 72* or so). If you've done all the suggestions made, looked at things and all and still NADA, time to get here looked at again by dealer.
ACZL 07/18/20 03:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Only 1/2 of AC Units working

Sorta - kinda had same problem couple weeks ago where we couldn't run both A/C's at same time (posted a thread on it). Even tho we were hooked up to 50Amp, 1 leg had low volts (seem to recall 105 area) so the PI 50A EMS shut power down on that 1 leg. The other leg was ok, so able to run the other A/C. So sounds like the park they are in has poor power to pole.
ACZL 07/18/20 03:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What type of hitch do I need?

Well that sucks, but yes they should sub the 18K, eating the price diff themselves. The 18K Patriot is same as 16K but welded base, rather than bolted together. Jerry Etrailer was willing to give me the 18k for the same price, problem is even though they say in stock, it won't get here til end of next week or beginning of the following week. Incidentally the same time as the one I ordered that's back ordered. I wonder if none of these are "in stock". My dealer was able to get his hands on a Curt 16k and can have it it time to keep my dates. I was leaning to the B&W but frankly I am not sure I care. I have owned Curt and Reese hitches in the past never had problem with either. Contact Tweety's, don't settle for less. Ditto !!!
ACZL 07/18/20 03:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: She still has it!

Awesome! I am glad to hear that your truck is doing so well. I see 6.0's working every single day. They seem to be getting along just fine. Maybe there are many folks who just work these trucks and don't know about all the "issues" that seem to plague the RV posts here. Thanks! Jeremiah If you look around, there are still quite a few on the road and at campgrounds. Especially for us Ford guys who have owned one in the past, its easy to distinguish the sound of a 6.0. As another former owner of a 6.uh-oh PSD, engine wise it was still running good when I traded it, but body rust wise and exhaust manifold leak lead to parting ways. I really did like this truck and it's distinguished sound......enough so that above the 6.0 Powerstroke badge I had the wording "Daddy Likes The Rattle" added above it. It was unique and had many other laugh and like it.
ACZL 07/18/20 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: I-81 Road Work South of I-80 in Pennsylvania

Upon entering PA, signs read :"Men Working or Road Work Ahead". Short for: State motto and job security.
ACZL 07/17/20 03:24am Roads and Routes
RE: Where to connect brake break away cable on Patriot Hitch

When we 1st got into RVing back in '03, dealer attached the breakaway to hitch handle. Not knowing any better, figured he knew what's best and never changed how/where I attached it to. Now I have the Patriot and I installed a eye bolt to a empty hole in hitch handle then attach cable via a Caribeaner. Never a problem. Should the hitch ever break free from base, will have bigger fish to worry about than where the cable is attached to. Is this the correct way? Perhaps not, but if you have loose wood in bed of truck by D rings, that could interfere w/ the cable too. So sadly, one way isn't a one size fits all.
ACZL 07/17/20 03:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel lube plate question

So I learned something new this morning. Didn't know B&W had 2 different jaw thickness' as well as different plat thickness'.
ACZL 07/17/20 03:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What type of hitch do I need?

Make sure you get B&W rails/frame brackets as well. My current and last truck didn't have puck system either. On my '15 went w/ Reese rails/frame brackets and had a Reese hitch. All was okay w/ 5er we had at that time. same truck new 5er, upgraded hitch to B&W 18k Patriot. Then a year later, upgraded truck to a '17 DRW and went w/ B&W rails/brackets and oh man what a difference in thickness. All I can say is Wholly mackerol!!!!! Talk about beefy!!!!!! Had a friend help me install both sets and we were able to get all but one torqued to spec due to where/how it's located and unable to get torque wrench on nut. So I just zapped it a few times w/ a high tq impact gun. Knock on wood, ok so far.
ACZL 07/17/20 03:01am Fifth-Wheels
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