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RE: Roadside Assistance Programs

I've had Coach-Net since 2010. I've used them twice to tow the truck/rv combo and once to tow the truck only. In addition, they've come out to replace a blown tire, or one that was about to, 3 times. All it has cost me was my annual premium and the cost necessary to replace the damaged tires. Each time the service guys were quite capable and did things properly. I just don't have anything but good things to say about the service I've received from them; it's been well worth the cost of the premiums. Hope this helps. My research show comments of folks that have recently had bad results with Coach-Net being responsive or not paying the claim. Who knows......could just be their unusual situation. Apparently the company sold a few years ago, and not operating in the same manner. It's just that I don't get any better overall opinions for the other companies out there. I'd heard that, too. All I can relate is my experience. My last service request was earlier this summer. I wasn't towing and was close to home when a coupler in my truck transmission line failed and I lost nearly 6 quarts of fluid immediately. I called Coach-Net and they sent out a tow truck and delivered my vehicle to the shop of my choice. As they normally do, the service rep called to make sure the tow truck had arrived and all was well. It was then she informed me that I had the basic coverage and it wasn't supposed to cover my truck unless I was towing. But since she'd discovered it so late in the incident they were going to cover the fees completely; and they did. I decided on my own a couple days later to upgrade my subscription to the premium level. Others may have had a lesser experience, and it's certainly possible that I may in the future. But, so far, I just can't complain about the service I've received from them. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/20/20 10:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: We have a toilet issue......

Toilet bowl seal lube Used this once to rejuvenate a seal. Worked perfectly. I use it when unit is sitting. No more problems. X2. I've used this a couple of times with really good results. I keep a container of in on hand for occasional use when the RV is going to be sitting for a few days or when the leaking problem reoccurs. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/19/20 04:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance Programs

I've had Coach-Net since 2010. I've used them twice to tow the truck/rv combo and once to tow the truck only. In addition, they've come out to replace a blown tire, or one that was about to, 3 times. All it has cost me was my annual premium and the cost necessary to replace the damaged tires. Each time the service guys were quite capable and did things properly. I just don't have anything but good things to say about the service I've received from them; it's been well worth the cost of the premiums. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 09/19/20 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to secure new TV?

On our previous 5er my solution wasn't quite as elaborate as BB_TX but similar. I manufactured two pieces of Oak into an "L" shape and mounted that to the floor of the recessed TV area. Then I mounted a swing-arm TV bracket to the "L" shape. To secure the TV for travel I got a couple expanding curtain rods that I placed horizontally in front of the TV and the pressure from expanding them kept them, and the TV, in place. DW is handy with sewing and made a cover for the TV to keep it from getting marred by the curtain rods. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/12/20 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: Tow vehicle in the shop

I've had Coach-Net since late 2010. With our former truck I had to use them twice. Each time they towed both truck and trailer, dropping the trailer at a campground of my choice. They've also changed three tires that had either blown, or were getting ready to, on my RV. Just a few days ago my new to us truck blew a transmission line coupler. We weren't towing at the time and we were close to home but I called Coach-Net for the tow. They made all the arrangements and, while the tow was in process, called to make sure all was going well. She also informed me that I just had the Basic membership which actually covers the truck only while towing our RV. That was my error. However, they stood behind the tow and covered everything. I subsequently upgraded my membership to the Premium status. I'm not knocking any of the other services, but I've sure had good experience with Coach-Net. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/09/20 10:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Florida closed to travel?

Would those rules apply to a Canadian, if they could get across the border, I wonder? If a state had a 14 day "entering to stay" quarantine rule, would it be applied to anyone entering, from out of state or country? Or, are we (Canadians) more or less banned from entry? Good question(s). Short answer is: I don't know. Once you bring an international factor into the equation it becomes a different animal. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor.)
8ntw8tn 08/04/20 08:55am Snowbirds
RE: 2020 Jayco 36FTBS grey water sewer smell in trailer

Just from personal experience, you may want to make sure the trap for the clothes washer as water in it, if you have one. We recently had an odor that we had difficulty identifying the source. That's what it was. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/04/20 08:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Florida closed to travel?

It gets kinda murky but, generally, the Supreme Court has held,under the "Protections and Immunities" clause that states cannot prevent one from entering, or leaving, a state. They seem to be allowed to institute the quarantine period if you remain in the state, but only if they have the same requirement of their residents who are returning from outside the state. As stated above, it's a murky part of the 14th Amendment and the Articles of Confederation. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/03/20 08:11pm Snowbirds
RE: sat dish

I recommend the Winegard Pathway X2 for Dish TV. I've had mine for several years and it fits all of your listed requirements. Easy, automatic set-up. We've never used the eastern arc but it's advertised to do so. It will operate with two receivers but only one receiver controls the position of the antenna. The antenna moves slightly if the channel you've selected is on a different satellite than what you were watching. That could interrupt the channel the second receiver is "watching". The only issue I've had with it is when we've experienced freezing rain; the ice will collect in the track and prevent its movement. It's light and doesn't require a perfectly level surface for operation. I did make a short (5 or 6 inch) table for it to sit on. When I stow it in the front basement of my RV I just turn the table upside down and set the antenna inside the legs. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/03/20 09:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rio grand valley

Disclaimer: I have no personal experience with the park, nor is it a promotion of it. We have friends from Illinois who winter at Paradise RV Park in Harlingen, TX. Their description seems to match your requirements. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/01/20 08:48am Snowbirds
RE: Roadside Food stops?

Over the years traveling to, and from, Texas we've utilized about all the ways to get meals on the road. It usually depends on what our schedule (if any), location, and whims dictate. We've stopped for fuel and gone in to a sit-down restaurant or fast food joint. Sometimes we'll get a fast food burger and take it with us, eating going down the road. Other times, after getting fuel, we'll pull into a parking space and have lunch in the trailer. And we've also pulled over into a rest area, made lunch, and eaten it either in the trailer or at one of the shaded picnic tables. Depending on the weather, the latter is my favorite. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 08/01/20 08:38am Roads and Routes
RE: What do you shut off when leaving for a trip

If we're going to be gone for a few days during the summer I don't do much at all. When we leave for the winter it's a different story. Shut off the water, turn the thermostat down to 50, turn on the security cameras, double secure all but one entrance into the house, shut off the breakers for my wood shop, empty the fridge and unplug it, turn on the temperature monitor with auto dial, and lock the door. I have a friend who has a key and checks the place at least twice a week. He stores his motorcycle in my garage while we're gone and gets a 1.5 liter bottle of Makers Mark when we leave and another when we get back.
8ntw8tn 07/27/20 07:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Ripping up carpet, replace with vinyl, fuel pump hatch.

As far as replacing the carpet with problem. When we got the current 5er we found the carpet in bedroom had been torn by the slide moving in. (I won't go into the reasons why, but we got the cause cured.) We cut and removed the damaged area and replaced it with good quality self adhesive vinyl squares. They were easy to cut to shape and reposition as necessary. With regard to the hatch you want to much depends on the position and amount of access you need. The first thing that comes to mind for me is to cut out the size you need and mount it back in with a piano hinge. You'd have to mount something around the edges of the hole you've cut to provide adequate support for when the area may be subjected to someone walking on it. That support could be wood or metal (I'd prefer metal) and secured to the floor with recessed carriage bolts. You'll have to have some type of handle to open the hatch and, depending again on position, that could be as simple as a recessed, folding handle commonly used in travel trunks. As I indicated earlier, the easier part is replacing the carpet with vinyl. The greater challenge could be making the hatch. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/26/20 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: Vacuum

The Dirt Devil cover on our last trailer came off easily; the current one not so much. Had me stymied for a little while but I found it came off the same way, just took a bit (lot?) more effort. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/26/20 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Exclusive: Utterly Unique Fifth Wheel

Didn't Alfa have basement a/c's when they were in production? I'm pretty sure the motorhomes did, but I'm not sure about their 5th wheel trailers. And I have no recollection of how efficient they were.
8ntw8tn 07/24/20 09:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Microsoft Edge issues?

A lot of good suggestions here, and I'm going to follow up on many of them. For the record, my PC Matic subscription is not the free one; I paid for the 1 year subscription and immediately noticed an improvement in operation. I had been using a Best Buy product for several years. It was after the Edge "upgrade" that I noticed the described behavior. Just for grins and giggles I picked up my DW's laptop, an ASUS, and a few years newer, but it's still 4-5 years old. I received very similar behavior. Now, that's after only one start-up (she usually uses her IPad and seldom uses the laptop) so it's not a good sampling but I'm beginning to wonder if it could be our ISP. In fairness, though, our IPhones and her IPad are all connected to the same ISP and we haven't noticed any difference in their behaviors. But maybe I'm mixing apples and oranges there. As I said, I'm kinda challenged in this area. Nonetheless, I appreciate the suggestions and will see if any or all of them result in improved performance.
8ntw8tn 07/19/20 12:36pm Technology Corner
Microsoft Edge issues?

I have an older (8-10 yrs?) HP Pavilion dv6 laptop that serves my purposes. I kept delaying the updating of Microsoft Edge until it forced it and did it automatically. Since then my laptop often takes a long time to fire up. When I try to open the browser, whether it's Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, I'll just have a blank, white screen for anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes before the browser opens. Or it may not open at all. It's not unusual for me to have to unplug it and remove the battery to perform a hard restart. I'm running PCMatic for security and it hasn't found any issues. Once the browser does open everything functions normally. Is this just a matter of the update being too large for my old laptop and it needs to be replaced or is there something I can do to remedy the situation. I'm pretty well technologically challenged.
8ntw8tn 07/19/20 07:03am Technology Corner
RE: Tow, Tow, Tow your boat and keep fingers crossed.

Kinda hard to tell for sure, but it appears the hitch has two or three holes in it for what I suspect are different length positions. Maybe they extend the hitch for launching and retrieving the boat and then move it to the shorter position for transport? Just a thought...
8ntw8tn 07/19/20 06:41am Towing
RE: Feeling the urge

It's 106 in San Antonio and I'm feeling the urge to find cooler weather. My normal M.O. is to just head out and roam, but there's so many rules and closures now that I don't feel that confident. My favorite getaway is the San Juan mountains and Southern Utah. I usually access my destinations by traveling through New Mexico, but they seem kinda prickly right now. (It takes a full day to get out of Texas from San Antonio, so I feel like I need a plan before I hit the road.) Any advice? Well, y'all are welcome in Iowa, too. We have some friends coming up from the Hill Country in a couple of weeks. But we've been having our share of warm weather, too. It hit around 95 degrees today and the humidity is around 60%. We have a few things requiring us to stay home this summer or, once the bike rally is over, I'd be heading for the South Dakota Black Hills to cool off.
8ntw8tn 07/17/20 07:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TST, TPMS with internal sensors

I have to replace the batteries at least annually on my 12 sensors. Easy to do when they are external. A few years ago I bought a 10-sensor Tire Tracker TPMS. Not knocking Pressure Pro, I went with Tire Tracker because of the lifetime warranty. But I digress. As stated above, I change the batteries annually. I've not experience any inconvenience when adjusting the air pressure; I figure I'd have to remove the valve stem cap anyway. Good luck with your search. Hope this helps.
8ntw8tn 07/17/20 06:57am Tech Issues
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