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RE: Overtight weight distribution brackets bent frame....

It seems that there is a lot more going on there than over tight saddle brackets. I see where the saddle bolt was tightened down too tight but the top of the frame looks distorted as well. I'm seeing alot of rust. I assume that is a box frame? considering the age of the trailer, I would be concerned that the frame is rusting from the inside and the metal is weakened. I would have the entire A frame replaced by a professional welder. Not as expensive as you might think. Any idea what your tongue weight is?
1L243 09/17/19 10:38pm Towing
For those that have had a blowout when towing

I passed three travel trailers along the highway yesterday with blowouts on my way home from a weeks camping. I'm pretty diligent about checking my air pressure but I was wondering what was your first sign that you knew you had a blowout on your trailer? Was it the sound a vibration or just the horrified look on the people passing you? My rig is about a bumper pull Toy Hauler 36 feet long and weighs about 10,000 lbs. I can see the left front tire in my drivers side mirror but can't see the other tires at all.
1L243 09/04/19 10:15am General RVing Issues
Storage and Weight in Slide

I have a 8 foot Lippert Slide mechanism which has two rails which are motor and gear driven. The slide kinda sits down in a hole when out and and when retracted sounds like it rolls across the floor on rollers. I know your not suppose to sit in your slide when not extended and not to sit in the slid when extending or retracting the slide. My question is about how much weight should I be concerned about in the storage area in the slide under the seat cushions of the dinette? The heaviest thing I carry is a case of water on each side of the dinette storage. I estimate each case could weight 40lbs. Other things stored are light weigh like extra bedding that may weigh 15lbs.
1L243 08/28/19 09:32pm General RVing Issues
Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar Kit

This topic has been moved to Tech Issues You can read it here: 29952172
1L243 08/20/19 01:26pm Technology Corner
Harbor Freight 100 Watt Solar Kit

Looking for input on Harbor Freights 100 watt solar kit. A question I have is each kit comes with a controller if you put two kits together could you get by with one controller?
1L243 08/20/19 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Pets riding in trailer

It would be a last resort to have any of our pets ride in a crate in garage of our Toy Hauler. This little rescue dog is with us. It was literally at deaths door. We are it's last stop. There is no giving it back. We will work out the riding situation in the truck. Who knows maybe in a few months they will all be riding in the same crate...
1L243 08/15/19 03:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

I agree in a perfect world my dogs would ride in the back with the seat folded down in a crate. We have had one dog for several years he is a nervous wreck riding in the truck already. The Cat rides in her own crate on top of the dogs crate. the new little dog does not like cats (so far) and she is letting big dog know who's boss making the big dog even more nervous. the little dog now rides in the crate and big dog is out sitting next to it. I think I am going to try turning the crate away from the big dog so the little princess is not looking at him and see how that goes. Now I know why I never had kids!
1L243 08/14/19 06:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

Just looking for feed back. To see if it was possible. The dog would be in a crate. The crate would be secured with tie downs on the floor. I would not let pets travel back there if it was too hot or cold. We don't have any trips planned for a month I am hoping everybody will learn to get along. Or it's going to seem like the Amazon jungle inside the cab of the truck.
1L243 08/14/19 03:49pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pets riding in trailer

Well for people it is but not sure that applies to pets? People trailer horses, cows all kinds of animals.
1L243 08/14/19 03:20pm RV Pet Stop
Pets riding in trailer

We are currently fostering a new small dog. We have only had her two days so far. She was a mess but has been groomed and treated by the Vet. She likes being in a crate BUT she is barley warming up to our current dog. he is four times her size but when she barks at him he wants to crawl in a hole. And the new little precious does not like Cats or out cat anyway. We have a 30 foot toy hauler when we travel I usually have the big dog in a crate that it can go in and out of in the the truck with the seat folded down and the cat is in a crate on top of that one. I was wondering to keep the peace if it would be OK to let the new dog ride in a secured crate in the garage of the Toy Hauler when towing? Maybe once they get to know each other it will be a moot point... What are your thoughts.
1L243 08/14/19 03:00pm RV Pet Stop
Wood Construction Travel Trailer VS Toy Hauler

We all know the pros and cons of wood trailer construction but I was wondering if they use heavier studs for Toy Haulers compared to a Travel Trailer? You would think so considering the cargo capacity of a Toy Hauler vs a Travel trailer.
1L243 07/28/19 05:54pm Toy Haulers
RE: New style entry steps

I was looking at the pro and cons for my particular application plus I was just curious why this seems like a industry wide application as it seems more new trailers are coming with them than not. My wife is disabled so, she need the big entry bar to get into the trailer. The new steps are so much further out from the trailer I don't think she could even reach the entry bar. I did see that you can add a second entry bar to the new style steps but seems to complicate things. We also added carpets to the steps to prevent slipping. These tend to collect quite a bit of water when it's raining all that would end up in the trailer when folded up. In my case the cons out weigh the pros....
1L243 07/13/19 07:19pm General RVing Issues
New style entry steps

It looks like all the new trailers are being sold with the new style entry steps that fold up in the doorway opening. I was wonder what those who have them thought about the new style? I was wondering if the dirt on the steps end up inside the trailer?
1L243 07/10/19 10:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Axle Weight

The last time I weighed in the trailer axles came in at 8150. The rest of the weight sits on the truck as tongue weight of 1450. That gets me just under the the rated axle combined weight of 8800 and just under the 9680 Gross trailer weight. I was thinking originally that the axles should exceed the combined trailer weight but I was not taking into account the tongue weight. Good thing I only carry one bike or I would have to leave the beer at home...
1L243 07/09/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Axle Weight

My tongue weight runs around 1400#
1L243 07/07/19 09:56am General RVing Issues
Axle Weight

Should combined axle weight be greater than rated GVW? In my case my axles are rated at 4400(x2) 8800 and my GVW is 9680.
1L243 07/06/19 07:43pm General RVing Issues
Portable Satellite

I have a Tailgator Portable satellite dish. It comes with 50 feet of coax. Is there any problem with going longer on the coax. I was thinking of going with 150 foot reel. I camp at times in one location where you have to get out from under the trees and 50 feet just is not enough...
1L243 06/29/19 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Finding Exterior Wall Studs

Both look like great devices but I wonder if they work through aluminum siding. I have a decent electronic stud finder that works great inside the trailer and on dry wall but does not work at all on the outside aluminum skin. I have tried the IR gun but it did not show any variance but that said I did not have the heat on inside the trailer and I think that may be necessary to see temperature changes.
1L243 06/07/19 10:15am General RVing Issues
Finding Exterior Wall Studs

I did post this question several months ago but got no reponse so, I thought I would throw it out there again. I have a aluminum sided trailer with wood construction. I would like to locate the exterior wall studs. I have a quality electronic stud finder and I have tried the magnet and knocking method with no results. I can locate the wall studs on the inside of the trailer with the stud finder and transfer that to the outside but this does not work when cabinets and appliances are in the way. What's your method for finding exterior wall studs.
1L243 06/05/19 12:29pm General RVing Issues
Adding a second awning.

I have a 30 foot TT Toy Hauler. The factory installed awning is a 16 foot Carefree. This leaves the rear of the trailer which has a rear man door and steps that enter the garage area open with no protection. A 10 foot awning would work nicely there. Has anybody added a second awning? I would be interested in any input.
1L243 05/29/19 05:29pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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